A Monster Who Levels Up

By Jee Gab Song

Chapter 148

Chapter 148

“… Yes ? What ? What I contest ?”

─ First, the name is before the performance , but the nature of the contest and competition is strong . The government has made a direct request to us . Serious in the City State citizens also up gon You said gyeomyi .

Kim Se-jin is still, if you get a pick is to excuse a moment how the village came . Gimyurin the upcoming traps buried must say daegin twisted , but , just a ten thousand hours have do made it reluctantly and tolerated .

” No purpose will generally also be rejected idea , but …… that’s what the top because doendap ?”

He is human is rare in the woods humanoid soon take the first trail passions of encounter groups unpacked ( epic 50 minutes across ), now called party is working in relation to two days Dunn has been Joe HA .

Information ‘THE MONSTER merits before ” hold .

Merit before ( 功勞Fine Arts Exhibition ) of name borrowed this tournament magic , story , art , pensions , social five kinds sectors ─ five of the areas that if herd ‘ magic and articles ‘ of the two million categories ─ contribution to society merit reasoned , the ranking is higher for funding more of the monsters in the guild who accept that the core gist .

─ I first so I thought , to hear I do that laws must . The stagnant at the time people are little bit enthusiasm has notable interest is the contest to be ‘ll .

” Not doing so only doendamyeonya good , to national attention do ?”

Of course I will pay attention . Once all the processes have the radio aboard to be aired ‘ll .

Boil only the guild one ppopneunde stagnant national cause Uni-year-old . What are you even shameful , and , a little prayer to shrink it .

─ Yes . Of course . Not only domestic but also the world will pay attention . Then , Lee Yoo-jin to danjangnim draw even their own fellow prospect this fandom dwaeseo form another hit bakgo fought they signed . This time to the candidates we are officially announcing dont even more ‘ll rages .

“… Really ? Well , so be successful issue not it ? Awareness is so or yeopeo to the criticism received may not would ……”

─ Now age Although depression but , undue anxiety is rather more not recommended . Government awareness issues bodaya now excessive anxiety that relieve it even better thought would gatdeogunyo .

Kim Se-jin The head was puzzled .

” But , do you feel less anxious to open the competition ?”

─ If we have some candidates in the guild if elected , further to the Monster to join as an excellent article or a wizard , the country sufficiently often …… and a big way to promote can itgetjiyo . That is enough .

” Ah . Hmm …… so should anything . Yes , your promotion .”

─ Yes . All right .

After finishing the conversation, Kim Se – jin embodied his cell phone into his body .

Here, the sucker is very lightly Incidentally , a spiritual body screen phone is quite special ability caster adds . The interstitial In terms eulpeo yireotda .

[The smartphone becomes a magnet and permeates . Visually into the lens picture or a video shoot can you .]

Some interesting fun is the same , the more meaning there .


“You ‘re 10 minutes late .”

Of gimyurin Took protruding lips, as if their stick shooting appears . Kim Se-jin is vain for neck and scratching , not excuses excuses made .

” Late may with beggars .”

” Hmm …… Okay , come on let’s go . Trap mandeulreo .”

Fortunately, by the other is nagging was not . Gimyurin are his wrist firmly stand hold traps be embedded into zones of feet moved . Yes , I caught my wrist . Separated , not being physical contact opponent is a relative called grunge feel quite myohada .

” Hey , planning Are you sure ?”

So I asked him once . Gyeomsa gyeomsa her hands and stared president . But her wrist expect out of a tight hold it released the number did not .

” Yes . Not to worry no need be . Rather than defeat to win the odds more likely . Jolbyeong is jolbyeong this , Captain Captain by the relative sacrifice the enemy calm te .”

Gimyurin a smile saying ‘ plan ‘ of the contents is about yireohada .

First, TM ‘s detected radar is captured bar according to , current Ogre corps 50 to 60 group is approximately 10 column of the column with large forms that are estimated .

As of brains years of age dogs Ogre 4 Marie about the SS – this is the head two all – and with ranks in the middle imposing a presence to show off there .

