A Monster Who Levels Up

By Jee Gab Song

Chapter 161

Chapter 161

” Oh , itneyo taste . So I wear .”

Los Dell Energy bars woogeok woogeok said chewing draw admiration burst . Only 5 eat the minutes said I do not want ttaenggang beak Dawn vampires probably different in dimensional man seemed .

” More blood pack delicious ?”

Lee looked at Dell , Ross, with his round eyes .

“It’s much cheaper once .”

Is he buying blood packs myself ? Of course through a legitimate path ? I have been using it for food . But the price is really huge . Day 5 paekssik , 1 the moon meals a whopping 1,000 to ten thousand won to close blows about …….

” But life suffered saw did taste as to be fresh and just delicious , this only eat Looking tired to gatgido you . This then is the belly are you ?”

” Yes . I saw eat hadeora similar . But you , even ordinary foods can not you eat ?”

” Yes . Eating digestion did not get die .”

More precisely say the food is not digested but in the throat as it remained , stacked pile of suffocation that is .

Yihyerin will surprise surprised doemuleotda .

” Unto death to ?”

” Sure .”

“…… eowoo .”

Seo Hye Rin is the face jjipuryeotda . Eating it should Malo lifelong sustainable life as fun here egen she really seureoul regret was according .

Then . As the two hwagiaeae one look slightly uncomfortable bodeon look no hyeokyi the conversation got interrupted .

” But these energy bars , military or Knights side when commercialized enormous good will like .”

Kim Se-jin’s shoulders and shrugged replied .

” Oh , Yes . Then also opinion was , I think is the one .”

TM ‘s finest artifacts and shining workforce by mobilizing invented the energy bar prices ” vampire limited , per 6000 won the level . Boil day meals are expensive, not to eat packed to intentionally lower a development would , by investing in the amount compared to profits to zero close .

” But if the private sector to sell even a vampire to target one would rather much will be expensive .”

Matap of the wizard in full operation and Although together , somehow doubt Wizard injira labor is expensive cases help can not .

Factory Worker 100 time you meet Bangbae Magi standing No.1 ~ No10 of one the right atmosphere to lend without a way voluntarily to abuse the leads , but , the lowest – paid lines 1 a billion lightly turning Luxury occupations is because the wizard .

Zhu Ji- hung looked at the energy bar and asked again .

” So how much is enough two variants would remain ? We in the morning is much Either way live would like . Long term Reid has starved even big Cause ever .”

“…… Hmm . That HA to Mr. ask You know , maybe priced 5 10 thousand won ? That at least kind of Will .”

” Oh . Then I ‘ll buy . Loads Till shares .”

Load . Rather I not share jihyeok will dawn the chief articles and promote ‘ team leader ‘ This was . Naturally load even ten daetmyeong over looked , so much pride and sense of responsibility is also unprecedented became outstanding .

Kim Se-jin was that he looked brightly and laughed .

” State jihyeok Mr. loads boss good to meet you I hope .”

NOTE jihyeok the mouth smile spreads . Then I bodeon at yihyerin has crept face hinda flushed .

And yet, even sseomman Die ride two of the people that the state , of Kim Se-jin deceived a bit much was riveting .


Energy Bar 1 the moon an average production of 60 full bloom reaches . Modern society lives a vampire 20 10 000 that a little more than what you think , day three meals is enough to supply can be located as quantities to be itgetda .

However , there were some strong vampires who refused the energy bar , and Kim Se – jin asked the knights to dispose of the remaining energy bars after supplying both domestic and foreign vampires .

And the first morning and the Knights of the Ebon Knights belonging to the Knights of welfare for each of 2 per million were ordered . Also that the news became known the other of the Knights even before datueo TM of the window came .

The energy bar costs 70,000 won each .

Profits remaining will be gatdeon business is , so a certain amount of revenue to me was .

On the other hand , the energy bar with the invention because of the vampires in the social cracks occurred rumors also simsimchange heard .

