A Monster Who Levels Up

By Jee Gab Song

Chapter 150

Chapter 150

Merit transition began not exactly two weeks have passed .

Guild for something to pick on the occasion truly people of the anxiety out relieve unity do ? That of Kim Se-jin worried enough colorless , still a success in progress being . Rather too much anxiety to embellish relieve it or not seureopgo anxiety , to excessive so sticky Heb one united danhapryeok is a problem, he turns around .

What fandom is always self wants people to be built splashed just stop without , the other candidates and deulssusi attacks wonder . As Kim Se-jin understand not but , anyway, so that articles 15 people Wizards 15 people . A total of 30 people are finalists were summarized .

Now it ‘ Article battle ‘ is ‘ Magic Match ‘ am a duel format borrowing scores a scramble to be it .

” Fully even wars not . In the morning all that talk ranikka only .”

Campaign sterling smiley smile is an eye TV the report , is a right hand of a laptop mouse and one trillion kinds , left hand, a smartphone messages flew . It was multitasking that was close to the era .

” But oh cleaning . Do what’s so busy ?”

” Uh ? Oh . I’m your brother equally awful busy . My brother too – no me do not give play rattling , the social importance of fun I abandoned realized . So several meetings out tells me people are really awful to wonder . The following tests are what , Who wants to be internally ? ”

“· · · Yeah ?”

Kim Se-jin was coy push the eyeballs rolled her cellphone examined . In fact, Wen in the group room, the message is constantly coming up there . But the room group ‘s name …… ” Dawn Knights first team – Super Elite group ‘ is . Something very childish though the name together , usually ‘one team ‘ will of the Knights of the most critical power gathered yiraseo team heoeon is not .


At that time , the wolf ‘s eyes shone sharply . However, it is not the only thing . Campaign affection him to look at the gap the other , cell phone in the middle surfaced elongated box-shaped personal Tok .

[ Kim : cleaning seeds What are you doing ?]

Glance in view of man and the names , profiles, male this photo tteokhani and example , who look interested assurances that such letter , the contents of the US and decorations .

“It’s a man .”

I involuntarily cold voice came on . Campaign Chung little splash steamed with a slight head was puzzled .

“· · · Huh ?”

” Hey . I mean Hey Hey . It’s a man .”

Kim Se-jin refers to LCD of mobile phone . However, private Tok is the came indicative notification has already gone , I was back .

She has his finger deoni followed , within the forehead slightly narrowed .

” What . . Why your Cell Phone Look steal .”

” I steal more . Just gonna seen .”

” Chi . Self is my cell phone did not see with , mine is why Suit Look ?”

Jimjit upset has put the ball bloat . But now that you care to write the chaff it is not . So cute though because one head stroking runners .

” No , tell man the katok ‘ve been just . Who look beak caught was content .”

” Is this dantok inde what … brother surely dantok is what I do not know ? Organizations tokbang organizations tokbang . This people as a group together letters to the message conversation to share ……”

Kim Se-jin is a yimatsal jjipuryeotda . Yoge Now someone 80 as Vonage .

” I know . But I just came Articles dantok not . I just individuals Flick came . I saw .”

“· · · · · Huh ?”

Her face momentarily daze georinda heumul . Sejin is that the gap miss without hands Po stretched .

The target is robbery , the target is a cell phone .

But she is quick to mobile phones , such as the back and hid .

The reaction rate is higher . But rather it’s more a sense of doubt .

Sejin ‘s eyebrows fluttered with dissatisfaction .

” Give me . Why anjwo .”

” Wait . Wait a minute ‘s Look . This is my brother I think that ‘ll no …….”

” So look me . But He does , why you washed called Mr. Nya call ?”

” That … intrinsic corporate vice president ‘s sons . The youngest because the company never followed . So articles side by focusing , right now in the Ebon Knights to reward articles , promising articles ……”

The cleaning is sippeol put forward to face the gibberish it .

” No gods will cite the need there . Once you look me .”

” Not , really big deal not . Brother Hazel Lynn sister Trang Sometimes gaentok ‘re . Geureongeoya .”

” What ?”

Suddenly the moment Angry Pak was . He Hazel Lynn and sometimes that Tok is …… yow , this yiguna into Warrnambool ! Kim Se-jin is a moment for breath chuseu reumyeo hagoseo really slow horse was .

“…… Yeah . That it may not . But said , the people you and me dating thing you know it ?”

Hazel Lynn those that know it did . But she was in love with Frank called Elven any excuse not , is that Kim Man guy is ……

His in question cleaned is something even thought that amount of eyeballs claims about the roll , within the breath comfortably exhale stand makge jageu said .

” No , I do not know .”

Kim Se-jin is a little shocked received a break the other , she further other intimately found spit .

” We are living giant , from the Knights to know who each do .”

