A Monster Who Levels Up

By Jee Gab Song

Chapter 145

Chapter 145

I do not know how much time has passed . But I know for sure that the election has expanded to the size of the elementary school playground .

Gloomy , but the situation over the three to a partial obviously was .

Batori and hit bakgo fight I ‘ bone density and muscle tissue progress ” is climbing up , and finally [ muscle pure , bone is the jeongsun was changed – that the notification shade tteoohreumyeo progress 100% to achieving it .

Its efficacy is very easy to be realized can there . The paeakjil trotting of batori carrying Gus , kicking and the punch the right result , felt pain significantly is reduced that the batori against ‘ struggle ‘ is to some extent made possible . Of course, the magic of helpless thing yet, but Stay .

On the other hand , batori is suddenly completed within ganggol (? 骨) to leave quite made misimjjeokeo . But ” four Godzilla beating adapt a ‘ll ” That excuses do goldsmith doubts solved .

Anyway, so batori is having ” flesh constant ‘ a learned completed and , the next to acquire can that topic [300 years accumulated in Mado knowledge ] was .

Deep down the body to the mana of vaporizing technology hoped, but , still more magical one step that superior ‘ Mado ‘ it . Leviathan the form you take advantage of all batori more endless the possibilities exercise can be emitter .

And now , the progress of such is 15%.

” Huh , it is ~”

That 15% as stacked in Mado fragmented the knowledge and assembled there , suddenly the batori meuheuthan laughter heard . I am her curious little as eye looked at . Little horse need not be . This only reported if the low take care of Mr. buril ‘ll .

” Huhh .”

But this time, bother of batori a description of the need there was .

Batori front zigzag form step by step accumulated trump card castle . I Told in a way extension by TT 50cm around that castle in the state , batori are delighted with it .

Suddenly , after a grudge, the wind blew . Trump Castle is purpuric quiver is collapsing , the batori face kwadeuk is distorted .

” What are you doing are you ?”

” Jaemitnya ? Vain four told me .”

” Anyway , who soon becomes dwe verge Look ahniralkka crooked is very filled Okay . That’s the way . Honey , we or card games one time do ?”

The batori telling card game ‘ One Card ‘ is . Friggin bored look a few times jwotdeoni played , a day 10 eight times and requests . Of course, here one day ” in the enchantment day, ” the means . In the enchantment of the day outside what days are good to know .

“I do not .”

“… eopne outrageous . When the land Let haeteumyeonseo . All the time so you nabwa hate ?”

“Do you think so ?”

Querulous batori before the collapse of the card Castle , its castle on top that had occupied one by Zhang unusually slowly subsides .

That crappy sight idly watching there , pop in your head an electric one trunk was a flash . Intuitive deja vu ( 旣視感), Mau the slope was gut . But in the future this shot glanced deonga was one thing not . Just a short suspect a brain like a flash hit’s as well .

“· · · · Hey .”

” Why ?”

She mixes the cards and instantly replies . I was a little nervous because I was nervous . Now ask horse cards trim down to more much more severe ‘ll be haengpae .

” What is it ? Easy does . Anyway soon would die , why distance control muljjeong I wonder ?”

” Foot .”

But the batori the end laughter prey burst . The castles trapped ─ and humans , such as the air do not want , is somewhat arrogant party ( the own意) won but ─ lived and hadeoniman , strangely curious lot . And the curious wise thing that is also suspected jatda is meant .

Then , usually just a mischief to dismiss interest information even sharpen accept can only eopgetji .

” I just , suddenly wondering mutneunde . As planned , you guys loaded directly to ” succeed, ” he had asserted geonya ?”

Carefully luck stand out Ujjain batori is proudly head was jueok .

” Yes . Load He all you see can I you have . Even older hasyeoseo asleep revelation two hours manjiman .”

” Well , then that guy was time and space , two axis ‘ simultaneously ‘ reverse can say that I think I’ll going ?”

The batori the forehead narrowed .

” Yeah . Both are . What the hell do say you want gonna ? Straight to the end of it !”

” No , I ‘m curious . ‘re not ‘re back . You ever ‘ contradiction ‘ that out ?”

Batori is , but you know chuck head diagonally nodded .

“… description later and . Anyway, you guys are space and time , at the same time , the road overturned want ‘ll think . Time and space , hell what should precede a plan to succeed may wonder ?”