They are home to go back to the reason , the community will boycott could only did not the reason of the most fundamental part Now that solve Maybe obvious was the procedure .

But no matter how long I wait, the vital vampire , Barty , did not come in any contact .

“…… batori side contact is eopjyo ?”

The underground meeting room where all matters of the monster are decided .

Kim Se-jin asked Kim Sun-ho .

” Yes . Just a Los Del to El Ras underground station coordinates written on the map one passed just .”

” Hmm ……. But the batori personnel exact some extent doejyo ?

” South Korea living thing 2 1 000 , the world’s scattered to the collateral combined days will have over .”

” Expected out of manneyo ?”

Kim Se-jin was a little surprised . Active personnel much because the enemy line, I thought .

“What about the rest ?”

” El Ras are three and only ……”

” We have five ‘re only 0.2 Mann foreign , but , the city has been completed on the news intimately with South Korea to come back I’m .”

The answer is a sofa by the turning was sitting that Lilia had instead . Indeed North Ferratu . Somehow in the underground city people Baglio Baglio hadeora .

Kim, Sun – Ho is that her glance was watching the horses were .

“…… Yes . That’s right . The rest is nowhere belongs not do vampires , and prisoners are the majority .”

” Okay . …… Oh yes Lilia Mr. , Face-to-North statement when naendago did you ?”

The Sejin asked Lilia a bright smile smiled .

” A week ‘s back . Attend , give me did ?”

Nosferatu is a democratic meeting with the energy bars as a stock samgo , and society as well salgetda is your name be the resolution was everything .

In addition, they only see the ahkkaul so beautiful underground city in private and open – course Goblin residence to another move – thereby caused to tourism through indigenous vampire society to make plans .

” Yes . Of course .”

Kim Se-jin is the deumjik replied . Just as the work completed gimyurin and yihyerin , the main jihyeok including Knights Guild in the building that gets the news has been heard .

” Now , so now seulseul meeting Let’s get started . The ME I be thinned out how .”


Jet black veil gariun seemed a dark in the room, the only shining light source was . It was a thank – you box , ‘TV’, that helped the bartender’s heartfelt help for a while .

And today . And yesterday too . Another two days ago .

Rectangular in shape in the box , “TM Inc. FIG vampire eat be that the food has invented ‘ is the contents pouring was .

Batori is that the picture blankly looked at .

Energy bars made with the process how vampires to consume can in that for principle . Even until the interview with a vampire who is currently in jail . It was a pleasure to see that the reconciliation of human and vampire was not long ago .

─ The food is the world get turned stretches will . Reasonable price , in addition to live the social order .

As the cement last video is over . Nevertheless batori has for a long time idly TV to looked at .

5 minutes , 10 minutes …

The flow of time in darkness is boring and crisp .

Season was worried that batori finally mouth opened .

” Kids .”

Target her around all the time with her and escorted there were apostles . Originally him in the seat must be Elder , both disappeared . Batori are directly killed . The elders of the house of the lord , not ‘ load ‘ the case selection .

” Yes .”

The oldest apostle answered .

” What do you think ?”

“…… of course home to go back to why not .”

The voice of the apostle trembled faintly . Yet until serious but shook that was the bangjeung .

“… Right. ”

Batori is bittersweet to rimyeo recite TV to towards the hand stretched . Her fine in the fingers from counting one stem red light TV on I heard penetrate . And then from inside the fire it was one .

Until just uncomfortable news gnawing spit my TV is so , how much just because ash is turned thruster .


Kim Se – jin , who came home, sat on the bed and waited for washing . The mine a sweeping left , to wash a few days on a business trip going to be equal to the excuses drop increased to .

By the way .

However wait ohjil do .

7 o’clock , 8 o’clock , 9 o’clock , 10 o’clock , 11 o’clock …

Two hours more to flow to the top of the head is open climbing , fist clause tight is squeezing .

