A Monster Who Levels Up

By Jee Gab Song

Chapter 156

Chapter 156

Dark Dark in , bright valance Moonlight below . Gimyurin is no monster 0 won on the bench , sitting there . Eyes closed , holding the thoughts locked was seen .

Kim Se-jin is a breath hagoseo to her and walked .

“It is disappointing .”

But he was holding ohgido approached before , gimyurin is a short tuk coughed . He is the neck scratching a head bow .

“… My true , somehow a little told me later . Oak is that humans resemble , starting with …… Ah . Now think Bonnie Kim Se-jin sleep with Mr similar to a partial some iteotne .”

But she showed my reaction as Kim Se-jin expected was the other . Gilgilyi will not play me , although , anger pay lines found .

But she betrayed the anger , the hero oak not a real not sorrow , not , themselves to blame jajojeok the figure showed . So rather more it was sorry .

Kim Se-jin sat on the end of a long bench where Kim Yong-lin sat down . She has me in heaven valance full moon overlooking the horses were .

” Not yet originally intelligent dolphins but not the Oak horses learn is you ‘re not you . From that time on that later notice must be noticed I …… useless goblin because …”

Sudden topic switching Kim Se-jin is the body startled trembled . Goblin . It’s probably quite a long ago past, the story points to be emitter ……

” Oh, yes . Guild Master ‘s , perhaps even goblins to learn to say can itneungeo you know ?”

” And the goblins ?”

” Yes . Goblins Monsters Among the most ‘re supposed smart . So those clever goblins during a particularly clever is Goblin , a Korean to learn to say can I have . So was mistaken . Oak also if the mutations enough to say may be going . So I’m a fool not . Anyone that same experience if the deceived I would . ”

As at the end of the Kim Se-jin ‘s face stiff guteotda . Behavior in the eyes visibly becoming awkward , respiratory Absolutely also was rough .

” Why are you true ? Real . I direct ‘ve gone through .”


Kim Se-jin’s no sense not did . Still so sorry , again lie buril’s net eopji Is .

But she that his reaction was a misunderstanding seemed frustrated and face jjipuryeotda .

” Do not Believe Your …… ha , indeed . Year . Believe something frills over .”

” No , I believe .”

He emphatically said, it is the gimyurin eyes La drilled stared . That sudden the enthusiasm gimyurin the face gently bulhyeotda .

” Oh , Yes . Believe jusini ‘m grateful ……”

” Because I was the goblin myself .”

“…… on ?”

Kim ‘s operation stopped . Mouth half are open , eyes are Jean donggeura status intact .

Kim Se-jin is that she even ever believe would last until the wedge atda night .

” Gifts , well received . Expensive deondeyo ring .”

” Uh …”

I thought for a moment . Rings and gifts . The ring that I gave as a gift is only the goblin and I do not know .

” Well . Right. ”

Spread . She absently a word document naebaetgo fell .

The load to punish accumulated physical fatigue and , two times the continuous mental shock that caused it was honjeol .

” For what ! Abuses Mr. ! Why !”

Hwadeuljjak surprised Kim Se-jin is a healing spell was cast . Nevertheless, she did not wake up , hugged hurriedly and ran to the hospital .

* * *

The gimyurin the hospital was hospitalized gimyurin is , several two euros between twisted their guild to traffic one behind until a mansion came back .

Time of the afternoon 5 City .

These days, cleaning Ido of matap day outside walking walked out two days in jyeotgi frequent , the house is a long time teongteong was empty .

” Uhh ………. ”

Whilst accumulated fatigue with a sigh said let out on the sofa body asks par . I do not know why I am empty and empty . What I ended , the body is talryeokgam maemdonda . By heojeon SiO want TV to turned . Timing better campaign defines a face screen filled was filled .

─ Dawn & TM of matap IPO’s When will you are going ?

─ matap Co., am listed ? I mean I have to ? Our matap is fully self-sufficient as possible a system equipped with am .

It was a scene of a news interview . Yaejeongjeon , you are very confident .

