A Monster Who Levels Up

By Jee Gab Song

Chapter 159

Chapter 159

Calm wind euneunhage section steel .

Kim Se-jin , along with Kim Sun-ho , came to the island of Hoengseong . Gimyu hands of the testament according to his harmful to the rivers flowing constantly was in order .

Upstream dare a boat ride one you want , so Worth it shallower , the heavy load current is dareuni ship making that thing I was thinking .

Saruk – Saruk –

A shake-up in jogakbae wave divides the sound and enjoy sail .

Yateumakhan on board and reach the cool breeze and the river erosion ilgwonaen the scenic spot . As a gosaek bismuth Nature of the product , Kim Se-jin is a deck on the stand was watching .

” Father and mother first syeotdeon meeting place . Every day in my dreams here getjiyo laid so .”

Kim Sun – ho said , ” I was using the river by hand . The memories locked like was the voice .

Kim Se-jin is a pale smile smiled .

” The first meeting place only this beautiful disgrace where , indeed I will happy did .”

” Haha …… Yeah . But horses . Always think geojiman , age I better Lotta Guild Master ‘s is more your uijeot would like .”

” Hmm . I parents two minutes, quite a long time ago all eunikka died like that going , I think ? Already life in the bitter lessons learned did semin . …… But brother . Horse relax bout Cause is ?”

” Avon . The more I uncomfortable . That word is not , do not . I mean never .”

“· · · · · Hoo .”

That dialogue to end the two men no sense not did . Dare to say there was . But two is a heaviness is felt did . Just the scenery , watch, after a long time of peace to enjoy as well .

So silent time to spend shed there , any moment that Kim, Sun – Ho asked .

” Will you join me?”

The urn with that was the end . Kim Se-jin’s bitter laugh his head shook .

” That’s the preferred seed is yours .”


Kim, Sun – Ho is no end without a head nodded . Then he scattered his father’s remains in the river . Pure white powder Tianjin and cheerful in appearance to the river seep down , and down sank . Moment , this remains seumineun river surface bodeon looking for Kim, Sun – Ho in your eyes tear a drop of stagnant like starlight flashes .

Kim Se-jin’s attention other places placed .

Me away Alpine around the lined trees are already in the fall of felt , colorful foliage example there .

He understood why Kim Yoo-soo asked him to drain his remains here .

It was such a beautiful scenery .

* * *

Kim Se-jin is jeokjeokhan mind while to shake off not routinely returned . The Mentalist little more scratched atmospheres comfort in mind resting wanted , at around still dujil did . Still chaotic world to him, indeed a lot of what was required . Artifacts , weapons , mercenaries , Griffin , potions , and Maggie stand …….

” Oh, yes . My brother . Hero oak back dwaetde found .”

Kim Se-jin is a viscous and calls as soon as the end , the campaign affection of his thighs , lying hold said . As soon as the blood that had sections of Kim Se-jin eyes flashing it was floating .

” Really ?”

” Huh . Another little story one people gave deliver ‘m .”

” Where ?”

Explosion embroiled Both oxidation line only knew . The villages were completely destroyed because of the conflict with Ogre .

” Pueblo not near . Again and rebuild that it will gatde .”

“… Thank goodness .”

Kim Se-jin is relieved sigh breathed in . Muscle in the sealed again once I have to go . Finish and instead of mass production of weapons made give the talent haeteotneunde needs .

Yuseojung looked at him with such strange eyes, and was speechless .

” Oh yes , my brother . But today, what one says no I did not ?”

“I put off .”

“…… Huh ? That defer be that kind of right ? Clearly the Spanish Ambassador mannandago who will think .”

Gritty correct , the ambassador as a prize . Potion Convention , including several tops to order , no more words that in place to conclude in order , the Prime Minister directly trying to find had .

However, due to the bad timing of Kim Yu – seon ‘s death, he delayed the seal a little .

” Rotten can never . You know .”

Kim Yu-do is also the official guild of the more monsters . Moreover Monsters of yongbyeongdan 1 vs. the yisyeotgi renovated , some in the media to the ground devoted his to the death of regret expressed .

