Chapter 7 .12--7.13

Chapter 7 .12--7.13

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[Anti - Pirates - Chapter - Day]

Azusa heart in the end is a girl, the girl's family taboo is very intimate, even her own father Luo chancery, not in front of outsiders call her maiden name, nickname only call "Ichi" work.

The front of this man, but under a large crowd call her full name, though now she is so young and no taboo, how many people feel unhappy.

He had his dirty clothes that Diudiu guilt also will be dissipated.

She looked at the hapless amused, nor apologize, but indifferent to withdraw sugar-coated haws his hand, his face regrettably Gee sighed and said:. "This can not eat, ah, there are a good few do."

See the man across the face more and more ugly, handsome face had become completely black pot, this put an innocent look, loud accusations and said: "The son, you take my dirty candied fruit I do not want you compensation, as long as you sincerely apologize to me, and I will not care about you. "

Only love and affection people feel distressed when it looks Azusa heart of this lovely jade snow, pretending innocence, where people would suspect her, let alone her with rumors also terrible than the evil Miss Luo two linked. For a time they have accused the man that he was not looking to blame others but a little girl. See people and more tolerant, obviously had been wronged, but as long as the apology nothing, really a silly little girl.

Azusa heart a few words to reverse the situation. That man was falsely accuse his rage anti-laugh, coldly glanced at the people around you and onlookers have shut up, Zuoniaoshousan.

Azusa heart hearts surprised, this little guy high profile Well, what tough nut to crack could there be? This troubled, multi-less attitude, she has nothing to lose anyway, not as good as a step back.

She smiled slightly: "I still do, son did not want to apologize for nothing, is more careful in the future, when walking till we meet again."

Having Azusa heart bypass him into the ranks Yaqin, but the man refused to let go, step forward to stop her path.

Zhonghui Zhong Yao seeing it to be shot, quickly waved Azusa heart so that they do not impulse, once moving from the hand may well resolved, but the man was not far behind followed by several guards it.

She frowned, his tone did not get the joy, anger and said: "? This son is what is intended."

The man snorted, near Azusa heart, with only two voices can be heard, Yiziyizi slowly: "? Luo Zi heart, you stupid, or do you treat me like a fool."

Azusa heart: ......

"You think you call me son, pretended not to know me, I'll believe you really amnesia? You people are cunning, but most of the mountains of the fox did not you smart, how could easily in someone else's plot, and almost even lives are lost, what are you contemplating what? you play the play, really want to do? "

Azusa mouth micro pumping heart, this man is in trouble Which will lead to? She should thank him for his lifting? The sorry he is unworthy of the expectations?

She pulled him to the back half a step and distance, so close by is not too hot, but why head carefully looked at the man, aged 14 to 15 look, handsome looks, temperament above average, good taste in clothes on, if out of ten,This person can at least make a seven or eight.

However, she did not have the slightest impression. If Zi Yan and Avon like this, they must be aware of him.

Azusa heart reluctantly said: "The son sounds familiar you are with me, but today let you down, I indeed suffering from the disease Lost Souls, even my own parents do not have the slightest impression, not to mention son to you. As Miuzan son, Ah really fear. "

The man angrily: "Who are you praise your facial skin is still the same thick, not a girl's modesty and a half minutes!!"

Azusa heart: ......

Although this person looks good, but the bad character, actually quite so direct, the slightest unflinchingly. If ever met and wanted the relationship is not much better.

The man is also aware that slip of the tongue, looking slow the slow, complex eyes staring eyes heart Azusa, Azusa heart any openly looked at him, he would not for a moment taken away naturally look, blunt tone: "You say you're nothing remember, you can still remember my brother? "

Azusa heart frown, "you brother ...... Which is?"

The man twisted his brow, bite and said:. "My brother, is landlocked."

Azusa heart suddenly realized, this landlocked taboo she had heard countless times in the mouth of the Avon and Zi Yan, royal heir, large cooler Ares, her child marriages objects, but also the future Messire.

The biography is that her fiance's brother marvelous, that ......

Azusa heart Puchi smile, his face jokingly said: ".. Unmarried Lu Feng is my husband ah, although I do not remember him, but academics can ever mentioned family, the original Lord is my future husband's brother ah"

Lu Qian was waiting angry, the girl who every day thick skinned, and in the past with his brother about the topic, she also slightly reserved some occasionally blush, is now a thoroughly people called no skin! What could be so carelessly mention unmarried husband, the husband's brother said what the future husband's brother ...... ......