The screen to see itjani report wanted the centipede . He is now cleaning the phone and walked . Woowooung – woowooung – beep three or four times around pursuers behind were connected .

” Oh cleaning . Where are you ?”

─ Woong . I now matap officials to be people yirang ‘s during dinner .

It’s a slightly curved voice . Alcohol drinking Are ? Instantly Megan This Park is narrowed .

” Where is it ?”

─ Oh here ? It’s a sushi bar .

She says, ‘ Who are you talking to ?’ Something of a man ‘s voice , like the noise costs barge . Kim Se-jin unconsciously loosen the neck bone . Wood benefit – wood income – sounds truly is refreshing .

” Where’s the sushi ?”

─ eoeung ? Ah , but my brother what date did you call ?

“…… you where gone I wanted . Oh, but do eodinya .”

─ Oh, Yogi ? Uh … I do not know .

” Are you going to die ?”

─ ahing – some bwajwo . Matap inde meeting , her brother comes to me is the cold rice owe it means .

Yes . Its extent that will understand you can have . Just keep beside Wen strange ‘ Who are you ? Who are you ? ” Said rattling namjeongne is only written neural said .

” Okay . Okay . So the speaker ponjom Look at me . One only word I give .”

─ ······ word ? Uh … Oh … just so you have to sseukka this ? I’ll do it for you !

” I ‘ll just say one thing . If you do not , I will run away for a week .”

─ Ai … Find out . Wait . · · · All right . I had a speakerphone .

Kim Se-jin is one the throat gadadeumeo voice gently said modulation . And me in the sushi restaurant like relax , socialize and plan to be for the Wizard bombs hurled .

” Hmm . Hey , Bangbae a wizard . Now Kim Se-jin , and seeds together there , the film is on the end incidentally an announcement will . Soon I No.27, No.28 Magi documents at the same time to release a plan . So perhaps that two of the books for inspection line to take the wizard just two minutes to save you . Have you any minute Need ? ”

As a word , and 3 seconds waiting .

The inspection only participate if clear , Bangbae Magi standing ” in their names are listed . That alone is a historical comparison may not be enough to fame increase de emitter . That golden opportunity party won clutching that of the wizard beast like a breathing sound mobile phones in over were felt .

He laughs desperate indeed was the grave said .

” If there is no one , I can not help it .”

The wizards reacted immediately .

Certainly at first, each self must be that the necessity to prove jogon jogon one was academic debate .

– Bangbae Wizard ‘s two days to destroy the magic subsequently hasineunde released , so destruction of the magic of life oegil walked I need inspection to be like this .

– No . Rather destroy the magic is rather different kind of magic should be merged to . Then in terms of magic use and the application of vital walked me ……

– two minutes it should be . Originally these important thing is a career I ttajineun are right , I presume .

– Huh , it’s a career . Now this important gun non-substantive conditions are motivation dashes are you ?

But countered with a re refute going five increasingly eonseong is to rise begins . Then in the end even the frenzy yelling is , of course , it said plate of said table, all kinds of furniture are being crushed sesame seeds until the sound becomes more .

” Heoheo . Well fight creeps .”

As a nanritong fun and enjoy there , suddenly a sound banking Disconnected . It seemed that Yu-jung jumped out of the spot .

─ These people are crazy . I just wanted to write magic .

” Hehe . So, though people taking the ”

─ ······ real ‘m not jeungmal .

Digit natjiman pato , her voices had fun .

─ But Magi stand the two dogs simultaneously released that going , that’s real ? Do you get angry if you lie ?

That’s why . Kim Se-jin is prey laughed .

” Well . Of course not . Where am I ? I pick up I’ll be there .”

─ Oye ~ Yogité floating sashimi . Coming soon brother ~

” Come on .”

Kim Se-jin’s robe was I call broke . But in his ears to go home , I hear news that has not been turned off yet .

─ This is breaking news . It has now been confirmed that a huge crack has occurred in western Europe . The Europe of Western European history up to the size ……

” What is it ?”

