A Monster Who Levels Up

By Jee Gab Song

Chapter 160

Chapter 160

El Ras is a vampire of the unique and blows a magical dazzle with quite a lot of businesses ilgwonaetda . Even there gaejung take junsaeng if in name only face seen also companies ‘ve had , indeed deungjanmit this was dark will .

And 10 of May , one day .

Kim Se-jin is deliberately El Ras pharmaceutical companies near came to visit . On the surface, it yieoteuna business meetings , the fact is El Ras key figures for kidnapping was intended .

After he had a formal meeting with Dawn, he headed to a nearby restaurant along with bodyguard Kim Yong – lin . [ Master of Fisheries ] called , pharmaceutical Gated hwonhi overlooking a sushi restaurant .

” Guild Master’s here, I can see .”

Sushi restaurant windows from the company’s views and observations there , before the sitting was the gimyurin said . Looking at it, I was taking a picture with the front camera facing this way .

” Smile ~”

Forcing the mouth twisted aboard , snap ─ and the pictures are taken .

She is the outcome satisfactory seemed his head used to be nodding your finger busily moved . What am I being not look ppeonhada . SNS to upload to suppose going .

“…… Nowadays SNS is He actively ?”

Coy voice , the sarcasm intended also one spoon mix said . Geusae Photo Upload finished , she bitterly smiled the neck was scratched .

” Oh, that , first, the Templars by I …… more monsters to join , Guild Master’s yirang taken any photos up because followers can suddenly expand downed increased . So far ten million people are neomneunde … that a lot of people to disappoint drill net Did cant . ”

Sejin laughed out loud . Indeed gimyurin down not excuse Is .

‘ ‘re funny look ? ”

“…… Yep . That , unusual That’s the world .”

Fashion that media is that kind why that would include – gimyurin is deotbutyimyeo back to the mobile phone listened . Real time wave Baba Bhatt necks of followers to react to check will be .

” But careful , please . Cleaning is a me gisanim yirang scandal until the day I heard worrying .”

” Avon . Some journalists have dared to Guild Master’s scandal Would I . …… Oh , and , whilst Guild Master watched by a porch reminded look . Yijeongdo will need to endure to be going .

…… so malhani yet is eternally silent . Orc hero and the human form, alternating her by the mercy or the difference ve , paeji me without haejun forgiven by simply ‘d be grateful .

“… keuheum . Unlimited please . Waist down except for a naked body and I’ll stamped .”

” Jujuy . Thank you ~”

Gimyurin is gopsang by the nunuteum beating the photos one chapter more snapped .

Certainly this person . SNS a while , another article refurbished lingering placing down gopjeol is he gay termination . It is a bit difficult because it is so attractive .

So 10 about minutes, the breeze shaking , ordered the food table above full woteul mail when .

Time to go home just to meet the company of people one more by emerging started .

Sejin is a wolf pupils expressing hold them the aspects that satsat observed . Indeed , the trace and the memorization of the blurred blood of all the office workers were disturbed .

” Vampire ‘re right . Companies in some people camp you do not know , 153 if the person enough LOTS ?”

” Yes . That said together …… Guild Master’s own coming of need did you have ?”

“They do not distinguish vampires .”

Previously it developed a vampire for nine minutes a mechanism Although , however , the vampire is it skillfully avoiding a way found .

The moment .

Kim Se-jin’s blood reverberation and the memorization unusually clear to him was found . Hidden does something wrong , sushi restaurant in front ssae aeaeng – over- one dumped a foreign .

He scuttled the crystal ball out from somewhere and wait there for the sources he said .

” Just Blow chaise ride between men itjyo . That from the man felt a comforting the strong . As a person top to target your sameu .”

I heard the answer was confirmed in crystal ball . Kim Se – jin dropped his tableware and rose from his seat .

” Let’s go now .”

“· · · · ·?”

But gimyurin’s head was gyawoottung .

“There are so many left ?”

” Yes ?”

Quite a lot Although remaining , however , just the rice to eat on I ‘m not ……

Snow Jean donggeurae gimyurin is no doubt malraneun seemed hurriedly hand was hwijeok .

” No , that means everything to eat that ‘re not . Too soon confined it that’s own doubts to buy , why ? Besides anyway kidnapping spies and mercenaries janseupnikka a share .”

“······ Hmmm .

Seemingly reasonable yieotgie opinion , Kim Se-jin is back in the seat and sat down . And slowly, the times were enjoyed .

So 20 minutes passed him were many times have disappeared were not .

However, Kim Se-jin is at best a hot spot for a little more than eaten only . The rest gimyurin a multi- ate treatment . But by the time the times whopping four points each put gun to eat cheap nuisance Is not ?

Anyhow , the meal finished Kim Se-jin is a calculation hagoseo to the parking lot and walked .

” Come on … What ?”

Boil order the doorknob , holding back turned around the gimyurin could .

Around it looked looked the distance between she hurriedly ran . Why knowing the amount on hand keumjimakhan the hatba somehow remains .

“On the way , it looks delicious … Would you like it ?”

Sejin looks at me as if I have no words , shyly excuses and hands the hot bar one carefully .

However , I eat gonna get Mara , and the face is written there .

Dare eat like thoughts , but …… didnt received . Also on the cases yieotneunji question , the gimyurin lips pouting comes out . Kim Se-jin is prey smiling standing back to hatba brought back .

” To drive dwaeseo .”

” Oh , help can airhead . I’m all I’ll have .”

Then the face is released .

