A Monster Who Levels Up

By Jee Gab Song

Chapter 158

Chapter 158

” So twenty , I will go Guild Master’s .”

Clear the two hours during the indirect outcomes Johann meeting finally ended .

” I ‘m dying, I ‘m dying …”

Article HA are gone I conference , Kim Se-jin is still on the sofa lay exposed .

Visibility hanging heumul head georinda jikkeun . Suddenly around turn around the guild I am still at home things without remained . Bed linen to embrace in it , somehow today, where even a camping settling well into the whole more .

─ Jean Martial Arts school is a monster that relative to you , especially that effectively many experts research results on Jim turns along , now , Jean Martial ” is unprecedented for a boom enjoy you . Director Lee Yoo-jin …….

TV News from Lee Yoo-jin and ” Jin martial arts ‘ of news to tell it . Screen gaze dolrija complexion quite jotahjin of Lee Yoo-jin gisedeungdeung by the gums smile showed .

[ Jin martial arts schools refurbished / The Monster guild ]

─ current around the world 2000 than in places a seal was opened , 100,000 near mudoin are taught under you .

─ It is a phenomenal growth . But danjangnim is true of martial arts schools are the advantages What do you think ?

─ Once the weapons independent does , the most natural movement enemy to deal may have against ( versus ) the monster in all significant glass . In addition, the gauntlets cases other than byeongjanggi the manufacturing process simple , as even quality the amount Many value wraps . Such multiple faces are merged our mudoga monsters to suppress the spotlight that would think .

“…… already like that ‘ve been bigger Actinidia ?”

Kim Se-jin admired the contents of the interview . Of course, no monster Godzilla support haejugineun but two years while afterwards that about Rani scale .

” Is that nowadays enormous ‘m famous . Textbook and the chesik huge Specifically remain in learning something foresight easy efficiency ‘m good . Nonsense should not low- risk high ‘s return . Our Knights also this time the new rider mudoin Jin whopping 4 names or Cause kkieotda . 10 people outside do not I drew . ”

Yihyerin the Tv for watching replied .

” Okora .”

” Well , that of Director kids also we ‘re the guild ?”

Gimyurin is on hand to chin goego asked . The answer was replaced by Jouji .

” Yes . Many times I’ve met , a good man will gatdeogunyo .”

“…… you have that person why meet me ?”

But suddenly yihyerin the eyes like a fluke standing narrowing the jihyeok week sees eyeballing . Perplexed not hyeokyi stutter stutter an excuse for a moment , suddenly yieojideon News screen unnaturally been cut off . And then anchor the said breaking news scripts changing the recites .

─ Gangwon everywhere ‘ Mine ‘ This was haunted . This mine appears to be an ogre system …

Weighed house the eyeball is superimposed sippeol holding a riot beak The image sharpening flows . Moments of meeting rooms are all breath to kill the screen and stared .

Near 10 years ‘ mine ‘ of the house of the body, revealing not . If he had been in a hurry, he was killed . In modern society as such, ‘ Mein ‘ is considered more public than vampires .

Vampires citizens to raid it ‘ survival for ‘ that is the reason , but , mine are just the destruction and the slaughter enjoy is due .

But such a man was haunted . It is also very prolific .

“· · · · · Would you like to go out ?

Kim Yulin put the futon down on the floor and said . However, Kim Se – jin shook his head .

” No . Like that or daeneunde , already battling ‘re struck in combat .”

─ The Mine is just one dispatch Griffin Rider ‘ Soo ‘ for who cheoksal that was known .

The anchor added the horse . Kim Se-jin is a shoulder let shrugged , gimyurin is again a blanket hugged .

” But low- Soo . Yirang Guild Master’s fate a little deeper person not ?”

Suddenly yihyerin a sudden the idea was put asked .

” Little is akyeon had . But how did you know ?”

” The cleaned gave us . Soo ditch Guild Master wrote his leave was competing I heard …?”

” Foot .”

Competition .

Kim Se – jin just laughed .

Soo and the first meeting is very jotjin did , but that miunjeong thing really that existence was feeling .

Kim Se-jin was three months ago, on the occasion of the Soo met , then they are his weapons which had been smashed it reminds me of oak The inorganic one was presented . Soo is a thank you said , yet in the past had a fool for his repentance and tears not yeoteot geulsseong .

” What ? Competition ? Rather cleaned the Sejin who defend strive supposed Is not ? Not If Snatch iltende thing ……”

” Joke Probably something .”

