Chapter 8 .10 (End)

Chapter 8 .10 (End)

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My life was quickly blink of an eye a year later, Steven Evans generals with his wife and children back to the main star.

This day is a good color Core from the military academy graduation day, he studied armor manufacturing expertise, meant to be a five-year course, where Rui Yan can get and so on, can not wait to graduate school today, tomorrow, and finally shortened to a years, or just a lot of persuasion to persuade Fan far down.

Fan far has bought a gift to attend his graduation ceremony, he was Rui Yan pulled into his exclusive laboratory to realize that this person did not intend to participate in any ceremony, Fan far Helplessness I can not help but wonder.

"Do not guessing, you want me to see?"

Rui Yan mouth gently curved in not answer, drowning people can Mouzhong is gentle, I do not know where to conjure up a ribbon, the Fan blindfolded far up, he took one step into the experiment between the innermost room.

Fan far without sight, touch it is hugely magnified, all the mind are attracted to Rui Yan holding his palm bird warm, some could not help but clenched, then they are completely wrapped generous hand man live.

He muttered softly: "So mysterious, the prank is not it ......"

Less than a moment, hear Rui Yan said:. "To"

Then over his eyes ribbon slipped from her eyes, disappeared, far Fan looked up blankly, staring eye instantly, exposing the stunned look.

Mech is a silver-gray eyes, smooth lines and no more than a shred decorated, everywhere are revealing the designer's distinctive, delicate and sharp, people no reason to feel a majestic momentum, modeling is an unprecedented special, a looks, like a sword in hand of Marshal, not anger from Viagra.

Rui Yan from behind has shocked someone Lanzhu, low in my ears with a smile and asked: "? Do you like it"

Fan far stammered: "This, this is not ...... this will not be your ......"

Rui Yan said: "I am not what you promised to send you a sss-level armor, unique in this world, only part of your armor."

Fan chin stunned to be far off, when he did not know Warren is Yan Rui, is simply to listen to his words as a joke, and can remember the strange, in retrospect, that person was indeed a serious tone, could not help but laugh: "is that your dowry it?"

Yan Rui Xin said the boy or undershoot - teach, but good advice on the mouth and said: "regarded as dowry, dowry intended to marshal did not know the make up, and the plane always sss-level armor when it matches."

Fan is far stumped him, the world is only this unique armor, weapons unequaled, and what could be the match?

He could not lie, he said:. "No dowry, I inserted down the door is not good to marry hello"

Rui Yan nodded, Mozhuoxiaba from top to bottom look at him for a moment, and said:. "I would also like to test a test, to see the worth of my dowry."

Fan turned away Gouzhao his neck and asked: "Well, my man right here, how are you going to experience?"

Yan Rui knew he was deliberately lure own, not the slightest polite with him, picked up the horizontal lines directly to the people into the armor inside.

Fan far discovered this mech internal design is also very different with the past,All intelligent control systems, space is very spacious, big enough for two people to lie down side by side, he can not help but suspect that this person original design, is not it already have this intention.

Did not wait to start scanning detection system, Rui Yan has quickly cut off the power supply, and then start picking away clothes Fan, Fan holding down his hand away quickly, see Yan Rui quietly staring at her, Mouzhong flashing light wolf, a guilty conscience whined: "I give you a customized set of clothes, you first put on."

Yan Rui very not understand, this is what is meant when changing clothes, etc. are to be stripped down anyway, but expect to see him jumping Mouzhong, had resigned from him to get up, put his face packing boxes apart.

This is a casual uniforms, from design to tailoring, as well as materials are a good, full of the forbidden - desire the taste is far Fan own design, even cuff buttons are drawn him a painting.

He likes to wear suits Yan Rui look, sexy and full of charm, especially when no expression face, looks extremely cool, but why careful and gentle action, this contrast in particular fascinated people.

Rui Yan get the clothes they know how it happens, Fan far this habit is not only of time or when away on their own are often forced to buy a wide variety of dress, or have to wear at home, regardless of outside, In short very persistent.

Mouzhong expect to see him more and more obvious, had his face put on his clothes, and she turned to see the little guy will be journeying looked at himself, he does not doubt that he heard the sound of swallowing saliva.

He sighed and light man hold up, let him sit on his lap, far Fan began cautiously removed his buttons, touch paws on his chest ah touch, then stretched out uvula, in his chest two red gently licking cherry chew on, audible yin Mi, like a child sucking breast milk, Yan Rui eye color deeper and deeper, and forced back the desire - hope to let him play.

After a long while, and so far Fan pro also touched enough is enough, this contentedly sitting cross Yan Rui lap, raised her Shuimou pro channel:. "Yan Rui, hold me."

Rui Yan cold face ripped off his pants faded to hamstring at the alignment hole - mouth slowly pushed, then suddenly hit in the end, this is the benefits of omega body, no self-run - slip - agent .

The body is suddenly stretched, uncomfortably far Fan "Well," a cry, heavy breathing a few breaths, lying wronged him and said:. "Too fast"

Rui Yan said: "your own point of fire."

Having said large-scale cooperation to strike again, he was far Fan holding hip elevation, then a heavy drop, each and all deep to the extreme, fast enough to ordinary people to match the point, the intestinal wall is friction Huoshaohuoliao in pain, but also Rui Yan has brought him supreme pleasure.

