A Monster Who Levels Up

By Jee Gab Song

Chapter 146

Chapter 146

Leviathan is direct a cast Mado ‘ moments transition ‘ is indeed been successful . It arrived at the place far way stayed conference . But too hastily case of use , 8 people all the land of your feet stepped in the state to move is was not . That some hair or other another site is on land studded holding that move meant .

” 꺅 !”

” Evil !”

” Ah !”

So some painful screams ringing in the turmoil but , around the around Kim Se-jin is hanmyeongui also left behind no hagoseo confirmed relieved sigh breathed in . At the same time , the dizziness that abused the mana was pushed .

” Are you okay ?”

Dunn stumbled to Kim Se-jin right next to that was a gimyurin was minor . From the dragon to a minor , rather that strange sight Kim Se-jin is a humanized while taking was lovable nature .

” Oh , Yes . It’s okay . But the head ‘m eojil .”

The temple nureumyeo did say . Gimyurin has him near the sofa was seated .

” By Blue Dragon varying characteristics syeotdani , or true . …… Ah , but the magic Guild Master watched you use are you ?”

“…… Well , that ‘s a count .”

” That disgrace Shem , that’s what does count ? Plus ? Subtraction ?”

Kim Yulin smiled a thin smile and threw a gag . Also age fool can eopguna , I think, and she looked a moment .

The eyes of Kim Se-jin are fluttering . Her mouth and hagwan vicinity has plenty of blood attached do was …….

” Yu , violated Mr. . Do not you sick ?”

” Yeah ? Oh , by not sick .”

“It looks sick …”

Puzzled and asked , she separated not seem to sonsarae struck . But the bones altogether gaebaksal the natneunji arm part two places have I to look the way duffle duffle – shakes . As the bizarre sight of Kim Se-jin mouth tteuak going , gimyurin also geujeseoya their status confirms hwadeuljjak surprised .

” Evil ! Is this what !”

“…… loosen .”

Her lively reaction provoked laughter .

” Not that , that’s not …… this , the degree of potions to drink it is better . Finish There are potions …”

” No , I see me . The extent jyeoteumyeon department potion to drink should do . Bone strangely glued siryeogo what about .”

Kim Se-jin’s head jeolre jeolre shaking her arms caught . And the mana properly to adjust the skin into blown .

” No , okay . In the hospital you go …… uh ?”

Bath funk bone fragments to take care of their position and searching , one another firmly stick together destroyed before the form is returned . It is different from a potion that heals only trauma . This ” recovery ” of the concept , death, after the old ” healing magic ” and abuts it .

” It’s been . One once moving look .”

” This , this …… What ?”

Puzzled gimyurin is an arm sliding on exploring it was amazing .

” How on earth did you do that ?”

” I learned . Away from batori , a little bit .”

Momentarily she is not outrageous face smiles . But help may eopji Is . It’s true .

In fact , [ batori is with the village road to the knowledge and understanding of ] the sentence ” a village road use can allow allows ‘ is simply meant not . The village road to speak to no be longer for many years ” for ” a while Yeux been built up batori the family all the experience and to the dignity wholesale that reproduces , more comprehensive meaning to .

So now Kim Se-jin is a modern wizard skills to the lack or death , or managed to neglect the loss of several to magic wholesale ‘33% ( Progress ) ” as much use can have . And lucky jotgedo that ” many magic ” during the healing magic contained gonna .

” And , gonyeon is obediently What did tell ?”

” I did some negotiations .”

” Negotiation disgrace …… its spirit went out with a girl how to negotiate ?”

Then . Just in the healing process glance saw , yihyerin a wince wince came . No , it’s crawling . Two hand the floor was a straw .

” Guild Master’s lower spine is crushed down to think . To the lower body sensation , feeling Oh no …….”

Yihyerin the tears geulsseong is a Kim Se-jin looks up . He not worry, do not say is , her clothes gently stripped . If there is clothing on the contact surface, it will be interrupted . However , Lee did not know such a fact .