“…… That’s What are you ‘re bullshit . Who pooch look ahniralkka say he jiteu ‘m .”

It is a blunt face . No , What am I saying understand not going to like .

” So good think about it . If the time axis first, if flipped , you who have time to crack ve space How dwijipji ? And yet , if space is the first transition if the guys in the space of cracks ve time axis how nya overturned ?”

A microscopic look at ” the same time ( 同時) ‘ is impossible . At least a micro- seconds, enough differences must exist emitter .

So , the guys plan the inevitable contradiction is interrupted . It time only moderately , given also the general public difficult not do reasoning may be as not difficult non- contradiction .

And this contradiction is also a vampire hard not to be found can be so simple .

The suspect in the source block ‘ blind faith ─ a vampire load ─ ” is without .

” I …… No matter how also think loads of guys used to gatdan mean .”

At best one for Mardi kkeonaeteul ppuninde , the atmosphere dark live with this pressure becomes more . But batori of the ganggol have learned over these physical wibak ( 威迫) is not would not be different .

“…… Maybe you , die also go on hate ? Lifelong me a monster tear meokhimyeon stand living do you want ?”

It was a loud voice . But I could feel the shaking that I could not hide in her pupils who were shaking quietly .

” And , the load He that done feasting why not .”

” These beggars . You guys are in the past home to go back I want ‘re ? So load it ‘ll instead . He already ‘ past home ‘ to return to be eopdan you know ‘re in .”


” I think in time ‘ or ‘ space overturn thing certainly possible . But the time axis either overturned , or space either jumped two of the ‘ one ‘ only available beggars . In other words , the load He Needle hometown banks threw Then , self alone , or the gals except faithful only thugs bringing ‘ past , different in dimension earth ” in To return to – the es . Unprotected status in the global gulp swallow up . ”

” Do not bark !”

Horse ended immediately batori is roaring around for rushed . However , unlike usual , the movements were impatient and not graceful . Agitation and that pulling bangjeung . I have both of her hands to face naemyeo push continues to say it was .

” Ross a Dell you put the words hadeorago ? ‘ Kicks Lord ‘ that . But do you mean , loaded it do tolerate ? Desire that bright knot needle vampires , particularly blood is when the noble more exalted the status of this commitment more severe not it ? ”

“Kobhack! Loading He aged his behalf directly to the heir to pick and hasyeotdan ……!”

” That’s it , land one hundred years ten thousand years would hammock if someone likes . Of vampires to control the vampire instincts could have, but , that before the assassination vulnerable perfectly good . Besides loading the spot turned the gals are even riots ileukimyeon trying what about .”

A trembling heart sikimyeo truly the most relaxing and ridiculed build .

” No. Rather, its load , Wait jandaneun it that true ? I heard this life 100 years more and left I heard ?”

Then the batori mana larger stroke spurt began . The skin over the loud seething of bloody mana her anger that one than the severity revealed

” Rod do that minutes are not .”

I laughed really geureolkka ? That last a word said . She finally ran into the moment to dissect my whole body , whether it was over the threshold . I have her on the shoulder die teeth into driving desperately held . Following a built-in ppophigo Spine place gets gutted. is like the pain chiminda .

Then suddenly . Bartori stops acting .

쯉쯉 –

“… What is this mosquito kitten !”

I take off the blood sucking me . Oh , and 30% only did it filled . The moment I’m sorry .

Suddenly enchantment is jjeo jeojeok to diverge started .

” Oh, I think the rescue team has arrived .”

A smile is built by itself . Covered the hair put , human to appearance changes . Batori is that me curious to the eyes than the mouth raised twist .

” Yeah ? Well …… I ‘ll kill .”

* * *

Golden analyzer is an enchantment Garza , Bullock ( 不落) only one was like raven in the hemisphere cracks emerged . Hope so 3 seconds . Jjeo jeojeo ever – one only side saenggyeotdeon cracks gradually to the enchantment as a whole to go spread , less like a piece of glass clattering falls apart .

” Yes !”

” Mr. Sejin !”

That enchantment of ln two people two people were .

As expected , Bartor and Kim Se-jin .