He casually grabbed Rui Yan's arm off pleaded: "Yan Rui, Rui Yan slowly ...... I can not stand ......"

Yan Rui in the end still pained him, gradually slow speed, the Lord has clamored: "Hurry up, hurry up and then you're no effort yet ......"

Rui Yan angry Bottom heavy beat of his white attack, where a piece of red soon, Fan pain away tears came out, relying on his shoulder and muttered: "Well, I do not say, whatever you toss,Anyway, you do not like me. "

Rui Yan said: "how do not like you, I have enough hurt you?" Said a heavy one.

Fan Ming Enliaoyisheng far, almost speechless, slow the slow before: "hit me at every turn, you will not before ......"

Rui Yan Mei Zhe, leaned towards just pat the piece gently down a kiss, "Sorry, not the next."

The kiss seemed to burn away the Fan heart, he blushed no trouble.

They fight in the laboratory into the early hours, still dressed wearing Rui Yan Fan far to his custom of his clothes, only some folds the sleeves and chest, it is far from being distracted Fan love - are not careful when pulling fans.

By contrast, far Fan naked, covered in the trample - Lin Honghen, even the toes did not let go, his legs trembled simply stand, Rui Yan with his coat wrapped a wonderful reflection Lawson home.

On the way back, far Fan Rui Yan nest whispered in his arms:. "Yan Rui, why did not I baby"

Yan Rui bit surprised to Fan distant personality will never want to be a pregnant husband, no children should be more to his mind fishes, asked: "? Think how to ask this."

Fan all the way: "Yesterday I saw military Russell, and her baby is very cute, like her nose and mouth, and facial features like Evans, I thought, if we have a baby, he will look like it , and we will not look the same. "

Yan Rui silent for a moment, suddenly said:. "Small, remote, you know, even if you are omega, is no uterus"

Fan away surprised a moment, stammered: "? So"

"So, if you are pregnant with a baby, delivery time is from anal ......"

Fan a far covered his mouth, lingering fear said: "! I had not, and do not baby, and after that, when you have to remember to wear tao"

Rui Yan Low laughed: "Fool, this body is born injected inhibitors, this life is almost impossible to conceive of."

Fan Yuansong breath, thought and asked: "Do you regret it?"

"There is nothing to regret," Yan Rui tightened the arm, "I have you enough, nor do I have other people I do not want to share you, even if you are flowing and my blood is not OK."

Such high-handed unreasonable then, but people feel at ease, Fan far most probably thought he was being transferred Rui Yan - teaching became a shake m, but ...... feeling not bad ah.


Rui Yan directly after graduation was promoted to the military, to his qualifications and Fan far this relationship, promising to seek a job easily, but he's beginning to end goal is Fan away around.

Fan away from the training room, look to see their daughter sitting in the position of secretary, stared at his hands Tuosai ill.

He subconsciously legs tremble, then walked back to his calm and composed special seat, put that product up hot tea slowly.

Subordinates report to him immediately and said:. "Marshal, Miss Gracie promotion to the total hall office, Mrs. ...... Mr. Howell served as your secretary post from today."

Fan Yuangang entrance of tea almost sprayed out, quickly waved his hand, the man trained to back out.Just close the door before he could escape, Yan Rui has a few steps forward by the people on the desk case, "Miss Gracie? Not to say that a secretary is old and useless old lady?"

Fan discontent far protested: "? It is not because you always eat vinegar fly that I lied, or I need it to discredit a positive youth little girl."

Rui Yan holds his jaw, gloomy smile, "So all my fault?"

Fan Yuangang to nod, then listen to him and said:. "I'll go to that, a time when the eyes of the girl's youth dug"

It is to know this so he will lie! Fan away quickly around his waist pleaded: "Do not Do not Do not, the girl has a lover, you do not nonsense, OK!"

Yan Rui stressing each syllable: "The woman and you are in a room every day, and in front of your face, saw a year."

For this reason too simple and crude, and totally can not accept the Fan far, the collapse and said: "!! Really do not, ah, she was busy working you have time to look at me a little calm."

Rui Yan hard poke his hand, far Jizhongshengzhi Fan, Yan Rui yanked down on the side of the sofa, then straddled him, holding his face and kissed it.

Yan Rui Mouzhong flashed a hint of a smile, fit and his tongue entangled, pinched his waist and would not let him move, thought can take the opportunity again to coax him to do something else, the door was open.

Fan's body instantly stiff live far, Yan Rui calm look to the door, saw Steven Evans and Tracy Russell and their baby standing in the doorway.

Russell Zhengleng a moment, quickly cover your little eyes were rolling their own son.

Fan Yuan: "......"

Rui Yan migraine seeing his face shy said: "Marshal, said the office can not, do such a thing should go home, to be seen for more than a bad influence ......"

Fan far: "(¯ △ ¯;)"

Steven recovered quickly apologized: "Sorry teacher, it was my fault, I forgot to knock on the door, next time we'll call you." He finished in a hurry to leave with his wife and children.

Out does not have to make reservations in advance, this is the original owner to the student's privilege ......

Fan far hung his head and looked at myself in the Yan Rui is pressed under the body, long while they recovered, pinched his neck hate channel: "! Yan Rui you actually set me up, I fight with you!"

Rui Yan smiled and picked him up, approached the big lounge in between, "Did not you say that to me, in front of outsiders to reflect your majesty head of the family, so still not satisfied, baby, you're high maintenance. "

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