A Monster Who Levels Up

By Jee Gab Song

Chapter 149

Chapter 149

” Me , still courted do you want ?”

Gimyurin the seuchideut remove those words and guild related that until chari out of 5 if the minutes were enough . It was thanks to Kim Se-jin’s appearance that the skinny skirt was stiff , and she laughed and added it .

” Guild mean Guild . What the hell what to think who are you ?”

” Aha .”

He vain heumheum the throat was . What the hell What are you thinking you know , shame on neck sweat gently flowed .

” But suddenly . Why ? The Ebon Knight-Commander you’re gonna hansako You said refuse .”

Kim asked . Gimyurin is bitter to face najikyi went recite .

” I was disciplined . Command disobedience . The National Knights can not be chief if they have a disciplinary record . No , I think the position of the senior knight is even stunned . ”

Maybe it’s because of the oak thing . Captain Ogre Subjugation is however successful , the results are good to the top in command Appeal and the Knights of the discipline can ignore that means do not .

He deeply ask cache instead , just laughed his head gave nod .

” Yes . We’re of course Bout . Apropos new section pulling even events and iteunikka .”

“…… Yeah ? Now , wait . That report there to join Are you saying ?”

Gimyurin was slightly bewildered seemed , eye circle floating while his head was puzzled . He is a woman now, what to think and Are moment idly while thinking , within a relaxed smile is meogeumeot .

” Sure . Guild Master recommended a long time ago across the water went , what are desires will ? Moreover, senior Articles spot is also at stake stake is chronicling . If senior Articles ticket if herds we will accept no reason ve ?”

” Yes ? No. That’s what …… granules do .”

She is a little dissatisfied young as signs of an lip pout unplugging my . However, where the handcuffs relationship haetgie sure , you want to be in And all’re small only grumble was not .

” I helped you so much … when you came out and begged …”

” Then you guys have this matter much I changed . We no monster is going want to just come in can with the guild Girard instead … a foreign Veritas Knights , you know ? There is a sign up, contact Knight-Commander also laid loaded ?”


Kim Yong-lin narrowed his eyes like a fluke and inflated him to the ball . Ppijyeot it ─ and , in the face saying seems . It ‘s cute, though .

” So , join to going ? Say will ? Oh, yes . Please note that we of the guild benefit roughly explain sleep’ll … monthly premium for the portion package we send , the guild with the card TM artifacts from the shop artifact maximum years of age dogs to free hire for you It can have , in the year one ssikeun times of oak equipment priority purchase right …… ”

Kim Se-jin is an article or if the wizard , not least the modern living ‘ person ‘ if eyes pop out as exceptional benefits juljulyi was recited . At first, like a ppijin face it was also gimyurin hear more of the eyes and the mouth went enlarged . This is indeed a colossal is the jackpot . Why articles are more monsters more monster song they call , she was right now jeorige bones felt .

” And if you want another tattoo mana …”

His words without even conclude before , gimyurin is his two hands chin catches .

” Ha , I will !”

Clear stout , deep- determination was the voice .

* * *

Several companies and the Templars , to matap feet Mean to ‘THE MONSTER merit ago , it is indeed from the whole nation explosive interest led .

Just as the furniture Dun mess third of the group boss monsters has been organized it because , countries all over before the merits story was only . Portals , TV, newspapers and SNS to wholesale . The only two sectors were ‘ Knight ‘ and ‘ Wizard ‘, but in the present state, they are the most important occupation .

One is now nationwide voting season is underway . This expert priced to rank the top 200 a person churigo cross , before the merits in participating in an agreed total of 198 patients candidates of , art 30 people , a total of 60 a person to ship the candidate ‘ people are direct ‘ pull the vote .

But among fandom fight wonak intense tate SNS and community site, magazine keen fan of the arena has become .

But one among the overwhelming first place is obviously haeteuni exist .

─ I … ssuksseureowoseo such a thing well While …… by all means well , thank you . Please pull out !

Pure and beautiful as beauty , shame seems self- PR to preached ” gimyurin ‘ the right then was a hero .

On the other hand , it is of interest roaring burn more Kim Se-jin has sharply million out of the bar and went . Once a day chopped off the bees to finish the responsibility should not Would . He several interviews , broadcasts , lectures and so on …… day 8 hours a foreign event to just pour bueoya was .

” And , this is the last question ! Now , gimyurin Mr promotional video UM !”

Broadcasters are entirely borrowed cafe inside of dozens of camera one only people to focus on taking and , café Outside countless number of the crowd the floor-to-ceiling with an internal look into it . Of course , it was all because of Kim Se-jin .

─ I … ssuksseureowoseo such a thing well While …… by all means well , thank you . Please pull out !

” This article sector in the overwhelming first up run in , gimyurin is gisanim What do you think ? Aw , Guild Master’s face I already possessed lost it is calling is like ?!”

The reporter asked me , showing Kim Yong-lin’s promotional video . This is the last question on the last schedule . Kim Se-jin will fly to the same heart , gently she replied .

” I am particularly gimyurin candidate focuses bojineun did . In fact … I gimyurin ‘s the same type I by . …… ha ha , a joke is a joke . Just I All candidates are those equally incredible to think .”

” Oh ~ miingye is going through that they will say yisigunyo !”