But the ogre is intelligent low- exist . So gimyurin is the most basic tactics , ” traps ” and ” ambush ” to a use made .

Once trapped . Orc labor using a trap dug , some of the ogres there attract .

However, the head 2 dogs and over even dont hayeoseo smart Tina has pitfalls lift hanging not tejiman , but eventually Ogre Ogre of the law . Clearly some for me paemyeon , it’s much more suffering to these guys if you deliver , to anger by intelligence poksak low care to come along to .

” It do something different to do eopna ?”

” Yes . Today is only a trap to create will come .”

20 degree-minute walk , gimyurin and oak troops have river flows near and arrived .

Trap enlargement , the land deep and wide poking him in the cutlery into upright one, Ltd is quickly ended . Indeed scholars also keep an eye I saw the oak colossal as the workforce will .

” Yes !”

Finally , the bush with a trap cover up process quickly end . Gimyurin the honor breath shouting the forehead flowing sweat wipe .

She’s there the whole face ppudeutham and happiness , but Nestle , but the Kim Se-jin emotion is a little different . Just look , here ‘s a trap – ‘ that speak only as inde visual ……

“… You are ill .”

” I’ll be fine . Ogre is a large body , because self to the bottom to see not .”

” Hmm …”

Kim Se-jin is less willing not to face the pitfalls Let’s look , gimyurin is not worried malramyeo his like slap slap hit .

” Okay are you now let’s go back , tired .”

And then again back to the wrist holding the Kim Se-jin and leads .

Even if it is rooted , it is very tight .

This saw the unconscious as dabunhi yiguman consciously . Kim Se-jin is prey laughed at all her hand caught .

” Oh ?”

Momentarily angry reureuk had been flushed her face , but within the pain muldeunda .

” Ow ! Oh , why , why do you these ! Hurts hurts ! Kkyaah Aaah ! Broken , broken ! Oak , Oak japne !”

“It is natural that Orc catch people .”

” This , profits !”

Following several oak and up to konrak structure requesting her appearance is harmful pathetic could huh .

* * *

Trap construction completed orcs have worn a less Giro settlements came back .

They are in the food warehouse ejected unidentified them meat to eat baked , hustle and even fight one behind each of the sleeping entered .

But the oak and not gimyurin is worthy a shelter there . She is so reasonably quiet on the floor caves in konrak the times laid Sanya pillow and lay down . No matter that Article handeul cool day sleeping quarters were .

“… Hmm .”

Urgently calls you to wait outside from Kim Se-jin was that she would find , somewhere warm blanket, a chapter import was covered .

But truly articles sense Jerzy heotu not want , blanket as soon as the covering her eyes half was floating . Jewel-like double in the eyes bewildered hero of Oak face damginda .

Kim Yulin looked at him quietly , laughed and laughed and said in a locked voice .

” Finish chill the Dawn felt truly inde …… Thank you .”


Subtle and smile geseumcheure locked eyes . To play the chest , but cheolreong , Oak calmly head the report nodded Indeed chiefs returned . No , I was going to go back . But suddenly the eyes stood out .

Konrak of the tail below placed in a leather briefcase openly with me sticking with oak doll .

The situation might abuses are still a smile laden , holding his gaze stay where watched . Then

” Evil !”

Short scream wildly in the sky heights deoni bounce , hastily stuffed recovered .

” First , second , I brought ‘re not . During oak one person creates showed .”

“· · · · Our orc ?

” For . Example . Chigoneun oak dexterous a jotdeo .”

” Why me resemble that only seems .”

The appearance of Kim Se-jin and other orcs is quite different . Intelligent low- monkey skater ‘ Oh , BOY yiguna Captain ,’ or at least ‘ jyaeneun What saenggyeotji well ?’ I think so .

Past also yihyerin said Admittedly , some rather human markedly improve the appearance will be .

“…… all ‘s not . I , nacham . Ax yisinga disease .”

She quietly bags such as back and hid .

” Well then .”

