A Monster Who Levels Up

By Jee Gab Song

Chapter 152

Chapter 152

Dawn & TM matap completed memorial cutting ceremony is Seoul ‘s Seocho construction matap previously been held there . Attend aspects are as one each from the group of naerora the leading personnel it was only . Representative portraits When it comes TM ‘s CEO Joe HA , the dawn side of the president of an only granddaughter yusejeong .

” Dawn in yusejeong articles outset .”

This mausoleum is built in Seoul . This inevitably Seoul Top , South Korea top the matap slatted , Seoul matap ” and the competition will that mean . So Seoul matap chapter of the atmosphere flows to feel for himself until there came .

Densely coated windshields over the yusejeong looked Zhang matap said .

“TM in action as Hansung … of Kim Se-jin right arm directly attend face around in tha hanging expect quite large Pulling means .”

” Yes . Maybe TM and Dawn both the power jumped to the same .”

Article HA are as daejjok character and insistent thrust in jeongjaegye carelessly treat can as people do not have a reputation there and . Of course the reason is not just that .

Kim Se-jin’s closest neighbor .

As a qualifier that Article HA person with other all that gappunhi be overwhelmed .

Griffin and the Kraken to wish a scale from the defense industry , artifacts and Orc weapons , mana tattoo and so the current in the City State never do good it must not be creative to capacity .

Bangbae wizard modern magic innovation represents if the icon , Kim Se-jin is a modern its own symbol or the difference no .

Unusual is the one .

The public usually dislikes the human race that has won wealth and power with the help of characteristics . However , Kim Se – jin is no exception to that strict criterion .

Perhaps the situation is extraordinary attributed to it . One to the moon several times a boss monster that flooded the world , Kim Se-jin This had not been the Republic of Korea long ago, I got off collapse ll .

His face was intermediate of the article weapons demands astute meet oak The weapons have never will , their survival probability of 90% by De attract even artifacts have never will . The dispatch time dramatically was shortened even Griffin ─ dispatch time to get Griffin introduced at all , the police revolution ‘ as referred ─ , the Republic of Korea international phase which promotes global defense services ‘ Kraken ‘ even same is true .

Crisis and Risk in like a lodestar to deumjik blazing there .

Then a man named matap wisdom in the business jumped cases , competitors standpoint unexpected failure was a disaster .

” Part tapju Hemming that he is already from your resume will put the rumors stone I heard .”

The head of Maputo frowned . The more I think about it, the more annoying . That same bat guy .

“… Hemming butap Lord is part yesterday the resignation You have my .”

” Ha , what to believe ? And there a definite answer is heard not have it would .”

” Top note says ” the seungbusu I throw , ” he talking resignation laid figured out .”

“It ‘s not a winner but a gambler .”

Matsuto’s sigh stuck to the window and became a castle . Date , the central bank even though the spring despite the weather is still cold .

” Well , the future is expected to be optimistic ?”

“…… Yes . Dont disadvantages that can geondeokji that is 100 out books without standing Magi bogwanryang ppuninde , that of 25 books is one gwondang 1 year Fargo hear hat Lal luxury pasturelands ……”

Of the Magi standing value ” recorded the magic one learns that ” the cease not .

One of the Magi standing the use principle and the configuration and application yet another derivative Magic will create that . It is the biggest righteousness of ‘ Magi ‘ .

Then at the point in the revolution, the near Bangbae stand Magi best value possess can only not . Bangbae Magi standing one is right the other books Magi 10 books are well made able to be there to . Boil construction matap has its 25 two all so contains 250 volumes , 2500 in Volume I blow gun just a matter of time mere emitter …….

” Hmm ?”

It was then . Matap chapter distance to cutting ceremony to visit 1 had the house were found . Familiar . Strong skeleton , long legs . Line thick and the chin a ohttok sassy . Sunglasses and a mask in thinning their artistic status has never hidden does .

Hundreds , be a thousand times Looking Watching know . As anyone informed that is but a secret , matap chapter ‘ Jean Joseph ” is a Kim Se-jin enthusiastic yieotgie fans .

“… Wait a minute .”

Matap chapter scuttled the car door open and a man walked . Man is someone to his literal approach that wondering seems his head was puzzled .

” Have you , Kim Se-jin ‘s Do Not ?”

His sunglasses down , floored little is pleased densely emerges .


Kim Se-jin has suddenly come Seoul matap chapters and many stories shared . Matap guys are just ego gently Sen ego are lumps ─ that is the impression otherwise , matap chapter was a moderate progressive principles . Dialogue is also well relaxed respectful attitude is the heart heard . It was because of the seriousness of the action and the enthusiasm in the voice .

” Come on . A gift .”

So cutting ceremony to promote President brought things just went me .

” What is this ?”

Zhang matap the rimless glasses sewoomyeo fixed collections by the volume carefully looked into . Cover There is nothing no written not . Just No.26 of English and numbers only euneunhi been inscribed as well .

No. 26, 26 -th , the number 26 ……

Which was doenoe matap chapter one moment that the mean what I realized was horrified face it was .

” This , this ….”

” Well put , 26 -th Magi stand probably around the world in 17 Kwon , Not That includes 18 Kwon just not going .”

Kim said with a smile . The 26 -th Magi stand magic and the village road to the border there . Batori of Mado knowledge of Leviathan Mana member be combined ‘d have never not revive not have magic , ” Meteor “. Hwasokseong of the apex rig in position a legend in magic , now soon to magic-based giant craters ‘d leave .

” Uh . Eoeo …… But this , these precious things get is …….”

The hand of Mamuto ‘s hand trembled .

” Get . These magic learn you can in the wizard anyway, some not .”