” Yes and together … in fact anything , this more of a monster guild is I , not the people who he ‘ll pull Would you not ?”

” Well Guild Master’s Emilion – Oh , and this . Really , the last the last one I ask . Have you ……”

The last question concludes a Kim Se-jin at the place trying to get up to , reporter like rapid-fire words were .

Where is the last one at the end … but it is in front of the camera . Kim Se-jin is just no apparent hardening goes face strive stand accused , Sacred Heart seonguikkeot had to answer .


As many schedules ended Kim Se-jin is finally home, she came back . But that him waiting was not truly cold enough , was overtime .

” The Kraken Again ?”

─ Yes . This time is Japan .

Popular explosion these days . The people who think correctly, that if the country at least one at least once will be bought ─ as well as to inland Overseas ─ Et items (it item), ‘ love services ‘ is . The love of the Kraken ‘s name , that name many countries and to the people quite romantically carrying eaten there . No unintended did as marketing will .

” Right now ?”

─ Yes , he said it was an urgent situation . Instead, the non-dispatch times more than offered you .

” What nightly surcharge is applied .. But what , I do ve love the ryeona Bertie do not know …….”

Guradar . Just summon it and send it . However, Kim Se-jin is vain rejoicing Tinggi is why , now campaigning affection dressed in an alluring lingerie since .

If you summon love , you must be in Leviathan form until the love ends . No wonder that over time the human enjoy be in the joy to give up to .

” It’s okay . I now In fact, more than brother Cheongryong I want to see . Awful cute .”

” What ?”

But suddenly cleaned that went ahead of the Kraken to dispatch said Dunning .

” You Who ‘s side ?”

” Hahat , joke joke . But the Japanese side of the people are safe ‘m up . Over there more sseuneunge nervous right . My brother once you start 2 ~ 3 times thats the default .”

She whispered hugging his back tightly . But his back more hugs his mood even better made cases ‘ ~ 3 2 times the basic’re ” called , the man ego and the ego becomes the fullness was saying ……

” Hvar , heuheum . Yeah . Rotten can eopji . Two or time to . Well then .”

* * *

Dim dim underground ruins , native of Nosferatu base it was here on batori by the restoration work being performed there . Batori is a place of her novel as a base group samat was due .

So now it vampires magic by broken buildings to restore or even new homes building , etc. , in the construction work , which absorbed being .

” That Squid also Kim Se-jin called off ?”

Of course jeongjak massive construction indicated one who is comfortably on the couch neuleojyeoseo TV or look in there only . ‘ Love ‘ that familiar tingling run the name of the Kraken is active that the content of the news .

” Yes . Yes .”

“… I thing coveted it has itne . She like me. She go on like . Then those also backhoes have wanted .”

Kraken and related news quickly ended . I was cute … Bartori licked his lips and expressed regret . But the next flowing images , rather more interested move of interest was the news .

─ are more driven Stoke merits before the referendum the total number of votes of 1000 to ten thousand people approaching you . This is ….

The Monster , now the world ‘s greatest guild lacking the word guild . And the head of the guild is Kim Se-jin .

Batori is suddenly then ahrithan memories (?) Is floated . Each bite bitten biting Dunn tearing . Such cruel beasts of the Days .

“…… Uh , wait . There , the candidates we Wizard pantry disguised identity that not did not you ? Some famous guy you know .”

” Yes ? Oh , Yes . Yes . The insight that emilre Le . Le Emile Apostle’s Emilion disguised identity . They says that A -level , or higher gar Wizard ”

” Are you disguised as an elf ?”

” Yes .”

Hmm …

Bartori stroked his chin and pondered for a moment .

These days , the road is strange . It groups more than than the figure to be lifted does . She’s his gut quite I believe was the piece , now loaded ought gurinnae the pulpul bringing . More drains plus the gurinnae .

And more than anything , ” the load is to betray it ,” he talked of Kim Se-jin confident cool eyes . It is the most mind takes .

” So let’s . I have that difficulty by the stomach before the merits nagalge . Face Transformation magic ceremony kicks piece of cake .”

” Yes … ? Yes ?! What , what are you talking about ?!”

Sudden the declaration surprise surprised apostles speak straight to be could . Soon the crack completely open most important to the City State , this is hell already some first Iranian unexpected behaviors mean .

” I named Kim Se-jin fucking yirang guy and want to say itdanda . And …… hopefully in cooperation possible can have .”

‘ Crack ‘ the end of an open ‘ passage ‘ as a finished thing a fait accompli . Open cracks roads closed can at present is not present not gonna .

But ‘ load ‘ is really a betrayal if you decided , of course, the players just hit it . As the point then that man and he will cooperate can it possibly arises . And gently cooperating chuck by first loading exclusion and , later, to the guys all have obliterated after yourself ‘ passage ‘ of the fruits to monopolize it .

” Tongue , cooperation yiraniyo . Why do human beings and something ……?”

” You have to load as me You know hangeo choose ? So here it nests button gonna . If the load is strange to think , and if , first out ruined the plan not just grab I will not ?”

Questioned assurances the apostles , but geureolsurok of batori the mouth painted smile becomes darker . As beautiful and dangerous smile before , the apostle head kkeudeokil can just could not .

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