A Monster Who Levels Up

By Jee Gab Song

Chapter 165

Chapter 165

Thorny leaves and bare trees , thick coats and cool air . The season , especially in the sensitive Gangwon some provinces have already sleet is also down to , those Days .

11 of February mid- autumn and winter between the occasion is .

Time flows in vain to prevent , Sejin is different in business spurred spurred .

First , Gangwon Donghae near Yeouido size worth of artificial islands joseonghae ” Griffin’s Nest ‘ a made , a day, half of the nearly artifacts and a weapons manufacturing or documentation Magi to record in to was spent .

Understandably called sleep the luxury buril the time was not .

Than the usual active foreign activity went .

Parliament also , President , of other countries is also Prime Minister , President lively meeting attended . And he said . The current desperate situation has obviously overcome be in that day , so a little Vertigo asleep endure .

Some are outrageous no hope , saying evangelist had condemned , Kim Se-jin is quit did .

And the government to cooperate with the crack Nestled El Ras stronghold near controlled .

The size of the crack to be predicted is about one thousand square meters . Past the worst disaster caused imported African cracks TT 20 flat in a little more than that is just what you think , truly desperate it was wide .

In fact, the survey measured the spiral further Monster’s employees and government ministers of the crack size is reported to panic and fell . Perhaps in Los del spirit magic of crack size 1/100 to levels not collapse had not the world during the Great Depression ‘d fallen so each day busy I forego , suddenly ‘ deadline ‘ is 1 months to just over reduced there .

” There he is .”

And today . Kim Se – jin came to the coast near Yeongdo in Busan as it was written in his diary . Me away baepsae the dim showed .

Batori is he finger point in the sky flying a baepsae moment was watching . It was the face which was pleased with the pretty thing .

“…… I expected rather than a little more immense .”

” So , the mind can not enter ?”

” No. ”

Short-Answer , after batori is a baepsae towards mana ah sswaah my stretched . Kim Se-jin is clear would be rebellious thought , baepsae is magically its mana Carrying out anything rustling came down . Ppiyak – ppiyak – nasal mixed with the charm said chirping .

Indeed the owner Seeing know whether , Kim Se-jin is a heotuteum scored .

Battlesa reached a certain distance and Bartor reached out his hand . Smile ohdeon approached baepsae is batori next to that of Kim Se-jin would discover while perimeter young poised but take , within a quietly approached her on the arm lightly and sat down . Like a cute parrot .

” Okora .”

Geujeseoya Sejin is a baepsae look more visible can be had . Hollow beak , for neoldae face , compared ttorang ttorang and clear eyes . However, such a cute than looks better in the eyes ttuieotdeon cases , the nalgaet die engraved blurry it was fine print .

English is , even Hangul not .

But this character is what means what , why Kim Se-jin is dimly understood can there .

” Ellie von batori . It ‘s a name .”

Batori is the bittersweet went recite . It was a voice filled with calm sorrow .

To say unprecedented Kim Se-jin is roughly reluctant to support .

“Your name is beautiful .”

“… shut up .”

But somehow the wrong answer seems .

Batori the eyes of this heulgyeo that moment .

” Fecal !”

Until just be the batori the arm body throw away bibijeok the baepsae to Kim Se-jin flames breathed .

Master of the planting goes against human guy is searching for will not yigeonga . Kim Se-jin is a charcoal soot the face jjipuryeotda .

” Huhut . Good puff .”

” Give me . Handaeman hit .”

” Get out .”

However, Battori laughed as if it were a face- to- face, and used a momentary transition with a bird . So Deng remaining Kim Se-jin’s face re standing wipe her aura atda followed .

I still have a little blood left for me .

* * *

12 Mon 1 days .




Gimyurin and Kim Se-jin , Hazel Lynn and yusejeong , and oil is Baeksong Guild Lounge table above lies the rectangular shape of the card looked reflect and think it .