Kim Se – jin deliberately chose attack magic . Later there , gimyu hands prophecy ‘ Monster catastrophe ” in the slightest help hope ratgi bar because .

Of course, perhaps even a vampire in hand into Will exploited , the Meteor acquire the capacity sufficient shares top with only matap advance by screening a total of 17 of the matap pick directly to present plans . However, there is no Korean land . But what , one Kwon further create gets .

” Take . Well , I call it .”

” Yes ? Oh , that , thank you ! That , in fact Kim Se-jin ‘s a fan !”

” Really ? Thank you .”

Kim Se-jin’s body vibrating trembling matap chapter shoulders tuk give the pat , reporters hit the camp like a tank naemyeo drilled by cutting ceremony headed .

Suddenly the tall slide Rioja For journalists each one another irritable did Saturday .

That the mid-point is reached when .

Kim Se-jin’s sunglasses beotgoseo the yusejeong looked .

Committal is integral to the did her face in astonishment heard the water , Reporters camera lenses to him and turned .

He journalists teojun road between THRUM walked . Moses feels Did these . He sideopjaneun thinking and campaigning define the next digit place caught . And she looked at him one than bright smile gives built .

” Now some of you will notice ?”

“…… brother jeungmal . Preview say something a little deonga me .”

Yu Baeksong is jimjit as hilnan I said , face the smile was full .

Sudden of Kim Se-jin the advent cutting ceremony is a success completed .

* * *

” The feeling of the road is felt underground .”

Ross Heldel said . It was a weak voice . In addition, two nundudeong There are black bruises full and , the hair is almost half the gyeojyeo tearing it . Batori of the speeches re- lay caught the consideration toktokhi chireun like was seen .

” Where is it underground ?”

The yihyerin him boiled egg gives squeezing asked . Ross Hadel massaged his eyes with an egg in a skillful hand .

” Gangwon monster of a field underground . Why , then crack two dogs overlapping ground is a place that was eogeureo janseupnikka you .”

” Ah ! That mana move did here ?”

Lee Hye- ryun said, crying as if he thought . It gimyurin is something the memories locked glowing face it was . As a place Oak and the first time we met was a place .

” Yes . From there to the thugs with what research and itdapnida .”

” What research ?”

” I do not know it . Something is itgetjiyo .”

“…… Guild Master’s ? I do .”

Kim Yoo-rin looks at Kim Se-jin and asks . Kim Se-jin was still worried and looked at Kim Sun-ho . Kim, Sun – Ho has to share jihyeok the baton handed . Note jihyeok is back …… that continues to lead the eye end was gimyurin . She has a deep sigh breathed in .

” Ha ………”

” Rotten can Did I cant . Operations conducted experienced many cases ‘re the Captain .”

” Okay . Okay . One from the map , let’s .”

Kim Yulin unfolded the internal map that Ross brought from Dell . The most eye-catching strap points passages and the East Sea near that point , maybe the Leviathan available also if do not know .

The elongate the passage for the entry way to the two branches emerge . Do you poke holes in the basement, pushing them from the face , or infiltrating …?

She is a struggle between the one of Los del words added .

” Oh , yes . Batori the planned twelve set when contacting grows week . Bestows help .”

” Yeah ? So good …… wait , loading the ball may have sheets . You with us going to meet all looked ‘re not . Already is going busted not ?”

Lee asked .

” Oh . That oath was a vampire is limited will . ”

“I swear ?”

” Quite a long time ago a day . The old vampire cheoksal command , you know . That’s to be a inside job haetgeodeunyo sure ? Yeocha lower frequency surviving vampires are now a renegade looking for the sins fight need to , God, no . Number wonak eunikka enemies ‘ eyes but little of numbers between national died kill let . instead of not betray that he would to swear by the life load to matgija …… ” such a way to think cross-moved It is . But I cheoksal command later born children called blood oath not have . ”

” Children …”

Lee looked at Ross Dell with his eyes mixed with contempt and misunderstanding .

” Why are you these . The first place where I inde youngest . Gimyurin gisanim and Hazel Lynn Wizard’s already 30 vs. janseupnikka hath go over . I was pareut pareut 20 kicks for .”

Suddenly it mentioned two people at the same time it kkadeuk honed . Vigorous flesh burns from the eyes . Los Dell jimjit whistle blew his eyes avoided had .

” No , though . Some vampires that’s wrong Spending is going to die, no ? To Nosferatu ?”

” No . It ‘s not . Rod Research busy now in the basement stuck in geureongeol salpil afford deogunyo would not .”

” Anyway . The problem that geone . So do gon What ? Now , once listen ……”

Gimyurin is a short period of time a concrete plan set increases . It was very complicated once . It was an operation that exploited all kinds of folklore , Leviathan , Kraken and so on . But listen I quite it seems way then , everyone was convinced seemed his head nodded .

” Nice . Too sir .”

” Too . Vain gimyurin gimyurin haneunge not .”

” Haha , Emilion gwachan . So Guild Master’s . The plans do ?”

” Good .”

Kim Se-jin is a permission issued .

띵 !

But then the conference room elevator deoni open -white junior high school – like look – women who were belatedly arrived .

” I ‘m here . What ‘s going on ?”

” Oh , Yu Baeksong said . Come sit down . To explain the plans are .

Gimyurin has her again to explain gave . But oil is Baeksong pop his head then he puzzled , heavy the rocks Took threw .

” Why so complicated it ? Only coordinates inside out , as Mado go be with ‘re going . Hey Kim Se-jin . You , then we moving moments astute when I wrote Mado , another to write numbers ‘m not ?”




As simple a way , why recall did not .

Meeting rooms Self-help mix the silence heavily and sank .

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