A Monster Who Levels Up

By Jee Gab Song

Chapter 162

Chapter 162

Good . Parent . Ning ~ 띵 띵띵 띵띵 띵띵 띵띵 …

“…… seueup . What the hell .”

Mobile Phones in alarm sounds in sleep broke . I was a little embarrassed . The alarm sounds until the straight cup less per ve …… with the right hand the mobile phone hold glance looked a whopping 7 Cedar .

Dawn 6 at the last meeting eotneunde got her right . Instability in the messenger kyeoboni really gimyurin and the Hazel Lynn , including their guild complained a little character bombs bunch were piled up .

Urgently body is ileukiryeo Suddenly , something was eonhyeojin seemed a little heavy left arm to the side looked at . It was also cleaning .

Yesterday , not today, at the dawn quite vigorously group ran it because . Even breathe naeswimyeo like a kid hooked on sleeping contains . It is as quiet as it fainted , not wearing a single layer of clothing .

“It ‘ll be cold .”

I could cover the futon , but it just held me tight . Milky skin’s fine and bodeuraun the feel truly good . Anyway once more to give to tease you want so .

” Farewell …”

Cleaning the ball within a ball face booby jeokgeori you geujeseoya around for kkomul the drool be . The footsteps were so cute that I hugged them more tightly .

Burr –

If possible, continue to do so, and I want to , unfortunately, the cell phone was vibrating .

This is the phone . The sender is Kim Yulin .

This margin buril time ‘re not . Cleanse kisses the forehead and raises the body . The clothes worn in the midst , suddenly the cleaning is the heoham felt the pillow tightly hugging georinda bibijeok .

” Cute .”

Rolled over distance , etc. gives over todak .

So her back relax until jaewoogo , I have a house went .

* * * *

Kim Se-jin is a conference room upon arrival menacing gaze only owe matttak he said . Nunko also tteulsae without even busy despite the clear dawn to the Six o’clock.- was all , jeongjak the meeting was convened the warriors one hours half approximately I’ve abandoned it late .

” I’m sorry .”

He politely head nod bowed, standing on the senior sat .

” Well , help may eopjiyo . Be sorry it not . We wait that ‘d . Anyway, Head of the Sejin because Mr. ”

It was a harsh word of Hazel Lin that nervousness was a little sharp with the work of MaTaT these days .

“… sorry .”

” Cause fine . Come and meetings start . What yeonaejil busy ‘d late . Do not look in the eyes seonhae .”


Kim Se-jin is now a Los del glance attention spent .

” Oh , Yes . Once the basic briefing from I’ll start .”


El Ras Pharmaceuticals basement thousand over who is the vampire of the report analysis and research that engaged you are , the remaining 20 000 8000 is the social and stalking can .

Then in terms of bogeonde think , ten people standing in two thousand of people dealing is what the crowd is . In addition to the relative it may have , even if it is slaughtered and Manda .

So Kim Se-jin is how did it take .

2000 people in the house of lords in the core as a place to move back , the enchantment , using only the Prince and that the closest only a relative being .

It was the last plan at the end of a long meeting .

” Then .”

Kim Yulin said , taking the preparations .

” Let ‘s start right away .”

“… right away ?”

However, Lee Hye-rin rattled with something embarrassing .

” Well . Trying late thing good beats .”

” Yet we prepared well not dwaetneunde ……”

” What do you need to prepare ?”

Kim looked around with a face that I do not understand . This conference has artifacts , potions , equipment , weapons , including their valuables are scattered . Exaggerating a bit botaeseo jeogeotdeul is stealing sell 1 Joe comes out .

But yihyerin will face bulhin holding your finger hang kkomjirak was only . All that look with wonder when you , give hyeokyi slowly on the spot took place .

” Me , gimyurin ‘s articles ?”

” Yes ?”

He called Kim Yulin and whispered a little . Geujeseoya something shameful yet a convincing face doengim violations are the throat keumkeum hagoseo said .

” While some convenience stores ‘ll go Oh . Oh, Seo Hye Rin . You want to go ?”

