A Monster Who Levels Up

By Jee Gab Song

Chapter 163

Chapter 163

The earth material is been thruster sky is red ohreumyeo other parted . Shattered ground, the strange mucus stood example that ln black something stumbled bugeul . The film surrounded by the hatching of waiting it’s awful harimanchi bright red with angwang me, he glared .

Its destructive in the eyes for the very first time that fear the feelings felt . Low- to guys to stick How Me no know that the moment had a hunch .

Live to go away it was .

To memory , folly, and beyond regret leaving another world .

But a vampire , people have limited the pathway to allow humans are not ‘d thought . Lifelong them as troublesome came alive because they .

However , I reached the pathway with the belief that if I stopped, I would kill myself .

However , humans are rather we helped .

‘ Human ‘ wizard that swept the craze was young Floating disturbed , too ‘ human ‘ story is unknown to masses it madeul desperately erected blocked . In my eyes, however, they were seen as an act of abandoning their lives, not their opposition .

– What are you doing , Ellie ? Come Come with !

The Godfather cried out to me who was watching the struggle of the humans . Long thought you could could . I’m a passage crossed , the home escaped .

The world that I saw for the first time in my life was spread out before my eyes .

” You two , another of the world Are you a refugee ?”

Also other humans me to look at there .

But at that time , it humans Why not run away would ? Why did he help us ?

That why at the time I knew it was not , even now still know you can not .


In the past, it obsessed batori has nothing exists unless soaring down , down was LOST .

Suddenly the muyeongo confidence was one .

Our home is a crack would have overcome it .

So I , we ‘ve seen the landscape would have recovered it .

As always , we will be waiting for us with a calm and warm figure .

She is the soul out while absently cracking into a footprint naedineotda .

” What are you doing !”

But someone caught his arm . The hazy pupil became clear again . Batori is a Kim Se-jin glanced report back to crack an eye and moved . Now it is also the moment the land is broken there . Yet Although incomplete , however , the passage of the shape a portion was equipped . The eodun of the waves sail look geurideon home to reach can be maps might .

Moment , rigid arms her waist thread wooak was grab .

” You ….”

” All tight Hold on !”

Kim Se-jin is a batori the product inside pull holding yelled . Having confirmed that all the guild members had held him, he hurriedly took Leviathan form . And , I cast a cane .


Just like a dream that was spreading endlessly under his feet was a dream , the party quickly returned to the conference room .

But all in shock missing without any sense not did .

There were what the heck something .

Like when the whole crack screen has become sight , such a huge crack the enemy is not .

” What the are you ?”

Heavy with silence eoryeopsari broke man was gimyurin . She asked courageously . Of course , the object that needs to be answered was Batori . Batori is complicated by snow for gimyurin look at prey laughed .

” Mwogin . My mana and magnetic bodies , and the yipeuriteu feathers using a crack irritation ‘re given .”

” Feathers of Ifty ?”

” That Why , you guys have almost died hangeo You know . Octopus like legs saenggingeo .

” Oh .”

Gimyurin is stupid head nodded . Batori is such a look that pathetic seemed the head jeolre jeolre standing rowing my horse was .

” It’s past our home was ‘ drunk ‘ in it’s trail . The owners directly commit the immortal do more than go away without , laden mana ‘ price ‘ in accordance others the power to exert .”

Speak briefly stopped batori the puck stifling a sigh breathed in .

“…… but its feathers are clear within the mana had absorbed . So now its armor is El and the flesh of Las along the crack to expand as fuel georanda be exhausted . No matter Trying delayed two days after all the things teji end . ”

Indeed the worst of the situation said . Gimyurin is it tight and asked sesame .

” So we do that are you ?”

” Select ‘ll need . Your home away others into the world want to migrate want , or here in the district with quality thruster want .”

Batori of words ended , abuses are on the bridge this power lightly ryeotneunji full stumbled on the couch sat down .

Then in the bottom eye foil treatment while in silence listening it was a Kim Se-jin head heard .

“…… If you have any questions you there .”

Bartor moved his gaze a little and looked at Kim Se-jin .

” As a Feather important role that you ?”

“… sweetheart . Drink that drink . God ( Deity ) of Chinese characters is deuleogandago . You eojjae than or languages do you not ?”

” Anyway . Important role that beggar ? So still time here .”

“· · · · · Are you really a huge asshole ?

Batori of disdain Good for even nunchori just prey gave a smile , he arms into you wrote jaengyeo things pulled out .

This instantaneous base results , ” the yipeuriteu feathers ” as the estimated new kkamakgo also solid was feathers .

The eyes of the barton I saw were fluttering .

” You … how ?”

” The reaction rattling Bonnet matna . Instinctively this rangeol weaknesses I knew . So, squatting to disconnect .”

“…… Well , give praise Bay , but , though already late . Now tomorrow, held me at best handudal sikyeoteul delay just .”

Fits said . No matter how positive I could think of it, I could not deny it until then , and again, a heavy pit down the hall .

So time is no sokjeol flow this night was .

To work there . The meeting will have dared born does . However, the house dared to home return is was not .

Try to solve a gonna , but rather what went wrongly struck . Too hastily eotgi tackle it because ……

It was the same with other guilds, and they did not even think about leaving the conference room .

Suddenly batori has been lost , mind Absolutely Grows riveting went .

Kim Se-jin is on the couch laying eyes are closed .

Rather yieoteumyeon dream , which was the heart .


“…… That , Guild Master ‘s ?”

Someone’s voice hazy consciousness like the ripples spread .

” I have something to say .”

Eyes geseumcheure tteuni was Lilia . Like a dream , unusually beautiful feel .

” What ….”

” Once the place , so please take .”