"Luo Zi heart! You were a woman do, it does not get married, what chaos recognize relatives! Knowledge shameless?!"

Azusa heart reminding us of scenes did not hear, brought back the mouth, smile more and more presumptuous, "the husband's brother, where a large port complex, very noisy, if not find a quiet place, we carefully go into the details?"

Actually even the "future" do not add the word.

Lu Qian was waiting to take her no way, is so small, 这么些年来, he had not won her lip. Of course, others did not.

His silent tacit, opening:. "Good, I just have to ask you something."


Several people went into the living Yaqin, Azusa heart all the way to happily look around, indeed Luoan city's most famous den, along the way, everywhere are decorated very chic, mood and would not give a profound mystery pretending sense, four reveals the scent of ink and scholarly, people relaxed and happy.

Into the dining rooms Azusa heart is amazed, precious and elegant furnishings are all things, poetry and painting is everything evil. House furnished with a variety of famous paintings and rare chess tablature, simple and elegant it is.

Azusa heart watched and humbly ask Pro chapter, which words are written well, which has a bit worse, the pros and cons poems and paintings of how evaluation. Pro Zhang nature is all you know, do everything for her Q & A.Lu Qian was waiting to sit on the side of the mahogany chair poured himself a cup of fragrant pear foam, slowly goods a few bites before: "You had to learn these things even mad, even Mr. Guo were you impressed, willing to take you as a disciple , purse for several years, is now actually forgot all about it, it touches very funny. "

When he finished he had really laughed, I do not know what to laugh at.

Azusa heart curved facial features, leisurely said:. "I am happy, husband's brother you just wide tube"

Lu Qian was waiting nor refute, self-serving nodded and said:. "Also, you will not even he can forget, forget these little touches not unusual"

He finished with a big mouth and drink wine.

Azusa heart to see him in the hands of white jade cup crystal clear, unlike the tea cup, light sniffed, frowned and said:. "You drink, you just how much, how can drink this."

Lu Qian was waiting deaf, but raised his glass to her and said: "? This wine Ming Huan Rika foam, taste astringent but not bitter, it is to my taste, do you want to drink a glass of"

Azusa heart just ignore him, but added to this wine's name is very interested in, snatched the cup in his hand, shook on the tip of the nose, the wine into the nose, Lengxiang chilly, with the pear growing on her yard. like flavor, very good news. She could not help out tongue licked.

Bah, deceptive, actually bitter!

Azusa heart cup back to him, the complaint said: "? Could you taste out of the question."

Lu Qian was waiting laughed, drank a glass of wine, mischievous and said: ".. So you were a child, do not understand the benefits of this wine have the nerve to call my husband's brother, not too ashamed."

Azusa heart pursed his lips, let the brothers go to the Pro Chapter secondary outside a little rest, and then sitting in a chair next to Lu Qian was waiting, her small stature, lying directly on the chair, he took a pair of short leg over the arm threw.

Her legs kicked Lu Qian was waiting arm, bored and said: "You say something to ask me, what happened?"

Lu Qian was waiting turned her palm with his little face being familiar Qianbian smile, though fancy play spirited, but wasting a lot than ever, although the tea powder, but could not conceal inside the pale.

She suffered a major loss this is true.

He looked at her bright eyes, do not answer rhetorical question:. "Should not you ask me a question."

Azusa heart eyebrow, looking puzzled.

"You have not asked my name."

Azusa heart hook lip smile, "Yes Yes, I forgot such an important thing. So, I question the husband's brother high name please?"

Lu Qian was waiting automatically ignore that annoying word three, straightened his face, turned facing her, word by word seriously said:. "Lu Qian was waiting, humble modest this time you have to remember clearly, do not forget . "

Azusa heart disagree, although her memory is not really very good, you will not even name the word can not remember.

"Well, I remember. Say it get down to business."

Lu Qian was waiting by her casual attitude is excited too angry, he severely call several tone only bear down.

