Chapter 7.3

Chapter 7.3

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[Anti - Pirates - Chapter - Day]

Fan away abruptly stood up, a pair of eyes locked with the man, not have any idea to him, but this man's looks and voice, he would never admit, the first person he saw after death.

The man was staring him in the eyes of the complex, has long been engraved in his memory, despite the passage of thousands of years, we have never had the slightest forgotten.

The two men perceived side of the movement, saw a Fan far, seems to have surprised some, the woman raised an eyebrow slightly, said: "The old white, you know?"

Called old white man is laughed, "a coincidence, is an old friend."

Fan twisted eyebrow far not words, in his perception, and did not feel this person can be regarded as "friends", most people regarded it took him into the predecessors of this world.

His voice with a hint of hostility, stressing each syllable, said:. "Long time no see, white hit"

White does not mind his attack unreasonable, just chuckle a cry, "You changed so much, ah, I also was not that grateful, mouthful predecessors predecessors told me, now aware of what is right."

Fan fists far too creaky, but it is a surface Lengran, even mouth hanging smile, step by step, approached the White attack, whispered: "I do not know the passage of white seniors, to move my memory What hands? "

Woman frown look to the side of the white hit, "What memories, I do not know how."

White attack at her pleasing smile, her first and so far Fan turned to look, like some headaches like, "Hey, you can not mistake, not my hands and feet of people, just by the way I favor those tedious things I did not bother to control. "

Fan far pressing harder and harder, imposing stern: "Well, that dictates who?"

White hit a silent silent, suddenly grinned smiled and said:. "The man is yourself, ah, not wrong, but you are not you, precisely, is light warm."

Not far from Xu Fan would like to follow, all the way to Chu has been good, so after more hell in here waiting for the good early, he came to see the bright eyes bass, walked to the front of Fan far, slightly surface shy, he said: "Bai Xiong, I can tell you the end, they let the man lead the way in front, he did not lean on the wind illness ink was late Pavilion Suzhou, Suzhou ink did not find life entirely good in the eyes of Fan far no love. mood, he warmly said: "

Fan Far bite:! "In addition to ten pearl pink flower" far "word, Ting Wai circle around the roses in full bloom, fragrance carp, the other I do not color lanterns, each lamp eat all the lights are plainly written in the Mu flamboyant big field? when your eyes away I do? "

Fan light ink far he agreed to listen to good, like it or not short a time Enliaoyisheng, you love him softly and said: "Actually, I find you, I call what what, anyway, I share with you Zijin Suzhou, looking for you, I want to tell you an apology. "brand, still have to put the micro-pump, with apologies to stifle budding feelings in a timely manner. Fan was the far corners of the mouth so big row eye is blind do?

Ting Wai leaning against the wind is still very hung over the front!

#-Day basis we recognize that I am afraid to shake the whole house is not it! #

# Casual labor is not so far Fan eating does not seem so painful.We have it. People ah! #

# Suzhou brother, you really are not through eye stare: "?" After he is doing this addictive fish do come thing? ! #

Suzhou brother, I ask you to open all the way out of a few will be able to smell, coupled with ears can hear the faint sound of music lute mildly, this confession properly due to the rhythm ah! And tell the system it stick? Baby can not fight in the way it [white hand cabinet it? Or simply moving debt see] because do not eat! I hate fish! "

Suzhou ink good to see him angry, quickly said Fan far cold? Apologized and said: "I'm sorry, I do not sharp eyes shocked, subconsciously know go back, it would not interest the young gentleman he broke bent, and also to make such immoral things, where the host family will let he, Suzhou old man if I know, I am afraid even kill him and then he suddenly Suzhou ink good step to make such a mistake, aggrieved and said: "no, not after the. "A."

After some careful wing and tone, leaning against the wind took the lead approached the pavilion, walking and said: "! Why not eat eat, you spend so much thought, how can I eat to be'll eat wings and asked:!" That pearl carp for a moment, he seemed to look far to see Fan better fish, you eat it? "Fan took a deep breath finished far there's frustrating!"

Suzhou has the most home have a heart! He wanted to eat, have the strength within the pavilion, a carp dish neatly placed in the stone table, although looking directly into the selling phase to eat it, the mouth of Suzhou ink good standing on the edge, to see him seriously vague He said:. "Thank you" is not good, but can be seen under his genuineness do the dishes, I just feel the hands of scalding effort, he can not tell which of course is the pearl carp, pick up the chopsticks to cope not?

Suzhou ink Liang smiled and went to sit down across from him, far from the eyes of a Fan looked at his innocent smile, suddenly felt a splitting headache, mother of no one told him that she had care of the household rose flower over it? Is rot, Fan eat a few bites away suddenly think of it, turned and pointed Ting Wai asked: "? That is how it was."

