A Monster Who Levels Up

By Jee Gab Song

Chapter 139

Chapter 139

Home sludge return the cleaned waiting there .

To face the discontent filled Despite smears , but , I’m glad . I thought you were in the knights .

” Brother , what are you doing these days ?”

The arms had them , she me upon seeing threads bluntly put to shoot . I just laughed and answered .

” Variety . But today eunikka finished , now continue there as you can have .”

“… Yes ?”

Her angry little has unleashed seemed . A sigh of relief comes out by itself . But his rhetoric has relieved her of planting went back .

” Still angry ‘ll loose ‘m not . My brother nowadays one months only sleepover few Towing cables once you know ?”

“… I’m sorry .”

Apples rimyeo recite the cleaning is just anneunda . She ” These geolro go beyond , do not ,” he screamed to struggle just chyeotji , a hug is loose did . So three degree-minute jinani she became silent .

“… Brother .”

” Huh ?”

The ear epilepsy is cleaning the voices, the anxious densely came Bears . Also the woman is intuition does . I am most calm , but the answer , she was still afraid and trembling voice saying was .

“You’re not cheating, are you ?”


Yes , miss , even iteunikka intuition is not the law . I am a bit heotalhan the face Let’s look , she is more anxious and say it was .

” If you are cheating … Do not take it .”

It does yet What are you a sound that geonya . I sigh , standing exhale her on the forehead of kkulbam implants were placed .

” Huh !”

A scream that sounds right is ringing .

” Well , there are so many women I like ?”

Jimjit the bluff and flex her in the chest embraced .

“… proud’re Beautiful jeungmal .”

The sound of the bolt flows out .


” What the . Horses do not ? My brother likes girls presented Lotta , Then What .”

” Just . You liked that thing out of you, no .”

Such as in the area a long time during the along been doing . So so so familiar in my life disappears, do not be that same person , it is cleaned .

Of course , it is not a passionate love accompanied by tremendous excitement . But to me that the flames as more emotional , calm , like the lyrics to heart the comfort that she better be important .

“… What . That ‘s it ?”

Campaign affection jimjit eyes heulgimyeo within the amount the ball was grab .

” Let’s argue .”

That the blame a little pronounced segin but , suddenly and wanted to say enough to convey can be had .

And she’s my ball caught the hand deoni lay down , bemused to face me and looked .

” Even now , not , this year , not next year , but , someday . Mind relax wedding raise can be ……”

Crap !

One from the cheek intense pain Chemistry reureuk burned .

” Evil ! What , why !”

” That , that sounds now, these situations when you do it ! The idiot !”

She has to cry while saying it was .

” Oh , such a proposal . Where the real …”

” Uh ? Oh … oh this proposal not . So , Flirt if Flirt . Soon , if the pro peujeu hagetdaneun proposal ……”

” Shut up ! Move !”

The cleaning is me pushing the bump bump into the kitchen and walked . Upset a lot Did I wanted , Fortunately, the kitchen was heard to say look at that rather seemed .

” My brother . Boat par faced ? Cakes there want some ?”

* * *

12 Mon 25 days , the Christmas late night .

Kim Se-jin is a campaign passions short meeting as soon as if in the East came . Then in the Leviathan turned , neck, only the top ppaekkom naeppaen while the East Coast and swimming . Suddenly three times near the giant became the size of a batori interest lost or run away so you had to .

Seusanhan wind brushing , the gentle sound of the waves even ominously , but feel concern will not . This is the sea . That which anything not afraid to do is .

It was a moment when he taught the water .

The brain cool the Thought seuchyeotda .

Bother with the naked eye not sure even who will know be there . However, Sejin continued to swim without expressing it . To the place where the lily was installed .

Followed comes the movement dimly felt . Kim Se-jin is slow to the sea and swim , a guy catch a trap Twenty Twenty moved .

Chains are installed in position three of the dolseom vertices Sanya to create a triangle not . Kim Se-jin is a batori come along and ancient , dolseom over carefully moved .

And ,

Just as he was of enchantment in the heart reached when .

In the air, the red this blast was one .

The blasts gradually its size nagamyeo called the waters that churn , momentarily stopped .

The red wind is scattered and the water is calm . So the vision cut the wind more interest , bright smile build alluring the beauty that elegant the appearance exposed .

It was Batori .

” Hello ?”

Blue Dragon to greet handing batori followed , the here looking for it pleased the Los del This figure showed . Kim Se-jin is likewise a smile was built .

” Oh. Oh . BOY Are you uteun now ?”

Batori is the Blue Dragon at the mouth carved a line indicates a fuss trembled .

” Yes . That will be the same .”

” Right ? Or who likes to think ?”

Ross and Dell agreed enthusiastically . But her mind easy pleasure for long did not .

The moment . The deep from the base mana deoni bugeul away , and the waterways along the sky soars three people wrapped . It was a dome- shaped bondage .

” Hmm ……? Sweetie . This is what ?”

” I do not know . Of Blue Dragon as capacity outside ……”

” Yeah ? Well you why in there that I wonder ?”

Batori will strive smiling maintained while the Los del stared . He is already the Blue Dragon behind tight hiding there .

Farabat -!

Before long , a large number of people were transferred as the various movements in the circle were activated . Black robes upside wrote wizards are already a senior magic to trigger for the brig put to memorize had been left .

Lightly it was embarrassed batori is , however, within banggeut smiled and said .

” Nosferatu …… well , you guys yieotguna . I give thought . Hybrids are a blooded become can be Riga eopji .”

Bartori flashed the ridiculous and lifted mana to the whole body .

No , I tried to raise it .

But Mana did not move . Like blood vessels tightly clogged as .