“Even if it is a joke , washing is too arrogant these days .”

Hazelin pierced his lips as if he were a friend . But then immediately the gimyurin Sharp ‘s eyes and rushing .

“…… No , that , just . But an objective look geureotjanah .”

” Having said no .”

Suddenly agree to gimyurin , Kim Se-jin is like a was pleased .

” But I like to refrain from saying that .”

“You know ….”

Hazel Lynn tongue around for kkoburang of gimyurin the shoulder to the head leaned . Gimyurin is it burdensome seemed aside lightly flies out of the way .

Kim Se-jin is that of both the appearance prey laughed .


From it a week passed , the matap tapju appointed the news officially been announced .

As expected, great repercussions and controversy were at the same time . Though Hazel Lynn countries accredited A -level ( senior ) Wizard won but , muscle 8 years during the career is interrupted would not the difference was due .

But some just do not Hazel Lynn more of a monster called the guild facts As revealed in public opinion is quickly heading towards stood back . Of course , the masses ‘ opinion only .

” Me , the water more eopseupnikka ?”

“· · · · Hold on a little bit .

Dawn & TM The top floor of the tower .

Kim Se – jin stood in front of Hazel Lin ‘s office . However, there was accompanying . Just gimyurin .

Hazel Lynn in the workplace cases bring back yieotgie the first time , she more than anyone nervous seemed from earlier continue the water looking for it .

” Me , me Toilet me I’ll go five . First, enter Hello .”

” Yes ? No ….”

Kim Se-jin is what often before fleeting as goes up . He his a behind that hey seem watched the Oval Office a statement smart knocked .

─ Who are you …

Initially, obviously the force is also not nervous was the voice .

” The Kim Se-jin . Violations Mr. along came .”

But as soon as I say that, the reaction is upset .

” Wait a second !” That desperate to cry followed , woodangtang Tang – door on the other side of Busan deoni one magical aura also hagenama weak georinda shimmer . Maybe it disturbed hyeojin internal magic to clean that appears .

Kim Seung – jin waited for leisurely .

So about 5 about minutes jinani door from beyond the clerical voice came on .

─ Come in .

It is cold . Kim Se-jin is seolpit smiled and the door opened .

Hazel Lynn leg curl chair in the back of the body leaning there . Is that right matap State applied style ? Kim seated on a chair in front of the office desk , swallowing a laugh . Hazelin snooped behind Kim Se-jin . You’re looking for Kim Yong-lyn .

” Toilet went laid on . That’s the way where , already ten inde second thing you okay ?”

” Yeah ? Oh …… okay .”

But the complexion does not look good . Kim Se-jin is that wonder seemed to Megan hija narrow , she tteodeum tteodeum words added .

” Some adaptation is not , but .”

” What can not adapt ?”

“It’s magic . It’s been a long time since I came back .. I can not accept their physiology .”

” Hmm .”

In fact, roughly information already heard know it . Disruptive to personnel because of factional this camp already separated from it .

Boil called factions word also be colorless , so is overwhelming . One side is the high elves ‘ syahon ” the main axis by the Orthodox , whereas , the other side Hazel Lynn alone as well . The rest is no action without a neutral .

” That I except ?”

“The rest is okay .”

Hazel Lynn has no say no did . Perhaps the simryeo kkichigi one did not want emitter .

However , things do go flowed Hazel Lynn eaten cases a matter of time . That makes it difficult in many ways .

But fortunately even her obvious ally 1 people have about it . And its allies is another rotten humans all put together than even to reassuring teji .

” Well , Well . Hazel Lynn , Mr. themselves would be adapted believe I am .”

” Yeah . Do not worry .

Very moment , of Hazel Lynn to face unfortunate is pleased seuchi long , but it was only .

” Oh , right .”

So prank twenty dwaetgo . Then Kim Se-jin is by going to not put two of the books to the collection he pulled out .

” Vegas . Forget almost haetne .”

Yet unreleased state Bangbae No.27 and No.28 standing Magi .

As for the cover , make time for Hazel Lynn to face the astonishment spread goes .

” This , this, why me ?”

” Soon to be released inde Magi standing commissioning someone I need ? A 2-3 about people . That commissioning wizard pulling me Hazel Lynn tell Mr. ‘ll delegation .”

Bangbae wizard to Hazel Lynn that recognize the symbol , to Hazel Lynn colossal the hilt line is it .

” The rest will take care of it , please .”

” Yeah , Yeah ? Where are you going ? Sejin ‘s . Suddenly, so poofy throw jigoseo immediately return go low is difficult ?”

