A Monster Who Levels Up

By Jee Gab Song

Chapter 166

Chapter 166

Kim Se – jin and Yuse – jung , both of them , lay back in bed . And each other Sanya blankets tightly embracing , holding back to sleep was blue .

Ear nature of the sound is Jasmine .

Anyway two hours slow surface flows probably back to sleep to be had it .

But one overlooked point is , this trip was just the two of onge not be .

The other party staying Pensions and to lodge a distance walk 15 minutes was odd , they are a cottage hastily ran to the door and stomping stomping ! I knocked .

─ Washing ! Sejin ‘s !

─ It looks like I’m big !

─ Just a strange vibration …

─ Wheat Jima , wheat do not look .

Multiple sounds are jumbled mixed up screaming or as compacted heard . So the two men helped be no out but to get out was .

The door opened you right to the flagship seemed a sikgeop face five people were . Kim Se-jin’s give them no worry do but ilreot , truly man nobody could .

Eventually Sejin is they lodge inside to let the floor, sat back , crack near and waiting in your Lilia telephone walked .

” How’s the situation ?”

─ The ground is slightly sunk .

” Did not come out monsters ?”

─ Yet , the monster to come out a little two hours left over will .

” So each one did instead ?”

─ … Yes . It’s no big deal .

” Thanks .”

Kim Se – jin who shouted the phone shrugged his shoulders .

“You see ? It’s not a big deal .”

But that him watching their companions face indeed was a spectacle .

” No Se Jin said , hell , what a big deal , not going ?”

” Now we get back to you Not ?”

” I got a call from the president .”

” But just a woman who is ? Why are the voices that war Salgado ?”

In turn, Hazel Lynn , Kim, Sun – Ho , Yu Baeksong , campaigning definition was saying .

” It’s okay . Per day ‘m not .”

” Not just women ‘s minutes do you Who ?”

Kim Se-jin is a primer serious the yusejeong watching prey laughter burst . You now what ‘s the problem .

” Soon our guild members to be someone .”

” Yeah ? Well , why I do not know ?”

” I’ll introduce you later .”

“······ Hmmm .

Closely narrow your eyes as if cleaning is suspicious . However, Hazelin glanced at the two and still shouted in urgent face .

” No ! Now that’s a problem because as ah cleaning !”

Eventually the situation is back for the first time in an uproar edition was a regression , Kim Se-jin is inevitable can no home to return to the car , only to climb was .


The party arrived at the crack and confirmed the detailed fact . Indeed of Lilia , like the end of the crack near the ground gently collapsed as cracks in the massif of Mark comes out or not did . So they are something you need one also had , companions who trembled from fear heart eyes were dismissed while .

So two days more passed the honeymoon left and yihyerin hyeokyi not returned . As soon as they came back, they resumed their activities as an article .

On the other hand , with its similar at the time Jin ‘s martial arts school leader is Lee Yoo-jin abroad huhak positive finish was immigration . Together with her even half machine that does , just that day from the large and small cracks in the Southern Jung so great began . Sometimes, in the city center , and sometimes on the coast , sometimes in the sky cracks blossomed , one day a whopping 100 cases over the cracks report came in .

Also soon as a passage to develop the underground In cracks dark red mucous are kkulreong kkulreong poured .

However, unlike Bartori’s concern, there was no strange creature in the mucus .

” Yet two hours a little Bonnet far to the opening .”

Batori is the molar tight kkaemun without a basement filled with spicy the mucous shouted immortal .

I like that she is more seolpit smiles building fell . She’s at the mouth of the energy bars debris very dimly had left it . These days, the Los del by various delicious day 6 each or deusin dadeonde , even obese doesimyeon silryeogo what about .

” Then fattened .”

” What ? What ‘s like you hear ?”

“…… nothing not .”

I bowed his head and asked him to stir it .

” That way , you do ‘re going ?”

” What ?”

Batori the face lightly painted grimace .

He shrugged his brow and said in a quiet voice .