This is hell , where to write stuff ingot ─

” Wedding invitation .”

Yihyerin a resonant voice answered he said . Geujeseoya four people head flashed lift .

” So suddenly ?”

“…… the future some things will happen if do not know , but what it is before the wedding Do not I will not ?

Unlike smiley faces, it was quite gloomy .

” Jihyeok gisanim is …… you and marry haneungeo know ‘d revelation ?”

Of gimyurin careful to question Kim Se-jin it is prey laughed . Jeongjak parties do not know if it its own ‘ll comedy .

He frowned and nodded his head .

” Absolutely . To thumb a love strike us already 1 years up ‘d would have been .”

Do it . The thumb Die tagin haeteotji .

” Yeah , something . Note jihyeok gisanim is good because people worry not, but ……”

Kim Yong-lin was a little suspicious . Yeolaeseol than a wedding announcement , first day panguk is ‘ speeding ‘ Outside the floats do not .

Consequent doubts do not know what , or do not care do not know . Yihyerin the smiley laugh them more hope suddenly intervenes to face the neoseure trembled .

” But our Captain , coy peek Guild Master ‘s the next place just hasyeotne charge . Here also denied favoritism revealed .”

” Oh . Then rattling geureoneyo . Located Caster .”

When I was worried about the situation, Yusseong jumped out .

” Ahaha … sorry sorry .”

The gimyurin the neck and scratching at the spot party up , cleaned the empty seat real quick account .

” Weekly is pitch black knight danjangnim , and anthem are Guild Master wrote to haejusigi did .”

“…… Wait . The anthem kicks me ?”

” Yes .”

” You can not sing that ? No , you did not tell me more than that .”

In dreams , even the anthem will – he says his appearance is seen mothaetneunde . So Kim Se-jin is let’s absurd , yihyerin also deongdalah embarrassing face was .

” Me me cleaning is allowed I was given ? Then articles from drinking .”

Kim Se-jin is what one yinyaneun in the eyes of the cleaning glared . She sneaks at her gaze and mumbles with a crawling voice .

” I forgot to say …. ”

” Aww . But , still honey dripping voice ‘re supposed celebrity . So the song is also clearly better be going . That is already the Guild Master wrote that anthem to boast haenwatneunde ……”

Kim Se – jin could not refuse Lee ‘s pathetic eyes . However, the use tax should be punished .

” Oh, I see . Once you ‘ll . ······ way violated Mr . Back seat is bakkusi something good would guess .”

” Oh , I do not gotta . I wrong brother .”

” Change .”

“… ugh .”

So the campaign Chung again suffered relegation . But some just do not gimyurin is of Kim Se-jin snacks tamhan sin this time for Hazel Lynn place deprived that their appearance looked , yihyerin is aloud and laughed .

” Sick ”

Lifelong so happy if jinaet wish .

Seo Hye Rin is such a simple idea was .


[ More monsters guild , top stars yihyerin surprise marriage announcement . Your opponent …]

What just not all at once a story popped . News of the entertainment is over by society is a wedding announcement to be plastered enough , the yihyerin awareness and influence really was great .

And the article is published immediately on the day after the wedding was held .

Homes are more monsters of the guild building front yard .

Nominally ‘ rustic private wedding ” but , in attendance aspects are indeed a billion sounds might come out of the big game was only . Knights of the Ebon from GM to start season brings busy Prime Minister , TM ‘s CEO Joe HA etc ……

And those big shots are gathered in , Kim Se-jin is the anthem only call made .

Selecting the ‘ baby in your arms . ” To face the song singing seemed sippeol submission of Kim Se-jin is look pretty funny long but , wonak voice was good to blame the gut is quickly on the song heard out . The atmosphere was romantic and magnificent .

Anyway , the wedding was so done .

” I’ll be back ~”

Note jihyeok and yihyerin the guild and ambivalent to the families of personnel and the honeymoon left . The horse was a trip, but the fact was that Lee was in her private home for two nights and three days .

