A Monster Who Levels Up

By Jee Gab Song

Chapter 155

Chapter 155

The answer to demands gimyurin and , curiously watching loads . In the meantime, Kim Se-jin was troubled .

1 minutes 1 seconds , precious two hours nervously flows .

Meanwhile, the load is indeed kindness yet without attacks gave Wait , Maybe now the situation with the seriousness so that over time like was seen .

Kim Se-jin two eyes closed sigh breathed in . Tense of gimyurin saliva swallowing sound is loud .

” I am · · · · .”

But he did not speak .

Instead , the cold sound of a cutler piercing the abdominal cavity was echoed .

Eyes large floating gimyurin was hurriedly looked up turning the rod looked at . His the solar plexus of the silver knife deeply embedded there .

” Turn it off … Ninno Ohm !”

Rod spewed blood and rage at the same time .

” Heart Dropped furnace , also managed to haetne blood .”

Perhaps the dagger endurance time of just 0.1 seconds should not was a moment will . But really load the body barely twist knife to the heart being hit just as was declined .

As the battlefield was tightened by the preemptive attack, there was no gap in conversation . Kim Yoo-rin bumped it out and took out Seo- moon- nir .

Kim Se-jin’s that to her she said .

” Next time a duty not forget , do not . After all I’ll say .”

” That horse , just keep .”

At the same time, the road surface has changed . No space itself has changed . Overcoming that land is a bloody muldeulgo , a hand caught seemed close to that load is suddenly jeomanchi books away to contemplate here .

Then , the red ground bugeul bugeul deoni climb boiling enormous monster concurrently went well .

Gaejung particularly impressive this guy one was .

Cloudy with off-white with topcoat giant snake -like , silcheyi be a reality , not a fictional existence .

‘ Ghost Twilight ,’

In the undead system, the worst wee called the highest peak .

But the monster that just was not . To- head ogre , Crimson Wyvern , Death Knight etc …… only also shows one of the city that might attack a monster yeoldaet object over stumbled infested .

” Is this , two people are hard to like .”

Gimyurin is floored little voice muttered . However, Kim Se – jin shook his head .

” Only crackin you do . That knife parasitic Mana and the poison buried was put . The space in Managua to maintain if it’s long lasted not going to .”

“…… So , I getgunyo help .”

Kim Yurin grabbed the sword in reverse . It is the intention to shoot the rod by shooting out the island instantly .

Meanwhile, Kim Se-jin’s Leviathan forms take risks that will share best ally ‘ Kraken ‘ The recalled .

Kraken is on the floor a sucker for naedineot time , ahh kwaah ! Gimyurin of seomjeon is like a thunderstorm flooded . Loading of monsters that the path clings to the body attacks down stop , but , flash all the piyuk out bored of loading one ‘s arm is cut to have succeeded .

” All that penetrate ‘ has been mokjeokseong .

” Turn it off !”

The rod screaming into the signal , the yeoldaet monsters by photolysis was assaulted . Kim Se-jin are half or more mana to spend a terror group found shot . Exactly half of the monsters were destroyed immediately . But the most demanding ghost twilight and sleek Death Knights are still alive . Rather teeth and the geomnal beating their nasty the flesh was exposed .

” I ‘ll take that snake ! Ask Death Knight !”

” Yes !”

Twilight Ghost , it is ‘ ambiguous ‘ of the boundary with a monster entity, yet is an illusion . It means that you can choose your own attributes and properties . So temporarily the shape and wait distracted again by configuring the attack avoided or , attacks added may have .

Like now .

” Big !”

Kim Se-jin was suddenly in the air appeared a serpent tail of Meiji were the price .

Away As you bounce , he the guy kill you how to devise started . It is not possible to kill him by a general attack even if it is based only on the contents described in the book roughly . That swift to him a range limited to the group fear feed could not and landscaping .

However , the Lycans slopes weaknesses to create can not Is . Let’s aim it .

