A Monster Who Levels Up

By Jee Gab Song

Chapter 141

Chapter 141

Lee Hye-rin and Ji-hyeok visited the East Sea . Exactly as a cabin in the forest near the East Sea .

Gentle to undulating ocean is the smell euneunhage handed down , the sun is highly stretched from tree limbs to niche beautifully down broken .

Then chanyeon was recorded in , her cabin was quietly sitting there .

” To view the land , if picked , this is a 1000 billion or more is gonna ?”

Yihyerin the main jihyeok glance gazing asked .

” Yes .”

30 extra between like hiking , his answer And all fun none could . Dry and dry .

Lee dragged his tongue out of discomfort and quickly walked toward the cabin . Zhu Jihyuk silently followed her without saying anything .

” Will I knock ?”

Hyeokyi not end without a head nod . Today, depending particularly glum countenance is angry drumsticks , now that the seopseopham express the situation was . Instead yihyerin is he strong once eyeballing the back , carefully on the door and knocked .

Clever –

The wind blew in the serene forests , the branches twisting together and crying . Could it not be heard buried in their crying .

Yihyerin is once more on the door and knocked . Geujeseoya statement over light the Thought felt .

Subsequently , I climbed . Even stop without stop in the lock opens .

” Who …… Seo Hye Rin two ? Week jihyeok gisanim also ?”

Sunburst it because . Woman, yihyerin even face bulhil as Ask dazzling beautiful this woman look exposed .

Silky like that heudeureo long hair down , fine the Visage light shines . Neat lips , a kkeot fringed with free eyes , straight ramrod nose , and white and fair to the skin . Now before that it was applying Elf , or human application . The illusion of was about .

” What day are you on ?”


Fine the throat that produces cheongahhan ringing , she even voice, very beautiful .

Yihyerin is one for the gimyurin blankly look at , suddenly his head to the side was twisted . NOTE jihyeok mouth notably daemunjjak has beoleojyeo .

” Serious Chuck is not alone, then he is …!”

Moments angry chimileo , yihyerin is the main jihyeok the Meiji regime implants were placed . In the mouth of Ju Ji-hyeok, which was open wide , liquid that could not be seen whether blood or spit was pushed out .


Lee Hye-rin and Joo Ji-hyeok went into the cabin with a small fuss behind .

Neoljin but sufficiently comfortable and somehow you do not know the emotion felt . Yihyerin is heartwarming smile internal look around , before you were not something that the cabin every corner and place that you have found .

It was cute dolls .

Ahtan the doll , baepsae doll , blue dragon puppets …… and finally somehow knowing the oak resembling it as to a doll . Oak is estimated dolls , especially the location good , the gimyurin bed head above situated there .

” Well , what are you doing ? Come on , come on Come instance . Strange ‘ll see , do .”

Suddenly Jean Shy is gimyurin two person table forward led . Chair, the two dogs come only , gimyurin are in bed to sit astride the main jihyeok and yihyerin this to a chair and sat down .

” Did you eat rice ?”

” No yet …”

” Yes . As eating came .”

Yihyerin is noticed not the main jihyeok mouth standing to prevent turn instead replied .

” Yeah ? Well come on a car ……”

” I do not need a car , Captain .”

Yihyerin the ” Captain ” of the pronunciation , especially the accents give she said . Gimyurin is hazy smile smiled .

” When you return going ? Surgical complications chigoneun too giljanahyo .”

She is 10 years for disabled without one at a time teoteurin vacation almost six months reached . Furthermore , surgical complications overcome ‘ that also cause it , Raven Knights rounds dongdong the sphere only .

No Ebon Knights of the What . The country is full foot dongdong roll it .

“…… I’m sorry . Hang wait for me . Too long time of as relaxing , yet up enjoying ‘d be interested .”

But she was soft and firm . Yihyerin is a sigh comfortably exhale is home inside the back again and looked around .