Then finally . The hour ’12’ in the vicinity of moving just before , another of Kim Se-jin angry explosions to your mobile phone grasp just before .


The door saljjakung opened .

And as the dust sinks, the cautious gait rushes into consciousness .

Sejin has deliberately from the master bedroom to hide killed while he waits .

Her footsteps living room, bathroom and kitchen maemdonda . Following any gicheok also no sure confirmation of relief, a sigh rest within .

Recently busy haeteuni end , yet the house not entered geolro a mistake suppose going .

– To the fatigue .

I heard a voiculous voice in front of my door . How Fur what to drink …… Kim Se-jin’s eyes sharpened stand tore the door and saw glaring . It was indeed the pupil of the beast .

Replace profit –

” Haham …”

The door opens .

Leisurely yawn while the room was lifted sterling campaign within ,

” Wow !”

I found Kim Se – jin sitting like a goblin and I fell on the floor .

” Oh , brother . And , you come ?!”

One hand euron disheveled hair and trimmed and , the other one euron hand buleojin face said point stutter stutter says . But Kim Se-jin was only looking at her without a word .


” Oh, that . That’s mean . Oh , a long time alumni kids got to meet …… so bangawoseo CHORUS I play a little synapse late …?”


Yet still no word no .

” I , I could play ‘re in something . And at night it San ‘re not . Yet 11 City 59 inde min .1 minute left nine 1 minute ! Self is always with sleepover .”

The mobile phone to watch shows .

However, Kim Se-jin’s no sense not did .

” That …… uh ……”


” What Y’all Come . I have so much was wrong ?”


“· · · · Sorry .”

” Foot .”

Quick to apologize Kim Se-jin is prey laughed . It campaigned much relieved seemed quietly bed with side it came .

“························ Oh ~

A charming and flex of Kim Se-jin products in pook anginda . He touched her back and asked .

” Reunion ? The fun was ?”

” Yeah. . A long time How to meet once even memories saerok saerok nadeora think .”

” Yeah ? Friends do not give thought .”

“…… ‘ve got . A 4 people around .”

Jaebeolga of an only granddaughter had friends 4 is people very much . Cancer , by the way , do . Yuseojeong said so and rationalized himself .

” Oh , Well . Nowadays matap meeting is not ?”

” No . But why ?”

” Just because I’m so worried about . I week on a business trip doegeodeun go . Then you and drink drink play would ……”

“…… not so worried about Matt .”

Very moment , her eyes this was a shiny gun Pulling mistaken ?

” But do you meet a lot of people these days ?”

” Yeah . Funny two days a lot of your animation . Guild meetings also have , matap week talks also have …… is my brother ‘s, thanks .”

Kim Se-jin is a smile smiled her head was stroked .

” Well , I do not need life ‘ll funny ?”

“… What is it ?”

Just a joke one was saying . However, cleaning this is your face cold solidified . Days in the year several times, without , playful Po minus was colored .

” Of course my brother if andoeji . The brother iteunikka life ‘re fun . Monster even catch , have fun while playing , at home entered my brother dont called anticipation . And my brother at home even if sometime back sun will shine , called the wait . I now that’s without not gotta . ”

“· · · Yeah ?”

” Yeah . I mean lifelong within by it . That unlucky not say nor do .”

The cleanser said so with a very determined face .

“I know .”

Kim Se-jin’s head gave nod . Geujeseoya She brightly smiled his ball kiss was . But that moment as well . Suddenly her eyes sharpened himyeo narrow says .

“…… But yesterday devastated sister SNS in the picture he came up . Once I heard eaten .”

“…… Whoops . Haha ……”

” What do you smile so good ?”

He will meosseuk laughed . And I want to accuse her shoulders gently pressing on the bed nuphinda .

” Vain eomuljjeok go beyond not do …… eueup .”

I do not want to be a troublesome fight .

Just wear fit , in another love prove only .

Kim Se-jin is day by day over the more that is beautiful, her body touched caressed the night was jisae .

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