A Monster Who Levels Up

By Jee Gab Song

Chapter 157

Chapter 157

The core positions of Dawn & TMMap were mostly filled . As a general company ttajimyeon officers gyeokin part tapju and seven persons , senior wizards , sawongeup a higher intermediate Lesser up spot both .

Boil Here ‘ section tapju ‘ in the name of big echo produced . The Department tapju appointed the Wizard of New York in the heart in the world two above matap ‘ tree Tiny ‘ of matap part tapju and High Elves ‘ syahon ‘ was due .

Has announced the appointment I immediately , syahon is with the media interviews through their quasi accept Dawn & TM to matap thanks expressed . It’s also fluent in Korean when you do not know what you’ve learned .

Also , the face of the chief mages who were directly under the leadership was gorgeous . Seoul matap former part tapju , Busan matap ago tapju etc …… all of Korea or foreign renowned Wizards was only .

But , the other all these Title populated going in the midst even still the most important one seat is still vacant left . But that which no one doubts the table or not was . There is Bangbae wizard , he geomeojwil Now place .

And once the magic-based body went Dame , the fire in the incident caused himself vacated rindo Hazel that thought was . Bangbae Wizard , Kim Se-jin have their own calling until .

“… Yes ?”

In Kim Se-jin’s office , Hazel-Lin ran silently . Jean-popping her eyes Yen wonder and doubt were full .

” How are you ? I think Mr. Hasselin is the right person .”

Kim said with a smile .

His reason for calling Hasselin is simple . Her top note in place seating it .

Media What are you ‘re such personnel nyamyeo whether the flagship , but do not like a free woodwork.I is appointed personnel not . Now , though prominent ” Alchemist ” is but Hazel Lynn , the first of her start yieoteunikka magic . But his feelings Ridge guru who sins because of ourselves woke back only .

However, Kim Se-jin is she still a magical lingering with that thought .

Otherwise , if every day the wizard community to look into reason , the magic one to learn lines like a child bangbang ttwimyeo like reason , ” Syed Naryn , called aliases and fake identities going made secretly a wizard act reason because there .


But Hasselin was silent . Maybe gimyurin Pulling due . Age-old conflict with him from the guilt not resolved unless at least , she is continuing to step magical return the container to prevent it .

” Well ….”

Hazel Lynn on the floor gaze fixed while , your fingers around for kkomjirak mouth opened . It was a weak and slender voice .

” Sejin ‘s . Proposal . Thank you . But I’m proficient ……”

” Perhaps more syahon ‘ll rooms excellent . Bangbae documents Magi completely I thought you learned ?”

Hazel Lynn I recently guild stands as flesh was . Of course , it is due to the Bangbae-dong Magi .

Currently she is No.01 from No.26 to all ikhyeotgo , already own as a way to derive magic to create far heights reached .

So the ability is enough .

But she still was not confident . No , I had no courage .

” That ohrotyi Mana Tattoo ‘s thanks . By techniques should be something , swollen mana amount to cover it : just . And I ……”

More itgo want to say there , but the lips dalssak runnin only bear the mouth out of the spit does .

Kim Se-jin is that the reason why more is , but still rough is known there .

” Gimyurin Mr. permit did .”

” Yes ?”

Amazing group than rather a realism not been late . The gimyurin themselves give forgiveness Riga because there .

Kim Se-jin was surprised hardened her looking away yesterday’s work recalled .


” The opinions asking if , I’m the opposite . Opposition . Lodge opposite ! Ng eolsa Abba lining Ke ”

The beds supine patient unprofessional did was danhoham . So say her face is dark until the enemy had overheard .

” Why ?”

” That woman is normal not . From a potion to poison ride this bitch life on earth vivo where you mean . Also back riraneun However, this guarantee is not .”

” Two times back not do that I shall also ensure eopjanahyo .”

“…… Anyway the opposite . Danger .”

Gimyurin the lips pouting unplugging my . She is lying in the hospital bed edge, the Orcs and this ahtan dolls along up there . Kim stretched out his hand and grabbed the Orc doll . Have you ever want to go steal wonder , the gimyurin the eyes are insecure gitdeunda .