” What the hell , where I you doing ? View’re great, however , always cheonnal view only the reports iteusil it ‘s not .”

” Huhut , yeah you see ? Well , here we expect out of you something more .”

Gimyurin of the eyes smooth was bent . Oh nunuteum is a foul , yihyerin is the main jihyeok glance looked back . This time, the mouth instead of your eyes wide open gyesinda .

” Also fishing to be there , relax a book to read can have , that I ever realized had not things awaken for even meditation to be there . Maybe I , attributes this level one step you went up ?”


Yihyerin are saying no to abuses more glaring , within the table above lies jjogeu Mahan Wolf doll gaze moved . It is very cute . But that adorable right cute all , something strange on the energy drawn ‘ with want , is hearts makge jog was one .

” Hvar , heuheum .”

But gimyurin is perhaps even she asked me do that scared , Wolf figurines quietly in my arms hugging shyly made excuses .

“…… here with dolls all , Kim Se-jin Guild Master watched you get your gift . On vacation alone while bored that he seems . Never I San ‘re not . That , so anyone givin can not . Give me if I its minutes the province haneunge ignored I will become … · · ·. ”

Gimyurin is just a cycle did not want one of Latter-day was only .

But his words and at the same time, the two men abandoned stark fell .

Kim Se – jin , he was kidnapped . Where itneunjido know , Godzilla the mighty by the presence .

In a sudden, sudden change of atmosphere, Kim Yulin opened his eyes in a circle and looked at the two alternately .

” Why ? You what …… Have you ?”

Yihyerin the tears and geulsseong head Fook was a lady , week jihyeok are the teeth tightly bite the distant mountains looked .

” His what two days ‘re looking ?!”

Gimyurin is a surprise as the face stood happened .

While the two men no sense to be there was . In principle, Kim Se-jin’s character is a secret . But for her to convince to come its secrets only put off it .

” What , what is it ?”

She asked again . Yihyerin is najimakhan a sigh and exhale is the main jihyeok noticed explored . Note also jihyeok head gave nod .

” After … sir , well , listen . In fact , those minutes of the property is …… a monster changes can in going .”

“· · · What ?”

The moment Kimyulin’s face became hollow . But some just do not , I just received a shock by head information are fiercely store is re-assembly began .

And within her in the face than just adding Stunning light stands example .

The character that turns into a monster . And heroes Orc and Kim Se-jin .

So perhaps …….

She is a shock come out hair does bite ppeokkeum ppeokkeum hanging there when .

” Rani monster . Easy Blue Dragon .”

Not hyeokyi of gimyurin mind the speed picking hedge a stir briefly calmed .

” Oh . Yes . Blue Dragon This monster is ‘re not ?”

” Source , Blue Dragon that ……? Oak , as well ?”

Gimyurin a bemused to face doemuleotda .

” Yes . Sejin ‘s a blue dragon changes can Full . But Orcs What again . Still Orcs taryeong yisine .”

” Ah … no , not . Nothing ‘s not .”

Yihyerin a bitter smile says .

And gimyurin is that haeyahae relief what to miss , bookmark know the feeling , feeling absently head nodded .

* * * *



The monster is opening leading to the party with you and invite ‘d like .

Daxian life of vice president ‘s gimjonghyeok , please attend hasyeoseo parties CALL gracing hope .


” This plane will be to think ? Hey . Yeah , as saying tell the selreop invitation invited stones . Takin geonya that ?”

When Yu Yu looked in the invitation and asked , Ross Han Dell nodded his head . Note that , far as sejak ohdeon hwaldonghae Los Dell is a return to a place away disappeared completely two to hand caught stopping .

” Yes . Now the elders who were to gimjonghyeok so stuck , perhaps its elders even with all the potential is large . The monster is opening fine , the party line in the deceptive magic pick up the prey ‘ll be infested infested .”

” Then , his elder caught batori is where a sure blow it ?”

” Yes . The elders stagnation hiding to neunghae as a device to distinguish not tejiman , I am so going to be fine .”

