A Monster Who Levels Up

By Jee Gab Song

Chapter 154

Chapter 154

─ human and applied Oak . Within the creature that killed tear of your hwalyaksang it is well- Four saw .


Kim Yoo-ryun looked up at me .

The load of voices gun You know , content kinds understand not . The orcs and humans mentioned by Rod . That one man is here, there . But the oak that where beggars ? She is a rear ticks snooping saw . But the distant darkness, as , Oak something is not present does .

Kim Se-jin is that she’s noticed salpimyeo the forehead Rimed a cold sweat stolen .

─ I have the place Merman ‘s going on ?

Kim Se-jin who is also this thing million load stern voice topics switches . The geuphaejin Kim Se-jin’s voice came hear up quickly the steps you want to move , but , gimyurin is that not did . Rather than going ahead of Kim Se-jin wrist tight standing hold on to Lord asked .

” What es ?”

─ What is it ?

” I just , Orcs and that humans told . Humans There you are, but oak is that where are geonya .”

─ Hmm …

Long, low spit voice , like a cave in the wall make Or thicker sticking seemed to be .

” Answer me .”

─ at least an honorific hoped it was not …… That attitude is a little bit not difficult ‘d , O man .

Rod Maybe the gimyurin attitude in mind lift did seemed .

“· · · · · Ha .”

Her face chilled guteotda . The world is horribly made embroidered bastard dared to want manners mean . She ppudeuk it stand sharpening the Gungnir got pulled .

” So give L profusely mouth open ot .”

─ also the world dalrajyeodo humans are still being cocky arrogant ……

” Shut up . Let’s Guild Master’s .”

Gimyurin is aggressively hitting noekka line stride stride took the lead . Kim Se-jin has her back followed .

So two people are in the dark hechimyeo the path walked . Geureolsurok gradual pathway that broadens the feeling became clearer .

The passage appearance is definitely changing it . More specifically , narrow wait raetdeon terrain gradually gradually widened it .

And one hours to about constantly but walking did .

Finally, two men Absolutely vast became a joint foot overcame stand was .

” Huh , this is true . I do not know how much longer I have to walk .”

Kim Se-jin is the neck and guljeok muttered . Gimyurin is that he looked as pleased deoni smiling , capacious internal explore he said .

” Anyway, good luck .”

“· · · What is it ?

” The load that you look at , but our side is real gilin that I thought . Team Among our most janseupnikka drop .”

Strong and tough opponents but rather they meet that lucky , too gimyurin down was altruism . Kim Se-jin is prey smiled her the crown hands pretending raised . And immediately Oops – I wanted . It was a habit occasionally to her when she was a hero orc .

” There …?”

In fact, their overlooking of gimyurin eyes were bigger Actinidia . He quickly hands stand drew the hem was .

” Oh , I’m sorry . Tall too hasyeoseo only film formation .”

And jimjit jangnanseure whispered around .

“…… 168 indeyo . This is too less women here much more greater that are you .”

Gimyurin’s eyes heulgimyeo complained . But the ball subtle a flush right in the figure , he momentarily ‘ original kids treat me get one good ? ” I thought of something like that . I shook it off .

He is the passage that the Beyond pointing said .

” Just kidding . One quickly let us . So nervous it jotjin do , so it relaxing ……”

Koo Woong !

Saying even finish before suddenly the ground greatly was the shakes .

Boom ! Boom ! Soon as if the road below what the squeeze want to climb seemed , large vibration rings .

” Prepare for battle !”

It was Kim Yulin’s occupational disease . She is a Kim Se-jin his back and pushes the sword pulled out .

Quiz !

At the same time, the road was broken . Following that the gap squeeze huge , something came up . At least the human body enough size wooramhan two hand revealed , then hand over the bloody the angwang emit two pairs of the eyes with two different hair looks .

It was ‘ Ogre ‘ .

But it is also far from ordinary ogres . First , the number of heads , then the appearance of the head . Two of the head of one of ordinary Ogre , but the head , the other one is a Keeper of Cerberus the head .

” Demanding the beongyeon head I put put .”

The gimyurin the forehead jjipuryeotda . So truly horrifying was molgol . But Cerberus and the Ogre combined over him the strength yatbol is no foundation . She is an ogre looked staring the Gungnir tightly grasped grabs .

Sarregu –

So she was the bastard weaknesses and gauge you when , transparent sunburn like the aura of her crown over Halong Halong sank .

“… huh ?”

She was nervous forget short elastic cried my . The light body deulja penetrate enough to wear the body lighter , vascular naedalrineun mana vitality largely been uplifting since .

Gimyurin are themselves so that made its warriors , the Kim Se-jin looked . He is well-lit with a smile and responded to her gently flutter created .

” The auxiliary magic . Go . Magic ‘ll assist .”

That way, I take the form of Leviathan .

” Thank you .”

Leviathan is like gives custody , then add can not the deumjikham feel gimyurin is unto ogres jumped .

─ keueo eoeo !

Ogre is a castle cried my raven a stick wielded .

Kuwoong !

The brilliant shine of the golden sword and , black iron made of solid wood that oppress each other strikes matbudit . As the friction surfaces speechless it can not be so huge explosion was one . The road has a huge crater springing up , maekaehan smoke in the attached transferred spark crepitation blazing .

Just days the sum that caused it was spectacular .

But soon the black smoke was lifted , and the result became clear .

The reason for this was the ogre’s right arm, which disappeared entirely with black iron .

Gimyurin is an arm lost while suffering unto ogre again once played . Kim Se-jin of the price other accessories Magic Is thanks . Now renovate the two times , not three times is more clear vitality overflows .

It was an uplifting feeling that I wanted to feel for life .