” Hell no two days iteotgilrae Really ?”

He stroked the head of the orc once and put it on the drawer next to the bedside .

“· · · · · · Complex , a lot .

Gimyurin are cold tree on the raised Oak second hand rescued . And I hide in my bed .

” Well , then past me to interrupt what no longer together …… matap weeks digits, Hazel Lynn Mr. suits you . At least me and the nearest wizards that in place seated also want wo .”

” Other suitable Wizard lot will . No more than that , why to me that the words do ? I’m no correlation is not a person . Guild Master’s said if you want that bitch …… those who Tower mostly appointed you to be going .”

It was still decisive . 30 years womb of a solo title matches , the character of as impregnable .

” That’s it , violated Mr. permitted without Hazel Lynn seeds do not try to do I’ll do you .”

“… No way .”

“It’s true .”

Gimyurin will not believe unless like was seen . Even Kim Se-jin is continuing to say go after let , a topic until you switch it .

” That story is one later hasijyo . Than that , Guild Master’s . I was wondering you .”

“… Tell me .”

” The last glimpse bwatseupnidaman , load, what are you saying ?”

The horse whispered shortly before Rod died . At the time, I understood not been , now understand not be . But remember to have .

” What prophecy was biseumuri eotneunde say , what worse.I being well I do not know . Besides sparsely vampire language Guernsey said even listen to know who this portion followed .”

Leviathan is growing seobuteo few of vampire language to decipher can make , but was , it’s really ‘ Some ‘ only . Even then even the only abuse as well .

However, Kim Yoo Rin did not lose his curiosity .

” How did you say that ?”

“……” of Nosferatu treasures spilling deliver something seen stealing . Thought the worst monsters the hero will be . ” It was like this . ”

” Hmm …”

Gimyurin is jimjit thought Locked seemed the forehead jjipuryeotda .

” Hmm ……. Eueueum ……”

” Foot .”

Kim Se-jin is deliberately serious ‘ pretend ‘ to which she still has hope than laughed . And I took out the pre- imported gift . The Goblin cute one US dollar was a doll .

Goblin Trying cute , that unspeakable is the doll as much as going through does . A dongle dongle A face and a dull limb . This is Kim Se-jin also be confident enough is cute . The Goblin overlooking the gimyurin face off right melted got off to its proof .

But she’s back face standing solidify he said .

” Goblins are …… then it truly was grateful . Thanks lived .”

And naturally the hand holds out . It is a greedy face asking for a doll . But Kim Se-jin is easy to give this idea was not .

” Haha … so gomaunde , I asked you for information so easily who refuse are you ?”

That at the end , of gimyurin long it stretches the eyebrow is jjipuryeo . Kim Se – jin was aiming for the break .

“…… Nice one time even talk Look divided . Hazel Lin also said a lot of regret was . Doll is also a bonus TAKE ”

Rustling – Goblin is a hip waving tempting .


Kim Se-jin was surprised of Hazel Lynn ‘s face looked applause aligned.Are struck . Then the office doors stuck profit open , THRUM – heavy footsteps in the hall reverberate .

Hazel Lynn as mangbuseok guteotda . Bear back look back I think is not , only the eyes desperately rolls .

Suddenly the Hazel Lynn , including behind the other is someone just by your words were .

” Hey . I just look .”

Hasselin’s shoulder shakes sharply . She was even now fall seemed while staggering distance back looked back . There are figured this gimyurin there . However , as always, it was not an angry face .

“····· or talk a little let .”

Somehow knowing bitter was the voice .

” Uh , uh … oh , okay .”

Hazel Lin answered blankly . Kim Yong-in turned around and said .

” But only two of us . Chilling Guild Master’s ?”

” Of course .”

Gimyurin the first office pushed , followed by Hazel Lynn a bunch of scared eaten up as the face of her back chased .

I do not know exactly what conversation has come and gone since then .

Just how much just because of Hazel Lynn cries significant spread ringing , gimyurin the like is todak Yeoju sounds , albeit smaller possessed by Having said , somehow things better solved ARM, predict only .


The heat pouring 8 Mon. .

