A Monster Who Levels Up

By Jee Gab Song

Chapter 153

Chapter 153

─ Bangbae wizard is directly mentioned No.26 of the Magi books of commentary by paragraph ” Far from the skies pouring fireball ” that the sentence jeokhyeojyeo that that has been confirmed . Like ‘ Meteor ‘ a reminiscent of the incredible sentence with the magic system and the expert opinions that divided pestle , but , Bangbae Wizard is correct spell a name not mentioned did .

─ Once again a big echo caused the Bangbae stand Magi the first morning & TM to matap be placed is expected , which of the wizard Dawn & TM to matap towards courtship behavior further amplify the opportunity to be that experts ……

The media and broadcasters are still in a hurry . The magicians’ interest and enthusiasm for Magi is also hot . Legend in magic is actually that implements do but geureongeo .

Anyway, that thanks to the matap support only the Wizards at home and abroad , including a whopping 6785 people . Republic of Korea Wizard is 8 10,000 people that , given so colossal inde numbers , even ‘ himself is unlikely there will be ‘ called leverage one guessed C grade than wizards out all the net exhaust only .

Thanks to the campaign sterling to grandfather the business skills in recognition of the day mongsil mongsil a cloud above , I like the joy in living . However , jeongjak Kim Se-jin’s specific interest was not .

“Are the coordinates yet ?”

Guild of the basement in ” the secret room ” In the conference is in full swing .

” Wait a minute . The coordinates received inside the figure is still . …… ah , got my master !”

Ross Hahn laughed as he looked at Kim Se-jin . However, the title is very geoseulryeoseo , of Kim Se-jin is forehead deeply was lost .

” That said Master not told a couple of times I said ?”

” Then what do I call . I am the guild ahniraseo known as Guild Master call not speak ……”

Los del is intended dabunhan the grumbling buryeotda . That coy guild join request yihyerin two instead were fighting .

Pair !

Sticky deungjjak of smashing was sound .

” Since coordinate say . Strange sounds not do .”

” Aheu sick … really . Okay , okay .”

The Los Del on paper coordinates less after the uinyeom through a Kim Se-jin to head the caves inside the landscape was delivered . He eyes closed Cave of the structure to fly , moderation in hiding can be in a position to mind kept packed .

‘ ‘m sir ? ”

“… Yeah . I was . Okay .”

Kim Se-jin is a sigh naeswimyeo eyes shine . By the way , at the same time, Ross’ face was hardened . It seems that something has been sent to the bartender .

” Why ?”

” He , master .”

“… Master, do not do it .”

” Batori that grows five .”

” So go not .”

” No , not me … I am your master .”

Kim Se-jin The head was gyawoottung .

” Why suddenly ?”

” I do not know .”

* * *

Calls received Kim Se-jin is past the Nosferatu stayed , but now the batori is a as a base came down .

“5 Mon 6 days , all right . We ‘ll help you .”

“… how will you help me ?”

” And loaded with being studied thugs the guys I recall . Urgently you need to do two days there .”

It was a very vulgar reply .

” How are you going to call it ?”

” That , I take care of are happy to not worry about a bad word . Hmm Hmm ……”

Attitude is indeed not insincere Is . Direct to call haeteumyeonseo stretched million mobile phones held in the getup reported itjani the yimatsal section is jjipuryeo .

” What is so busy ?”

” Oh , my articles get to see was . Ants are truly cute . Here Thumbs down with the numeric me to praise the opinions consent of ants to be representing suppose going ?”

Finger cellphone liquid crystal pointed asks . Le emilre of the dance of praise with the article was commented , 7,300 of love and 3400 of the hate numbered there .

” Uh . Yeah .”

” So 7,300 people a emilre le fond yigetne means . But the rest of 3400, said What ? Who figure can do you ?”

” What if I find out ?”

“We have to kill .”


Somewhere to live an anonymous someone have a cellphone screen , touch the sins of manak to sources he was killed in the crisis ……

” It’s a joke . Jokes . Such a serious expression whilst a bad word . The idiot .”

