A Monster Who Levels Up

By Jee Gab Song

Chapter 144

Chapter 144

Kim Jong Hyuk entered the party with a fascinating Western man .

” Hmm … moderately myeotne Quran .”

Gimjonghyeok is ridiculed smiled around and looked around . Beautiful actress , there are many buyers here . Today, that something going to pack on it but , still left go too need something to like the girls . In fact inconvenience rather scandalous feelings more greater . Their direct sang when the kouteum tending in that , in this case a fart Alain cloudy tail flap so .

” Mr. Trude ?”

Gimjonghyeok a coy gaze True de looked back . True lifting the forehead slightly narrowed, but within his head was lift .

” Limit of 3 is the people . The resistance Excellent article do not gotta .”

” Hahaha , that’s enough .”

True de- authorization as soon as the fall , gimjonghyeok the products in the ring one pulled out . Ring of central yen mysterious aura emitted Blood of jewelry was lodged .

Hehe …… gimjonghyeok a dreary smile smiled of actress goods into blocked Jump to time .

” Uh ? Gimjonghyeok ‘s not a ? Nice to meet you .”

Senior member of the Chronicles of the Knights Templar , the monster’s guild member Lee Hye-rin is approaching . That after FIG gimyurin was . Dress of wearing two people Elf less so because the beautiful , eumsim the donghan gimjonghyeok is to play the game all the action document to stop the needle gulp swallowed .

“…… Whoops , this is true . VIP I met him . Nice to meet you .”

” Huhut , VIP yiraniyo . That we can say whether I want ? But this is Who is ?”

Yihyerin a smile said, the moment , the mind ‘s voice heard penetrate .

─ Elder .

It was Ross Dell’s telepathy .

” Roll Reina STE Ludwig , vice president Emilion’s . Multinational inde investment company Knight minutes he know Lana I do not know …….”

” Of course I know I am . So this also inde ties , such as alcohol or a drink would you like ?”

Yihyerin is a nunuteum beating of gimyurin noticed explored . Cor , sir coy facial expression to kill ?

” Captain also okay I would think .”

“…… Well , wish insist . Hahaha .”

Gimjonghyeok is a horselaugh rimyeo tert to a true de -catching spent . ” I have about being a man ‘ called arrogant were his eyes .

” Hmmm .”

Trude was troubled for a moment . No matter how the elders of the class , even deceptive magic , for the reward articles eaten will not likely great .

However , Kim Jong Hyuk ‘s pants pocket hidden in the ‘ super fine ‘.

Vampires are the cardiovascular Lean made feeble is enough even with advanced articles eaten will , there to drink when served possibly even not without is .

“······ I am good .”

True favorite dark smile smiled two people looked .

” Then , under the floor to the room to go would drink ? I’m loud gun called hate .”

” Well , jotjiyo . Let’s go .”

Four people the party made a cruise up the stairs to go down , and then followed by a vampire any gicheok without followed .

Thump thump –

So the stairs on his way down favorite True One moment, a strange uneasiness felt .

Silk stairs also go down go down even the end not only because is was not . In the back of the dimly flowing familiar gicheok …….

True Degas followed looked back when , the world darkened reversed .

‘ Enchantment ‘ was

” What , what !”

Kim Jong Hyuk, who has been wandering around and looking around, rushes into a blunt scabbard . Beans ! No no sseujaldegi the third person that sheath the forehead hit destination and fainted .

‘ Trap !’

True favorite quick movement technique , but using , rather , first from gimyurin gold becomes blown out the glare of his right arms found Bear .

” Turn it off !”

The procedure to configure the eight ilja moving procedure is also invalid return . The embarrassed Trude first cast a ” Venom Spear ” with one arm .

Momentarily True de etc. back in the air, dozens of the hundreds of black window will come up .

As Venom is covered in which the bars are slightly only graze even fucking man to the guys a mortal wound to prehistoric site ── It’s clear , but senior magic , true Unfortunately, the resistance match did .

Yihyerin of gum ( 劍) is a spatial distortion , the magic to bear figure .

Shaak !

Yihyerin is wielded a black window one naedeoni bounced bizarre as the angle continues to be refracted all the windows like a fleeting went defeated .

And true favorite truly pathetic enough to panic break even could . Moment , the gimyurin the Gungnir his other side arm hath rushing …….

” Big …”

Gimyurin is true price of the purposes ‘ dumb ‘ as haetgie set favorite True scream even one to be could . Arms lost , he finally on the floor, knees kkuleotda .


Finish enchantment also oxidation , favorite True girls on the shoulder from behind prowling around hellish baesinjaeul saw .

