A Monster Who Levels Up

By Jee Gab Song

Chapter 142

Chapter 142

” Aheu …… This bastard really ……”

Batori the tears and geulsseong on the floor was nadwinggul . Of course, it is not fatal . It would be a godsend .

” Do I truly give Kill ‘ll , can expect good . Ppyeorang muscle yirang yirang built it decomposes ……”

Batori the awful curse ignore , Kim Se-jin was quick to seukilchang looked out . Other skills and have different skill window without only explanation was only .


[ Wolf Sense ]

Especially among the lycan slopes , the unique sense that only excellent objects can have .

The sense enlightened Mau slope is first Wolf Chemistry ( 化) have at the time of the five senses and the sixth sense extremely becomes sensitive . This is called ‘ transcendental sense ‘ – and if the conditions are met, a blurry future prediction is possible .

In addition, by ingesting the blood of a specific object, it becomes possible to understand a part of the opponent and to accept the strength thereof . This is the Lycans slopes instinct ‘ transcendental sense , and , coupled to , the blood intake more and more deep understanding possible .

– Current target : Bator

[ Progress : 0.35%]

[ Current acquisition ( understanding ) possible entry ] ─ muscle tissue specificity also , the overwhelming bone ─ [ Progress 3%;


Progress and that progress mutually similar meaning other items divided , but , understanding is very difficult not .

The progress of batori all the power absorbed by the remaining percentage refers will , progress is that the power of a particular part ─ muscle strength and endurance split the ─ as meaning ‘d be .

And such progress and the progress increasing order , ie be strong order batori of blood should eat it .

“…… sweetheart . Do you here alive back can be ‘d think you going ?”

Contemplating the midst batori that is plasticized ropda seems has been asked .

” Of course .”

So spirit , but the answer , it just happened unusual in the situation due to go like this idea now, right now disappeared . Right next to eat eat not disappear unless the experience iteunikka .

” Indeed , poor ‘re an idiot .”

Batori is a sculpture built . Kim Se-jin, looking at her like that , suddenly asked . Fertilization walking blood to consume the cause making was intended .

” Yeah ? Well you really guys home to go can say you think ?”

Batori the eyebrows painted grimace . But subsequently come hear the answer , perhaps you do not know the uncertainty to deny it seemed very determined and was as free .

“… Of course .”

” You truly poor ‘re an idiot .”

Worse ! The mana of the battles flew in the shape of an awkward moment and was put on the shoulder . In the pang , the strange scenery that did not know whether it was the past or the future was brushed .

” Say …… keueut . I say be careful .”

At the same time , and that the same thing about pain is also batori became ago , she was in a cold sweat, even sloppy cool warnings sent . Kim Se-jin is that her blankly than hope ,

“…… Yes . Return is itgetda .”

He reminded me of a scene that was faintly floating in the back of the eyelids .

* * *

Gimyurin is it kkadeuk kkaemun while the Hazel Lynn glared . But now Hazel Lynn has her eye be accepted afford to do , to face obliquely fell .

Silence two people in between like a blade sharp airflow flows .

More a endometrium unknown section will be bewildered was according .

” Why , what is it , Captain ?”

Yihyerin is now even a sword pull seemed cold and stiff in gimyurin shoulders shook . Nevertheless, she is no reaction , without only Hazel Lynn stared and anger children Open did Saturday .

“· · · · Hey .”

Those living fullness of the sound both body trembled .

” Look at me .”

Hazelin lifted her head gently .

And the moment the face was revealed , the guilt could not bear anger .

This happens when not thing I know . However , past his mana flow to destroy the life story be an end almost had an enemy in sight there , why stand you can Would .

Then . Obviously, I warned him by cutting one arm .

Back in the front look deureonaemyeon thou me who tried to like , four ‘ mana ‘ the ‘d cut off .

” I must have said that .”

” I Know I know …… now fight sometimes not . You help give Sejin Mr ……”

Of Hazel Lynn powerless answered , now devastated for just damn excuse was only .

” It’s not a time to fight, but a long horn …!”

Gimyurin is a noseong said let out of his belt, he fumbled . But astute yihyerin is already a gunggeunil holding far away was . Nevertheless, she did not give up and jumped into Hazelin with her bare hands .

” Oh , do not come ! We do this when no …… coming Aaah !”

Dajjagojja from Meiji price back , fell Hazel Lynn up ride up . Then we start beating . Cheeks , nose , uvula , collarbone , chest , solar plexus , stomach …… this body that kkugyeo like the pangs who suffer Hazel Lynn has her stop for one even locks were grab .

” Coming ! This annwa ?!”

” This , this is not the time ! Sejin is now …”

Hazel Lynn Her eyes looked as earnestly said .

But abuses are more plus anger ulkeok soared . Kim Se-jin to worry about the Hazel Lynn eyeball is …… the past , ‘ that man ‘ the bodeon at it and eunikka drip like .

” This , this , this mad year again !”

Eventually composure lost gimyurin is the very the two third of the abusive rimyeo noekka her the hair was grab . Following slippery ansseu a tug-of-war unfolded .

” Ah ah ah !”

” Aw, awake !”

Who is bald even if you do not know much strenuous tug-of-war was …….

” Stop !”

” Both the why , why yiraeyo ! What are you doing ! Dry !”

All sections were double those who peotteuk tackled . However, Kim Ryu Rin, who was in a rage, pushed all the knights and grabbed Hazel Lin ‘s hair by Barak Barak .

” Hair , hair out ! Head out ! Abuses Oh , sister hair out !”

” Violations ah ? This bitch is where geuttan mangbal ……!”

Took .

Suddenly something was being lost sounds hear a , gimyurin and Hazel Lynn barely dropped .



