A Monster Who Levels Up

By Jee Gab Song

Chapter 164

Chapter 164

Kim Se-jin, who returned to the meeting room again , once sent all the guild members home . Lilia and with deserved a solution eoteuni both think , not worry malran say reports haedu .

So the tongue is empty abandoned in the meeting room quietly sitting TV a turned .

Video in which sheer everyday and always the same .

Magic channel new document Magi was released Bangbae wizard days geudeuk and , in early times, even being televised entertainment is ugly though City State rather geureolsurok the masses entertained that haejwoya a commitment to achieve was , the news that the performing arts in the antipodes situated every day serious news only served spill .

Also , everyday is a day to .

Kim Se-jin was while idly TV for more on the spot took place .

Staff dwelt personnel receive the guild the building then , the car ride home faces . These days, the monster attacked the jyeotgi frequent because of what rush hour even though the road is teongteong was empty . So I ran in a moderate speed and opened one window .

Sswaah Oh ─ Clear wind car in puts Nauvoo .

Open car window to the other side of the clouds under the pendulous The morning show . Under the light of the famous morning sun , the river glitters like a jewel .

I just wanted to keep watching and I set the car to the auto run .

Beautiful passing scenery as the day of the work to start people .

Humans , elves also , can India all along the day begins .

He them the aspects forever in the eyes captured .


Kim has come home . The cleaning is still asleep soundly missing had been left . He is pale with a smile laden , holding her to the ball cause focused . Eyes geseumcheure Knitted She brightly smiled him and hugged .

” Today is a holiday ?”

” Hmm ~ yesterday the raid has a holiday today .”

” Reid ? Then deuleoonji much ‘ll andwaet ?”

“I came an hour ago , I do not care .”

‘ Still ‘ sleep was something ‘re not . He was vain and I’m sorry you have time , cleaning is a sudden his the neck , hugging dark dress has to fit .

Mostly active .

I did not need any details . He smiles smiled her the clothes and slowly went off .

So , two people valued their day started .

* * * *

“· · · What ?”

That Satan is going on , I immediately the next day . Batori is Kim Se-jin have come by simply jeokjanyi I was incredible , he was saying, the rather outrageous never was about .

” Are you crazy ?”

” Cant do beats . Blood dalneun it not . Instead, the best blood transfusion packs ll . Articles geolro .”

Batori of contempt little to nunchori Sejin is fit smirk and laughed . He now batori just what you ask ‘ blood ‘ was .

” Do you know what vampire means to blood ?”

“It ‘ll be important .”

” Important place beyond we are a bloodline of class danda divided ? So that your vampire blood have you , that hagetdaneun suicide or meaningful differences eopji not you have ?”

Batori of the forehead deepen the pane .

” This will help it be eopji . Even forcibly depriving be outside .”

Kim Seung – jin roared and looked at the bartender . But geureolsurok of batori gaze even go becomes tougher was only .

” Crazy ………”.

” Oh, help me , just . The Empress’s beautifully .”

” -memorize is sorely …… No , more than that I am , why should help to ?”

” Giwang helped in passing .”

” You really head badly you hurt ?”

Sejin just laughed and turned off his cell phone .

” Instead , I ‘ll give you a present .”

And the stored images in the hologram floats . Ppiyak ppiyak – an expanse that flies the baepsae was seen . Bartori paused in that cute look .

” Cuddly ? Appearance is cuddly expected outside awful strong ‘m him .”

“· · · · What would you do ?

” Yes as pets ll . Personality is a little shit probably right , but , you, if tame can ‘ll be .”

Batori is very short for the interest donghan looked , goldsmith spirit standing chill his head shook .

” Why am I ….”

But special moves are not yet finished did the Following .

” Vegas , loaded directly he’d made .”

The Nosferatu by not inde fact , the baepsae is loaded with cardiovascular Lean made the Chimera . Common sense is a monster so cute li occur eopji Is .