For reference, Lee Hye – rin ‘s house is a mansion of about 60 billion won, which is located in Seoul city . Its grandeur and dignity is not hyeokyi surprised you fainted was a degree .

And Kim Se-jin is a holiday to embellish campaign passions with traveling left . City State Award so far the place with a failing , on the coast in the morning to lodge .

Pleasantly . I only wanted to go with two .

“…… just two of only going to go I did not ?”

But expectations have not they hoc deokji deokji tackled . Los del one , Kim, Sun – Ho , Hazel Lynn , oil Baeksong etc …… they do that knew the burden Bari ssadeulgo came .

” I do know I was .”

Kim Se-jin is the sweat ppijil ppijil spilled answer . Then the two noticed glance salpin Hazel Lynn not worry malraneun seemed he added .

” Only way like merely , distinctly laid differently . We even last vacation to enjoy not I will not ?”

But why my personal car to the trunk luggage that when put squeeze . Kim Se-jin is outrageous because this heotuteum out was about .

” Depart ~”

Suddenly the car shot up Hazel Lynn yelled .

So the party is on vacation leave .


Campaign Jung Kim Se-jin is the dawn villa luggage puleotgo , remaining companions cottage right next to you at the Pension entirely leased .

Right next to the mountains and valleys lined the place used to be famous , but retreat , this the City State of vacation leave people have re not .

The party most first without people teongteong empty valleys enjoyed . Its midst Hazel Lynn metaphor Baeksong by drowning could have one thing bushes .

That is followed by a barbecue , and last up to a campfire , all together .

Until the beginning of a little dissatisfied with the face axis was down in the dumps sterling campaigning , the fire front dugoseoneun sincerely happy facial expression is ” together because no good ” he told me .

“See you tomorrow ~”

Light greeted the end companions both in branches were divided .

Kim Se-jin and campaigning sterling to lodge as soon as the example with the shower was . Rather than with , the campaign affection to wash Kim Se-jin is but gangeo barge .

“My brother is tired … I ‘m tired …”

In the bath too much power groups spilled it because , cleaned the jeongjak in bed asleep fall was just before .

Initially bodeon efforts Kim Se-jin is , however, usually give up her tight hug that must be satisfied was .

The wind rushes , the trees in the mountains shoot, and the cry – cry bursts .

How much time has passed .

” Cleansing ah .”

Kim Se-jin is ssaekssaek – even breathe exhale her ear and whispered .

“· · · · · Huh ?”

It was a voice full of sleep .

He and her eyes focused holding , the camp said .

” Let’s get married .”

Moments of sleep ssaak fled her eyes are popping .

” Instead … later .”

This time, raise complaints seemed Moro narrowed . She ‘s lips pouting report naeppae asked .

“· · · · Why ?

” A little distant to where the trip danyeowaya be that I like . For more information , get back I’ll tell you .”

Washing has been silent for a long time . It was hard to observe the expression in the dark night without the moon . However, a long two hours past behind her jieojun smile as much , most of it is also made clear .

” When will this time come ?”

” I do not know . Little …… old also it will take I do not know .”

“… if you wait ?”

Sejin is colonized laughed .

” I ‘ll give it to you .”

” Uhh . For shrink .”

The cleaning is jimjit face jjipurimyeo said . But he gave me a dark kiss within a short time . He decided to accept the kiss as a permission .

Boom –

But . So gradually been going it heightened the atmosphere peculiar amplitude hindered .

Be great thing , but just are flowing constantly simsangchiga not .

Also those that ominous feeling is washing his eyes flashed open bed going after , but , Kim Se-jin is her caught .

” Brother , now ….”

” It’s okay . I’m okay . So today , as itja .”

Just about over larger the crack by the soil gently got off collapse only .

Yet , two juraneun two hours remain .

I mean .

” Worry need not . I have everything taken care of I’ll .”

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