A Monster Who Levels Up

By Jee Gab Song

Chapter 143

Chapter 143

Revolution referred calls , only for Kim Se-jin only trade mark ‘ Mana Tattoo ‘ is .

” With this feeling very been yeminhae . Elder matter aura hidden even detect naelsu you .”

” Yes .”

A vampire with colleagues leave is something much less willing is not , and now forced the torii there .

Gimyurin is a Los del line up books returned to yusejeong walked . Bed to the bedside, sat down , next to the place that Hazel Lynn himself greatly shaking the waves babat – back steps down . Naeswik sigh abuses are her sick are watching stare enemy coughed .

” Are you worried ?”

“… No , what are you talking about ?”

” Real What ‘m saying I do not know ?”

Gimyurin is the molar tight asked sesame . Hazel rindo short while is her eye , but ran matbatah , within the tail stand down helplessly answer .

” Do not worry , you’re right …”

Then pick up the mortar and mortar again .

Filled with plump –

Both handful , the crown is hwonhi kkajil so pulled the hair, the hair growth for a cheoyeon was committed .

Yihyerin is that the Hazel Lynn that ansseureop seemed to looked at , gimyurin is batting an even gaze not did .

One more hour passed in such silence .

Still cleaned the wake did , the line is increasingly being to hustle beokjeok started .

” Now we also have to climb ‘m . . But alone, leaving the top there ……”

Lee said with concern .

” Then Hazel Lynn you escort it . Anyway hair fall not ‘re out .”

Yu Baeksong Tianjin one voice , but gimyurin is colored, and his head shook .

” Do not be . It’s a cat fish , leaving a day .”

“… What’s wrong with the cat ?”

Yu Baeksong the paper box in the supine Kaiser 2 of the three noticed glance looked . Hebrews calm yawn of geolro seen , fortunately irony is the upper limit would think not .

Gimyurin is little one hwangmang to countenance the existence Baeksong looked .

” No, it is not …”

” I do not do that now .”

And Hazel Lynn still like grown less , but a hard, resolute voice seemed to cut said .

” I much regret it .”

” What ?”

“· · · · · Sorry , then my sister was so wrong .

Sudden but apologize that kind is really contained there . So gimyurin is no sense to be there was .

Mouth hold knowledgeable holding what words should I worry that between , hammered hammered ! Fireworks bursting at the beginning of the party .

Gimyurin is it an excuse to Sanya , the oil Baeksong with Buryat Buryat line up went up .

* * *

Only gorgeous characters gathered at the grand party . The trilateral cross Korean star , the power in the center of the foot stepped relic lawmakers , foreign prominent articles leader and Deputy , even sassy with high famous in matap to the tapju .

Although the protagonist of this party has not appeared yet , they have no intention of building a network with each of them having a mild and expensive economic recovery .

As the party into the first to give hyeokyi plunged . His chest Maine ” The Monster ” of the veil attention once caught warped seemed , people seulgeum seulgeum as your primary jihyeok walked .

” This is an actor , the representative of the Knights of the Dawn , is not you ?”

TT 50 for three at the age of mogul clinics title earned a middle-aged elite ‘ yunyoungho ” the first to share jihyeok say handed .

Usually articles should something refurbished or Deputy level if not even really care to see that is but yunyoungho , the main jihyeok the chest stuck emblem as a golden badge sheet view can that it was not . Rather Rep badge and that the veil change only if hundreds Section haeseorado change like a heart .

” Ah , Senator whilst Hey did .”

” Ha ha ha . Jeoya Knight’s Guild , thanks to well- doing itjiyo .”

” Yes ?”

Note jihyeok the head was puzzled . The monster is nowadays in politics to advance Did ?

” Heoheo , ‘TM’ of the portion of exports actively thats pushing it folded . That , thanks to South Korea also potions markets more to survive , overseas number that gongchisa jyeotjiyo poured out . Thanks , I gently re-election success …… ”

I heard that it was a common pride . State’s jihyeok his talk by ear spilled the party attending personnel the aspects explored .

” Boil , I was wondering one can . The monster is a new article or wizard only family to pick you going ?”

” Ah …… probably not going . Now Lee Yoo-jin sabeomnim also a monster belongs largely to the growth gyesiji Is .”

” Cor , Yeah ? Hahaha forgot there . Of jinse a seal in the US already 10 the places jyeotdago built eotneunde heard … It indeed . Ha ha ha ……”

Yunyoungho the eyes twinkle graced . The greed that had found the possibility was the eyes that were shining .

Uh jaetdeun that the dialogue divide Bonnie , the main jihyeok around, suddenly people became Baglio Baglio .

” Ah , Kim Se-jin Guild Master can not attend to do to ……. That is it true ?”

” Yes ? Ah , for example . Today, tired hasyeoseo not attend that you did then . Instead, the party comfortably enjoy can help ……”

Then , the party line at the entrance of bodyguards voice makge jageu heard .

