A Monster Who Levels Up

By Jee Gab Song

Chapter 140

Chapter 140

The sensation that the engraving was transferred in an instant was much uncomfortable and uncomfortable than expected . The general right geureojin back again, which reassembles a hideous feeling back , Kim Se-jin’s staggered his eyes shine .

Jet black space in , the batori to the bottom down the blood spitting the optical path shown .

Suddenly all thought , ” This is an opportunity Maybe ” that was .

However , fear of the body and the outside of the mana of the body to pull the dust to collect the massive . Unfortunately, there is not much left mana now .

Guowe eek !

Batori is bizarre sounds spits vomited blood . But Kim Se-jin is that behavior is their own dead, blood pours , fresh blood in the body that supplies of recovery is the process, you already know there . Perhaps the Leviathan scales with consumed gained many kinds of knowledge of one was .

Why vampire knowledge of scales in the instance what was not sure , but landscaping .

Anyway , he that pain into anger be replaced far does the future afraid .

Batori is a sadistic and enjoys do desperate brain sikyeoyaman operations should .

Then suddenly in the head of Kim Se-jin ‘ ring of takju ‘ came to mind . It is a skill that has been repeatedly evolved and many additional functions have been added to make it useful .

As additional functions of , a Kim Se-jin to head a glittering statement and then seemed .

[ Operated laundry ( 濁氣) of the ring ;

– panic and fear , including ‘ emotional ‘ as well , the pain and pleasure of ‘ sense ‘ in the loop connecting can you .

– But ‘ sense ‘ of the medium ring to connect cases to feel a sense of shared as well , that more function is not expressed will .

Of course batori such a big game horror or fear that caused the surrender rings fall in order not . But the ‘ sense ‘ of the ring is possible emitter . Moreover, now she is that one than clear the pain to feel it .

However, the hook of Takumi – even if the Leviathan is strong – is used as a lycanthrope to increase the efficiency of the skill . But he once Leviathan forms kept to batori while quietly walked .

” Hutton anything not a bad word . Do me kill danda did . This is a sea No …… exciter on woowe !”

After a cold voice and a raucous nausea , Kim Se-jin carefully expressed the puppies of the wolf . The toakjil to her laying under back up suffering the shadows were . But Leviathan of the state is that the energy collected by dragging himself to be bound be could .

Eyes just closed . You only need to succeed once .

Usually sadistic tendencies there are the pihak not adapt do now that the law …….

Leviathan’s body quietly be reduced began .

For the face it is human the brains are , the body will shrink the limbs with a shape change . Decent man heads 5 dogs lay topped could be that as the bread took place and shoulders , kill outstretched muscular arms . And then all the solid flesh warm and firmly covering of silver to coat .

He became a lycan slope .

Beast eyes saw , she’s on the shimmering rings even more clearly seen .

Now touch can that is suffering as well . Kim stretched out his finger and pulled the chain of pain . Ring finger around a round turned . Kim Se-jin carefully observes it , moment . 콱 ! I grabbed it and swallowed it into the agar .

Then the batori the eye in this heading , while many a interstitial emerged .

[The overwhelming presence and the hook are connected !]

[ Condition completed : pick up Changchun (1/2)]

[ The overall ability of the lycan slope is greatly enhanced !]

[ Lycan slope of unique skills ‘ Wolf sense ‘ to gain !]

[ Forward conditions one when you complete the final evolution to be .]

The bones and muscles were worn out , and the body of the lycan slope began to grow rapidly . Disturbing the Thought Line back batori is that the state report exclaimed, astonished .

” Evil ! What a disgusting cub !”

She waved her hand roughly . Kim Se-jin has two arms lift narrowly but did stop , it never even sangsangchi who was a shock . The bones of his arm crumpled like dust, and the shockwave struck the body and exploded several organs .

Human yieotdamyeon him immediately dies Godzilla Strike .

However , this pain is also shared with her . Objective pain is not shared . He feels a subjective pain , she equally feels is .

So she ‘s Highton screaming across my even maybe deserved yieotneunjido one might .

” Aaah !”

Batori a scream wildly inside collapsed . From now on, it is fighting resilience and endurance . Who better quickly recovered , and then the pain to endure can be there .

But Kim Se-jin is confident there . Original legend in the Lycans slopes vitality and resilience rudder to follow hayeoseo disallow , clear ‘ fire immortal race , that to prayer sung hath . Boil there is added , and now the body in seep in Potion is a whopping 100 has more than more than .

Little as you want , so deundeunhage came prepared , too gwayubulgeup is all bullshit . The multi-faceted is the best .


Suddenly the body was recovered , she insults you biseumuri sound to edge brain

He said to Kim Se-jin hands stretched inside .

So , a chain of unilateral beatings and bilateral pain began .

* * *

Meeting rooms are jamot heavy on atmosphere was engulfed . All with a serious face , I did not say anything . Certainly the plan failed . Of course , rather than it annihilates much better days ending was .

But then no one dared such a horse will remove not . Who was kidnapped person is to them that much important was the people .

Ticks – Ticks –

The second hand sound unusually sound as dark silence is , but somewhere ringing of cell phones to alert was awake .

Kim, Sun – Ho is juseom juseom cellphone out deoni in , the LCD check, and the sigh comfortably rested inside .

“… chew yewje . What should I do ?”

Simultaneously , a sigh burst out .

So all what the reply should be sent do was worry in the moment , Yu one hundred solemn as the face went .

” Cleansing hides the facts as much as possible .”

“· · · · After hiding , what will you do ?”