"Luo Zi heart, you really know what's good. I had warned you to be careful Lo Tzu-ching, you the three sisters is not a good crop, I thought deep enough, you do not listen, just treat her as a wonder thing children, now eat burned, later I still hear their words. "

Azusa listening heart startled by startled, stunned and said: "You said Luo Zi Qing,She was seven years old, right? "

Lu Qian was waiting, earnestly: "The seven-year-old, you just know she was seven, but I wonder if some people are born evil she pretended to look foolish in front of you, makes you be gradually isolated house in Romania. , the situation increasingly difficult, Father Luo Luo old woman which is not coax her instill obedience, even Luo adults are increasingly valued her, you'd say that, if she is really innocent and pure, how could do that? "

Azusa heart frown, without a word, and now she has not seen Lo Tzu-ching, only know that she had a cold, still disease. Originally I did not take her seriously, now listen to Lu Qian was waiting right there nose eyes, maybe she would be the good of her.

What control her demons, you can not turn the day to go.

Lu Qian was waiting to see her not to speak, but when she did not believe, helpless sigh and said:. "Azusa heart, you are not too arrogant."

Azusa heart a little meal, the heart which is really not lovable talking to people, but why always being poked points.

Really annoying guy.

Lu Qian was waiting annoying but why not aware of Azusa heart displeasure, still not saying lovable words.

"You Luo Zi Qing little girl as a worldly, off guard. You put Sun as a fun, juggling and occasionally she does not put people to play dead, just to pass the time when your mother to your father frustrated seclusion nunneries, you will not care since she does not love her dealings with you grandparents prefer two-bedroom and Lo Tzu-ching, you do not want rivalry, has since alienated the old couple, thoroughly hurt the heart of the elders ...... these things too numerous to mention, you used to only just concentrate on landlocked body, everyone else not in your eyes, not knowing that thousands of miles of dikes a dangerous thing, those rodent generation, you do not mind them, but they'll steal your food, until you take away all those who care about you, also you push farther and farther away. your arrogance have killed you once, is it still the old road that once again you? "

Azusa heart the whole person sitting in a chair, his hands Tuosai, weeping eye, without a word, indifferent Lu Qian was waiting to see her, hate her want direct shake.

Azusa heart to see him anxious to get angry look, could not help but Puchi out a laugh. This man is really interesting, it is clearly a child, but likes pretending to look like adults, but added maturity installed stable, slightly stimulating it betrays itself.

She sincerely said: "Lu Qian was waiting, so thank you for my sake, but I'm sorry, even if you know the words have some truth, but I can hardly identify with, after all, that I do not remember Luo Zi Qing, Sun and grandparents. Niangqin, Lu Feng, which I was or contempt, or disgust, or disappointment, or wholeheartedly loved the people, in my place, had all turned into a blank, vanish into thin air. "

Lu Qian was waiting to see what frowning would like to say, Azusa heart sighed and then said:. "Forget everything what means that you have not experienced, so this means that the former does not understand emotions, both good and bad, like not a cent relationship with me, and everything to hear from someone else, and I have no way linked to their past, but can not resonate. I can not easily believe that any one person's rhetoric, because I do not know who that is worthy of my people fully trust, I can only see with their own eyes, to feel with their own hearts,The only way I have a sense of security. You're right, I really arrogant, but this is my insistence. "

Zi Lu Qian was waiting've never seen such a heart, formerly incompatible relationship the two of them, met quarrel is not to make fun of each other, have to concede the other relinquish. And he was always the first to concede that party. Again and again defeated by a younger than their little girl, which had made him very depressed, but with age, he also increasingly cherish her, cherish this friendship.

Azusa heart has always been proud wanton, arrogant, as if the whole world is nothing even worth her wrinkled brow, only in front of his brother, to little convergence of some, for others, something else, as if she was never on the eyes, but never mind. This includes his childhood.

He said that her aunt as a Sun fun to tease, in fact, in the eyes of his heart Azusa, might be a fun to pass the time.

A never left their childhood in her mind a little trace, even behind a note for her occasional cockroach mice, he in her mind, maybe even accounting for the Sun aunt component can not match.

He has long been accustomed to such treatment, but now this mighty Luo Zi heart, but talk to him in a single word carefully, to explain to him, even for him sincerely say "thank" the word. Lu Qian was waiting feel familiar and unfamiliar, this is the girl he knew Luo Zi heart, but somewhat different.

Yes, how can the same, forget the landlocked heart of Luo Zi, how would the original Luo Zi heart?

He did not know what it's like my heart is, I do not know what the attitude in the face of this ignorant Luo Zi heart, and after a moment, he eased look and said: "I was too impatient, you ignore the situation now, you just I woke up this stranger has come in front of you talking-shop, bothered it. "

Azusa shook his head and heart, off the table the dish of delicate pastry plate took a piece, took a bite they no longer could not eat, she ate all the way, and now some belly bulge.