He colonized smiling standing patriarch room in back .

Well I leaned around versed think , his , etc. behind gimyurin a relieved sigh rest within .

And indeed chiefs to return the Kim Se-jin he called monetary purposes for out of that went back up to realize , quite a long two hours it took .


“It comes .”

Me away , bother your eyes pop up’s call without massive silhouette that after another show began . Rough gauge to hold 60 groups lightly passes . The number is 60 , and Ogre is an advanced monster inhabited only in middle or higher grade zones .

Alone to wander even ogres difficult inde opponents , like that large a number ─ although assembled correctly, the unity is even ─ sight is also gimyurin Kane nervous making was enough .

” Did you know the plan ?”

” Yes .”

Roughly 10 column to column coming of Ogre most central , especially petite grand one Ogre it . Three different heads with coal-black skin . Two in one with even the ogres view rare dedul it , with damn greedy liar .

Now, specific to the position reached, and 950 of the hero orc in the right and left the trial calculation by dispersing at least 40 of about Ogre is in ranks to departure will .

That kind digits exits , and now the konrak shot of gimyurin all times . She colorectal Ogre and the rest to the SS tremendous suffering by gift , the guys Kim Se-jin and orcs one ambush in place to attract it .

Then after that another force together the first offensive jolbyeong from guys processing , colorectal one left over when the gimyurin characteristics with ‘1 minutes stunned , the fed back daguri .

“Are you confused or confused ?”

” Yes . Though summoned , but Leviathan Leviathan is also 5 minutes is sleep that you have had success . Although , strictly speaking stun rather ” sleeping ” I was .”

” Hmm .”

Kim Se – jin nodded his head . Direct its sights have seen , the question is no room there .

” Now I ‘ll go . Sheik’s ambush as a place to go .”

” Wait .”

The moment Kim Yulin caught the reins of the conch .

” Back before , scones .”

Kim Se-jin is her hero’s oak This pattern engraved badges handed . Only to possess even a vitality that supported , so that artifacts from the most expensive value ‘ passive artifact ” is ” you our ” colleagues ” of the mark . ”

” Oh …?”

Gimyurin is it blankly than hope , less than two hands carefully standing arms wrapped around the chest gathered .

” Thank you .”

Boo Woong ─

Just as the hero Oak is daejeonsa the horn blew . It as the starting point of the Orcs movement day raego was tying War . 950 of soldiers each by half to the left and right divided , the rest 50 of the elite is gimyurin is the Ogre lure come in rugged terrain carefully moved .

” First, go and wait Press and .”

Gimyurin is of just touching the eyes and geulsseong , the konrak ride into battle turned .

* * *

Ogre low intelligence which variables are just ’cause could have , battle is the gimyurin as saying cheokcheok was conducted . 40 groups around the Ogre is a yangik get out of the trap listened hanging , Captain ogres to gimyurin big one vs. obtained the right to rage endure not mad as ran .

” It comes in . Get ready .”

20 Bo .

20 look Ogre 20 Here comes this way . Kim Se – jin said so and took a deep breath .

Boom !

Several footsteps . That while maybe -to- head and three head to Ogre be mixed emitter .

Sejin’s eyes close vision than the other to the senses of the body left . Anyway, the body primer giant ogres are one in the eyes come not . So the closer the eyes are, the more it will only interfere .

Gradually approaching the guys in the whole body feeling , the maces tweaks to grab . Tuesday spiritual body that is ” goblin fury , potions and ” the reverse transcription , the simultaneous use .

Boom , Boom , Boom . Sense to expand more of these guys footsteps will gradually slow down is felt .

Thump , thump , thump …… so footsteps are three times more sounded when .

Well rising energy and hurt and anger put , their front going tipped the ogre giant ankle full swing ─ fly !

Quaaaanang !

Tremendous power contained of tyranny struck -to- head Ogre ankle as was extinguished . One ankle losing him is a road -fall and , that over the orcs tackles .

