A Monster Who Levels Up

By Jee Gab Song

Chapter 151

Chapter 151

“…… strange to maneuver your beak .”

Battori said that and looked at Kim Se-jin . Even though it is only in the eyes , the feeling of intimidation seems to be throbbing . Yitorok seoseul referencing your eyes facing the target yieotdamyeon public , perhaps as haetgetji sudden death .

” What do you mean ?”

Sejin responded as plainly as possible . Batori is he contrived magic they used the feeling being in failed , then at least say no no .

” Okay .”

Systemic reudeon jitnu the Magi wormwood exit . Sejin felt a sense of urgency .

” Well .”

” Anyway , cooperative are you going are you saying ?”

Batori the janeun tamtak to countenance the arms put on . However, Sejin is her my understanding could could . Clearly , then, the load doubt , just even a limb torn kill deoni momentum , now comes what …….

Batori is his answer to wait but to say it was . But the point is as much I deflected was the subject .

” Well , honey , ‘ The Monster ‘ The hell mwogilrae so do loud ? Mwoman When people heard flocking uncomfortable Uh killing . Coming in the way some guys to kill wanted , barely haetdanda endure ?”

Elven Wizard emilre LE popular lot . Of course, the batori mana inherent in the enchanting aura because the probability higher , fandom is gimyurin right the next .

Frankly speaking , TV in which it illuminates her look is popular but many are . Cool, cool to the destruction of magical everything to crush the character of the same ‘ sample帝女”, complete a tyrant a tyrant .

“tv look , you know . World leading guild . world best benefits . world’s highest welfare . Worldwide articles or of the wizard Warner joins (wanna join) the guild .”

Pride filled was the voice .

” Hmm …… but this rodent interest in the plot of land in the world gon rice reached not you ?”

” Then rodent interest in the plot of land needle on earth What are you doing going to suit geonya that ?”

Sejin stared at the Barty ‘s eyes, staring straight at him . She delivered an angry deliver good idea subtle was the expression . But usually they face stiff standing solidify asks .

“…… partnership , we are going or what .”

” Tell me the contents .”

” I told you . Load kill me help you .”

It was really different from the way I was serving loads just a while ago . Man , why suddenly so that has changed , but the question , but still annoying that there even one more jundamyeon gone rather Thanks .

But the problem is , the batori is loaded with the next .

” And then what ?”

Kim Se-jin is an eye sharpened shine .

” And naseoneun the guys take care of it ought to .”

Batori is a sculpture laden holding a horse was .

” Honey , something mistaken and that it sounds like . Access is open cases confirmed yiranda fact . You guys have that commitment to change can do . You guys is that since gotta prepare , that before from the passage I just – of something I think is not gotta ”

” Then , the load killing thing ” that since ” the contrasting of one authorized mean ?”

” Otherwise . Yes Cotton as speculation , loads of earth in the past I’d go .”


He bit his mouth .

Loading earth into the past that you want to go , certainly at first that thought . But it reflects Come to think it’s the answer to not know was . The load plan to the past going to be rather , of global stage and time is maintained while ‘ other dimension ‘ into going be the probability is high .

Kim explained it to Barty .

“…… ‘re complicated . More easily tell .”

” So , load the Earth in the past gateumyeon now ‘ modern ‘ is influenced gotta got . Why , in the past between the load by already Vampire Empire deunga was ‘d be . But it’s not . So my first assumption was wrong . He’s ‘ D ‘ only move plotting think . ”

“…… That dimension is the case , such a space different dog are you ?”

” Yeah . Crack definition ” dimensions and dimensions of the world and the world between the cracks ” Now , enough dimension also move could have .”

So eventually Sejin 2 2 say one reason is , the load killing by current earth ‘ that after ‘ a contrasting two days not is not something advise was for . The other of the dimensions earth is , distinctly words and this no matter not because days .

Batori has managed to him to soktteut whether to find a face like a Rakshasa knocked distorted .

” So , you will not cooperate ?”