To play the dark is quietly flows .

Just barely from abuses exiting Hazel Lynn sick sound naemyeo claim the crown once seen stroking .

Something strange sensation neukkyeojyeoseo his head slightly dolrini ……

Back fallen myself in gimyurin the hands blonde hair Two handful had turned squeeze .

One second . 2 seconds . 3 seconds …… blankly bodeon at the Hazel Lynn in the eyes and slender tears ttoreu down reuk flow .

” My , my hair , hair …… ppajindago , ppajindago told ah …… Hvar Aaa en ……!”

* * * *

Guild ‘THE MONSTER’ is nowadays the defense , monsters , artifacts , pensions podium in industrial overwhelming performance was . Subsidiaries ‘TM’ is next year if the financial Rank 10 up and out of entering as seen , guilds and company sites in Gangwon-do neighborhood of the Republic of Korea as a landmark year in the hundreds of billions worth of tourism revenue and create .

In addition, it recently has closed and the exclusive ‘ magic system ‘ on up to advance the performance was one . It was especially favorable to the monsters because of the Bang Bang- ri wizard . Bangbae wizard and Plenipotentiary of this is housed in ‘ The Monster guild -only library , the Wizards are the most and visit you want to stand first up is selected am about .

Anyway , Trilogy is already a long time ago that surpassed those great guild the party line and open it .

Monster Leisure Department tapseuta and famous article of course, more of a monster to guild members that attended their party invitations , already upscale reputation and authority to distinguish the measure has become .

An invitation not who people the inconvenience of rage was young tert , who people are proud of and a party dress was ready .

” So you ‘re telling the kid that you kidnapped a vampire elder who had a snappy attitude at the party ?”

Bout a storm swept through inter- conference was quiet and was quiet .

” Yeah . Yeah ……”

Yihyerin is noticed glance glance salpimyeo replied .

Me in the corner Tang stuck , score score crying potions created in Linyi Hazel repeatedly used nerve . Maybe it’s a potion to repair the pudding . Name Haya hair growth potion …… Developing used if it succeeds at least 10 Joe bulge would .

” Then Kim Se-jin has said where he is to find out you can have ?”

” I’m sure is not , as much as possible try ‘m haeboryeo ……”

Play the game the gimyurin jump took place . Scabbard the main small oak doll jingle shakes .

” Why , why again hasiryeogo something !”

Yihyerin and other sections are Bada happened . I wonder if Hazelin will hit you . But she ‘s Hazel Lynn , etc. sharply Show only eyeballing be well , who fear a thing not punished were .

“…… now not to . Once the Knights returned to report the need ‘ll Is not . Surgical complications due permission vacation gonna received , the party you attend just get discipline ‘s good .”

” Ah . So I go like ”

” But Hazel Lynn , Regency arms to play the potion brought ? Hey how long the arm does not remain jinaeya gotta ?”

Then , I noticed no oil one hundred songsong empty of Hazel Lynn in the back of his head against asked .

” No , tiger ‘s . I even later ok ……”

Yu Baeksong the knee to the head chopping was lying , professor Regency is the upper body causes the oil Baeksong noticed trying snatching was .

” Uh-huh . [Bob] Continued Stay lying .”

But the affirmation grabs wants the oil Baeksong heart truly was proud ……

“…… my pouch in .”

Hazel Lin is also back look back without muttered .

* * *

The party line PM 8 at the time , but the beginning , the section are many preparations to years of age hours more early in the cruise arrived . They cruise the basement suite torture chamber (?) In the last inspection and there .

” Well , cleaning is hanteneun What did you explain ?”

” Roughly travel nagatdago ……”

In response to Lee Hye-rin , Kim Yul- in narrowed his mind .

” You guys really .. then , today’s cleaning when the truth told .”

” Yes ? Then I worry …”

” Ought to worry about then . Nothing do not know if it’s am a lover ?”


Yihyerin the mouth and hold and asked it . My mouth was stiff but I was patient .

” Losing the mother- in- law .”

This one only word you wish not to think , all materials . You must shut it down .

” And …”

Kim Yulin looked at Hazel Lin . Me in the corner Tang studded she still hair growth ( 發毛) potions to create was on . Plump, chubby – mortar jjitneun sound gwaensiri sad peuda …….

The abuses to Seo Hye Rin gaze cast . Heelin, who was quick to notice, said instead of the abuse .

” Hazel Lynn said , Have Mental magic is use your available ?”

“· · · A little bit .

Powerless , but the voice , with it enough . The effectiveness of mental magic depends on the mental power of the opponent . That mentality of gimyurin characteristics contained fist one is the room immediately and resolved .

” Ferme then .”

” Washing the seeds have been !”

Then the door snapping deoni opened the Kim, Sun – Ho shouted . To play the game of all the complexion becomes dark .

” Will I go ?”

Kim Yulin said .

” I , as I’ll go .”

” I ‘ll go, too .”

Ju Ji Hyuk and Lee Hye Rin answer at the same time . Gimyurin is a wry smile smiled .

Plump plump – a thin one cheoyeon sound Sanya background , three people a torture chamber went .

The line up line campaign sterling gimyurin and yihyerin , the main jihyeok upon seeing welcomed with a smile was welcomed .

Initially, the party really well decorated ─ of words in a hurry , release, she was in earnest of Kim Se-jin whereabouts for asked .

Gimyurin is serious to face , dutifully he replied .

And her lips move when every campaign defined complexion went to Paris becomes .

In the middle is not until Suddenly, what sounds nyamyeo , hidden camera nyamyeo escapism was she , after all gimyurin the ” Kim Se-jin has suffered abductions ” are by the fact the laid off when .

Fluffy .

The wind fell like a paper doll spirit lose down crumbling fell .

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