Chapter 7.4

Chapter 7.4

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[Anti - Pirates - Chapter - Day]

But from the Chinese name can tell, this story will not be so normal style to go on, so the next focus here, an adult leader Edward Yang, in a few years to get along, gradually found himself on the adopted son had not the same feeling, and deepening day by day, until the point where it is difficult to control.

Fan sent him this far just four characters: spicy chicken! metamorphosis!

Why is not abnormal, and replaced with a normal man, can react against the boy a thirteen or fourteen? Foster child prisoners should be able to Yiyanbuge * ban in the secret room, do not admit a mistake not to eat or drink? God knows, the original owner is with the maid but to say a few words, in the end is how much sin! Adolescent boy I want you to understand what ah!

Fan Far serious doubts, the original primary reason behind the bend, certainly contributed adult leader, Yiyanbuge shut dark room, for who will have a psychological shadow good cutting? (Fifth: "............")

This is bad enough, as a father, though not pro, but eat to live with his son coming of age, they are even bathed together, but also the way to help him solve physiological needs! The metamorphosis is simply the best! Very shameless!

No wonder slow as the original owners, also found his dad is not normal, before the rite of the day, the success of the plan and fled.

But how could easily let him Edward Yang, holding in her hand loved treasures to keep the full eight years, is to wait for the date of his adult life, he personally pick the flower under irrigation to grow personally daring. He was afraid, he fled, it does not matter, anyway, he and some patience.

So father and son opened the escape you chase me, catch up on the throw, getting up again to escape, catching, caught another burst of lovemaking session ...... high in the male and female controls Xiaozi Jun Sui hang around in rivers and lakes, Xia Bank at the same time the sense of justice, but the original owners and their lofty hentai dad wonderful experience in a variety of locations in the heart of child abuse itself, the picture is very simply live, color, raw, sweet.

Kua heart of origin, but dared not tell anyone, especially his two brothers, because he is human Evil, and a very high status, even though he never killed a few people, but identity can not be changed, and doomed human right way hostile.

In order not to lose this hard-won friendship, he had tried to conceal his identity, for which he even hesitate and Edward Yang deal, promised all kinds of shame play!

See this part of the story, just far Fan anger vomiting blood, the authors in order to satisfy your own bad taste, has no limit to feed! This part of the story simply does not make sense ah Hey! The original owners with male owners and female controls almost all gone through what the story, in the end from which nurtured feelings ah! But also deep feelings to the point of self-sacrifice can!

However, most did not pit, only more pit! Seems to have finally rejected much of the wild, fight, prepared to allow the subject to the king with his family to go home to kiss Daddy love each other (continued torment), so the idea for the original owners prepared to climb love scene.

Fan Far mouth slightly drawn, Hell dare to teach him not to ooc, he does! Even unauthorized changes to the original owner of the body data, hash table face!

Fan Far anger on the heart, but could do nothing, people who let it hang open! Destiny's Child are no match,Not to mention the man himself at the bottom of the struggle. When I think really a lot of psychological balance, forget he was to take liberties with the male as well.

To the vip suite, Fanyuan Li politely knocked on the door, listening to which called into, Then he hands pockets and went inside.

The male cheerful sun, so they are invariably not lack all kinds of friends, this is not, he woke up from the fight, to visit people have packed the whole ward. A group of energetic handsome guy, a very, very good to see the doctor, to thank him again and again, scrambling to his seat.

So many people present, what Fan far is not good move, but routinely asked a few questions, listen to the source Chung answer was clear, he told some careful considerations, a boy and even take notes in a convenient paste , posted next to the source Song of bed, let him remember anytime, anywhere.

As a result, he has no reason to stay here, and had a smile and said: "Then you take a good rest, I'll see you again."

As soon as he went out, and source ode to his little friends were silent.

Closest to a boy looked out the door, toward the inside than an ok gesture, which once raged.

"Wow, now doctors Intuit high quality, and this face, this temperament, tut, when the stars have become it."

"Before listening source Chung said his doctor is a big guy, I do not believe it, then commander but also good-looking than we source a big guy you really known as to meet ah!"

It was immediately echoed:. "Really, really, he just smiled, I goose bumps, that he will not be breaking bend it."

"Haha, you bend a try ah, go back and tell you to call the object, I heard that she is a female judo athlete, see you tomorrow, there is no life to go back to training."

"Ha ha ha ........."

A group of people laughing and joking all the talk, only the source song against silent in bed, my mind a myriad of thoughts, worries when happy, and finally converging sentence.

"When away, I came back, this time I will not escape."

Fan Far feel that their acceptance is considered very strong, but never thought would pit Yan Core to this point!

What he invaded his spirit, what they are spirits in the form of co-pay *, what he is now using his own body, Madan, so broken things shame that he did not want to hear ah!

See Yan Rui fellow wants to stick up robbing, Fan Yuanjiang hard to push him goes handsome face, with a straight face and said: "! Who do you secretly into my spirit, to respect the individual * you understand ah."