But Kim Se-jin’s eyes are still wrapped . Hero Orcs red ohreumyeo other , yet another of the oppression of the victim to find the mace wielded .

Boom !

Huge the vibration on the mountain purpuric trembled .


Ⓒ Wallet Song

Although the kidneys were smaller than the ogres , the Orcs chieftain was overwhelming .

He swung a mace in Ogre touch surface of the guys limb came out and torn , on the ground Collision crater is deep was lost , even in the air , even churning huge vibrations as the waves were lashed .

It now central power in ‘ Captain Ogre ‘ is a konrak shot to gimyurin mental sold atmospheres , battle the Orc this side were dominant . Approximately ‘s weapons extent of the ogre fifty- one Oak dealing yeoteuna appearances , one oak wonak because monsters .

‘It’s smooth .’

Here and Mace Blunt plosives and the skin that jityigyeo a Gore sounds reverberate . So two hours Over something huge is crashing sound intermittently heard . Of forest trees tteurimyeo crushing collapse many were the ogres .

The guys are a number julmyeon The line fifty one elite orc victory is inspiring more actively moved .

And 30 minutes .

Captain ogres than any ogre that there is clean up to 30 if minutes were enough . Twenty of the ogres to crush who sacrificed allies are twenty well .

Near round toured colorectal Ogre care gudeon sprouting gimyurin is geujeseoya of konrak etc. come down . Her front, the large intestine is the ogre the rage rimyeo tert chasing , followed by bloody Orcs positions held .

” Please stop all the boss Ogre .”

The first -th battle just ended only . But her that the word , orcs once again captain the ogre towards the out ran out . And they Colon ogres that prevents a break the other , gimyurin is the Gungnir was triggered . The blade of the pure white shines in splendid gold and is narrowed down to the form of a window .

It is a blow to hold objective is simple .

‘One minute stun ‘.

It may have been a short , short time in everyday life, but the battlefield is different . Battlefield 1 minute dared valued priceless can not was .


But , suddenly the body in Mana all got through . This is the purpose of bets put impossible , meaning , gimyurin is the Gungnir French had in Mana recovered bound could .

‘ What is it ? Why …… ”

While not recovered could Mana in vitro exit , the mana level is 50% only . Anything not half as the shot is Shem . Of course gimyurin is understood things were . Leviathan is also 5 minutes or re wotdeon inde technology , why me Ogre ……

” Size Aaah !”

That’s mangyeon her ear oak of the elite scream heard .

Doing this even break time is flowing , orcs goes dead .

Lice or eurorado gums Gaza .

She has this ahdeuk bite has its moments .

Ogre , such as back , cute creatures one wing and flaps went well . Annoyed Park soteul enough in the eyes of ripe was seen . That orcs and their underground trapped when , his mana away went to fuck him .

It was a ‘ mackerel ‘ .

” That ‘s a bitch!”

The enemy oenamu the bridge deoni meet , now all of a feather pulling barbecue ……

But gimyurin is Purupuru trembling hands and bump bump beating heart sikyeoyaman truly was . One , one that from the Ogre should handle it .

She was again in Gungnir mana collected . There is no purpose this time . But the rest of the Mana all out put of guy to Heart penetrate well .

Wu woowoowoo …… Gungnir is the gimyurin and Mana 0 people and the gold indazol lashed . The sinmyo a stream emitted and the ground sikideon vibration Gungnir is usually pure white ─ the brilliance glittering This is a ray of seomjeon spewing .

Quaaaa ─ !

The trigger and hit were indeed simultaneous . Three heads ogres in an instant heart being through , it coincided with the height a leap is Kim Se-jin on the power packed ‘ bang ‘ to the guys back of the head was the price .

Clearly the gimyurin alone chamgyeok would lack was . But for Kim Se-jin formidable enough and it struck jyeoteuni together , he is its strong vitality to boast even break no foundation .

That’s right.

Eventually, the chief ogre fell down slowly, screaming low . Then the Orcs are roaring mountain with in widely echoed .

” No ! Yet … 큭 !”