Batori is once again prey smiled cell phone put down . Then he hands a box to Kim Se – jin . The Old Testament ( 舊約) of one everywhere scenes appear likely old and quaint the box .

” It’s what ?”

” In the loading weaknesses it contains . Per gun instead , please me to succeed that gift .”

“… weakness ?”

” Yes . No matter referred to the load even now decrepit body as auditory visual , including many sense I became decay . So , all that see eye ‘ even as much as once the spirit ‘s not . But if planning on even if it fails , with it then as much snow Hopefully get rid of I want it . giant I-Oxley . ”

Kim Se-jin opened the lid of the box carefully, even if it was broken . The silver knife flashed cold in the darkness of the box .

” It is ?”

” Yeah . But ordinary silver ‘re not . We hometown intense as sunburn by smelting not have . Usually the vampire weakness two kilos . Sunlight and is . As the two dogs that are intensive not things .”

” Well ….”

Kim Se-jin, who grabbed the knife, looked at the bartender with his subtle eyes . That gaze felt her the crow’s feet seolpit was bent . But the anger table or not was .

” Vampire called weak party tried was young when the map feel not . But the load is different . Old ‘m human . Perhaps with this the skin side bay of the cutting face turned rotten ‘ll get the door . In addition, a one bay side also recovered did it .”

” Hmm .”

He silver knife sliding on saw returns . Appearance is very ordinary . I think I should cut the steak, not the skin . It Claire is so because chewy Weldon .

Then I pleased to watching the batori advice added .

” Sweetheart , but too not vigilant bad word . Load chimera of Engineering I Work Factor .”

But his words to the end on the nerves on cellphone concentrate . Kkomjirak kkomjirak fingers moving it , perhaps alone to manipulate public opinion not trying Maybe .

Kim Se-jin is prey with a smile replied .

” Go .”


Bartor did not answer . Clack – clack – that cell phone unique batter sound, only emptiness in seven echoes as well .


Plan 10 days after 4 Mon. 20 days caught . Far unconcerned with Chuck , but ‘ load ‘ of the name, which pressure is too poorly to accept can that kind is not . Where heavy heart compelled you can not , Kim Se-jin is the Nosferatu underground city walk has been .

Goblin city right next to the hem , built in Nosferatu grounds are really beautiful . Eseona medieval likely to see quaint castles one the ground impenetrable seemed tall cast , its surroundings are plain to brick mansion lined .

A city built in the dark , with its hometown removed . The sun do not like vampires have probably ground paradise Maybe .

” You’ll succeed .”

Stay to watch , suddenly approached the Lilia coffee by the cup gives squeezing said .

Was it so depressing ? Kim Se-jin will strive laughed .

” I hope so .”

” So to be going . Rod died , the party is all safe return . Sejin Mr. home to return that day was the one and sulhoe a diary written . Then the best will be ending . Of course twists and turns are but .”

Kim Se-jin of the mouth pale smile spreads . He coffee and sipping suddenly became curious part asked .

” Well , life is okay ?”

Vampires can not be nourished by means other than blood . It is to them the mouth and esophagus than other digestive organs do not exist because , because . Essential body structure and survival of the way the other will .

Vampire humanity never be able just never thing , So was inevitable Map know .

But Kim Se-jin is now ” modern ” in the inevitability that thought .

Vampires lived , science yiragon the Middle Ages to the edge of crazy did and the world , in the modern district is different . Mana and the spell , however , even hwalgae value , modern times, science is wisdom is distinctly present . Mana called on gyeokryang though sprinkled swept die without you survived the fall , but rather mana and magic Sanya nourishing step by step been developed .

So there is no impossible in modern times .

However, the attempt to do that , the attempt was to be divided as well .

So Kim Se-jin is a vampire only food to make had . Even vampire potion is applied , it is simple in the fact that one idea was the idea .

And the vague idea became an authentic prototype after six months of effort .

As soon as the drink all the nutrients in the body spreads the magic drink .