Hazel Lin asked in a quivering voice . How much whether crying , her eyes angrily was poured .

” Anyway Kim Se-jin is a Leviathan that over the life be attached ‘ll not . Not come to save .”

” Only us ?”

” Other yirang people like .”

” No, I mean ….”

Something to refute trying but Hazel Lynn , after all emotions the book bearing tolerate not again on the desk face buried . Her low sobs hear the conference wet .

“…… cry village . Idiot . Blue Dragon This is were kidnapped when news well enough . Koreans are the Blue Dragon awful ‘re right . Vampires are a blue dragon kidnapped when everyone is going to help . Cancer . By the way , do .”

Yu Baeksong is that saying of Hazel Lynn ‘s head bodeurapge was stroked . Wen middle school is the largest adult comforting like yieoteuna sight , that no one laugh did .

” How . Lilia , my plan ?”

– All high-ranking knight voluntarily jundamyeon then likely eopjin only angetji , currently in a situation that they are line together is likely to lean .

Current Outside the boss monster is still the frantic smoking is . Appearance frequency even so frequent , these days is almost 2 to state once the rate of exit out . Because of that , there are many fronts that are still being replaced .

But in that situation, do you get all the senior knights out ? Flea catch seconds to samgan it ‘ll burn a price .

– Besides batori is still at the hotel do not arrive did as seen , she was where the ttwari also whether the framework do not know .


Again the silence subsided . They both desperately ways looked to devise , no apparent pointy number did not .

That silence in running it And all Hazel Lynn shedding catch surface may not sad was only .

* * *

Dark interior .

This is what enchantment , or the batori staying in hotels is that the upper part I do not know . However, two of which whatever the matter was not . Everywhere PAT was fresh blood because of limit values , even in front of the ball you can not have borders eunikka have become .

[Gaom croshack!]

I heard a strange voice somewhere . Head slightly turned returns , out , like on the ground recumbent is batori to avoid wet eyes at this staring been . It was crazy living .

” In Korean ‘s . Nail eunikka to know .”

Calmly he smiled and said . Incidentally conditions while completing further more enhanced in the ring out of way , the chain of owners , I direct that cut it as . Here some for more even cheomat changing thing there .

” Yongyongyi is …… a dirty bastard , you dare me to deceive ?”

” What tricked am ? ‘

Batori the value trembled . But its more than not did . Maybe she tired I suppose going .

“· · · · · I do not care . If you recover my body anyway , you die .”

Batori the jimjit relaxed smile smiled he said .

” Foot . I am so afraid to leave ?”

I grin laugh lines her in the face with nails found shot .

It is a nail that has become even more powerful thanks to the completion of the condition . The strength hit the Earth the strongest metal Mithril over , so at least made heart is breaking for batori wounds cause number will emitter ─ chwaak !

Four of the nasty fingernails are drawn by the oblique lines .

” Aw, awake !”

She has a sudden attack scream shout my struggled . But I just can calm the Following . Rather it not , is the operated laundry ring is somewhat owners to conveniently applied point iteunikka .

Gritty parables nikkeon mine , mine is mine . This way .

So the batori continue goerophyeoya it . This woman is a life not recover to prevent , so no longer tolerate not me to discharge you from .

“You bastard !”

Batori is abusive rimyeo noekka within the side legs kicked . Moment ribs but crushed , it batori also did the same .

” Ah , ugly …”

” Another painful anything not maljago ”

But this is the portion thanks to the right naatgo , I am a batori raised approx . Then she eyes a glittering ppaek shouted .

” Shut up !”

” Hmm . Horse steep haeteuni , I give her back pay .”

This moment in order , but , especially I wrote to learn ‘ Lightning Chain Claw ” to use . Moment elongated nails purple This Lightning maemdonda . Batori is that watching himself startled trembled .

” You , stowed ! That put them had ! It’s a warning ! Warning …… Part eueueu !”

Ignoring her whole body was scratched . Lightning in pain Purupuru also trembling , she stood not in the heart hands shoved scored .

Play the potion without perhaps three times about dying ARM, .

The vision becomes blurred and the mind becomes blurred .

That very moment the spirit has lost an eye tteuni , right next to the lock and out Malak to the batori showed .

” Ha … ha …”

I quietly to her approached her neck nail plug placed .

” Kids who …!”

Eyes floated she was that tired in the face , in the eyes of a finger placed stabbing .

” Follow it , you son of a bitch !”

” You’re tired .”


Eventually me batori is a cease-fire to be out there was . IMHO baeya rather but let him , she hansako refused . He said he ‘ll be there till we find a way to kill him .

So , the strange cohabitation has begun .

The place was an empty villa that seemed to be maintained by the battles . As in the two is nothing to eat but nothing not was . Occasionally each other childish provocations aside .

” You’re hungry ? Stupid bastard . I fully because vampires , food intake may be the year when once hadanda family ?”

” I have four arms tteuteoseo eat it gets to do not .”

” Who worked rip you give ?”

Operated laundry in the ring thanks to batori have me kill not . If batori is me instant death of the damage , if coated , it even to her ‘ll be transferred . But , perhaps in case she assumed more magic not be used to prevent continued damage only to inflict it .

“… afterwards .”

Batori a sigh naeswimyeo the body caused . I stretched her nails all the way and scratched her back . Long wound deeply and lost , she was back on the floor, lying curled may only could .

” Ah , this is a freak !”

” I just have – ran I ‘d better ? Cr my friends when trying what about . This state win could ‘ve could ?”

” Shut up !”

Instead of the answer, Bartori clapped my face with a fist .

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