This is not the same as the promise . Kim Se-jin is in the bosom in a crystal ball the signal sent . But I did not contact Batori . Is it betrayal ? I want the back of the head is coming numb at the moment , fortunately the batori voices were received .

─ Tomorrow come . I ‘m busy right now .


The next day , Kim Se – jin went to the bartender immediately .

” Do you already know whether the mission was a success or not ?”

” Well . I have already heard . El Ras ditch their trusty guys are a mess deorago smoke .”

Batori is jimjit a casual but most , voices have called sorrow feelings were clear . In addition to Kim Se-jin look at her , the pupils Kim Se-jin is not contained did . Shimmer like a wave that pupils ln distant past remembered sadly against rolling there .

” El Ras has yet what ?”

Kim Se-jin is asked batori is eobeonghan to face head was puzzled . Somehow screws couple of deep like a look .

” Oh . El Ras ? Not it ‘s family . Batori , Nosferatu , el Ras . The three only left little .”

She is a deterrent smile smiled speak was .

” And , four words were right . Load the desired thing is construction , not the dimension of moving was that , in the report what ever interpreted the results of time and space at the same time beyond it Moreover, it is impossible .”

” Yes ?”

” That’s because El Lars course load of thugs also angry it . That atmosphere Boa do you load yourself and to escape one would think .”


” In addition, of the vampire to vampire instincts that regulate treasure also a long four lost . The eyes have away . It priceless .”

Bartori’s words stopped . However, Kim Se-jin’s mouth and he asked it .

Batori the hayeoteul call when clear and want to say I frequent . The Western European gaping crack the case , called Load the focal point loss of the vampire vision , the batori goals , and to society such melt detractors not gonna even conciliatory ‘ve tried .

Kim Se-jin will bear the mouth out of the eject failed .

Batori of the eyes Rimed drops of tears that was the reason . They were killed as haenotgo yet he is grieving whim is conducting an understanding of things , but , she now feels should mourn as much as yieotgie sincerely .

” Coward bastard , killed beat Well done .”

So say the batori voice hurt sad .

But yes it last happened a great event leave empty-handed return number is not the law .

Kim Se-jin’s first in Western Europe to crack the case for sparsely asked .

” That’s not our job .”

“…… What ? Real ?”

” Uh . We are a Korea that cracks besides touching I did .”

” Then what the other is behind that authorized mean ?”

” No . Of natural suppose Providence . Originally crack open from the moment , is that the earth planet future was a thorny path .”

” What do you mean ?”

” The district that planet , we and hometown similar fate awash be would be sound . Rod him before he escape was gonna . But I’m more the better I do not know . I just I’ll have .”

“To whom ?”

” I tell subordinates . Gyaenaen now load research results and decrypt ‘ve got . In real time delivered to hear how you are .”

As the end of the end batori is in place jump took place .

” Now Muna go . As promised , no more than the guys touch or a crack force increases, or that do not aneulge . Then one year of approximately afford more ‘ll happen .”

“… one year ?”

” Yes . As for the decision to prepare . You also us as it was a cracking ride another in the world to escape what , or here remain until the end what to fight .”

” What are you going to do ?”

Batori is that tightness seemed to Megan narrowed .

“…… Our goal is to always think . Home back to well . So now please turned off .”

She was so speak of Kim Se-jin the crown zipped.All was grab . The moment the world twisted like an unpleasant feeling he eyes tightly wound . Following the eyelids manager come , batori is onde gande not Seoul Gangnam in the middle of the views were .

” Why is it Gangnam ?”

Blankly around the streets looked his ear citizens of the backlash carpal soaks .

– What , That Kim Se-jin ‘s not ?

– Fit to think ? Hey . Go more should look .

TT 1 minutes After ppuninde crowds are seulgeum seulgeum lifting flock begins .

It is true that the fame of the world is sweeping the sky , but Kim Se-jin moved his feet quickly with admiration . But its actions to the public any confidence seemed to give away was .

“It’s Kim Se-jin !”

” Please sign my brother !

” Brother ah ah !”

I was afraid of that fate and I ran to Kim Se-jin .

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