” I have you here, keep hoping still I hope . If I go once , you’re remaining monsters to handle what should help you would like . You enough for huge ‘re reassuring . Alone, well over 70 100 million people the number of minutes you can be to guess .”


Batori is no end to did . I’m That refusal silence the only line I thought .

It was not .

Followed by flowing out of her , the voice , of fear, feelings deeply sunk there .

” I did it .”

” What ? Why ?”

“…… In the passage appearing monsters tip dont no .”

” It’s okay . Passages that I ‘m close .”

So saying brightly Let ‘s smile , suddenly the batori face kwadeuk reports dream shouted .

” Fuck you and jappajyeotne , asshole this !”

“…… that mean and where did you learn ?”

” Where any actor or not . You , you’re what god even that line, you know that geonya ? Originally it opened the path is closed to itself , nor impossible , in the passage flows out monsters are price changes . That gaechaban as the cub life for many the world come to destroy ‘re guys . I did the art within . Once one seedy also held a moment that the end ! ”

Speak finished she spurt past the one raised left it seemed complexion darkened .

Then she quietly look at , cracking up the pace moved .

” Hey , hey ! Where are you going ?!”

I heard a crying bartori cry . But kkutkkutyi walked cracks and Land boundaries on occasion stood him down and looked .

In the darkness of the sky , they are . Unknown beings called world predators or dimensional predators . Harimanchi awful unlucky for guys pulsation , is the wolf ears too clearly heard .

‘ Can I do it ? ‘

The myth that share the world , and the upper jaw and the lower jaw are each cloth ( Tenman ) and not ( 地) in the end touched the world, picked swallowed the disaster Wolf , ‘ penril .

As an anecdote from bogeonde to infer , to do what is obvious .

I’m a passage to sail crack culprit that self swallow up to .

Of course , it is true that I am scared .

Still not resolved who questioned also several remains .

Diary or , that is the future I’m past the haeteum regression is certain . But really the earth Were watching ? Also in the future I’m hell where you gone ? Past a regression since the detailed contents jeokhyeojyeo not do not doubt it covered . Maybe now Lilia diary jwotgi Pulling due .

Suddenly my father and mother thought was . They are the Nosferatu faith based , circling around me, he believed .

Chicken is first applied to the egg Is First , I want to prey laughter came .

But whatever it is, it does not matter . Now it is important that my parents and I are connected .

I therefore do not know the pride platter said .

” You ‘ll be able to succeed .”

” What ?”

Bartori’s voice was closer than I thought . In addition, the cuffs hem to catch even the texture felt . Uiahhaeseo head returned , the body bulbul also shaken me to draw, you want that batori there .

Report itjani strangely yalgut playful seumeol seumeol peer climbed .

” Wow !”

” Shut up, please!”

Expected out of certain reactions , batori have exclaimed, startled back trips . It kkeolkkeol smile hands geonnet though , mate ! She lifted my cheek .

” This freak !”

“…… haha . I’m sorry .”

Batori a spirited a snort sit flush stood up . So bump bump to return to her wrist caught .

” Hey . Go before , a definite answer give her . I help you or what .”

” This stupid crap cubs . Do you heomumaengrang a plan really that successful think you going ?”

Simply answered .

“If you help .”

“… excited .”

Batori is no sense not did . But the kouteum chigoseo turn as well . But its actions are false also , deceived also , anger was not . So to allow deulyeodo take ‘ll .

Then it came to mind something eased .

Alone the rest , I again once the situation had checked .

Four days remain until the deadline . The world has been different this gihyeonsang took place . In particular, already from the earth that geomae this phenomenon occurs , such as ominous a sign it is geudeuk . Citizens anxiety tteoleotgo , the truth asked to investigate the protests every day, will arise .

This in my need to work again once Let’s remind .

Honestly , honestly speaking film seal Ginny close

” The world to get to , I have to ‘

Are all party committee , called the fear instinct more fiercely rose tea .