Originally a summer retreat for boom enjoys should be , but the season , the world hyeongguk is very nokrokchi did .

Pouring boss monster , standing yuryeop huge crack , and this situation is short term will not experts to predict .

The global village felt cool, even with the heat, due to unprecedented confusion .

However , worsening the day walking is a world unlike more of a monster phase sharply only increases went .

Boss monsters from the crisis gradually rising signs show , in the yuryeop held a great event starting Bread ! Steep ascent , another booming . The monster’s subsidiary TM ‘s share price is the atmosphere beyond the stratosphere and jump there .

United States World 1 car charging through enormous wealth to accumulate can was the reason , Kim Se-jin is the skin to understand can there .

Currently more monsters to manage Griffin in the nest habitat Griffin about 600 groups , in Western Europe, many countries in Sinuiju to Busan ” What is also available without the ‘ TT 3 minutes , only to go be with the flight means dalramyeo borrowing was begging . They proposed cost of one gidang 1000 10 000 Euro . But the term is only a month .

In addition, the demand for the service has also increased tremendously . The monster’s Mercenaries 2300 inde people , among them playing that mercenaries are injured 50 in mere extent .

Meanwhile . The Monster has established a control tower that will play a key role in decision making in response to the rapidly changing trend . It was established groups than the original brain acts who people have a place moved .

That position is more monsters Guild of building underground . NOTE 1 times or more of the guild encounters a conference room goes .

” Now Britain , Germany France , each of 100 patients articles Griffin license was requested . Artifacts and oak The weapon orders daegipyo the Lal hat as driven itgoyo .”

Jo Hansung looked over at the documents and said .

However, Kim Se-jin is just a sigh stiff rested within .

Artifacts and weapons making takes time to grade according to differs . Dexterity , including many of the skills this class has increased even ‘ premium ‘ or ‘ luxury ‘ to be classified can be in artifacts and weapons at least 2 hours around is necessary .

Even in the process of making them , craftsmanship

Even ‘ve blossomed Guernsey , unsatisfactory artifact sell wanna do 10 gaejung satisfactory, not 3 dogs to dumping had .

Surely I do not want that haebwatneunde Maybe an instinct . Sight upset after wrecking broken , the reason finds are want to regret it repeatedly .

“…… all you lot are pushed .”

Article HA are of Kim Se-jin noticed glance salpimyeo intimated murmurs . It was not an urgent urging .

” Interview or whatever it reasonably requires chop . Day 3 the dog do the maximum .”

” The European countries between bleeding competition to be caused be you . Now the situation is this world with the power only to collect ……”

” Excuse me ? Just what end did the ?”

“…… not .”

“· · · · · I will try and look at this now .

” Yes !”

That’s the end of the topic on weapons and artifacts . But the subject is not the only one .

” And , this time the French president , yet the UK and Spain had won the conference directly have requested . The yongbyeongdan including several topics of conversation to share wanted to . Self everyone from self dalramyeo meet us in the government ……”

” With . We Guild Master’s busy four – cool cool ~”

That look interesting watching the yihyerin najimakhan elastic scored . However, Kim Yong Rin fired her back .

” Ow ! You hurt !”

” Do not interrupt if you know you ‘re busy .”

” Hvar , heuheum .”

And those two somewhat peculiar to attention , exactly who envy Hazel Lynn those two slip between then jumped .

“…… Yu , violated Oh Bento does it taste ?”

“…… Uh . Yummy .”

” Yeah ? I , I am so hungry to call …… my meat fork brought ?”

Face buleojin Hazel Lynn ‘s hand around for kkomul kkomul cautiously asked . Like flushing a balgeuseure emerged gimyurin is awkward to face hanging jjuppyeot there , right next to that oil one hundred like the cat that throw went .

” Then I got .”

” Oh , ooh ! ‘re down to put dude !”

” As you say .”

Rum yum . Something even before the steak swallow . This time with anger face superimposed sippeol children Hazel jumped to get up to satdaejil he said .

” No, this is crazy ! The thief is …”

” It’s okay .”

” So … ?”

But gimyurin of beckoning one just sits hesitate .

I looked at the relationship clearly , and Lee Hye-rin looked as if it was interesting .

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