‘ Do not you feel scared of the load ? ‘

I wanted to yell but I do not get a voice . Nevertheless, the vocal cords forced forced naemyeo push kkeokkkeok Street Dun favorite True , the moment in the mind a strange voice humming that felt .

─ To be honest , do not you doubt your elders ? We plan to fail is likely even higher place . I am that I live the way you select will .

The Los del sent telepathically . True favorite fits very violent insults and anger , but exported , already his thoughts are firmly closed, had been left .

Provocation somehow curled True de face is ppeolgae City , a struggling pro to blame arm severed at the cross bleeding like a waterfall flowed . Blood loss gradually becomes dim consciousness even , true favorite bloodshot lines in the eye of the Los del glared .

But then no one heard not rage and curse and hate , forever, that no one heard not hold others were .

* * * *

How far have you lived in meaningless abyss ,

” Let gyeoron ” Slurred to pronounce the hearing wanted to say a man came up . As soon as the snow sparkling been tteuyeo .

Filled with plump –

The first Wen mortar jjitneun sound deulryeoohgo , followed by the heart is hot, climb fled . Tears flow . Hurriedly trying to get up campaign Chung quit your feet heotdidyeo dangtang Choir ! On the ground it is overturned fell .

” Mom !”

Thin sound stops , it jjitdeon the woman herself looked .

“… sister ?”

” Three , ah cleaning . Kkaetni ?”

Hazel Lynn is a mortar notgoseo down approached her had caused .

” Are you okay ? But keep resting there ……”

” Let go !”

However, the castle was coldly discharged . Instant rage and chagrin This was dense . Kim Se-jin’s lover woodwork.I , until marriage promise inde between , why he has suffered abductions that his best late aware that opting .

” Cleaning ah ? Once you calm down and …”

” The truly how do you calm ! Brother I were kidnapped , than that other people Where ? Now come calling !”

This galmyeo shouting her skin over the mana deulkkeuleotda . Alarming not flow , it ‘ mana runaway ” of the preceding article . If you run away, even if you lose all the mana you have collected and even the life is going to become critical , the most deadly phenomenon of the article or the wizard .

Hazel Lynn the forehead slender ratge narrowed .

” Washed Oh , calm down . That attitude is now no help not gotta .”

” Help the shit is ! Know iteoteumyeonseo Why ! Why not gave us !”

” I do not think that will worry you ….”

” Worry about worrying not own ! Go away Get out of the way !”

The cause of his body was staggering, but he stepped toward the exit . Sighs Hazel Lynn naeswik the end product in a potion bottle one pulled out .

It is a sleeping potion .

The lid pick , well even walk mothamyeonseo gilgilyi fling her poured .

” Ah Ah ! Hey ! What are you doing now …”

Just something I feel bad for Low form will be the same , campaigning Eun within helplessly off right fall .

Following snapping ! The door opened . The vampires and their team members were presumed elders .

They rumble the Oda pushed the situation often found towering all and landed .

Static cornering the potions art fallen campaigning passions , a potion bottle , holding that Lynn Hazel .

Gimyurin a slip on his belt, the hand takes .

“…… friggin nalttwi fortune you . Do not doubt . Hand when ah abuses . Hands when . That plane or a real die .”

* * *

It was easy to persuade an elder . ” One room, one in every room of spirit eats away at ” the objectives contained in the gimyurin punch Cow Cow Shellac saw the elder spirit became Attract , then a gap shot of Hazel Lynn Mental magic is a critical and is .

So the elders to puppet making key success but ……

” What does he do ?”

Yihyerin a bonus dragged the gimjonghyeok pointing asked .

” Hey Bob Ross . Today was day , forget you can Do you ?”

” Of course .”

Gimyurin of the needs Del Los is the ssakssak then the guy brain into a mana infused .

” Year . This guy is drinking shaking the drink to remember lost geolro remember going .”

” Thank God . Well said Bob Ross .”

“…… But Bob Ross hell Who’s ? Before a Los Del .”

Bob Ross grumbling is lightly ignored .

Kim Yulin looked at the blanket lying on the bed .

” Dawn side deacons time to come gandae take ?”

” Soon it laid on .”

Violations are bitter to face head nodded . Unfortunately , now of cleaning the mental state it is just disturbing to be just . Besides, Hazelin said that he looked up to mana runaway .

” Yeah . Well , everyone is ready ‘d Fused ? Me cleaning is to receive forgiveness , Kim Se-jin Guild Master will unconditionally take to come to !”

” Yes . Of course !”

All the same answer powerfully flashed .


Buu wooung – steep mountain roads naedalrineun tableted cars ¥ 8 people in person stumbled infested .