” Eugyak ! What are you doing ? Even the body did not move the girls against ? Captain ! Help Captain Sir !”


She dont move both hands yangkkeot the struggle only chyeotji , that ‘ sir ‘ is also one hantongsok is according . Kim Yong-lin caught Lee’s upper body firmly .

” Come hasijyo .”

” Uh ? Well , mwolhae ! I do ! Do not !”

” Treatment Dude , treat .”

” Yeah ? Ah , ah …”

Gimyurin is that let’s say , geujeseoya the struggle costs frequent . Kim Se-jin’s clothes more over posted . Waist-grained flinch just nervous that at least the reaction there . But nowhere gimyurin a spiteful expression deoni done , she’s the butt slap ! I knocked hard so I could make a sound .

” Ah ! What ! Who is it !”

” Hye-rin is good shape ~”

” Yes , yes ? Oh , do not !”

Sweet . Sweet . A soft sound keeps ringing .

” Ha , do not ! Ahheut ! Ha , haang !”

“…… as soon as treatment before ‘ll take .”

But anyway , if a man a little bit embarrassing , so whimsical situations happen that groups like , Kim Se-jin is a gimyurin pushing the patient’s new white and slender waist hand barrage . And now gimyurin was like mana French Place .

Flashing ! Some just do not , mana impregnated waist is near the bluer were glittering .

And , at best , the treatment is done with it .

‘ ‘m . Look up . ”

Yihyerin is preferred from the dressing peotteuk clears the gradual legs moved .

” Oh , it is ! Gotta !”

Lee Hye-rin slowly wakes up with a delicate face . So soon after the treatment of Lee Hye-rin , this time came to ask Hazel Lin . The hood upside wrote she was seemingly no more than I boyeoseo Kim Se-jin has had wondered .

” Mr. Hasselin ? Where does it hurt ?”

” Oh , that , that , that’s mean Sejin ‘s ……?”

But the lips only ppeokkeum ppeokkeum runnin only bear the words itji do . As she , perhaps head off a hwonhage blank look he was lovable hate halkkabwa afraid . Breathe the lanes the lanes cheongsimhwan that many are ready we needed .

However , Lee stretched her hands like a bee and stripped her hood .

” Evil ! No , this is a bitch !”



The inside became very calm for a while . Machi Good for Ravenous is something every sound is swallowed up appears .

As a deadly silence in , Hazel Lynn whole body stiff stiff while only sweat ppeolppeol shed .

” Oh , that … I’m sorry my sister .”

” Uh ? Oh , no , not . I am so surprise surprise …… Rather, I am not sorry . I originally , then , bath often to not … The real surprise has surprised …… I’m sorry .”

Two people together for reconciliation of the midst , Kim Se-jin’s Hazel children here on the reason noticed . A tall crown . He prey laughing with her on the head with hands raised . And , Tsutomu Tsutomu .

Gently stroking her crown .

“… ah ?”

Blankly beolryeojin of Hazel Lynn in the mouth a flurry sprang .

” I do not know the length , but I restored it moderately .”

Kim Se-jin’s that saying with a smile jieotgo , Hazel Lynn two to see the blush bulhin while shyly head nodded . However, such a Hazel Lynn ‘s gimyurin Sharp ‘s eyes are launched . She has the body significantly is shaking rapidly back and steps down .

” And , thank you Sejin ‘s !”

” Rather, I gomapjyo . But , the main jihyeok said, are you okay ?”

” Yes . I’m fine .”

Zhu Ji-hyeok answered positively and poured a potion .

” Internal injuries ‘s kind only . Heoheoheo .”

“What about Yu-Song ?”

“… hanteneun me , why do you mean half ? I’m fine .”

She stretch one and the Kaiser two to three walked .

* * *

Have you ever know of batori to fight back against 1 weeks each regular meeting with gajigi one that , abrupt kidnapping is anyway the finish was .