But still win early . To Oak tell you it is . However, Kim Yulin grabbed his heart and sat down on the floor . It was a side effect using mana . Fortunately , she want to say Kim Se-jin is instead gave a shout .

” Not yet ! Are you okay ?”

Kim Se-jin is of oak tension keeps your gimyurin walked .

” Yeah , yeah . Okay ……!”

Momentarily gimyurin a daze guteotda . Following the huge shadow casts . Kim Se-jin is hurriedly followed turned around , a giant that ogres have seomjjit the angwang balhamyeo memorize ( 暗Qi ) with blazing fists stretched my had ─ Kim Se-jin is a gimyurin eyes while quickly back and retreated .

Boom ! Fortunately, his blow was one step behind . However , that moment . Then him towards somewhere semicircular the breath flooded .

” Oh yeah …!”

Kim Se-jin is one of gimyurin me away , at least a ridge a few dogs lightly beyond as far threw breath declined . But breath His path along a curve becomes warped came along . At the same time, the three- headed Ogre’s sleek fists are also flooded .

But this time was a bit different . His eyes were different . It was far more violent and intolerant than before .

Then it came up . Some trolls , died just before narrowly After living ‘ hoegwang Banjo ‘ special of the balak that that .

” Chew !”

A ferocious gwongol is a breath rimyeo staggered heard flying . The fist Avoiding the breath being hit , a breath Avoiding the punch gets hit hit . But there was one more choice . And the oak instinct of Kim Se-jin those with choices led .

First , the blood flow circulating in the body is rapidly accelerated . At the same time of the reverse transcription it is also superimposed uses . Here, the strength of the steel obtained from the battles is added .

Pure , exclusively only strong a focus on physical constants . It is fighting for birth servants , to Oak lifetime best of goyanggam was prehistoric .

The land largely overcame the body covering the breath produces survive . Gimyurin a busy rescuing Mace I got thrown there . But it does not matter . Just a regime crosses my ……!

콰 ア ア ア ─ ─ !

Ogre and Orc fists came into contact . Fists and fists together incurred in cross-section a huge explosion , like from the blue welling world white and dyed , the ground trace without went down tree .

It seems it is not . However, Kim Se – jin closed his eyes by feeling the feeling that the ogre ‘s arm which reached his fist was gradually disappearing .

[ Condition Complete : Commitment and Sacrifice ]

[ Foaming monster changes from Orc Chief to Orc Chieftain ]

[ Orc’s original skill ‘ Orc’s essence ‘ is learned .]

[ ‘ Oak constant ‘ a ‘ of batori muscle tissue and muscle density ‘, ‘ Mana delay ” and to sensitive ! Qualities , ” the most pure body , a ……]


Kim opened his eyes in the hazy darkness . Fucking baepsae guy …… the first painter I know I still Oak condition is like . But there are a lot of problems . Nunman kkeomppeok yeojil addition , the body conducting a dissimilar movement does . Maybe it’s a natural outcome , because you’ve been hit by an ogre and you have turned your breath all over .

” Fuck .”

The voice comes out roughly .

Suddenly I was curious . Ogre somehow , but eojin donggwi , baepsae is how not have been . And , the last time than when I saw the body ttungahri a little bigger will sounded .

“… haam ~”

Sleepy and yawn came out by itself . Eye claims about roll like charcoal, soot eojin check your body looks . It is a miraculous level to survive . Spiritual body screen information [90/100] as is geolro seen 10 dogs worth of potions all consumed it seemed .

So two hours how much how it flows .

Suddenly , this idea was told .

“…… Oak patriarch anyway haneunge leave I wish .”

Now the formative foaming is divided . However two chiefs were handeul , okra is the race to the limit there . So the limit is not Leviathan and , the potential is high for Lycan slopes focuses on utilizing it be right to . ( For reference Goblin form long ago abandoned .) But geureogie is applied dots is .

Kim Yoo Rin . She is now Oak special feelings bear it . The kind can not be completely known even by oneself . But kindness and La camaraderie hagieneun him about the little gipdago to guess only .