Lu Qian was waiting at the incredible vision, the heart of the piece of Azusa dip a hint of glistening saliva pastry put it back.

She glanced at the man next to fuss, snorted, pulled a sleeve from the finest silk bag, slowly open, and then put back together into the pastry dish.

She bag side edge finishing casually said: "?? You had a very good relationship should be with me now, how is it now so concerned about my conscience,"

Lu Qian was waiting surprised a moment, do not answer rhetorical question: "? You do not do not remember, how we used to know a bad relationship."

Azusa heart pursed his lips, his face of course, "you are so fond of preaching, according to my temper so arrogant, strange if you like it." She deliberately aggravating the word arrogant, to put Lu Qian was waiting mouth straight draw.

Lu Qian was waiting angry and said:?! "You think I like preaching so people do not worry if you had not, I would be where so many long-winded though you grew up mostly love against me, whatever the outcome, I can grow old you are false, considered your half brother, you can not sit and watch people jump into the pit. Besides, I really dislike Lo Tzu-ching, if you lose her, but also to give me lose face. "

Azusa heart Mozhuoxiaba migraine looked at him, Lu Qian was waiting for him to know that she is just "half brother"Rhetoric disdain, then ferocious stare at her, grabbed her hand dessert, eating, breathing together.

Azusa heart distressed those snacks, and quickly smooth hair and said:. "Do not be angry husband's brother, sister-in-law I was not defeated in their hands, rest assured you say to me today, although I did not completely believe, but had in mind, the future will pay attention. you do not give me finished ...... "

Lu Qian was waiting: ......


Back noon already more than half Book House.

Zi Lu Qian was waiting not on the road for the heart is not satisfied, she just wanted to find out the way to find out news landlocked, with the result that fellow was cold and said: "Anyway, I told you, you would not believe, why not treat him to come back, you yourself use eyes to see, hard to feel? "

This clearly is to take her words to choke her, it is really an outrage. But he would not say, she did not force him he could get turret neck. Bale Bale, anyway, later still a long time, do not rush this time.

This palace of bad feelings still living, who first put her fiance on the good side.

She stretched her arms, stepped into his courtyard, she quickly went up to see the Avon line for a ceremony: "The girl, the girl and Yin Cui Momo house has been packed, are arranged in the south wing, from where girl's boudoir recent back and forth is also convenient. the room also has three Mr. ready, in the west wing, where some local bias, but fortunately spacious quiet place, martial arts school is also convenient. whether the venue and girls have a look? "

Azusa heart a silent silent, shook his head and said: "Cui Momo and you lived in the south wing well, just like Yin girl plant some herbs on the arrangements in the east wing, and I remember you said, where there is a flower garden, it is better to clean up the fields as medicine. "

Avon quietly cautioned:. "Girl ...... Lexile live there."

Azusa heart eyebrow, "so what?"

"There is a place previously thought blue and Tsing Yi two second maidservants lived, valued blue girl ever think, so her room is much spacious, Tsing Yi house is worse. Yin as a girl ......"

Azusa heart clear understanding nodded and said:. "Fortunately, you remind me, lest they mistake this thing is pretty simple, let Lexile another room and let her move to the north wing Well, anyway, where the house much, with her pick."

Avon Wuzui laughed, she jokingly said:. "Now she was listless listless bad bad, I am afraid to think of the Blue mad."

North wing is ever so thick servant girl and a place to live as well as the Old Woman. Not only the furthest away from the main house, and a very poor environment.

Azusa heart mouth twitched, she left blue is this going to think this is not a good toss her, how worthy of her "dressing grace"? Did not want her life she considered a kindness.

"Avon, two Chung brother brought you to see they were going to stay in the house, if there is any need to change, or what is missing nothing less, in short, what the dirty work, they go to borrow a few I treasure Sparrow House of running, of course, so blue thinking of running can be. in the future, I bent Court who do not work in menial jobs, like that Sun will □□ man, presumably her minions yard, start with these manual labor was very handy. "

Avon Minchun low smiles: "Yes girl, knew the slaves."

Avon Zhonghui Zhong Yao led the duo to see the house, Azusa heart on the side stand with Pro Zhang said: "Sir please follow me to the study,I have important matters to discuss. "

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