But the posture was a bit strange . On the ground eopeojin Kim Se-jin and , that over the burnt up batori . Something a little lewd and coercive posture …

” Me , me bitch is !”

That the sight of this immediately Hazel Lynn , I involuntarily greatly shouted .

” What ?”

Woodwork.I without the swearing like a devil ‘s face knocking distorted batori , she came in all their mana spewing .

But just then, of Hazel Lynn ‘ mana repression ” This is invoked . More in Monster scraped all the mana stones to wealth of batori mana and oppression .

” These years old … 끅 끅 !”

Mana is forced to capture suffered as a batori , hundreds of the crossbow is fired . Sharp Bolt (Bolt) is her whole body like a hedgehog drilled embroidering .

But only this lack something everyone knows it . Yihyerin of a chapter and the State jihyeok sword , the tiger paw and the gimyurin the Gungnir at the same time it flooded .

The number of pages ttalrinda . There is only one life .

Batori is humiliated into samkimyeo , to load the structure of the signal sent can just could not .

Kwaaan ! Many are geomgyeok be flooded . But batori is gyeondyeonaego , again declined . Mana Me no only the top of the body .

The heart towards golden with geomgyeok be narrowly avoided . Quaint with an angle deflection plainclothes black One hand clutching the floor beats down . Feather sword all tests , yihyerin is a sword in the hands jwin while on the road stuck down .

” Eat !”

” Hye-rin ! It ‘s okay …!”

And now gimyurin to rush to the abdomen with a fist Add inlay . Gimyurin is yongkae even though endured , as itsae large amount of blood came out . Batori is a gimyurin finishing party building holding up , that the batori week jihyeok the oil one hundred stands makes ……

That all the battles looked , Kim Se-jin’s defeat had a hunch .

Hazel Lynn’s mana suppression Now upcoming limitations and the terror groups for use mana unreasonably lacking . Moreover, some just do vampire to nine won the group ‘ll reach .

Here, retreat is the answer .

How then ? ‘ Speed ‘ with the batori bullying cases insane . The speed of sound is slightly beyond , one at the beginning of 1km is a tap to the frequency a bitch .

So let’s think . Let’s think .

Suddenly the knowledge Mado fragments emerges , Kim Se-jin’s scalp in put kkongchyeo of Mado knowledge haste was hejip .

I looked for it .

A momentary transition .

Batori that their hayeoteul kidnapped when you used the village road .

Awesome !!

Apropos of gimyurin Gungnir and the batori fist beating matbudit huge a dust up your view obscured . Kim Se – jin grasped the coordinates of his colleagues and started mana in my head .

And also , the Leviathan Mana integrated capabilities rudder to follow and disallowed moments Mana Halong Halong peer ohreumyeo battle being fellow deoni wrapped , bang !

All disappear without trace .

” What , what ?”

Batori is at first a bewildering ,

” Mwonyago ! Where is it ? Where is it this damn the Hybrid years ! Oh ahahak !”

That next to rage burst . Just to gimyurin the surface one group obtained hit it because , red, swollen see even more drastic and harsh atmosphere of the composition seems to be .

” Wow , the Queen !”

” Ha … ha … you guys , why do you late ?”

” Sin , I’m sorry ! Will we follow right away ?! Mana’s flow is captured !”

Elders and apostles heolrebeoltteok jump with her in front of the knee is kkulneun .

Batori have shed the blood wiped disheveled the hair and tidy , cold anger did Saturday .

” No . Hyped ‘ve equation . And go . What are you doing ? Also the same in the way it would go away …….”

” He , then ?”

Distressed was she suddenly is Kim Se-jin was saying dawned . ” Load a vampires screwing it ” is saying .

It is clear , obviously torn kill insignificant cool as blasphemous says . However …

“… go to see the road .”

” Yes ? Me , the Queen ? The Queen’s wrath was enough to go to understand . But the load He still wakes up message ……”

When I heard a weak voice , suddenly the blood rose upside down .

Why is my bottom guys while so funny this guy eopji ? Why wholesale versus bilbil will only speak knows ?

Knee course heads up on the ground that the adhesive is a man unlikely without a male Looking bent , batori is up just by who the man recalled . At the same time several kinds of meaning , many painters were .

” Shut the same beoreoji Oh, guys ! Me loading ‘ll go street or wipe !”

Her major is yell at the Sans rang .

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