The first two – head – ogre was just the beginning . However, it was not difficult to treat everyone . Gimyurin is said – ‘ exquisite teamwork thanks ‘ was . That teamwork tried sleeping Kim Se-jin is one thing to gimyurin several auxiliary magic who walks will only ppunyiji .

Of course, just ‘ auxiliary magic ‘ that cut say there that the magic price is too Although prominent is . Because ‘ magdo ‘ is the magic that is made up of the basic skeleton , Kim Se-jin is also a buff that is hard to maintain if it is not Leviathan form . That effect is also excellent .

Anyway .

So chimeric one two each treatment and the passage continues to saunter saw , they really suspicious door one gave matttak .

Just look it is in the final boss itso ─ that by equation handsome antique seureopgodo classic statement . Black on the desktop bizarre the picture pure white is embossed there .

“… will we go ?”

Kim Yulin said . Kim Se – jin grabbed the knocker without speaking .

I’m trying to open was , she lightly is hanging snapped his head nodded . He colonized smiling standing the doorknob and pushed .

Chi profit –

The door opened with an old sound . Threshold beyond , the first South Building the worn out black robes over the old man was . Axis drooping shoulders and pure white is fading vitality lost both eyes .

He already snow far has been left .

“The snow …”

Geujeseoya Kim Se-jin is why the Nosferatu revolt clear and , in batori the porch , even a sense of suspicion loaded the appearance reveal that you did know was .

The group helps not do heads are better or more as chief admitted not do . Challenger eaten or , or take care of an afterthought or , both ends of one ‘d only .

” I heard that you have eyes to see everything .”

The gimyurin around for biahnyang of the blade at the end of the rod neck was placed .

Load anything supported not yet not shine unless by snow Two people saw . Obviously the functions the notes lost going despite , front and back ( 表裏) to simultaneously pierce like it was angwang .

” As you can see , already I went away .”

Load phlegm misty voice was calm and even though calm , the two intruders junyeol to rebuke seemed . Fair in binary frozen rage that was the cause .

“…… So easy to kill can itgetne .”

This time was Kim Se-jin . He ‘s batori a gift in the hands jwin grab hold , any minute now I can rush the position taken . But gimyurin a hand stretched blocked . She lost almost had to wonder managed to back that said it was the face .

” If you have any questions I can .”

” What is it ?”

Moments of Kim Se-jin face in embarrassment heard the water . She has to Lord ask enough information, almost to ppeonhada . Of course ….

” You are certainly in the first Orcs and that man said . Oak is also here that gonna ? And that oak is what the orcs speaking beggars ?”


Rod was silent . Thereby Kim Se-jin is the first Leviathan forms were taken . Loading the mouth before opening , the terror group to shoot to kill the idea .

But rather it seemed to be a handshake .

” Sure enough , the human is a topic many other of life shapes taking application characteristics . In fact, I even ‘re interesting .”

Snow far as internal view too accurate was noted .

” Here I sayeo , what to say genga that ? Oaks that of a man in no Is . My chimera killed that man has molded himself, orcs its appearance is deeply imprinted had . So that a man okra instead of calling geotyiji .”


Spurt of gimyurin every movement towering stopped .

Hui yiing – hwonhi open the door from beyond the cold, sinister wind came pushed . As a cool spirit ryeotneunji car , gimyurin the head returned to Kim Se-jin looked . Her enlarged pupils are puzzled , surprise , betrayal , etc. multiple feelings were dwichae .

Kim Se-jin is her gaze while feeling no say not without a load and stared .

Two people are silent in between the loads to say it was .

” Have you next , she does not know Did ? This question group felt .”

“…… What , you mean .”

As at the end of the end her mouth opened . However, a clarification was asked targets are loaded instead was Kim Se-jin .

Geujeseoya Kim Se-jin’s head turning her eyes were facing .

Liege delicate quivering eyes , that ln the Leviathan the shape shines . At the moment he feels so unpleasant , and he took the human form again .

This tight kkaemun he again gaze turning the rod looked at . And he said .

” The mischief . Fooled , do not .”

” Disgrace mischief ? That Did What do you mean ?”

But the load was disturbed . Eumsan also crafty smiles smiled .

” Here I sayeo . The truth is always the proof Leave CRUSH prepared . And that evidence , maybe you’re even vaguely felt Sr. will .”

Gimyurin is still to Kim Se-jin gaze fixed while the loading horses fell .

So , she was one of two increments recalled .

Kim Se-jin have made the oak The weapon of patterns and oak are the patriarchs , holding that weapon this pattern seemed suspicious , oak is a Kim Se-jin harimanchi longer had confidence that , Kim Se-jin is implicitly showed the hero oak like a habit , and finally ‘ monsters change can have ” is to attribute …….

At the same time , many questions that I had in the past have been recalled .

At that time just ” it is likely there ‘ is a formula which dismissed his questions are no doubt the consciousness to the surface was rich .

” Guild Master ‘s .”

Gimyurin the face solidified . But there was no more . She was by the silence of Kim Se-jin and force was .

The truth must inform do , but that is stirring it was true . They are ever in Oak remains by thinking without had done jaktae are , she’s standpoint , maybe fooled and also vary no bar ‘ll .

” Later . Now I do treatment two days are .”

Kim Se-jin is one of the conditions to make up for the latter pledged . Rather, first do two days so , the knives grab a load of pace move .

” No. ”

However, Kim Yulin was determined .

” The story is longer . Now have to be two days .”

” I’m 1 kinds of only answer I want . So not long not going .”

Strengthen the bitten lips and sharply narrowed eyes . She Kim Se-jin who just never claimed to have unprecedented , serious and sincere in the face to say it was .

” You , Who was the hero Oak ? Its characteristics , Leviathan besides other also form a varied number of which geotyijiyo ?”

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