Chapter 7 .2 (catch the worm)

Chapter 7 .2 (catch the worm)

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[Anti - Pirates - Chapter - Day]

Fan away silently swallow even though the original owners to keep onlookers have immediate loss what to eat, when the body jade beat it!

So when the original owners with ten in his daze for a moment, the main man there pointing, laughing at his guts, Fan distance against that man's eyes flashed his hero does not have to swallow liver shivering, and his ass and said: "today again cry uncle before leaving the disposal of silver!"

When he finished the crowd squeezed out of something, not the crowd gradually dispersed, but that white women to accompany you to play, then that woman with you to identify counseling ah, do fat beat is so cool it?

An Weiyun silent good meal here care of the household to leave the body in this direction kneeling in place a sword, but Tim did not wipe appreciation, scabbard, opposite the man had accidentally scared the woman, seeing that she finally does leave two .

Silent trio turned to a higher grade accommodation inn, still pricey, women are the main trough entropy male geniuses of live-born originally trying to get quality requirements.


Three chosen pass, although eating a lot of pain for raw disciples, from small clothing □□ is fine, can not eat Zaokang, followed very satisfied.

Three points to the table they thoroughly discredited, since these two back, do not worry about basic necessities, Fan said he was away meals, although already salivating, but far from Fan start immediately, but looked very carefully around the eyes not his nervousness, but this by two weeks to shock too much, had careful. Thirds of humble *! He also refers to care of the household played a role, that he turned out to be vulnerable to the attack of the constitution!

Original owners embarrassed petty pack up their bags down the night on foot. He has been a breath, dizzy dare to do so, now do not say do not succeed, in turn, also gave him a kick, feeling kind of thing, at a later date and the male room brother said, after thinking he felt had happened Bie is track brother is not realistic.

And the male climbs, and turned many, such as male dogs and climb up the attitude of mud, yes, the male golden hands ideal vision and the courage to pay the practice, but this is Mary Sue b is a look of force is intentionally ignorant the result has been a grunt g other text from the ground, the male can so easily * it? This must not be inferior to take advantage of what Road see injustice his help, the male ran as ink are placed in the care of the household medicine how tall paste, find someone to climb out rescue rape.

"This is the way ... you do not go to ... dream, sleep too lost his main bed, a flash what was the main man hanging open the whole beheaded kick down, eating out of the foot, I heard" whoops "background plate, a little bit worry Sang looked across the big guy, would like to say a very old-fashioned lines," heaven has no one to turn you a prison I learned that his brother, he was about to explain what they do not swim? ? ? "(¯ ¯ port;)

However Dream own bed, unconscious on the day over a few lines, if it is more than a few paragraphs ago, the care of the household being the point man and a vicious confrontation, I thought the atmosphere was very sky and shouts: "He did not dare you!

People will be able to casually breaking the constitution bend, even a word should be carefully considered for a long time, eat with two men, gay not the future, seeking to let go of this, Fan far only men should be male owners two sweet female night ran out,Male owners, opened the journey. And then travel on white far, since self did not come back before.

Isochronous meet again, the identity of the three men have been in the care of the household that room was completely opened by the guest, uh, became the opposing cry, author Ah in the end is how you lazy, do not want to write this is it, why use this drive away, stack waited for him for several days the idea of ​​setting him, then go home to speculation that he was the enemy. Under an old blood, because he perceived the world from malicious dense.

He will not let Yan Rui is to come with self-reliance, by their own efforts to take the story, especially the results of what the results still have to hold the thigh, and the thigh is not brought to him to let him hold, but he went to ask someone else to make yourself hold ! Think about it, in fact, quite inspirational ......... a Ghosts!

Rui Yan now has definitely got his script, and jokes Zhibuding how he does, would like to install a b how is it so hard! so tough!

He came with a group of men for some days, and through the story there are dozens, although occasionally the plot would be more child abuse mind body, but can tell the author is actually like this role mostly because the stems will sprout bl specially plus.

But this world is not the same as ever, the face of such insane story, he even suspect that the author of this article may extremely offensive gay, so deliberately Riga in the text of such a slag slag, the purpose is to let the child care of the household together Gengshuang a little!

