A Monster Who Levels Up

By Jee Gab Song

Chapter 147

Chapter 147

Orc and Knight have been facing each other for a long time . The winter winds blow bare branches seuchimyeo crying , clouded sky in a very small drizzle are on the ground, touching not hold in the air dissolves .

How much silence has flowed in such a quiet nature ,

The light vibration shook the road surface .

” Ah ! Me , Hey !”

First reactions seen cases was gimyurin . She often steps in oak front approached stood . Shirin season face even out of the ordinary and yatgi it because , shallow buleojin both see particular are embossed .

” Soon we’ve come . Ogre …… So , two heads ogre , who heads trolls that ogre .”

However, some descriptions are rather struggled to eat seemed to have a look . Rather it not he is named indeed long . Three – head – ogre , go into more detail -to – ogre head – one – troll head – black skin – ogre . Where the proper noun than English , except to say do not help eopgetji the Street .

” Ow …… then , I mean …… ever ” ogre ” is do you know ?”

Stuffy seemed around the hand that was hwijeok She eventually , background knowledge from the description entered .

” I know .”

” That , Ogre head many skin The new kkamal is strong it ?”

” I know .”

” WOW , That’s fortunate . Now head three individuals are ogres , three heads of the two dogs are ogre and one trawl of the Ogre , Besides skin ssae black , that ogres are now here comes you .”

The knowledge was in fact , Kim Se-jin is jimjit around and looked around . Life is impoverished seemed seusan and bleak winter landscape as well . There is no trace of man .

” You only eopna ?”

” Yes ? Oh , Yes . Me only .”

” Hmm . Man is the guy fight that he would apply mean ?”

” Oh , that’s ……”

Difficult to put yourself in the eye to avoid the gimyurin in appearance , Kim Se-jin is roughly guessed gone .

The situation in Korea is quite dizzy now . Pyongyang end of daemon minotawooreuseu and Busan side of Behe rokbel , and is the place to Ogre , total strength is the boss monsters of Granite and abuses so .

In addition to the risk they’re the bosses are right to the chin chimin Pyongyang and Pusan side is the most urgent .

Five great heroes , large South Korea Oh , and no matter how acclaimed , even after all Orcs Orcs in the law .

Government hero Oak jukdeun or not interested No , just Ogre ankle as much as possible longer want to get hope only will .

” Fight Humans are you just eopna Must be .”

“… Yes . Now yes .”

Oak there when the oak feelings more heavily omah coming , but how , frankly, just understand it . Rather gimyurin is that the plans take mothayeo to command geoseureun while here came out ‘d going .

” Thorns away to What I’d like to . Monster fields and the town on the border of the pitfalls to make you busy , where we and the troops with ……”

” No. ”

However, Kim Se-jin’s head was naejeo . Although the death waiting jieonjeong be , to the Oak Retreat it is not . What’s more ogres to something even die I will savor .

” Fight .”

Deepen kkalrineun , yet attractive aloof was the voice . Gimyurin will spit gulp to swallow just anything ridiculous not failed .

Silence was her distress at the end tooth and nail , remove words , Kim Se-jin also enough to expect can be had .

” Well , I can help you can make , please .”

I feel nervous to be rejected even if I have to .

But Kim Se-jin is a little late , without support settlements in the footsteps moved . Consent that means noticing gimyurin is the whole face smiles floated , holding his back and followed .

The villages that I visited for a long time were much improved than before . The training venue , food warehouses , residential , forge and so thoroughly that the division is look truly was amazing . Oak themselves sikyeotdago development trust can not be enough .

” And …… very much it looks like you’ve developed .”

Gimyurin are sincerely admired seemed , Jean-popping to the eyes if the village were watching . Kim Se-jin is THRUM approached the orcs called . Those who came up with grace and grace, they passed a thousand lightly .

Kim Se-jin is the Orcs once sseueuk hulgo is , to gimyurin attention placed . Intense the eyes felt she was the face eumyeonseodo bulhyeot jimjit know Chuck aekkut is only a hair Bebe barrage twist .

Sejin is colonized with a smile she said .

” You Be conduct .”

* * *

” Geobwa . Beats .”

The same time . Bartori looked at the dark interior and said it was grieving . Quite a long period of time painstakingly erected underground city is quickly abandoned gone , the rest is only hwengdenggeureong one joint ( 空洞) as well .

As such, the North Ferrator escaped everywhere . Quite in the past had prepared going on , no trace is also some evidence left because here the city existed even say unbelievable difficult was about .

” I’m sorry . Road ‘s eyes damage in the basement of the town have made since the question should have been to ……”

The trembling voice of the elders tickled the ears of the bartender .

Yes , ‘ elders ‘ it is . Blood in the nobility ttajimyeon of the Apostles top grades and , 0 shares ( 領主) in his right gyeokin under the ‘ elders ‘.

But the voice of a man that much is so slender .

It is not because of age . If that if, because the lower the person to be rebuked even like that timid and the weak must be was an attitude was .

” I’m sorry ?”

” Yes , Yes . I am throwing ……”

” What ?”

” That , doubt not failed to …….”

” Needle is why we sorry ? Nosferatu motherfuckers not wrong .”

” Uh …”

” Anyway, you guys are all beasts, like age, only eotguna cheomeok . Verve is no pride No …… No , this force because there obvious going on ?”

One day ago . Batori is rude , despite the load there.But go find loads on the spot did not . Instead of loading the baggage ” useless doubt to do ─ ” said hayeoteul advice as well .

But once it caused a ripple is so easy to sink did . At least a first limb ( 手足) with direct reporting dig , two eyes clear , it ‘s not ‘ that the results must confront gender kick teji .