Kim Se-jin’s eyes around for bibijeok around and looked around .

” The asleep in matter there would think …….”

Blah around for up conference was a turning that indeed enchantment pace move . Enchantment of the room to the enchantment that ran back roughly to the ground, sat hesitating , he yawned and an Lilia looked at .

” What do you say ?”

Lilia is a pale smile smiled .

Kim Se-jin is somehow knowing that smile ropdago compassion felt .

” Now we , the time by eopjiyo ? Cracks soon fully open to be ‘ll ”

” Ah ….”

Forget it was . He Chest deep from where pumping chakjaphan a sigh coughed .

” Wait . But do you know , did you ?”

I do not remember telling Lilia this process .

But Lilia is still a smile smiled something profound to say handed .

” I’ll be fine , we will . And the earth .”

“… Yes ?

Lilia is confident chaiteotda . Sejin could not understand it .

Even though she calmly , soft voice say it was .

” The cracks in the world the gap and put inscribed trying to destroy you . But surprisingly . As a tight because so infinitely low probability , crack Without never be able never , very dense this resulted in ‘ miracle ‘ The result may itdapnida .”

She was yawning in the time signs yeokryeokhan , almost all the broken notes by the books pulled . Then he reached out to Kim Se-jin .

” One read .”

Sejin was still handed the note with a strange face .

” I think it will break when opened .”

” Casting process is got .”

” Oh . Okay ? …… But this , something ‘m familiar with .”

Something that mysteries are familiar . Kim Se-jin’s head puzzled and first page turned . And then immediately , its familiarity implications reason noticed .

Specifically jeokhyeojin date , those below collectively Jin day work , and the day to emotions .

This is someone’s ‘ diary ‘ was .

” This is ….”

It was shocking . The back of the head with emilre kind of beaten sheep head the dang – dang – and resound . Moment of breath serve so afflicted , bear the words itji not been enough .

Lilia is that he looked with a smile smiled .

And a letter by ttobak ttobak naedeutyi dip says .

” This , you wrote grows diary . Not exactly , in the future you wrote diary …… yijiyo .”

“… huh .”

I involuntarily have heotuteum burst .

The crack through the time crossing may have .

Already you know who in fact won , however , that do lead the line, I did not .

” Read everything .”

” Once , once … Let’s move from the seat .”

Kim grabbed the trembling heart and put the diary into his arms .


He moved to a nearby hotel and read the diary . A full day it established not . Hardly show familiar shame the contents were , busy, whether entirely missing days were many , the most important cracks ‘ fully ‘ open later part so had faded .

” This prophecy is , no diary is sir.we Bible or the difference I could . That if there was , we are still home to going back vain dreams believed was going .”

” But … When did I give you this … ?”

“It was 70 years ago, maybe .”

” But that will chigoneun You’re jeomeu .”

” Exterior only young, I just .”

” Haha ..”

That’s the way 70 disgrace year . So long geolrine . No , perhaps rather better map the day before might . Kim smiled bitterly .

Lilia is that his hands just was seized . And somehow awkward to face , spirit sudden the words handed .

” The earth , and we are to be saved was fate will . Sejin who ‘s due .”

It was a vigorous voice filled with respect .

“…… so eoreugo not dalraedo not go away . Anyway, given that days I think anything . Thanks . I , the district also , dear man be kept be able dwaeteuni rather Bout . …… forward swarming things Though it is not so pleasant when you think about it . ”

Strive smile committed Kim Se-jin has wondered what asked .

” But it’s loaded with what the relationship that going ?”

As a guy who , yet, even in the minds Lambent prophecy . It and what is the relationship that you want .

” The original claim in the body and spiritual body Tuesday and placed it , copy the ‘ Report ‘ of the form by adaptation of the underground warehouse was put into . Load their copy take that research will ”

“…… Wait . So far, vampires are my diary that research are you ?”

” Huhut , no . No matter though geujeongdo is not . Sejin Mr. diary study case load I just . Other vampires of our hometown imported genuine the report studies have ‘m going .”

” Ah … I went a little far .”

” Yeah , Yeah .”

But the conversation that laughed for a moment was only for a moment , and the strange silence filled two people .

Cleverly . The flow of second hand is now sensitive .

The weather still bodeon overlooking Kim Se-jin is a bit resignation Children Turo said .

” Well , this , as weather to practice … a little more become depressed would guess . Oh , depression rather than a bored greater ryeona .”

“…… What’s gotten . Many you should abandon presumably .”

Lilia looked at Kim Se-jin with soft eyes . Kim Se – jin ‘s eye contact with her .

” Have you ever , is up do you need ? I am always ready to ……”

But Lilia is his the eyes with something a mistaken one seemed . Clothing buttons creep scatters release it ……

” Need not . Get out . Alone and I’d like .”

” Yes ? Uh what , diary, the …… ah , mischief You’ve Chi !”

“…… foot . Coming out .”

She thanks dont become unpleasant .


Dawn to emerge until enemies Kim Se-jin is a hotel then , the yipeuriteu a feather in the hands jwin while absently way had walked . The harm of the drink . It has something to do that is clear .

So , dare bulbul trembling be delayed for a reason I wonder .

Kim Se-jin has no trouble feathers tightly clenched mouth into a put off .

The diary was written as , many a interstitial emerged .

Just as always, there was no pleasure of evolution . But it was not dismal . There was no sense of mission . Just , prosaically it should be named days only feeling was well .

[ Condition completed : Wolf of the New Year , Penrill .]

– Intrinsic possibilities explode by eating the feathers of the Whetstone .

– However, quantitative as not , just ” day ” for only penril the form taken can you .

Penril is another da .

A sigh has been built .

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