Sejin did not answer . That silenced in , batori is mana sikimyeo emitted interference smile smiled .

“Do not you answer ?”

Prefer not to need not . Anyway the load to punish you a helping hand is , rather thankful now that one .

However, he was still silent and took a wolf form .

Once the cooperation went came tendon least kill ideas that tteutil emitter …… Then , her blood to consume is an opportunity missed will not .

” You have no real answer .”

Bartori became a face with no words . However, hesitation , without jumped Kim Se-jin is a paw her two shoulders to take off , fuck the white neck were the wheat .

[ I take the blood of the bart … · · · · ·]

I feel good and alert window with , a huge shock to the brain shook . Batori is just the next Discharge pro lather it was only . But her power , which is 100% condition , is really a stern …

” Aw, awake !”

Fortunately, cases , batori also the Sejin same damage puts it . Kim Se – jin borrowed Potion ‘s power and rushed to Bartor again .


Kim Se-jin is a batori just died right before to stand facing ruined help may not seem that the proposal was compliance , immediately following the day the meeting was convened .

Gimyurin , yihyerin , Hazel Lynn , oil Baeksong , share jihyeok , Lilia , Kim, Sun – Ho , Lilia , and Ross to a Dell . A total of nine people gathered in the secret meeting room .

Kim Se-jin’s first batori and cooperation should be that terrible fact an overview notgoseo off , that then need to be explaining began .

” Once the batori with carry case is one of Los Del continue .”

” Yes ?”

Kim Se-jin of the late Del Ross is a country loses face is made collapse .

” Once the monitoring books will have huge ahninya . And apart from information gathering and navigation metaphor Baeksong sleep with Mr Kim, Sun – Ho seed with sources together , please .”

“I know .”

” Yes . I see .”

Yu Bae Song and Kim Sun nodded his head . But then the two gaze of Kim Se-jin thigh above the coquettish beak Kaiser two to three fixed there .

” The rest Knight who is the stronger, concentrate . Gimyurin Mr. Griffin ‘ll tusil stand , the nest Go Griffin dealing with law completely leave cooked . Oh , of course, merit ago after then .”

” Yes, I do !”

Gimyurin a vigorous reply . So Kim Se-jin is quick meeting ended .

That then is , of yihyerin fun Surin was impressed .

” Come ~ our guild’s form ~”

“… Do not play .”

“I hate it . Oh , but I have a person who is not a member here . Is that okay ?”

Gimyurin is one tteukkeum to face the shoulders were shakes .

” Cant pass is almost yisinikka final okay . Come all dismissed ! Time No !”

Batori is 10 Mon. ~ 12 Mon. between the cracks that open do two hours is imminent .

* * * *

From which 10 days last four Mon 2 days .

Finally, the merit transition is over . The successful candidates for the article were Kim Yong-lin and Chuo- chong , both of senior officials . The last pass released I Final the stage , the gimyurin cool join and comment in Chuo-type tearful a tribute dramatically contrasting quite interesting the picture was painted .

The wizard sector applicants is called Breda teen elf men and , as batori as promised was emilre Le .

Batori is something lovable old-fashioned to be seen whether , lion acronyms quoted the joining Real said . But teulryeodo so wrong was utilized . Kim Se-jin is hell , why such a joy on the spot ‘ eupcham equine , called the Lion acronyms wrote what you understand to be could .

Later, I heard that Ross, Dell, told me . Immediately following day , the Internet, through eyes that batori is a Los Del to kill gilgilyi ttwimyeo Day guild building has been attacked .

Fortunately , a temporary partnership is still smooth and held there .

─ Dawn & TM The completion of the moon tower , a collaboration between Dawn and The Monster .

─ The overwhelming financial power and more monsters are combined .

─ dawn曰unstable the more City State investment amount increase to diversify it . The goal is the domestic one above is , of course , the world one of the above matap .

And then .