” Daxian life gimjonghyeok’s and his acquaintances minutes , confirmed .”

Zhu Jiji moved his eyes in a hurry . Fortunately gimyurin and the Los Del been that towards the feet move was on .

* * * *

Kim Se-jin has several environmental to change because two hours by not a namateum to gut can just could not .

First of all , now two days before the comparison significantly broadened enchantment . At first, just nothing no black has been the space , how much just because of the hotel rooms one size so broadened the place now , the hotel ‘s floor half the interest , the size was .

Second , until well not use it was the magic of the frequency exponentially increased . Bondage Magic , Shield Magic , Space Glass Magic, and more . All of the wolves as nails break breaking numbers but , increasingly are sophisticated way magic is utilized to anxiety mate there .

” Heueung – heueung heueung ~”

I heard a hum of Battis lying in bed . Sudden annoyance pushed and I shook my hand . Battor quickly used shields, but the flooding nails shatter the shield thoroughly and penetrate the abdomen of the bartender .

” Evil ! Sick !”

But batori is short screams the to was only . Emotional well other chuseu seemed even hitting exert no .

And that’s the word body to some extent the recovery has been the most deadly was bangjeung .

” Sweetheart . But four attacks How to spell are you bear that ? Fabulous.Oh .”

Even throws up questions . Kim Se-jin is unconcerned weaker party pretend nails deulgoseo remove replied .

” My fingernails are special .”

A rating is the other of the Lycans slopes nail shape and nature of courtship not do , in the world under all that make bear may have . Easy, but angetji , but batori if perhaps two also Chains shatter could dont .

” Hmm ….”

Batori are meaningful smile smiled his head nodded .

” Yeah , something . Good skills stuffing …… Well you mean . Now stop haneunge give up . How ? Now if you give up life is to give live , life as a slave samneun geolro also give tungchyeo itdanda .”

Suddenly the snow just coming close approached the batori honor aerobic asked . Job Tee one without her beauty is abrupt , even close-ups of all this humiliation was not .

” I tell you the interesting ‘ve got . Before us as enemies called the race a dog dragged attending also quite fun would like …… In addition, You you told you accept ? We plan to succeed ‘d know .”

Batori of strength gradually recovered you are , the reliever if perhaps a few times just because the game is finished it . Such situations , self several times and bear neomgyeotdeon the wolf will not have to kill her proposal puck ropdago charity halman it .

But the wolf instinct rather than constraining freedom , rather than the freedom of self-indulgence want only .

” Yeah . I’m your plans succeed would think . Something vague feeling I passed on . …… But that’s no problem, Is not ?”

“… that’s what you mean ?”

The batori the forehead painted grimace . Kim Se-jin is prey smile is building a horse was .

” You guys have the time and space all twisted ‘ history ‘ of the ‘ home ‘ to go back to it . Right ?”

” Yes .”

” But if , two of the only , if successful ? More specifically , the time-base changes without the only room to move if ?”


Spurt of batori face became tougher . However, because the surface is unnecessarily beautiful , it was not so scary to be distorted like that .

” You guys homeland , their place to live all completely different in the world should have two weeks to about a situation not good to meet ?”

A red mana full of enemy flares up smoothly , and the bloodline wriggles on her forehead .

” But in the past going back thing fails and , currently home to return if ? That place is what wait I wonder ? I’m fine do not know , you ‘d know .”

Maybe the Earth from the most dangerous of all present some gopjeol is a dangerous presence they await assuming .

” So when it gongmyeol . Crack is completely abandoned open even global destruction and , as the hometown return guys also are dwejyeo , the Asshole .”

The mind graze the sight Kim Se-jin is a smile cooked moment , the neck dimensions other two pressure conveyed . The pupils glanced naerini of batori amount of hands his neck strongly okjoego there .

” Huhut , unlucky not hear a bad word . The last to care reaping You know if you want …… a must pooch cubs .”

Bartie laughed and said . Kim Se-jin also therefore dark smile smiled . The fangs of two people within a flourish .

Kim Se-jin is her the nape wooak thread jwigoseo grab , white and fine throat ravenously thread tteuteotda ask .

Batori is his flank hand put him directly to the bone moaned minutes .

So , fresh blood is everywhere twigimyeo both the human body bed up is overlaid

[ I eat blood of bart ! Progress and progress increase ]

[ I eat blood of bart ! Progress and progress increase ]

[ I eat blood of bart ! Progress and progress will increase .

Speechless can not but suffer , as much as I feel good . This provocation succeeded her recovery a few days was slow notifications are satisfied by the numerous floats .

But be careful with it .

Blood ─ sucks is the act of the most sensitive is the house just vampires accept ‘ll . Watch carefully , slowly and carefully, let ‘s change the experience ……….

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