That ‘s why , to batori to present to . Loads of batori a little strange hobby already know who will .

But Kim Se-jin is too sad story dare preach not to have .


But dare to Bugger not add even that the reason why one idea seemed , batori is no sense not did . The raised chin bore batchineun North emotions strive Note that I Maybe .

She was silent for a while and barely opened her mouth . It was a flickering voice .

“…… So the original mine. Is not ? Now …… I have loaded Hou was .”

Strong Chuck to her a peek moist and dry , Kim Se-jin is unknown chuck head turned .

” Having said together , sleek as him , however noticed even grab something hard . Maybe all directions attend flies going .”

” What ? Then I can not catch it . How are you going to catch it ?”

Kim Seung Jin laughed .

” The two methods are not .”

Batori is no end without him stared . Sejin is tension in the needle gulp swallowed . Breathtaking two hours flow . Clearly she is permitted to that know yet the strain makes sense .

Then suddenly the batori bright red dress of the shoulder strap hulreong fell . Pure white soksalyi so suddenly revealed , Kim Se-jin’s face bulhimyeo gaze moved .

” Yaya . Hey . So sudden ……”

” I shut up . How much in about Do you mind ?”

* * *

There is not much time . So just one day even heoturu are sending should be .

So the batori permission received very next day . Kim Se-jin’s ” guild regular meetings ” to have advocated . Monthly 17 days , fellow guild members gather to socialize is dajija to mean .

The first two hours promised too strict and gimyurin met . Appointment whopping 1 hour ago from her complexion somewhat was exhausted . In many worries and the troubles which entangled suppose it is .

Then she , Kim Se-jin’s go gourmet confident even his tongue earlier naedul five -star restaurant took .

Just 10 minutes before a meal to eat cheat ─ not radeon She , film steak came out kkuyeok kkuyeok mouth put . Dressed in plain , yet busy still dying grass in the appearance strangely funny .

“Is it delicious ?”

” Yes …”

So her to watch the midst of yet another party arrived . This time was Hazelin . She , like the pyegeup was complexion , gimyurin and the Kim Se-jin would find very little of the flower color turned .

Hazel Lynn ‘s gimyurin next how to sit , a Kim Se-jin by how to sit contemplating seemed dining at the edge stumbled wince .

Then followed came one hundred Yu Oops ! And najimakhan elastic deoni tree emitter , the Kim Se-jin to the next digit to buy a jab to the body flew . Eoryeopsari of Kim Se-jin the seat beside you chose Hazel Lynn frightened and Yu Baeksong the neck was grab .

” Hey ! You with me !”

” This is Where Hold !”

That echoes In power quality is do not quickly gets hit reverse .

” Put , nwara ! With honorific to when put !”

Hazel Lin cried out urgently . Tight – tight – It ‘s hard enough headlock to hurt people .

” Honorific sideonga try .”

” Oh , it hurts !”

Kim Se-jin is that their the appearance seolpit laughing said .

” Haha …… The next spot but has already decided there .”

” Yes ?”

” Guild ‘re meeting . Soon washed Ido ‘ll come .”

Then the oil is Baeksong swipe the hedeurak unpack , the Kim Se-jin one compartment to the next room turned non .

” But the rest is still What ? New road section to gather that it looks like .”

” Soon to come will be the same . Oh . Finish There he comes .”

Kim Sun-ho appeared at the same time . He was with Ross and Dell .

From him much just because two men New Chuo type and Brenna tin is perfect for no apparent stiff posture came .

“” Nice to meet you ! “”

Both of intense greeted ended weeks jihyeok and the yihyerin with the appearance exposed .

Blatantly arm in arm wearing something that looked , good towards a relationship developed seemed . Also the crisis of people that bridges the best of mediators Did ?

” We watneyo ~”

“… Humming .”

Jimjit youthful Chuck most yihyerin and , complex face, but ludicrous seemed to hem of main jihyeok . Two people side by side in the seat and sat down .

Soon followed by washing Ido emerged .