” Yeah ? Oh , yeah . I’ll go .”

“· · · · · Ah .

Then Kim Se-jin noticed . Meeting during sudden dark blood scent friggin feel the Los del secretly transfusion packs are cheomeok line alatdeoni , wilderness magic yieotguna due .

Yihyerin is to share jihyeok sound seemed to say seemed crawling voice telling happened .

” Thank you …”

Note jihyeok is no saying no , just a gentle smile was only .


After taking enough rest for about 8 hours with that opportunity .

” Are you ready ?”

Kim asked the party . They are the Leviathan arms and legs , including several the areas tight hold on there .

“” ” Yes .” ”

” So , to move . Oh, indeed . The plan ‘ conversation ‘ that you forget to do . Fight him next .”

The coordinates back once carve being moved in space scenery wound eyelids future place . And the moment , this space wry seemed yeokhan sense Indah .

Following the eyes tteuni the first to have a child one was .

Cute Tianjin to handsome , apparently outer Trying increased ten -year-old a little more than a boy . The boy suddenly the enemy , even haunting Nolan signs without , darkened by LOST as a pupil at this stare was .

Seemingly not ruin a child, but , el Ras lords impression is familiar example know it . Kim Se-jin built up a circle immediately .

As soon as the space saekkamakge deulmyeo water, and the world is separated .

The landscape of the Envy resembles the image of the caster . Suddenly yihyerin is spared Mother Nature what I think , enchantment is a brook rippling flow , recording the bismuth lush nature was .

As a landscape in , Kim Se-jin is a boy watching said .

” El Ras of the leader , right ?”

“…… I you know you .”

The boy ‘s words were nothing . So Kim Se-jin will dare to even answer to be could .

” He is his son .”

Sejin’s eyebrows twirled .

“…… suddenly What are you what are you talking about . Me leaving you n ‘t become ?”

” You are not stand , that minutes of the son who would you .”

“… I know that Shem chigoneun age a little more jeokeunde .”

” Yes . Less . El Ras in the bloodstream age is forty still far I a child . I 8 from age until now all the way this was a look .”

Sejin suddenly recalled what Barty had said . She is obviously a vampire is in the blood along distinct traits that made .

” Bulno , called gonna .”

” Yes . That way , your father’s a story you wonder do not you ?”

I’m curious . More endometrium is sure to know , crazy as it is curious . But now that something on the subject of three the seat is not .

” Now I ‘m not here to tell you that story .”

” So what did you want to say, so you came to see me in person ?”

Kim answered briefly .

” Mine . And the crack .”

” Oh . Right. ”

The boy lifted his eyebrows slightly with his languid face .

” I’m sorry, but negotiations ‘s a breakdown . We crack put thought not . Our ground targets is always ‘ Volver ‘ is .”

” No , I mean why ? The hometown kind of even , a little , if specific problems without live can there would be .”

” Hmm …… First , we , along Articles living impossible . But then the reason to explain I’m your parents have to mention you .”

” What ?”

” Are you okay ?”

Kim Se-jin is the forehead narrowed . The boys care not to say it was .

” It’s not that long .”

The boy’s words continued . It was a story that was not long .

Kim Se-jin’s father and mother . Eden was the story two men vampires cheoksal operations one person ‘ of the vampire war ” at the time , the humanity infinitely forsaken cruel punishment sight seeing and the impact received is .

And the mission during accidental change El Las meet the two people to the emotions that appeals to him, went fooled . ” In the past to return home destined to change I want ” is , seemingly never to be more than that without one ( 大義) was due .

So two people are very short for El Las helped .

” But Nosferatu is let touch , They are low ‘ve betrayed . I haetjiyo wonder . Crack yeondaneun plan , at the time, North Face tudo know not failed . But they are those that do what hath find out , it is related to firm and also solidifies the faith he have . so your father ‘ faith ‘ with a deulmeok our plans fail that did you sell . and I him I killed him . ”

Sejin stared at the boy’s eyes . What the hell is nothing to read can not , emptiness, and even vain were the eyes .