“…… How Well ?”

” That’s because I did not say it myself .”

” At least you have noticed if you know not it ? So openly like to live ? No you do not know might Despite together . Conglomerates youngest ramae . But I do not know ?”

Campaign sterling prey laughed . Of course, some journalists among already the implicit though in fact it is . But most extremely and hamgu in , that common even in jjirasi turn did . If you buy a glare for the monster and the dawn, it will be the length of the boss .

” Yeah , I do not know . That person is the family released ‘m a child . Poor ‘s people . Knights also people machangajiya . Our best brother, little brother through out . Note jihyeok Mr. minus .”

” Yeah ? No I Riga ve . Gonom obviously know what you ? No matter how high naenwatda even large ……”

” Here , Here . Take . Direct reporting to judge .”

At this point when Kim Se-jin is enough jyeotdago relieve you think you want , campaigning affection cellphone obediently handed .

” Look . The real big deal I do not .”

Maybe generosity is like a river and sea spacious , if a man , solemn and grave, but at the same time, a caring voice , ” No , I have you believe ─ ” to something , saying the mobile phone map dolryeojwot know .

” However, river and sea is a Leviathan , the ADD too jopdan said .”

“· · · · What is it ?

He muttered the excuse, not the excuse , confirming the contents of the cell phone .

[ Cleaning seeds Today the company meeting from attending ?] (2 Mon 13 days AM10: 03)

[ No . That I Why Is . (2 Mon 13 days PM9: 43)

[ Haha . Really ? I’m going to wants not going inde place ..] (2 Mon. 13 days PM9: 45)

== ( repeat similar structure below )

[ Kim : cleaning seeds What are you doing ?] 3 Mon 4 days PM6: 33]

The iron wall of the washing is satisfactory . But the Kim What he is , what do insistent know …… that he was on a cellphone and concentrate there when , cleaning is the same cat hand real quick move his cellphone snatched .

” Even my brother I’ll .”

At the moment, Kim Se-jin’s body was stiff like a stone . But fortunately these days, and the woman contacted almost not do .

Of course, there is no Hazel Lin . She has lately noticed visible , occasional on Instagram posted photos ” picture better nawatneyo ” of something Comments 10 000 the moon as personal contact is at all to do .

” Heumheum . Okay . Okay .”

TT 3 in minutes censorship ended campaign sterling satisfaction and a cell phone put down . And the Sejin arms pook anginda .

” Oh, right, brother . But , Bangbae Wizard is why candidates should not they went to climb ?”

” Well ?”

” No , why , you with us between going to a good Were not ? We hanteman standing Magi all give You said . The merits before the Wizards are a passionate it is that’s since due . Bangbae Magi shelf ‘ full set ‘ in which more monsters library and view wanted . This time the Magi standing No.25 to nawatdago did it ? ”

Two days ago Bangbae Wizard Magi stand No.25 for was released . Explosive reactions Despite having led , unfortunately, to date that the Magi Shijiazhuang is the beach place ” More Monsters guild dedicated libraries ‘ only .

Why it has matap If eopnya , intense behind-the-scenes war because . It is a terrible war . Bad checks is not to mention , standing Magi bid not give up , if irregularities tert impatiently is one-dimensional from intimidation , to the government to lobby the foreign matap has them out when the country ‘s matap to fixing ……

Yitorok low heat, yet brutal war , Kim Se-jin will know not .

” Oh , Bangbae Wizard ?”

” Yeah. . And I once want to see .”

Cleaning is a smile with a smile asked .

Really anything you do not know pretty in appearance , Kim Se-jin is the mouth and ssilruk decided . Maybe now I say is sometimes approached it the same . She already own a property in the Leviathan changes that you know it . One human case of Leviathan the power to borrow to write could that be also .

” I’m an imbong wizard .”

“· · · · · Huh ?”

While during the silence after , campaign affection somewhat bemused to face doemuleotda .

” What ? That’s what you mean ? Bangbae wizard named ‘ within ‘ that ?”

I wanted to be a pun, but my face and voice are very serious . Kim Se-jin is kkeolkkeol laughed his head shook .

” Ha ha . No , I Bangbae called Wizard . Never noticed chaeteo not ?”

” Uh , uh … what ?! Uh , how ! It’s a lie !”

Hwadeuljjak surprised she bangbang ohreumyeo beyond his shoulders hold shook .

” Well I think try . Leviathan is a magical writing must exist . And with us no contact not Bangbae a wizard , why the document Magi I told ?”

“· · · · · Hull .

The increase can be no larger campaign defines the eyes and the mouth is shocked stand example . Orc blacksmiths and when similar inde confessing , somehow more then more big shocks seem .

But some just do a mental charin She realistic understanding calculation determinate started .