Female ah! ! ! Do not blink blink looked at him and said: "This is Xiao Xiong taught me, I told him, I want to apologize to you ......... ah, he looked happy, but also take the initiative to help me make plans, saying they are home so ......... apologize, I tried, the effect is light, and music, this stock is not really wear it seems pretty good. "

I happened to encounter in the hallway are rounds Su nurse, nurse Sue met him quite surprised, puzzled and asked: "? When the doctor, are not you took a day off to rest it, how they come up."

Fan far paused, and said: "The hospital is the recent lack of people, I slept better and had come to see."

Su Nurse worried and said: "You do not reluctantly, his body is the most important, you fainted yesterday when we can put me ......... frightened."

Fan away at her grateful smile, patted her on the shoulder and said: "Thank you for your concern, but I was really all right."

Su nurse reddish face, nodded and continued to go to work.

Fan little girl was his vision of few words Liaode red in the face, can not help but come up with a mobile phone according to the picture his face, secretly nod, which he currently encountered one of the most satisfying no body.

Refined looks handsome,And reveals a brow British Gas, which is a pure male face, full of mature man's charm. And the original owner has always insisted their spare time to the gym, so the stripped material is also useful, but the skeleton is too small, not strong enough looking at nothing.

The front of this man, but under a large crowd call her full name, though now she is so young and no taboo, how many people feel unhappy.

He had his dirty clothes that Diudiu guilt also will be dissipated.

She looked at the hapless amused, nor apologize, but indifferent to withdraw sugar-coated haws his hand, his face regrettably Gee sighed and said:. "This can not eat, ah, there are a good few do."

See the man across the face more and more ugly, handsome face had become completely black pot, this put an innocent look, loud accusations and said: "The son, you take my dirty candied fruit I do not want you compensation, as long as you sincerely apologize to me, and I will not care about you. "

Only love and affection people feel distressed when it looks Azusa heart of this lovely jade snow, pretending innocence, where people would suspect her, let alone her with rumors also terrible than the evil Miss Luo two linked. For a time they have accused the man that he was not looking to blame others but a little girl. See people and more tolerant, obviously had been wronged, but as long as the apology nothing, really a silly little girl.

Azusa heart a few words to reverse the situation. That man was falsely accuse his rage anti-laugh, coldly glanced at the people around you and onlookers have shut up, Zuoniaoshousan.

Azusa heart hearts surprised, this little guy high profile Well, what tough nut to crack could there be? This troubled, multi-less attitude, she has nothing to lose anyway, not as good as a step back.

She smiled slightly: "I still do, son did not want to apologize for nothing, is more careful in the future, when walking till we meet again."

Having Azusa heart bypass him into the ranks Yaqin, but the man refused to let go, step forward to stop her path.

Zhonghui Zhong Yao seeing it to be shot, quickly waved Azusa heart so that they do not impulse, once moving from the hand may well resolved, but the man was not far behind followed by several guards it.

She frowned, his tone did not get the joy, anger and said: "? This son is what is intended."

The man snorted, near Azusa heart, with only two voices can be heard, Yiziyizi slowly: "? Luo Zi heart, you stupid, or do you treat me like a fool."

Azusa heart: ......

"You think you call me son, pretended not to know me, I'll believe you really amnesia? You people are cunning, but most of the mountains of the fox did not you smart, how could easily in someone else's plot, and almost even lives are lost, what are you contemplating what? you play the play, really want to do? "

Azusa mouth micro pumping heart, this man is in trouble Which will lead to? She should thank him for his lifting? The sorry he is unworthy of the expectations?

Suzhou ink good to hear him say this, a bit shy and said: "? Mu far, you really think so."

Fan far nodded seriously, he put down the chopsticks, stood up and walked down the side of a folded pair of roses, leans gently sniffed the tip of the nose,He will face charming mouth with a smile more beautiful and frightening, than his hands full bloom roses but also eye-catching.

Suzhou good ink already fascinated, ear academics Fan far chuckled and said:. "I met the love of the woman in future, it touches can learn about Xiao Xiong's another way."

He suddenly pale, muttered repeated: "Like the woman ......... ........."

Fan did not feel like a remote control as far nodded, of course, said: "The total lack of them wherever they went, tired that day, then, will look for a person's sexual gratification, away from the rivers and lakes disputes, been comfortable day Lonely Ye . "

Suzhou ink Liang suddenly approached him, grabbed his wrist, eagerly said: "You and people of sexual gratification, not necessarily, not necessarily ........." is not necessarily a woman.

North wing is ever so thick servant girl and a place to live as well as the Old Woman. Not only the furthest away from the main house, and a very poor environment.

Azusa heart mouth twitched, she left blue is this going to think this is not a good toss her, how worthy of her "dressing grace"? Did not want her life she considered a kindness.

"Avon, two Chung brother brought you to see they were going to stay in the house, if there is any need to change, or what is missing nothing less, in short, what the dirty work, they go to borrow a few I treasure Sparrow House of running, of course, so blue thinking of running can be. in the future, I bent Court who do not work in menial jobs, like that Sun will □□ man, presumably her minions yard, start with these manual labor was very handy. "

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