” But he killed it came to pass , that faith is the source was curious . So Eden your father the documentary ‘s laid to the beach . If that belief in target ‘ people ‘ if , one day, even if you ever come look would … that little It was a vague idea ”

Sejin of the mind flashes were glittering .

Now it feels like the ears of all things are framed .

If you take control of Eden, the disposition of the records will certainly be possible . But they are the father of the truth as it was left .

The reason is ….

” And I come to find .” Jinse one ‘ he your father and what the relationship itneunjineun do not know , that people of the world to save ‘ faith ‘ is to be the makings haetjiyo enough . ”

The mouth of Kim Se-jin was shiny . Sure enough , the past of jinse majesty is such a misunderstood cause did only . It ‘s a middle – grade knight in six months . Cheap think even young horse should be .


” But jinse one has died . The us killed . Oh, you sure you want to . To you now is a faith not . Hope you will not .”

This boy dare this long without talking , remove the reason why .

In addition to live may not know , humans have the hope that you inform for .

“… So , you have that to believe these things gonna rival ?”

” Yes .”

” Oh , that’s es …… some Although sorry together .”

This time, this is the truth tell was time .

“The advanced silver is not dead , baby .”

The answer was replaced by Haselin . Kim Se-jin is prey laughed appearance was Transfiguration . Understandably , the jinse one was the face . The boy’s mug, which had been a little leisurely, was distorted like Sura . As well as those that do not know who the other party is also likewise was shocked .

” You …!

” Now the expression changes slightly .”

But mind Place a free buril the gap was not .

Char ahahak –

Much like the devil the boy’s behind the mysterious tentacles sotguchyeotda . It was divided into heat – forgery and grabbed all the guild members .

” Solid , it will . Loaded us who yijiyo self-defense products . Unfortunately, loaded their first get attacked ‘d expect not I did .”

Kim Se-jin’s Leviathan the form has changed . But no matter how the struggle to renovate grotesque tentacles uninterrupted did .

” Disappeared will not . Because …….”

But just when the boy was about to boast of his solidity .

Chains are parted , the boy was proud of innocent also simultaneously destroyed .

All dogs guided the right peer red mana was Bissau .

“…… dirty . Dirty .”

It was a tempting but familiar voice .

El Ras has suddenly appeared in her dark the Machang bonaeteuna shot , then blow was her even skin contact not got off to melt the Following .

” Footprint . This is What ?”

Prey uteun she just finger one by lift El Ras whole body was bound .

” Turn off …”

” Give it up , baby .”

Bartor said . El Ras is it tight and asked sesame .

” Again , are you trying to kill your own people again ?”

” Well … at the end of the eopye some itne . I and mine was in collusion with guys that own people do not think not to haetdanda .”

Destruction and to paeak jeomcheoldoen nature , the average is below the intellect , and responsible can not force . The existence of the irredeemable combination of these three original sin . It just is mine , So mine is a creature the enemy .

Egedeun vampires , elves egedeun , human egedeun , egedeun number . Since ancient times, Mine has been treated like monsters .

“· · · · · So why did Rod kill you ? ‘

The moment Bartori’s face was distorted .

” Did you concur with Rod ?

Her anger like a fun seems , El Lars laughed saying it was .

” I was just us in the to live to find He did try it just .”

” Doc chiryeom . My patience to the test , do .”

” That more than anything you well know janseupnikka revelation . Load , you would thou loans .”

Eventually Bartor could not bear it . Her body came pouring bright red mana like a rip was tight . El Lars its mana tsunami swung did . Rather, I accepted it wholeheartedly .

And a smile smiled .

At the same time, the floor of the laboratory has sunk . That ln , the world and the world gap , into perceiving anything look that is ” crack ” is present there .

” You , you freak !”

Moment , the boy’s intentions noticed the batori pupils with astonishment heard the water .

” Now, the following is your is yours . From home and we look forward , batori ‘s .”

The boy threw his body into the crack .

And El Ras and that in turbulent of batori Mana swallowed up the cracks , threatening to win kkulreong started .

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