Of course peongpeong crying cleaned to the cheeks and chest and chin and abdomen with your head getting prices do avoid can eopeotjiman , expectations did a booming it Now that roughly nicely done you can dont .

” Ahswipgin ‘m ‘

This is indeed a long time back my home , Kim Se-jin’s thigh on the lying of the cleaning was patting his head to regret swallowed .

At best 33% for only the village road knowledge is also the moment transitions , of course , that the underlying forming several of the magic configuration and the concept wholesale understand be had .

As it is satisfied it just right , a little more two hours had been , at least 50% until you have reached wonder how was , to the regret jakkuman it emerges .

” Ew . Does not .”

Kim Se-jin’s head I castrate shaking the disappointment he shook . Anyway, two hours more jyeoteumyeon stretched fully recovered him batori struck in combat has killed it . So much for disappointed requires no ……

Then . Regular was organized deuramayi deoni Hang sudden emergency breaking a screen full of picked sheets .

[ Urgent breaking news . Boss- rated giant monster ‘ Three Head Troll Ogre ‘ is the news that it is haunted . Ogre heads two dogs and Troll heads one combined the BOSS grade Ogre currently Gangwon monster on the field, private house towards the march and are ……]

Certainly unusual but serious , but the situation , nowadays somewhat unusual to have accepted was content . 1 in the year you never throw many bosses is now an old saying . 3 a week a times the rate of that haunting because situation . So the name is long will except nothing special, going without a bastard ……

But , that then resulted in the anchor mean of Kim Se-jin attention to a draw was enough .

[ Monster fields other the ogres into hwiha absorb and continue to advance ” three head troll ogre ” of the army is present , the hero of Oak Giro villages of steps to move in that was known .]

“… uh ?”

Kim Se – jin opened his eyes in a circle . Hero Orc settlements if …… the spirit chill I suddenly body stood raised up was the state .

The party !

” Off ew …… brother .”

That ‘s why the washing machine fell on the floor .

” Cleansing ?”

” What is really … Brother , again .”

” Not that …… you go to work do not you ?”

Campaign Chung eyes grimacing while holding back rubbing replied .

” I yesterday Curry lot Reid finished holiday I got . Why ?”

” Uh ? Oh …… not .”

“… What . Also where dangerous ‘ll try not ?”

I look at the suspicious eye . Some but stabbed , his head is rowing hand Indah hwijeok .

” Well ? ‘m not ? I you leave where you ‘re going … over here Come on . Come on ~”

” I know I’m strong …. ”

I mean that while , quietly of Kim Se-jin arms anginda . Sejin is like gives todak than she is only going to bed and waited . Fortunately, now yesterday’s raid finished atmospheres was tired , she quickly back to sleep, heard , Sejin is her on the couch with laid in place and slowly got up .

Messages are ” short Guild two days in , soon I’ll be ‘ called to write , proper clothes, dressed equipped rear , the house sets out .

‘ I ‘ll play an orc in a long time .’

The body quite to spend would like unto , to stretch correctly party haedu .

* * *

To the oak retreat commands make one ? Kim Se-jin was the hero of oak to form a monster Field Walk worried .

The atmosphere of Monster Field is always similar . Branches rustling sound only heard deep silence inside , straight monster pops out like the tension flows .

However, this is only an intermediate zone . Clear ‘ hero Oak chiefs ‘ He nervous need never there .

So imposing , the emperor to walk walk I suddenly villages magazine entrance was .

Boil , firmly closed the door in front of an oak , not one who this woman was .

Tidy Knights conquered over the armor substitutes artifacts coat wearing , his belt, the gold is solid is bound .

In the Republic of Korea six in the second tougher articles , a gimyurin .

Kim Se-jin is surprised surprised the setback gardenia , she is the Thought felt put on his belt, hand daenchae followed looked back .

“… ah .”

” Greater .”

A short voice telling that they have recognized each other .

So , here Inc. orcs back again with each other to face was .

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