“… kids ?”

Batori are themselves followed dozens of the apostles , the elders world that any more than what a beautiful voice was heard . The delusion they dared the eyes encountering not the body bent . But batori will give them the most difficult selection request was .

” Decide .”

Even melodious possessed my tongue as much as swallow alluring voice , the most shocking words were .

” Whether to follow the road , or to follow me .”

This is the same declaration that we plan to rebel . Loading of the eye affect does the basement because not mangjeong , if hwonhi open yeotdamyeon open space a vampire instincts to suppress wont blood thirsty and led the dead do not know . Rod vampire to vampire instincts adjusted number of which the authority has so .

” Bar , Barton , it is …”

” Hey guys . Unfortunately I am , cracks opened until the wait may not be the gatdan .”

Momentarily it batori around 500m in radius dark mana hemisphere ( 半球) to form arcs in the sky atda rises . It was an obstacle to prevent escape .

” But at least the choice can help be some information you need to like says ? …… Look sitting . I am now telling you more good hearing , reasonable the decision to issue it .”

Batori the feet are suddenly brilliant the throne entered .

Elders and the apostles on the floor, the body lean Joao holding her horse fell .

* * *

Kim Yulin gathered the Orcs and started a passionate briefing . Boil a large battle ahead is that article to view can not be as lively was seen . Above all, now she enthusiastically explaining what hearing destination ‘ oak ‘ is . More Orcas intelligence a little more better that the level of oak ─ as well as ordinary Orc ─ but talk .

” Ogres are essentially cognate kkirido fighting the destruction of the Incarnation . But that ogres have a binding reason is only one , the ‘ Captain Ogre ” only . ”

She even painted on the flat wall of the cave . Hair years of age dogs ran into ogres and life is estimated , that around the rippling along with the ogre presumed existence .

” So the captain of the ogre killing ogres of solidarity to lose , each fight will be will be .”

The content of the plan she is briefing now is simple . Other Ogre ignored and only the Captain has given pandas will .

But the problem is that the colon is standard except that there is a point .

Monster scholars precise experimental came up identify result , ogres head , one increases each time that a strength substantially “4 times ” degree computation product is . Then in that a colon ogre’s head is the two dogs more ‘ve ran mundane than the ogres at least 16 times more than strong .

But here we have to add another variable called ‘ skin ‘ .

Ogre skin is a colorless close higher quality makin strongly , the achromatic amount of the extreme white and black is plain brown than the ogres two times closer it is strong orthodoxy .

So the captain Ogre simply just calculate mediocre Ogre 32 enough times that the river horse is .

Also , make matters worse, three of the head one ‘ troll ‘ is . Knights values shaking enough vitality tough troll .

” Of course, hard going . The captain Ogre …… very ‘m stronger . But .”

Gimyurin is a hero orc figure one of Kim Se-jin looked smiled .

“If you have your labor , your patriarch’s power , and conch, you’ll be able to do that .”


Ogre 1 days 2 a meal ingestion, and , eating after half a day while moving does . So there was a grace period of one to two days before Ogre’s troops arrived . Kim Yoo Rin used the deferment to educate Orcs as soon as the briefing was over . The screams of the orcs did not quit whether it was drastic training .

‘ A little late olgeol ……. ”

And Kim Se-jin is now in Dazu toilets sitting regret was on . It was a problem that I did not know the physiology of Ogre in detail . Just like in appearance prick like a haeol assault line I thought , what a break so mandan Incorporated .

Of course, that thanks to ready two hours more Star – Spangled given , but , the angry spirit body through the mobile phone to import mangjeong not ……

[ Yusejeong : my brother really too hangeo not ?! Phone is why another nail maven gonna ! Message one duffle by leaving it as the end to think ?! So even if the bar , I for life remain I will think ? …… Goodbye say do not not misunderstand do .]

[ Yusejeong : No , just one word cancel . It will be a lifetime . My brother is like a leech even if I go .]

Fingers are stubborn , making it hard to hit the batter . But I have to reply .

– You sleep in the end did not . And I’m the one should I be What are you saying so much . Do not be so irritated when you get in two days . One time more then one for the moon enters not .]

Because it was an orc state , the characters were more intense and nervous than usual . The irony quite hurt as much as sent to suppose , reply 10 minutes to just arrived . It was much more relaxed than it was before .

[· · · · · I’m sorry . I just suddenly disappear gajigu surprised geureongeoya …… but my brother ever tell me what an angry giant it ?]

[ No . I do not . I reported pas eunikka crazy nerve sprouting Kuji told .]

Rather several partial radical was the character .

[( Hamster hearts jwin grab emoticons ) ahing shape – I again ~ all right and fast ~.

– possible as soon as you go …… ( Heart )

Reply finished then calm the footsteps of the ear I heard digging . Sejin is that soon the cell phone was angry spirit body . It’s really fast .

Clever –

Knock you thing there was . Because there is no door .

” What happened? ”

His at the end gimyurin a headshot ppaekkom stuck . Just take a shower and come Guernsey , moisturize the wet hair is right off down flow .

” · · · · · Where did Conkro go ?

Cautious on the question, Kim Se-jin is a bottom toktok tapped . Then the cone, which had been summoned before, came into the cave room roughly . As soon as soon as the gimyurin deopchin konrak is her hustle the affair is punishment began .

Dust are flying , the dust is densely indazol .

Kim Se-jin, who narrowed the gap, tried to make a big shout ,

” Whoops hot . Wait , wait . Okay konrak (screams) ! Ah , I knew ……”

I could not do it because of Kim Young-lin’s bright smile and happy face .

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