He took a lycan slope form . But suddenly it heads up a large shade deuriwotda . As his head to split the momentum spilling struck down the Death Knight Heavy ‘re black , but gimyurin a raised shooting gold in geomgyeok went bouncing .

” Wolf Rani , wear , ‘m ! So , plan ?!”

Gimyurin is the acrobatic close to the fencing of the Death Knight to geomgyeok naemyeo prevents asked .

” First, that the other from jolbyeong jukipsida ! Bosses Trang is a one-to-one should you hajan … groaning !”

That was answered when again the tail of the Meiji was the price . Kung-kwang ! With air being thrown to process a pause without an attack kkothinda out . Whole body two gonjuk that seems was feeling . Yes it hurts , because sick painter was .

So I expressed the puppies of the wolf .

The body of the person looking through the pupil was nothing but black and white , which meant there was no weakness . However , when I aim at the heart with ankwang, red gradually penetrates . So the guy on the heart is weak one arose .

Kim Se-jin’s confidence so ran .

” You’ve gotten … ugh !

But the weakness created handeul in force pushed me forgot . Kim Se-jin’s tail in one shot me far been outta my .

” Ah !”

At the same time, the scream of Kim Yong-lin was echoed . She has five Death Knight of the three objects are surprisingly alone force ─ buff magic yet applied Although , however ─ as was aid .

But that force the boss to the level close to the Death Knight’s nothing , not a five both a relative thing if a human is impossible . Kraken is to help Although However , Leviathan the form to abandon the Kraken also force exponentially case reduced …….

Then . Death Knight geogeom the weary unto gimyurin eojyeotda him .

Kim Se-jin was quickly rushed him to geomgyeok built blocked .

And just that moment .

The space was reduced again and the remaining monsters disappeared .

Too late to prevent the load is strength all exhausted shall be . Two people are relieved sigh a breath naeswimyeo reotda chuseul .

However , why ghosts as much as twilight remain there . He stood in front of him as he protected the fallen rod while maintaining the substance .

” What are you a gaesujak bout soon siltende died . Hasiji give up ?”

” Hvar … Hehe .”

Kim Se-jin’s even biahnyang rod like a laugh . At the same time, the ghost twilight moved to the side of the road . Rod squeezed his hand into the heart of the ghost twilight . The heart was torn by scattering blood all over the place .

” What ..”

” This guy is out of the blood by dividing the present . My soul dedicated to made .”

The reason you do not know the words muttered around for his heart geujak small Agde eat and chew . Grotesque was the sight , that the intention is what is difficult not to know be there . Soon load the complexion and restore the body becomes huge hath start .

” Hahaha !”

Keojigil repeated ogres as made huge guy is the berserk laugh Kim Se-jin and to gimyurin was assaulted .

Speed was also outstanding on a huge subject . The man ran fast and hit down his terrible fist . That makes instantaneous bones are the body squeeze coming out it seemed . It was such a fateful power . Two people with its military force but shared , both the two eyeballs explode just like .

1 seconds , 2 seconds , 3 seconds … gradually two hours recorded flows that enormous pressure on him like a muscle , only bloated went .

Anyway if squashed dead .

Kim Se-jin’s bloodshot lines in the snow loads glared .

He’s laughing there .

That sly smile killing you want as long as seureowotda disgust . Jjabura be like the brain, desperate roll of the way one recalled .

Orc , ‘ the purest flesh ‘.

This ability is the strength 1000% by amplifying . There in front of the station to transfer combined , as much in the power of his make art exists no foundation .

Next to the gimyurin has handeul anyway, the truth is told willing haeteuni , just in time, one issue only ……

Think fast and act even faster . His whole body I’m sprouting hair disappears , the muscles around for twitching the skin to change began .

He became an orc and opened his eyes and he boosted his muscle strength to the limit while playing the warrior of the reverse .

─ That’s right !

Stand may not be enough to roughly classify the forces mouth out recall Saturday . A wonderful power indeed , a sense of lift from the inside . He pushed the rod with only one hand .