” Come on .”

He was in the car burned up the boots walked when . Contact has come from crystal ball – you have secured the target .

” Oh ? Already ?”

” Well well . Gwayeo , more of all master ‘s woni Info . Appears many-to-many .”

“… eat everything and say it .”


The next day . Who was kidnapped in El Ras young elders ‘ Danny Earl Kim ” is the batori mental magic art dominates all the facts laid blow .

” Then , the Guild Master’s from the United States behind me the dueoksini summoned anything that deogunyo called bastards . The jinse one who killed it yigoyo GNOME .”

” Yes ?”

Kim, Sun – Ho of the report Kim Se-jin’s head was gyawoottung . Far he ” strung ” incidents tighten el Is Las to the guys inde Faso , hell batori is what the sure about this question lightly sparking .

” Yes . And of Eden, the upper half close that dominate you . Eden the records using the ME was tangential , currently building in the basement is located where Main and the cracks widen a way to take ‘re there . That research is frustrated by came out of some of mine are a mess ‘m going smoked . ”

Kim, Sun – Ho is related to what all you wrote the report held out .

This is enough . To the government when you submit with the government in cooperation El Las be swept can dont .

But the problem is that everything after . As a lot of the guys you need to handle what .

This does of batori like a horse in the shade of genocide cases Spirit unwilling to do .

” Well , that thing I ‘m ?”

Was worried Kim Se-jin has suddenly emerged the idea and asked . Approximately one the moon before , TM live in prison imprisoned by vampire ” energy bar ” to want to deliver that plan to the government had submitted .

” For more information, see Article HA to Mr. ask know …… maybe next from the main pork blood instead be supplied plans to .”

” Oh . Well That ‘s .”

Vampire human only blood drink , other of chuksaeng blood is not even really care do . Most of the public is that the arrogance to blame, but their on Physiological According inevitable can not also be it .

Human being hungry hungry and shit eat anji Is . A vampire of chuksaeng blood , to human excrement or more of the dirt .

” That’s fortunate . Various flavors developed nearly thats completed ?”

” Yes . Matap the Wizard does it mobilize the development speed is very faster that you . Currently the jail will be delivered energy bars pork is delicious .”

“It’s nice .”

Kim Se-jin is Good for satisfied smile smiled on the chair body leaned .

Now, it soon did .

Batori only to placate be there . As Godzilla the strength of the human race as a piece made only if .

Vampire loads was like saying , ‘ Monsters , batori is a hero line is it . ”


Therefrom 1 weeks back , Republic of Korea only vampire prison facility in Gunsan Prison Energy bars Ice doeeotneun supply news for launching a comprehensive aboard flowed .

Vampires are backed down.They totally backed kill it , not to placate could face ittta it should be ─ as the gaproneulbak pyeolchideon the public also its energy bars as much and closely watched .

So two weeks more passed , the Gunsan Prison small bowel that your success announce to reporters in front stood .

Prison provided the press conference, the unusually Kim Se-jin also directly attended . Boil director these days in Korea than presidential power is that powerful that he just snow before , so this spirit become dizzingly was landscaped .

The chief swept away the trembling heart and swallowed the saliva . Finally, to take a deep breath once one back , mouth open .

” A lot of attention has ‘d gyesil you think from the point would say . ······ TM prepared in four 2 energy bars to inmates supply ‘ day ‘ has , also all are vampires refused .”

Seotbureuge La failure built conclude some journalists to lament burst .

” But through the efforts of the jailers, at least there was a vampire to eat .”

‘ Effort ‘.

Scenarios include that stated there . But the chief told me to change .

“…… No , honestly Force was eaten .”

The camera flash flashes .

” So to force feed the way the week Me .”

Director while the steam welcomed . It gathered the people in deongdalah breath and killed .

” Vampires voluntarily began looking for this energy bar .”

The director smiles smiled one at the end , reporters will shout the conference rang . Kim Se-jin is the director voices is false that there is no check and relieved sigh breathed in . Kung-kwang-kung-kwang . I am calmly trying to calm my heart beating like crazy .

” Of course, the energy bar is compared to the target of chuksaeng because the blood that is what more I do not know . But , the inmates are all ‘ve admired . Human than blood much Chronicling delicious .”

It lines found . Vampires cooked food life ever tasted haeteuni not , for the very first time to taste pork is suppose was an new world .

” And finally two weeks past now . Even the day dozens of times beoleojideon take action is a day one to beonkkol less heard . That even yet energy bars taste not new inmate was well .”

Kim Seung – jin was so emotional that he clapped without knowing me . Gieoko follow his the seat beside kkwechan some of the parliamentarians also very bright smile applause was along .

” Penal purpose of criminals ‘ enlightenment ‘ as people say . But I am far vampire jurisdiction of the prison into the small intestine while such a view was skeptical . But this time, for the very first time that the idea I have heard . The vampires be rehabilitated can not would , I think horses . ”

Director of his horses last news conference to end the phase came down . And he gave thanks to Kim Se – jin and handed him his hand . To just laugh that parliamentarians have an eye rimyeo bridle now doing yinyago did overreact , but , Kim Se-jin are those physical report of the director ‘s hand caught .

” Thank you . Thank You have plenty .”

Kim Se-jin of the end of the small intestine is the head hansako shook .

” No . Rather, I thank you .”

The handshake is different in the stations in real time and aired there was .

Now the current is watching you vampires , and batori is what to think and wonder .

Kim Se-jin’s that curious bear could could .

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