I think it will get dark again .

Important people to send away it , always heart sick yiguna day .

” Brother ?”

Suddenly shade valance of Kim Se-jin ‘s face looked , campaigning Jung body established cause .

“…… eoeo ?”

And the Kim Se-jin suddenly ppatteurinda party . Bed down his in front of the malranghan fluffy texture thicken it touched .

Each was thinking gonna , yogeo yogeo . Clearly bigger than when I first met . When surgery least one gonna ……

” Men feel better this way .”

Her praiseworthy in late Kim Se-jin is prey with a smile replied .

” Well learned .”

He her waist wrap threw her , she’s his neck just hugged .

Molkang molkang and somehow look only view may be happy in the region face georida bibijeok I , blues ripples one who had the spirit gradually takes becomes gentle .

” But eojjae than before a little bigger would like ?”

“…… the characteristics of the power a little ryeotji Bill . And continue to borrow ‘m going .”

The cleaning is jimjit the Alliance said . Kim Se – jin burst into laughter and closed his eyes . The mind is stable , mind And there stable solsol drowsiness arose .

The film is sparse on his way cut off time .

The cleansing came to me in a sharp voice .

” Oh, yes . My brother But lately gimyurin yirang gisanim too often as you ‘re not ?”

“…… seueup . Suddenly again what you mean .”

Soon to sleep lift was right before . Kim Se-jin is the Acupuncture samkimyeo head shook .

” These days, Bob , as he eats . Photo is also often used taken ? Eojjae than me, more quickly scandal nagetda ?”

Just by standing hyeonmoyangcheo yeoteumyeon , this time around for biahnyang see eyeballing . Top down I stare vaguely knowing is daunting . It’s cute, though .

Sejin smiled and shook his head .

” It’s because of work .”

Maybe you on target gimyurin outside because help could could . The buchinsang who Kim, Sun – Ho will say anything geoniwa not , Hazel Lynn matap days Crazy as busy oil Baeksong is too childish sounds contrary , gimyurin is also operational experience rich and deumjik do you like about reliable .

Maybe she was a man yeoteumyeon lifetime of a brother map syeoteul all know .

” Always one since because of the real .”

Be Containment subject again ‘ve gained – campaign sterling around for complaining cell phone pulled out . At first follower is a whopping 1 billion 5 Thousand worth of Kim Se-jin SNS to the georida snooping , its 10.1 level in gimyurin SNS to be spied on .

Recently uploaded with 10 different pictures of a whopping eight dogs and Kim Se-jin with the taken photos . Because of this, I have heard that the number of followers has increased dramatically .

” And , hey eopne . Is this what ? Master do not ‘ve been , these days I’m going too lends . More or 300 or only ‘ve been higher .”

” Also , what do angry nasyeoteu how ……”

” Okay . Shut up .”

Yoo Se-jung, who answered bluntly , looked at the news bulletin , not the SNS . Have any scandal biseumuri an article up now not up now Check it was intended , you are looking for scandals not come out quite interesting articles found were .

“…… Ah , me . My brother . Spain is armed demonstrations I have caused .”

” En , why ?”

“” Incompetent diplomatic skills of Kim Se-jin and the meeting was broken off because “…… brother , his Spanish decent ‘re right ?”


The two were silent .

* * *

Indeed , social status and influence deunopda the gun like a good thing it was not .

Kim Se-jin’s Buryat Buryat Spain ‘s Prime Minister and the talks held . Award schedule so easy to adjust the number of in this position, even though not one to daleum rushed gave .

In a sudden talks, Kim Se-jin concluded a partial export contract with the Portion Agreement, Griffin Lease , and Orcs’ weapons . That the award earnest thanked been much just because of the Spanish protests that really news I heard .

Yes , it was good .

However Then even after rest, the time was not . The funeral , as will be daeraneun a way threw a favor , batori have had compliance was due . She came to the conference room the very next week .

” Goodbye .”


As the bartender came in , the silence subsided in the intestines .