” Hmm . Okay . I believe Bo .”

Yu one hundred dignified to declare then , suddenly basement of the room the door was opened .

It was Lee Hye-rin and Ji-hyeok, who went out saying that they would bring someone . But that bring someone to sure success , one person more added this person was .

” I have brought the Manchurian Army ~!”

Yihyerin of bright voice Hazel Lynn glanced to tha looked .

At the same time , eyes meet someone . Hazel Lynn’s body stiffen guteotda .

And it gimyurin also did the same .

* * * *

The fresh blood PAT and the flesh is nadwinggul Dun Gun premiere as well , two days about passed enchantment is a masters level byeokhae changed . Maybe batori is pretty neat one Phobia nature seemed was , in her image and , as taste is transformed enchantment is – although non Only narrow – luxury like hotel room was decorated .

” Lycan slopes …… For the enemy is not . Certainly resilience as much as jjajeungnane .”

Batori is on the couch the body is buried without he said . She is wearing a bright red dress , creating in the process the fabric that grew cap slightly shorter here it is to place carved there .

” But you … What ? You ur characteristics Are ? How fingers Mardi one geonya alive ?”

” Hmm … are you curious ?”

The bartender strokes my lips with my fingers . It was a totally seductive gesture .

” That I wonder if you , or tell us ?”

” Well . Not tell you anything eopji . Anyway you me die, I’ll . Even curiosity overcome and kill consideration innit ?”

So saying atrioventricular atrioventricular ─ like a child haemaleun smiles smiles . It looked delightful .

” Look good .”

Batori the hands Po smoked . Then his hand over the Red Mana gripped directly flipped .

” Vampire Mana Red ‘s color . Usually mana and blood with use ’cause . This is another lower one races can not . You like a mongrel bastards blood , just blood hageodeun only .”

Like the current vigorous heundeulrideon mana within a date with an awl form the shape change .

” Vampire blood for generations is strong support delivery . We of the family lineage is that among the most special and to excel . As evidence , I elven wizard guys do not use do ” Mado ” for dozens of kinds of use can have , bones and muscles are the number transfer more guys may tenfold is not strong . ”

First . Lashed that was red auger is greatly stretched jideoni of SEJIN the neck towards chiminda . He , I secretly spit gulp swallowed . Deadly fangs are his uvula immediately before stopping had been left .

” But more than that no big thing you mean .”

Kuguugu Palace -! Goengyeon a sound comes bursting of batori the body as mana deulkkeuleotda . As if the water rose boiling water vapor Just as , she is his whole body Mana Tuesday ( 化) one will .

Like fog densely formed red mana of Kim Se-jin forward slowly it deoni then , within twenty twenty gathered again ‘ batori ‘ of the shape is finished .

” My blood , Mana As Miranda itself .”

Elegant and smile together , the Sejin face soften was patting says . That dreamy sight Sejin two 10 000 idly itja , batori the hand slowly dropped . From face to neck , from neck to collarbone , from collarbone to lower abdomen .

” Hey .”

She has enough hands got off the occasion .

The wolf ‘s low voice sank deeply .

” Why ? Have you ever gotten excited that ……”

Bartori laughed as if it was pale and looked up at Kim Se-jin .

And , already a wolf had changed and he her a mogaji small Agde ! I bite .

” Shit ! No , this bastard is real !!”

Unexpected failure to strike a batori his abdomen strongly hit lather , out pops He , involuntarily her blood and flesh gulp swallow fell .

” Ah , 퉷 ! 퉷 !”

” Kkeueu … brother hurts ……”

” Xiao dirty ……”

Kim Se – jin tried to get rid of the abuse . But suddenly the dialogue box came up .

At the moment , the head keeps the thought and the heart stops the pulse .

[ I take the blood of the bart . Unique skills ‘ Wolf sense ‘ is moving to , ingested enough of batori the strength to understand and to learn !]

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