Soon to come that day to remind every time the heart is rough play , the eyes of tears goinda . Nightly nightmares dreaming wakes up the body cold sweat is covered in .

This is probably the self-doubt Sochi ( 所致) one will .

I do may wonder . This property had it not been for an orphan born in Goa and died , neither trivial but rather insignificant was the life .

Then I pull may wonder , to doubt and fear every night heard .

So , if I have a property without the normal year-old could Could ?

· · · · Not to think . Originally the Main father dugoseo ordinary life always assume you can not have been , nor , now valued some people meet who hold more trivial died in the state will .

That life is much weaker and much more expensive than it is now .

Yes , I can not help it . Now is the happy figure watching to help can not be .

This is the world to obtain the tremendous meaning as well , just in people with happy and want an extremely personal one purpose only .

If that’s a gonna .

So the mind calm and , again, once that the in let’s look .

I truly where the sail should , I love all the people go back to be if .


The passage fully opened the day before will , just as the two -th was the day a regular meeting . This time abroad apart from one car to the meeting was attend by Lee Yoo-jin , including all gathered .

But there was no conversation theme . Topics rather than no one stem even say things coming did .

Campaign sterling deep chakjaphan worries out there , Hazel Lynn ‘s gimyurin on his shoulders , leaning gently feel fuzzy .

As optimists who was yihyerin even the main jihyeok arms angyeoseo crying sakhigo have you around …….

” Fucking hell .”

As from only batori only dont gallantly , all the sights workable complaint with the face looking eyeballing there .

As in , Kim Se-jin is the courage to take his mouth opened .

” Well , I’m on business for a while .”

In the moment the darkness falls and the gaze concentrates . Campaign Chung tears shed trying wrote her , Hazel Lynn with the Kim, Sun – Ho , including other guild members were bemused by his eyes he looked .

“…… Yes ? Well , expedition ( 出征) COOPER ?”

Hazel Lynn freaked out, and the body jumped produced .

” No , capped am traveling . As the expedition not dangerous, I do not .”

” That , then more words andoeji Does . Is a City State what trip ……”

At the end of Kim Yong- in , Kim Se-jin was troubled for a moment .

Give them all the truth should tell you do , if any in the way should you , which in a way that you decide to where the horses have to do .

It’s not too annoying .

Moreover , it is lightweight anyway .

Apparently alive to come back , someday all back together meet with it to be , that simple is one .

So I decided to just paint it .

Anyway later batori or is Lilia care to explain jugetji .

” That’s something , later Lilia anesthesiologist , ‘ we ‘ batori tell Mr. hears .”

” Here I am , why me ?”

” What , my brother, what did you just say ? We ? Why is this woman our bart ?”

Batori the eyes went bridle . Like ‘ us ‘ that the nominal campaigning around the eyes were glittering . It was a coincidence that the bartender faced a sharp eye on the definition of the castle .

Of course, the loser is a bastard . As soon as she saw the eyes of the bartender, she lowered her tail .

” No , but descriptions haejusyeoya be it Is not . What ‘s going on , and when not coming , we so far do have that …….”

At that time, Kim Yong-lin asked with a serious face . Next to Hazel rindo eyes the size of grown without stretching your head and kkeutteok help out .

” Really stars ‘m rather it’s one . And old also take ‘m not …… maybe .”

Perhaps their standpoint so long takes would be . If not , that want hope .

” And what is what to well , you know ? Article of duty is hasyeoyajyo . Oh, indeed . That way , the artifact ditch weapons supply is okay ?”

More monsters artifact and the Oak of weapons warehouses , open both to the articles supplied . The nominal is ‘ Lease indefinitely until the situation is over ‘.

“… Yes . Both , you have to like what should mourn want to bookmark not hold turns out .”

” Well , it’s been . Once you tomorrow right thing also happened jilji never know , come quickly I dismissed .”

So I said Kim Se-jin is , within unusually broad smile smiled .

” Then twenty . Next regular meeting on the day ‘ll see you .”

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