Gimyurin of driving , but the best , at the same time too rough both painful was the face . In particular feeling sensitive oil Baeksong is now even die would like to face in front of the seat of head kongkongkong Pistols put such a self-inflicted and there .

” This is inde Donghae ? Here right ?”

” Yes . A little more ……”

Trude answers with a blank face .

“Go straight ?”

” Yes .”

” Oke .”

Dirt though the road though , again, Excel harder tread . As a reaction inside is much like any earthquake occurring amount of sway back .

” Wait , wait a minute , I ‘ll really puke.”

What just not far from the back of the oil Baeksong powerless voices heard .

” Uh ? Do not gotta , do not gotta ! You just sat try . I’m not that horse had obviously !”

I rushed to the light-emitting who her next digit sat Hazel Lynn .

” No , no , and no longer did bear . I now can not tolerate . Map die I do not know . No , Dying . Already dead . Dead thought .”

” Bear . Bear . Eurago truly it was . Obviously I ……”

” Excuse me!”

” Aw, awake !”

Go back seat has slammed Bruce unfold, but gimyurin the stop was . Rather, the Kim Se-jin should get that desperate mind and , after a long off – load – the drive sinnan mind combined infinitely with no acceleration as well .

” Oh , this robe Sejin Mr. the haejun gonna Gift ! I ‘m buried this saekkya cat !”

“· · · · · Guoweek !

” This Shit … town , stop ! Wait Stop Bar violations ah , ah abuses ?! Stop ! Cr I vomit …… wooup ! Exciter him !”

“…… Bob Ross said ? Go in the back shield jomyo . Odor climb over .”

” Already eunikka I ran not worry no need be . And Bob Ross Cause as well .”

Yihyerin and Kim, Sun – Ho , the main jihyeok is relieved sigh breathed in . The backseat thing in the back seat matgija .

* * *

Approximately 40 extra painful drive to the end , the party is finally elders who guided into place arrived . Indeed , living life like this place itneunjido not know euseukhan was rent .

” Well , is not anyone in trouble ?”

Kim Yong-lin asked .

Between them vomit as covered in the cost Hazel Lin and Yu one hundred when it comes yeoteuna problems , the Los del to clean the magic that the two clearly had washed away .

” This ‘ll if earlier struck not write …… Anyway, the heart is not like I do not .”

” That I . Watta , too batori . Enchantment tightly saenggingeo look .”

Querulous Hazel Lynn lightly ignore , Los Dell Me Away domed , which is coal-black the enchantment indicated .

” What do I do now , Captain? ”

” Enchantment is perhaps to Gungnir be destroyed it may be going . But that following the hanging . How to batori to face what .”

“…… Well , there is a way you like ?”

Then Kim, Sun – Ho is a hand heard .

” What is it ?”

“TM is responsible for the monster defense … There are many unique inventions such as uninhabited crosses and turrets .”

“· · · · Ah ?

The moment your eyes in a circle floating yieoteuna gimyurin , within the head jeolre jeolre shook .

” Two hours I’m tight . To the Guild Master’s what two days to occur before pay to rescue you .”

” The yongbyeongdan you mobilize gets half najeol , no one is time doelgeopnida .”


Kim Yoo Rin looked at the responses of his colleagues . Yihyerin is a good saying I think the agreement and is a measure fleeting attached .

” Hazel Lynn sister , then that’s hasijyo possible ? Mana not aetdeon magic .”

” Uh ? Uh , uh … but maybe 10 seconds maximum , georanda be best .”

Sudden ” sister ” of the title perplexed Hazel Lynn stutter stutter replied .

“…… then . So the yongbyeongdan called Let’s install . Preferred seed ?”

Anyway the batori purpose is the Blue Dragon is the way they will . If so , at least not kill not gonna confidence and , Kim Se-jin also they are being sacrificed you want to do emitter .

” But turret is excluded and only the crossbow to install ‘ll . Have Guild Master wrote hwimalril may be so .”

” Yes , I see .”

Kim, Sun – Ho is urgently somewhere contacted taken .

From which at best 30 bun back .

Quattrocchi kwakwa kwakwa ! A whopping 10 2 of the helicopter the sky above deoni sunot , dozens of mercenaries related articles deulgoseo was falling .

“…… and what . So ppareune .”

Guild of admiration in , mercenaries at best 20 in minutes can teenagers to crossbows were installed .

” What did you explain ?”

” Enchantment within the monsters left locked it .”

” I like . Now go back , please .”

Anyway it batori the ‘ elite ‘ is rather more than going through does . Of course, the monster of yongbyeongdan competency is high are , however , needed no death is always that avoided it right .

” Yes .”

Kim, Sun – Ho is said to return to clap Gardenia mercenaries as fleeting steps down .

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