” Busy parking late – no , weeks jihyeok knight . I have a license not ? Seo Hye Rin gisanim also .”

” Haha .. license that … Griffin just can not .”

Jijiji was scratching his head and making excuses . Eun campaign brightly with a smile of Sejin in the next seat and sat down .

” Brother ~”

And I hug it tightly .

Kim Yulin looked at Hazel Lin . Hazel rindo the gimyurin was squinting . Accidental change both in people ‘s eyes stumbled . The body flinch tteon Hazel Lynn jimjit is ok seemed smiled in violation of the shoulder to the head leaned .

“… So , is it all now ?”

The gimyurin of Hazel Lynn ‘s head quietly naemyeo push asked .

” No . Yet you people do not come .”

” One am people ?”

Kim looked around the table . But even if you think about it, this is the end .

Oh . One people Although still is . But that woman ……

” No way .”

Timing better ttogak ttogak – heels sound rang .

Restaurants in the door most of the seusan opened , today’s hero , not a hero emerged .

” Ellie von batori ‘

It was an empress of a vampire .

” Ooh .”

Everyone feared her appearance . The batori who do not know yusejeong Only head to gyawoottung well .

Meanwhile , Bartori suddenly arrived at the table and sat next to Yu Bao Song . Closely hardened oil is Baeksong yibeoneya words, the backhoe , not pure white cat that appears .

“…… what keeps saw kkora ? I inde guild , perhaps even a complaint ?”

Batori is one tteoltteoreum to face the sitting , elderly eye sends to the main jihyeok lighted shot . Note jihyeok the head ‘s castration , shaking the table to gaze atda cheobak .

” Here . This is not stiff drink . ‘ Socializing ‘ the for now that meeting , Let’s enjoy .”

Kim Se-jin’s atmosphere to vent to the applause aligned.Are struck . Immediately many waiters appeared and brought food and spirits . It was only the highest grade that the words of the mountain delicacies and the feast of sacrifice were suitable .

But the snow in front of praise are what ‘s great any time between batori those interested were out .

Her previous dish energy bar Two dogs Deng So being placed until .

” Hey . You ever going to commit suicide ?”

Batori a finely knitted eyes food inside temperature of the waiters looked eyeballing . But already the training received , which the waiter real quick and ran away .

” Hey . That cubs and take .”

Slightly mad seemed a neck wooduduk pulmyeo hands to lift . Kim Se-jin was that she was calm .

” Come , do one taste it .”

” I know shit , why eat !”

But really, let alone batori is more a frenzy voice shouting , the moment of the meeting the atmosphere was stiff .

” Hmm .”

Kim Se-jin is late without a table tuk tapped .

” Once only taste it . Wine as taste aversion is not going to .”

Then it batori the body startled trembled .

Wine . Humans every time drinking , but she drink did drink . Wine was famous especially in the hometown . How delicious is it that wine is so expensive that you can buy a village – you would have thought that way in your young mind .


Barton looked around . At this stare it was observed guild to geujeseoya hurriedly on the kitchen table and concentrated . The conversation is deliberately chattering . Yet batori side stretched glance glance look at it , she meokeulji shalt pretty Although questions have seemed .

So about 10 minutes about the two hours overcast reoteul time .

I noticed salpin the batori quietly energy bars picked up . The sound should remind mana using the shell bullet , once again around the nicety salpinda .

Fortunately, no one reported no not .

Now !

She swallowed the entire energy bar .

Moment , eyes flashing was floating .

The face is reddened by the reverberation of the vigorous grape that blooms the whole body, and the vertebral thrill .

It was literally ‘ taste sniping ‘ .

” Pissing …”

I involuntarily out naohryeo is an exclamation hand block . Fortunately, people around you are not interested .

…… damn perfect one for him , except

” Hehe .”

Smirk suit smiling on Kim Se-jin the surface , batori is to wholeheartedly devoted broke broken wanted . Please only even once .

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