If this vampires cattle of pig blood drink that is also a sense of disgust no foundation .

Of course, in the manufacturing process mana to deal with the Wizards needed but , above said, you can see TM ‘s matap applicants whopping 6785 How people .

And Nosferatu is their drinks by major diet improves went .

” Yet the adaptation difficult to have a vampire manjiman , but okay . We are well- heading ‘m .”

” That’s fortunate . Later, you have a lifetime not try experience had ‘ meat ‘ taste for release now that will also enjoy love .”

Of course some wizards will be broken .

” Huhut , heard of the good news I hear . I’ll look forward .”

” Lilia dangjunim ! Come and bosipsyo !”

At that time, a man’s shout came from somewhere . Those who smell filled the cry Lilia has smiled happened .

” Well , I call it ‘ll go . Se Jin also said now stop look into . Of course, better observe also look at doeguyo .”

It was a compassionate voice .

He raised her body along with her .

” Yes . , Head . I call it I’ll go .”

Lilia the Lost , Kim Se-jin is the city on the other side with the exit of steps moved .

Then suddenly slightest doubt emerged .

“… I have a diary writes thing I knew ?”

But soon ‘ to wash growing ─ ” as universal and ordinary meaning ‘d thought , well-groomed , he the footsteps moved .

* * *

Time of the Giants wide in stride stride stride walk , suddenly 10 two days past 4 Mon 20 two days were .

The long-awaited day .

Planning to join members are both expensive artifact body deokji deokji wrapped around holding the conference gathered .

” We have every 1 one trillion up that ‘ll not ?”

Yihyerin is a belt-shaped high artifact touched caressed muttered . Maybe it was a question to relax .

“1 Article bunch and 5000 billion Hou gonna .”

” By the mana tattoo combined 1 Joe well it would exceed . Nowadays City State because of inflation much I’m serious .”

Yoo Song Song and Kim Sun said . Kim Se-jin is prey laughing is , Leviathan the form has changed .

” Gossip is Iman and . Let’s departure . All huddle .”

” Wack , what is it ?”

” A Leviathan ridiculous to be Have you ?”

The Leviathan attractive to voice gimyurin is amazing and asked .

” Yes . But then talk about it later and go huddle . Accuracy to increase the body need to vary buteu hageodeunyo .”

Companions are beginning the transition moments experienced at the time , on the ground head -studded destination memories floated seulgeum seulgeum of Leviathan aside flocked . Expected out of fluffy and smooth skin texture , they are still the snow and wind .

Kim Se-jin closed his eyes accordingly . And again, one time coordinate a reading after pre Look you wrote the landscape recalls .

” I’ll go .”

To play the brain leaning dizziness was one .

But it is also a moment only , party soon staggered eyes shine . Dark darkness welcomes them .

Looking at the long end of the cave , Kim Se-jin again took the form of a human being . Leviathan is , no matter how powerful handeul , water, trick , not until the speed is too slow .

” Later … Let’s go . From now on, Kim Yulin is the captain .”

” Yes . All killing breathe follow . Breathing also be careful .”

Of gimyurin followed along , the party is in darkness buried while the cave the inside had walked . 5 minute hold only did tensely pinched tension in the party ‘s face is already a sweat drenched stumbled smooth .

That approximately one hours about wonder walked .


An ominous vibration spread to the ear . Kim Yong-lin tried to shout out this urgency urgently .

But then before ,

Darkness pure white discoloration doedeoni space was reversed .

Gimyurin is sudden on the virgin snow smashing the snow gamatdaga re- floated .

While his eyes troubled that White is already in the navy are coats were . But obviously the same space in the need to have sections seem not .

No , 1 people . Except Kim Se – jin .

Embarrassed face is Kim Se-jin she looked said .

” Is this , somehow loaded noticed it I guess .”

Gimyurin was floored little to look around and looked around .

” I think so .”

Then .

The voice of the load sounded softly .

The two men listened carefully .

─ Orcs and humans . Nice to meet you .

Then the sound of rattling of a load voice .

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