” What is it …?”

Lee Hye-rin carefully asks . Kim Se-jin’s shoulders shrugged and on the table lies a newspaper and pointed . There headline ” Mine , once again haunting ‘ of the type that keumjimak written there .

” No way , that ‘s what she did ….”

” Malbeoreut the nappeune . That spells a woman .”

” Come on .”

Batori a little sex naemyeo came . Lee Hye-ryun was not able to meet her eyes properly, and shook her body .

” Afraid not , feel free to eat you do . Helping to dont come . Then we have a load of shot to haejun cooperation as price look I do .”

” Yes . That ‘s right . Promise not to keep the load Although I do not want . El Ras is that shit even the spirit in mind not holding .”

Battori sat in the seat . Leg curl chair in the back of the body lean . And something to say trying , suddenly on the floor, the boat lay to sit the konrak found seemed to the eye flashes .

She keureung keureung sneeze haedaeneun the konrak contemplate looking at is a Kim Se-jin looked . And asks .

“…… Hey Who will you ?”

” Oh . Once my skill pampering created together . Meeting NPC.”

” Yes ?”

Bartori licked his lips with his tongue . It is the eyes filled with greed .

” I give .”

” Do not gotta !”

But suddenly gimyurin the jump occurs shouted . It was such a big deal that the Batori was embarrassed .

” What is it ?”

” Meeting NPC What does it mean ? Konrak is our family !”

Passionate embankment and the konrak anneunda wrapped . Won group rather than a rather large wolf -obsessed , but the appearance , anyway, that much was desperate . Batori the group is stuck seemed to heotuteum burst .

” Huh , what is that …?”

” Do not gotta !”

Gimyurin the ppaeaek yelling crosses inside . But unfortunately, her response was wrong did . Usually others valuable the more it more takers who want a crooked evil that crooked bureuneunde , batori is that bad of a crooked representations or do the same .

Batori will face horribly entrenched on the spot took place . And a grim voice gohanda .

“…… give me . Now right now .”

So for a while , the konrak between dull the silgaengyi took place .

* * *

Konrak of ownership contention is the batori to win over .

Batori is peongpeong crying for gimyurin looked triumph and a sense of superiority , but inspire , Kim Se-jin is batori the home as soon as the return of summons canceled and re in a conference room to konrak recalled .

And how much behind the batori bit apologetic voice contact has . It looks like Conak got out of the house .

Such Home App will Anyhow , Kim Se-jin’s that day batori the haejun tips the contents based on more of a monster underground the information network was running .

Indeed their source capacity is outstanding haetgie , ” El Ras , the material is easy to find can be had .

Ela Lass ‘s stomach identity is the son of a pharmaceutical company representative , and the rest of the company’s employees .

” What will you do ?”

Batori of the question , Kim Se-jin’s head gyawoottung and eotda doemul .

” What do you think ?”

“We have to kill .”

“…… scalp in killing salrinda two out more eopnya ?”

” Then the other what there ? Vampires too undermining town .”

Kim Se-jin is such a batori that hey seem more hope , in the pockets of energy bars one pulled out .

” What is this ?”

” Hungry ?”

“· · · · Not much .

” Then feed your men .”

Batori of the entry is not woodwork.I himself, bullshit , she is the face that hard as jjipuryeotda .

” Why am I ?”

” Vampire dedicated ‘s food . Food only problem when solved , home not even go supposed Is not ?”

” What ?”

Kim Se-jin is moderately busted would Although estimates were . Why do presumptuous things did she said .

“· · · · · Are you crazy ?

But that day .

Kim Se-jin was right before his death . I was struck right before I was really killed . This potion if not perhaps syokeusa you about was Pang .

Batori is clear and Kim Se-jin same pain even feel despite hand in mercy did not .

Sejin realized only then . ‘ Hometown ‘ is her calamity . It never geondeuryeoseo is not geoguna that .

Finally, she was like a corpse Jean neolbeureo of Kim Se-jin for laying under back was crushed , the next shit done when woogie cooperation not saying leave and went away .

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