But what you have to do now is …

” Let’s go home once …”

I do not know how many days have passed since then . At home waiting for a man is . Kim Se-jin turned into a Leviathan form and squeezed the remaining mana to cast ‘ Mao ‘ .


The moving place was the underground meeting room . I checked the date as soon as I arrived , and it was only one day . I’m glad . Relieved sigh naeswimyeo on the couch , lying , he for cleaning the phone that you need to think even forgotten while still asleep ……

” Are you here ?”

” Mom !”

Somewhere I hear the voice hwadeuljjak surprised woke up .

It was Lilia .

” Well , what ? Here why you got ?”

“I have escaped . Did not the plan fail ? ”

” Aha .”

” And , Kim Se-jin standing Mr direct janseupnikka malhasyeot . The monster of the land in the basement our cities that make .”

She said that and came to Sejin . And the potion named after him geonnenda .

” Anyway jumusimyeon should be . Even potions eat I need to sleep .”

” Oh , thank you .”

─ snapping snapping a potion to drink Kim , Kim Se-jin’s TV to push turned on .

Pyongyang, on the side of the uproar was truly a news brief that reports of , oak on the side of the news headlines that was on .

As a result , fortunately, Kim Yulin survived . Breath a stem and brutal double fist on by the atomic bomb-grade explosive though occurs , cone lock the gimyurin rescue nawatdago . However, the radius 10km range is completely the ashes are high sank to .

It means, that is , the rest of the oak silk will not know the meaning .

Are they all dead ? Kim Se-jin is vain chest with Om becomes meokmeok felt .

” The uproar . The body sacrificed to inclement boss monster one was treated I heard ?”

“… haha .”

” Hazel Lynn says the report surprise was surprised . Have you dead ‘ll ahninyago . The media Oak The chiefs and ogres with said eojin donggwi ─ and a massive and press ‘m .”

Kim Se-jin is an Lilia watching prey laughed .

” The patriarchs , as well as Warchief dont fix , please .”

” Huhh .”

Lilia of the crow’s feet seolpit was bent . Kim Se-jin narrowed his mind to the relaxed response .

” But what , already in the know it was like laugh ?”

” Did I do that ?”

“… What . Real know I was ?”

” Freely I think . I’m twenty , to two days manahseoyo .”


Sunny afternoon . Kim Se-jin came to Kim Yong-in’s visit . As soon as , the bed next to a petite little smaller lock icon shown . He is desperate in his eyes , ” the ahneuncheok not do ─ ” said ilreotda . Konrak also their gaze felt still there .

” Uh , Kim Se-jin said . Oh did you ?”

Gimyurin is of Kim Se-jin expectations and are otherwise very well-lit with a smile, he was welcomed . Embarrassed Kim Se-jin is why you do not know until seopseopham feel her next to the couch and sat down .

” Are you okay ?”

” Yeah . Okay .”

“… Thank goodness .”

Kim Se-jin is called unexpected , as the answer to the LED TV to looked at . Oak contents pouring had . Is it because of the TV . Two between little dialogue things coming did .

Kim Se-jin is a careful should exercise was , gimyurin the TV for watching generous smile build was only .

─ the hero Oak patriarch explosion caught the deceased to appear . The number of citizens in sadness locked in a memorial procession line itgo ……

In the anchor ‘s voice , Kim Se – jin gave courage and asked .

“… That oak , did die ?”

” No. ”

Kim Se-jin is also surprising as it was jeukdap . She is the right hand tight jwin while saying it was .

” Certainly , it will be alive somewhere .”

Then he looks at him and laughs .

He her on the right hand Jeans squeeze Oak insignia seen . So just along laughed .

” Right . Guild Master ‘s .”

” Yes ?”

Open changteum between the wind came pushed her hair is like the cherry blossoms were heudeureo . It is beautiful , at the moment of thinking . She said in a somewhat affirmative voice .

” Have you ever , still low courted do you want ?”

“· · · · What ?

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