Also the other two bombs went off . ‘ Dawn ‘ and ‘ The Monster ‘ has a stake in each of 5.5: 4.5 by dividing the matap Officially Launched will .

Of course, just that alone is in fact the domestic is one shakes as much as the pageupryeok could . Financial 1 above dawn jumped handeul , Modern matap will be in ten years through layers of accumulated experience and knowledge born of wisdom birthplace .

However , even at dawn , at least a few decades deficit and the biahnyang swamp fathom the resolution must be that something , other matap and experts cynical was still believed .

However , subsequent ‘ scoop ‘ of the label pasted an article he burst situation 180 also was changing .

As one matap even enemies ( 籍) the place was the wizard .

” The bulsechul Wizard ‘ of global qualifier course of genius , an icon that ,’ Bangbae Wizard .

He dawn on matap proudly names posted it .

It is also a short of No.1 from No.25 to the appropriate standing Magi offered the course , the following can be released Magi stand up wholesale would donate the blog through was declared .

It was indeed a nuclear bomb grade scoop .

Just mud in the newborn fell to a at about Dunn here several matap will be the flagship can forced .

And here , that ‘s the magic system whirlpool and is named after the world of the Kim Se-jin home .

” Why ? Public opinion is all right ?”

Kim Se-jin is a laptop perfect for sticking the cleaning she said hugging asked .

” Awful good . Now bedet one is above [ Dawn yirang more monsters ditch Bangbae magical love geomyeon combined , ecosystems, species disturbance not ?] S . Hehehe .”

” Yeah ? Well you matap a business interest to be manne ?”

” Yeah , of course not . Is this I was pushing ‘m businesses .”

” Really ?”

” Uh . So a chapter matap Long born .”

Yuse-jung ‘s side – kissed Sejin’s ball and laughed with a smile .

For reference, Maputo is different from Maputo . Matap sheets if Chairman , that matap dean or similar . Of course, Mato’s authority is much stronger .

” What . What horse did not . So more leisurely would have negotiated .”

Cho Hansung , who is in charge of this work, has been persistently negotiating so that the dawn side can tongue out . His words , past their pushes had oysters in the morning the boss talks to head out is did it to …….

” It’s okay . Anyway my interest is 30% Now fixed . The rest Grandpa I turned off my dad . I’d rather my brother with something better .”


I wonder if I should be proud of it . Kim Se-jin is questionable customer smiles smiled the cleaning is on the shoulders of the head had expected . And I look at the laptop together .

” Oh . The people of Seoul matap part tapju not ? This is Busan matap give the tower .”

” Yeah . Stars regret not people who give thought , now located eopnyago huge contact arose . Self PR capacity is what 1GB or do is ? …… Ah , yes . In foreign countries came . Look . World 5 top Haveli matap Top Day and night . ”

The photo shoot was lifted . Valley matap that , the tower like a name Po missing the body was elves . Sure enough belly dance well export …

” Ha , there is no . Where to see ‘ll uncle ? ”

“…… Oh , no . Keuheum . Well Ferme . Matap also goldsmith goldsmith am going to develop .”

“… Yeah . Bangbae Wizard impact of huge grown up . The beach Magi cursor 100 outside the ticket ve , now driven wizards 1,000 people do more than ?”

Magi is expensive . And find difficult . Rivers intermediate or more of the Magi standing ticker billions for reaching , above all money , even if items are solved not to buy can not .

Dawn also TT to 75 volumes (100 in Volume Bangbae standing Magi excluded ) only seek not have am about …….

This is the matap archived Magi stand mages time spent themselves came up with invention because it most because .

” That’s what I’m talking about ….”

Campaign affection meuheuthan smiles smiled the Sejin thighs pinched coy was stroked .

” My brother is a little more hard haejumyeon day …… Our huge fast growth can be to guess .”

The hand becomes more and more bold and bold . Kim Se-jin is prey with a smile ,

” Then I will decide the Maasto .”

Negotiations started .

Cleanse ‘s pupil trembled like a baby bird .

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