Play the game the geuphaejin she is curious the procedure beak target hemaetda found . However, it was impossible to make a difference because everyone was wearing the same black robe .

” These fucking guys …!”

An angry bartender rolled his foot unchallenged . Mana something is needed there . Only a batori with the body , its excellent just ganggol low hybrids to nyeonnomdeul wipe can am emitter be ……

Chae !

But somewhere appeared wooramhan a sword in her the future direction blocked horizontally . It was Ju Ji-hyuk . He is a batori about 2 seconds that prevents the performance only sewotji ,

” Get out !”

One wrath his the gyeokgong be blocked is was not .

Kwang ! The sword without power go out pushed , the main jihyeok is the enchantment on the corner of Tang bakhyeotda destination .

But articles are not hyeokyi the end it was not . Bounced out of the main jihyeok head on the snake-like bends sharp two geomgyeok flowed , the batori hair gently produces bare .

Shah Ruk –

The red hair sinks to the bottom of the crystal .

Unconsciously the recoil hit batori are thin vanes his hair confirmation and is to bungitaengcheon shouted .

[… Kobac Grohack!]

Unknown language rimyeo noekka , she had to yihyerin trying to rush him was the moment .

Numerous magic spells have been launched into Batori .

Of dark red flash , ambition is agglomerated spheres , desired Seorin to curse . Extremists to chidatneun magic tsunami ─ batori is momentarily operation stops can just could not .

Shoot me ah !

Magic Power is the enchantment scratch engraved so was great , shimmer explosion is gathered by staff in the ears bleed me enough was huge .

But still , special moves called to unspeakable lack not attack one more ‘ve been left .

Now the Blue Dragon at the mouth gather ‘ groups fear ‘ the right to that .

A special figure that we found by eating Leviathan’s scales . The body’s mana of course the sea to Managua wholesale pulled by the launch , the trajectory lies all the destination ─ to destroy mortal ( 必滅) of technology .

Subject whatever , the groups fear touches everything is a trace left without disappear . The shape of the existence , nature difference , the property also distinguishes there .

Even ‘ light ‘ even been extinguished , groups fear passed , the path the world even saekkamakge muldeulgo Manda .

So no matter how batori any of the Leviathan to the group fear withstand is shall not .


Boil , the battle is whether initiated 10 seconds After you .

Suddenly the black robes upside wrote Wizard of one person fell .

At the same time , mana sprang up at the point where magic bombardment of the mages was concentrated .

Batori , she sippeolgeon mana on everywhere spits melted skin and pieces I your body and recover there .

” Jersey !”

When someone shouted, Lee Hye-rin, Yu Baek Song , and Regen came out at the same time . But the yihyerin mana to batori soon reach without power was Basra , her chest Copious whip headed . Lee Hye-rin, who was struck by the whip, fell down , spitting blood .

” Aaah !”

Yu-whoo took a new sign and ran . Backhoe is a huge paw , but godmother waved , batori is a hand standing out blocking of the backhoe on the side of seomjeon found shot .

Just that moment , the tiger leg between Regency is sticking out of batori the heart sword was placed implants .

” 읏 !”

Batori is quick mana readjust the Regency two arms Despite Bear , Kwa ahang ! At the same time, the paw ‘s paw hit her head .

“… it hurts. ”

But Bartor did not die . Rather , he just grasps the huge neck of the backyard with a relaxed smile .

That’s it –

Backhoes are suffering and stretched batori of the head was the price . But batori is no response , without , even more strongly in the backhoe neck was okjoe that time .

” Stay out !”

20 seconds total .

The battlefield awful harimanchi gileotdeon two hours past the fear-based charging is completed , the Lilia greatly shouted . Yoo Song Song quickly resigned from the new sign and backed away greatly .

And , as a white thick it is a flash the batori swallowed up .

After that . Enchantment in a sound that annihilation seems a mistake had one .

Breathing sound , spit and swallow the sound values exist not .

Just idly groups fear that swept the room look as well . As if the world charred If seared do these . Chains in both the space carved unnatural black surface was watching meantime , urgent cry jideut tear rang .

” Wait ! Fingers !”

Lilia floated on the floor and fired a magic grate on her finger .

But already abandoned late it fell .

Batori of fingers one word is mana rough naemyeo blowing the enemy attack blocking , in an instant the play then he repeated ──

“…… strange magic in one four and one four died .”

It was again restored to its original bartender . Batori is a joint pulmyeo them seueuk was scratched .

” Yours , Yong-yong is a strong relationship, right ?”

Batori is a swing explore he said .

Today suffered death total of five times . Here in the hybrid wholesale killing torn ‘d , now a once dead end . Chains also discarded wrecked that you think , unfortunately, more than one risk afford afford no .

Besides …… me yongyongyi is far from the sea mana elevates it . Even a little more if you delay, you just outrageous attack once more may rushing know .

” But what … do not . I’m a Southern Girl ‘s ppaetneun more ‘m good .”

Batori the recovery is less be Ragged the side jwin grab hold , the enchantment firepower-intensive Tete Matan found shot . The enchantment of maintaining their shaman mana tattered heart is breaking right now , baseball might Matan is the enchantment easily served drilled .

Wizards of the natbit to despair muldeunda .

But batori also the least be delayed two hours did not . She then immediately to the Leviathan to rush the guy the neck was grab .

And then …

뿅 !

It disappeared .

Chanting and circle are all necessary not technique , rather than the magic of Mado say Becoming ” moment transition ‘ was .

“· · · Huh ?”

Everyone’s thoughts were interrupted briefly .

Just what two days jyeotji happen ? To about understanding difficult did .

Chains are jjeo jeojeok parted even after , they for a long time no sense to be there was .

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