Yan Rui helpless to stop the action, he won the hand attached to his face, holding in her hand to play with, that look as if enjoying a fine porcelain-like carefully, "then you are in danger, in addition to this I can not think other way. "

Fan away angrily want to withdraw his hand, blasted: "Even coming in is compelling, after convergence do not know about it, you are my spirits have done ah!"

Yan Rui eyes staring at him, his hand clenched would not let him pull away, slowly kissed his fingertips, the attitude of pious pilgrims are like the general, his voice dumb and said:. "I had always wanted to do."

Fan away by his sudden movement startled shocked,Rui Yan lip Ice cool a dumb feeling from the fingertips reach the heart, so that he could not help but think before he embraced, beneath him indulgence picture, his Adam's apple fretting, accusing the words did not emboldened .

Only whispering: "You're sick."

Rui Yan sharp-eared see him already began to fill, but forced a calm face, could not help but crooked mouth, his most baby really cute.

"In fact, there is a reason," he solemnly, "you are back to bite demons, spirits eroded even take you out of the illusion, the damage is already taking shape. Spiritual body but your body, once damaged, it is difficult to recover . "

See Fan far nodded in agreement, he quietly draw closer, then coaxed said: "? But in the advanced planes such comprehension for industry, but it is not no way, you say double audible * repair of the law"

Fan body away a little stiff, academics can he continued: "The so-called double * repair of the law, is a blend of spirit and spirit not only help repair sophisticated, but also warm and nourish the spirit, you suffer damage is not great, as long as I and a few more to repair, soon restored as ever. "

Then he hands again touched on the smooth waist Fan away, gently caress a few times, before he was far Fan tossing several times, feeling the body Masatoshi *, he flew a provocative soft body.

He had the feeling that wrong, but can not think of anything to refute, only his hands against his shoulders and said:. "I feel good now, do not repair"

Of course, Rui Yan refused to miss this rare opportunity, who knows what month next is, of course, is the time to eat enough of this to do. Fan just see his face far more black, after all, he did that with a strong courage, had resigned not want it from him.

Fan Yuansong breath, and he does not hate Yan Rui do that, after all, he's really cool to have, after all, my heart just relax a little.

"Take me out of it."

Yan Rui should be a cry, in spite of his to resist, he picked up the horizontal lines towards the exit door.

Fan Far bite patience, thinking and other labor went out to talk to you afterwards!

Fortunately, Rui Yan is not shameless in the end, did not deliberately delay, and soon put him out until saw a white light, he subconsciously raised his arm to protect his eyes, and the next moment he sat Dong Fu cliff in the sunset.

Just listen to Pei Qicheng Ken give advice: "We help each other, okay?"

Madan! Who'd you help each other ah! Ah you give I let go ah!

But ......... it seems quite comfortable?


After the two hour, like a dead body lying in a far Fan Pei Qi bed, palms almost about to wear out a layer of skin, delicate skin of the thigh has red one, Pei Qi was holding a bottle of refreshing for him to smear cream Yulu redness at the Fan away slightly opened his eyes glanced at him, then there feebly closed - he has 破罐子破摔 up.

For this guy's shameless degree, Fan away again with a deeper understanding, say it is mutual help, but this simply is not the same staying power ah! He defeated both hands turns into battle, and eventually even also contributed leg ......... rely on, he was told that men should become cannon * Friends?Fan simply wants to die a death far, not been able to hold on the bottom line of how his iron will actually easy to be defeated * Spring medicine this kind of thing, this is over, all over!

"Xiao Wu, you say how can I do ah qaq"


"I know this is my fault, all my fault not firm, but you can not give up my ah / (tot) / ~~"

"Bite, fifth in fact, was about to report to the owner, although the owner severely distorted the original owner of the plot and the main plot, but the current system does not receive any warning or reminder, the story progress is still normal to about 30 percent."

"What? Is he dead drama king?"

"The only explanation is that the world system vulnerability monitoring section appears, has not repaired, the owner again escaped, owner please take this opportunity to correct errors in a timely manner."

Fan Far eyes light up, as had been hollowed out body suddenly full of blood resurrection, he pushed Pei Qi to help their hands on the drug, sincere and said: "not take the trouble to princes, under for yourself."

Pei Qi Mouzhong flashed a hint of regret, quietly closing the hand, the bottle of cream stuffed into the hands of far-Fan, "Today is the king confused, forced persecuted you, if you want to give you an account of the king, the king can………"

"No, no, do not give me an explanation! No, under mean, princes too serious, trivial matter and not worth mentioning ........."

Yi Yi Huh? Where it seems wrong, he quickly remedied said: "today but Prince dirty tricks, princes and all are under the victim, the princes do not mind, just do not mention the matter to expose too, as nothing will happen it is good."

Pei Kai stared at his beautiful eyes, after a long while means unknown: "The mortgage pass it over ah, really is a good way."

Fan away suddenly felt a little dangerous, the heart is still safer to get out, "there are some chores do not think under the deal, if there is no other princes commanded, under which they retire."

Pei Qi moved away a step, clear understanding of nodded and said:. "Then you will go to busy, remember to apply medicine"

Fan should far cry from the bed quickly climbed down, ran toward the door, he took a few steps he suddenly paused.

He turned teeth and said: "Please princes, borrow under a pair of pants."

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