” Write whatever you want is a sore horse . And soon devastated ‘s gonna come , two people talking syeoyajyo share .”

Then click Finish gimyurin is the door open and entered . Kim Se – jin went out with her touch .

Gimyurin a hastily Where nyamyeo released Thursday but cry , Kim Se-jin is calmly to his office went missing .


Ten days later . I heard good news that Hazel Lin was using the Magus to conquer the mausoleum .

But it pleased the gap was not .

Kim Se-jin is from Kim, Sun – Ho one barrel of munsa message received .

Gimyu hand that the emergency was content .

Kim Se-jin are all things Throwing in a hurry and ran .

” Guild Master ‘s .”

” Did you come …?”

Ward has been a Kim, Sun – Ho , including their guild members gathered there .

Clear 2 weeks before the sympathy had come , in the hands gimyu state it is more then a lot not good . The in vivo animal model that sangjeop adjective is really made sense .

Kim Se – jin sat in a chair next to the bed where Kim Yu – Sung lay .

Just as he eyes geseumcheure shine .

As if it waiting was like , the Sejin watching his on my lips pale smile spreads .

Sejin’s bones one as Southern His hands caught .

My breasts were dry .

Kim Yoo Hands . The first to own all the secrets E. , is why most who had the will people . I looked , that as a father I had liked going to think you have a couple a times not .

“… Stubbornness is very strong .”

Several means contained in Kim Se-jin at the end , gimyu hand just laughed . Then he glances at his eyes . Kim Se-jin is his mouth ear closer barrage .

– Are you here ?

” Then I came .”

Kim laughed . Just a trembling voice and the eyes deceased tears compelled may not have been the Following .

– I had a dream for a long time .

The eyes of Kim Se-jin are fluttering .

Gimyu hand is still smiling losing not hold the horse was .

– Well , do not worry you do is you like .

“… Why ?”

– In the near future, a hero appeared to save the world .

Kim Yu-seung held his hand tightly .

– That ‘ maybe ‘, Kim Se-jin said . You have been the gepni . So I decided not to worry .

Kim Se – jin could not fully understand his words .

Ask want to say common .

What sounds whether , like the time a correct voice and a look listen wanted .

But it what ever could .

Gimyu hand it finally left , understandable even break not do , ever the eyes eunikka abandoned wind .

– Well then . Hey, man .

That ‘s gimyu hand the last one was the word .

” Ha …”

Kim Se-jin’s deep sigh as messy sank .

” Oh , Father !”

Kim Sun – ho rushed to bed .

Following his father who lost his son crying a room full filled .

Yet Middle – school students while holding untested for Kim, Sun – Ho daughter , that his father watching heuneukkyeotda .

The day was full of sadness .

In the window bland harimanchi sunny summer sunburn being dumped there .

● * *

Gimyu hands of funeral simply was played . However, Kim Se-jin is that attend rumors whether flops , to attend to people very frequently . However , both Kim Seon- jin and Kim Sun-ho rejected it .

Kim, Sun – Ho is likely they all If I had to attend to the incense money 10 is a billion earn ARM, , of something the farmers and the sadness party appease said .

However, only one person , the meeting will refuse can never anyone there .

It was ‘ Emilia ‘ .

If you refuse borane as he was killed ll .

” What’s going on ?”

Kim Se-jin is the eyes and dry naemyeo wiped asked . Somehow knowing look tired batori is sideopjaneun mean skipping standing from the point she said .

” You , as a jinse not ?”

“… I know .”

Moment , but tteukkeum , Kim Se-jin is possible calmly replied .

” That bastard to kill him the el Ras ‘m a vampire ? But that Ella’s guys yirang Mine had conspired . Maybe I did not know this secret was to guess .”

Kim Se – jin hardened his face .

” So ?”

” So Rani . I am just that he was trying to give us , not misleading malraneun meaning on georanda . Promises to protect do not like is being Beecher I do not want .”

Battori said so and turned back coolly . But Kim Se-jin is yet to say left over is according .

” Giwang On incidentally , give them help .”


She stopped walking . But soon the line back, her face was like a devil distorted was .

” Ask for help .”

“… Are you really crazy ?”

” Why . As you ‘re good . Cant crack stop may not saying going . So mutual aid Let’s .”

Kim Seung Jin laughed shrewdly .

Batori has no answer without him , just look at it was .

But just before the face drained horrible wrinkles disappear , but hoity-toity be just .

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