” Oh , brother . Then Bangbae Wizard Magi stand , we tell the morning give committed not gotta ? We know ? Matap to establish strive itneungeo ”

“…… What . The not surprised you ?”

” Uh ? Oh , awful surprised ! Wow , wow ahh ! My brother is too great, really !”

An exaggerated gestures and gesture – ” I was surprised , the Absolutely expressing She , obviously , rather than the past several thousand times it is gay . The first meeting when the look and the now compared heterogeneity is felt enough .

” Our brother is well saenggyeotgu , body and jotgu , weapons well mandeulgu , now magic ‘m fine ……?”

Yusejung whispered into his body and whispered in a pathetic voice . Hey there seemed to her bodeon eyeballing Kim Se-jin is prey laughing is ,

” So let’s . The monster Trang Dawn yirang matap equity share . The Bangbae Wizard Magi standing Plenipotentiary Beach course , Bangbae wizard to name him the matap dulge up .”

Negotiations started .

The moment the campaign definition pupil bareureu tremble .

“…… Uh ? Why , why ? Why ? That word should not … more monsters we matap built to helping it beats .”

” Soon to help You was hoping . Immense help . Bangbae Wizard Magi stand , plus it’s name value . The matap soon establish immediately named to be me ?”


3 seconds of static . Since she quietly of Kim Se-jin the side deoni exit , a cell phone picked up somewhere a phone call and walked .

Kim Se-jin is a leisurely ‘ tha ‘ the opinion was waiting .

* * *

3 of January mid . Every time 4 10,000 people or more intuitive crowds mobilized articles fierce battle with a magical war finally ended .

Knight sector, gimyurin is 14 wins 0 parametric is overwhelming was sexual , the wizard in the sector emilre Le of the beauty elf wizards , like 14 wins 0, the panel is achieved .

Since Monster aid , public interest contribution , the event gyeokin sense Battle etc … Several test Throughout thirty hit twenty people were eliminated . Losers are inconvenient or unfair, or enough to look into jjalbang leaving ─ even the temperate mourning a wizards were ─ disappeared .

And Kim Se-jin’s remaining ten patients candidates and face-to-face consultation with gajigi said . Once the mentality to pay to go , nor would , broadcasters also that the pictures wanted .

” Nice to meet you . Emile L’ Wizard’s ”

” Yes . Come on you like goodbye .”

The first hitter of face-to-face counseling was a wizard named Emilor . Something was insidious aura long felt but , Kim Se-jin is a preconceived get caught not to have .

” Common sense points are …… 0 ‘s that ? Commented Bonnie , is enough for almost primates and reptiles that level, I heard … ever I studied a lot maybe I did not ?”

He deliberately sensitive question threw the wolf pupils were expressed . It was to see through the spirit and spirit of this wizard .

However .

“· · · What kind of work ?

She grin deoni laughing , in all the mana slightly by releasing installed cameras both dumped smashed .

” What ?!”

” Such a low heat to snow me , let me do not look . Strive negotiations go ‘ve been , even now kill You know if I want to .”

Rich and fleshy with , Elf of Le emilre outer skin like dough flowed .

The following appeared to be ‘ Bartoli ‘.

Kim Se-jin admired her perfect transformation . Sure enough , thorough ( 萬全) state of the sample is a wolf to a sense be tricked can be is approximately Incorporated .

” Hi , honey . Yiguna long time .”

Batori are so speak , to nail its the uvula tuk touched . Then play the game room inside becomes every sikkeo and the world was divided .

“…… wohu . Long time no see . I enchantment ?”

Relaxing is the interjection otherwise , of Kim Se-jin heart is frantically beating there .

” So not relax e . Cooperation tries gonna come .”

” Cooperation ?”

” Yes .”

Still the US might face a Kim Se-jin looked batori is banggeut laughed .

” I , we load kill could allow give it . Why ?”

” What ….”

Kim Se-jin was so upset with her smile . But only a moment . After that , the reminders that the skill has been activated have come up .

[ Unique skill ” the most pure body ‘ is triggered .]

[ Of batori pole advanced to deceive Magic Resist !]

[ Some of the magic spells are reflected to the caster !]

The moment the bartender’s eyebrows wriggled . That ‘s why the dialogue box informs it . However, Kim Se-jin is unknown chuck head was gyawoottung .

‘ Huh ..’

This skill is thus to help ‘re giving . He is ” the most pure body ‘ of the info window looked out of relief sigh breathed in .

[ The purest body ]

■ The body is purified in the form of no impurities .

■ the individual to the will along , the body ‘s strength up to 1000% to raise can you . However , the higher the percentage, the shorter the duration .

■ skills ‘ resistance ‘ of the skill will rise . In addition, the Defense Mechanisms in part , resisted a spell or attack some reflections .

■ This applies to all forms .

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