” Woah …”

The load on the daunting beyond the gimyurin on the floor right off and fell . She absently next looked back .

There is a Kim Se-jin , not the oak was .

“… and , indeed my real …”

She was stunned because the heotuteum scored .

Lifelong initially aeteuthan emotions felt the subject oak you as well . Fortunately seureowoya one , or me, to have non This tell a man angry infield single .

But deep thoughts were impossible .

The mind and body both by fatigue , stand could not have talryeokgam flocked . She literally to exhaustion fainted .

” Child , you lost your temper .”

The body ruddy blazing a Kim Se-jin looked at , loading blankly muttered .

” How do you calm down for a moment .”

” What are you bitch are you talking about !”

Kim Se-jin is a load to jump on the knife that lodged in the abdominal cavity back once was hejip . Rod poured blood . And strange to say recite Linda .

“Ogribahack Sobet”

” What ?”

” Hmm …”

It was an ominous laugh . Shortly after , the body of the rod shattered like a windy balloon . Staggered downed guy is dark and only the ceiling sad eyes looked .

“You do not see anything .”

” Yes ?”

” My eyes away , this ending kicks ‘d never expected was …… kids over , Erie would wabo . Giwang catastrophe reached Incidentally , tell me it is . I ever been a study on what on what , wonder Do not you? ”

Rod gestures . Oak is the head puzzled, and to load and walked .

Rod whispered a strange saying in the ear of Orc .

Kim Se-jin is the forehead narrowed . Monster , future , past . The three with keywords consisting word hardly understood not did .

However, the load is more than one explanation without breathing stopped .


So Rod was dead . Indeed senile king down misery and vanity was the last .

Kim Yoo Rin, on the other hand, awakened safely with the power of potion .

Two people with the party went to find . But another and from the conversation was not . Awful silence in both the party one two each went to recover .

Yihyerin and share jihyeok is nearly to freeze was just before , Hazel Lin and Yu Baeksong are two mutually fight seemed to face bulhin hold against gallantly showed , one los Dell and Kim, Sun – Ho side was in critical condition . Its two arms one ssikeul lost little had late when death was .

Fortunately, the state of survival of power anyway .

Kim Se-jin is a village road with comfort in meeting rooms had returned .

Yihyerin and not hyeokyi body dissolved Kim Se-jin is Ross by Dell and Kim, Sun – Ho of healing , which in the midst , oil and Baeksong Hazel Lynn once more fought . Arguing such a cute kind of was . The word grappling suited me .

” Relax , relax a little ‘m . What the hell what two days were going ?”

” Stop, stop !”

Lee Hye- ryun took the arm of Hazel Lin and Ji-hyeok held the body of Yu-Song Song .

” BOY keeps me watching that cat ‘s fun !”

” I have time geuraetni ! Thou before me Sejin ‘s good ……”

Yu Baeksong cry well , but putting in Hazel Lynn countered the holding lead not stopped . Hazel Lynn of Kim Se-jin noticed salpimyeo helplessly listened jjogeura .

Then .

The idea is locked while the chair was sitting two gimyurin sudden jump occurred .

” I ‘ll go first .”

She looked at Kim Se – jin and said so .

” Ah , yes . The , , head .”

” Me as not would you like to go ?”

” Yes ?”

Kim Se-jin was embarrassed . But suddenly , a call came from Jo Han Sung .

” Excuse me . Phone first . …… What ‘s wrong ?”

─ Oh , your guru . The order for artifacts is now too tight . So one interview date japgin I ……

It was the story of Artifact . These days, more monsters of the City State special province considering the price of the artifact quite made thanks to former world orders and congestion . So inevitably ‘ interview ‘ the report is . Artifacts owner is the person covering for an interview .

” Oh , that I later take care I’ll take . Once the objective indicators in preference Please sales .”

─ Yes . All right .

Kim finished the call . But gimyurin is somewhere disappears did not .

“… er .”

” I went up . , Head along . What is going on I do not know .”

Lee responded instead . He hurriedly chased her back .

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