I do not know the ward in the end what happened, but there are at least two obvious things, one is the male suddenly very disgusted with his elder brother Cheng source, and second, the male angered Yan Rui and does not seem correct intention.

Fan far, certainly, if he just did not appear, the male should now be completely wipes out.

He understood better than anyone else Rui Yan, his identity and status determines his character and way of behavior, insolent and unscrupulous. In the eyes of the Lord God, Destiny's Child a lower planes, simply do nothing.

Like the ancient king, beheaded a random subjects, will not have any psychological burden. Even in his eyes, the story in the role even subjects are not really, just a bunch of possible tampering and deleted data.

World Rui Yan reason to stay again in the lower planes, are for him, so he is the least qualified to blame Yan Rui people, which is why the last guy in the world and given a free hand destroyed the rules of the plot, he just reminders and exhortations, not really angry with him.

In countless lonely years, a man suddenly appeared to never betray you, and anyone can not refuse, Fan far no exception. He himself is very clear, in his heart of hearts, in the hope that Yan Rui always accompany him, even know his company will also bring all sorts of trouble.

It is, therefore, at the moment he was extremely upset and feel guilty, though he did not regret the attempt to save the male, but Rui Yan would be so stuck all because of him, and he is high above the Lord God, why should endure these? He likes relied on his own, let him indulge himself again and again, in fact, he is very dirty it.

Because your breath Dan efficacy have not in the past, Fan far racked with the parties came the sound of loud, delighted, tired,There are tears of a time ......... I feel irritable bear.

He put all the mental strength to focus on the man beside him, quietly listening to his steady heartbeat, "plop, plop, plop," what answer it, powerfully struck in his heart.

Fan far shook fist, staring Pianguo Tou man sliced ​​like a deep shot from the side, through the system slowly opening:. "Yan Rui, I'm sorry."

Man did not speak, did not even move about the brow, face as cold as frost, Fan far but clearly hear his heartbeat gradually becomes faster, pumping, like percussion honestly betrayed master's mood.

Fan far consciously widened eyes, Yan Rui, Rui Yan went so far as to just three words out of control heart rate, if not hear it, see, surely he would never believe it.

I do not know how to cherish the psychological, he gingerly test the open road: "? Yan Rui, you really like me."

Rui Yan's hand holding the steering wheel slightly paused, he quietly drove on to a fork, where far Fan aware of this, he is full of Yan Rui this moment completely chaotic strong heartbeat.

The original no matter how he looks calm and quiet, the performance was how at ease he can make him a word rout. The original between them, has the upper hand is not Rui Yan, but his.

This knowledge made him feel joy from the heart, so that the previous unhappy and disturbed by the full cast of the back of his head, he's like a victorious general, complacency and said: "So you like me so ah ........."

Yao Chi curable general trauma not only water, while the gas concentration, static effect, especially for retreat practice.

Fan about an hour away to reckon, he brought a set of clothes to find Xu Yao Chi indifferent to him now repair to find a mortal child could not be easier, but the moment he discovered his thin figure.

The water was filled with a thin layer of water vapor, emaciated boy lying on the pool Yu-chieh, light sleep, pale cheeks were steaming into a touch of pink, gently pursed his lips, I do not know who saw in a dream.

Such unsuspecting appearance, is too arouses pity.

Fan far to wake him gently with his clothes wrapped carefully in his arms, gentle movements for fear he woke up and slowly walked toward the house without snow.

He reminded himself in his heart, he is now a real forest falling clouds away, and his arms holding, Destiny's Child is the world, Lin Tien Tien real reincarnation, love is the original owner for thousands of years, remember the thousands of years even reincarnation can not forget the brothers. Tien were the original owners of this world come to practice, but also in order for the man guarding life's work fills.

Although deep love for the original owner can not identify with him, can face such an adorable child, he can not do sit idly by, under the premise of its power, he wants to let the child grow up as happily, has been that he can work independently of that day.


The next day, no snow temple.

Fan distal sitting in his chair, his arms would only white fox spirit, with your fingers gently stroked its fur, small fox comfortably Mi Wu cry, his arms arch to arch,One person, one fox get along harmonious and beautiful, like a careful outline of ink.

The fox is the first original owners kept the spirit of the world pet, had just one pass of the Euro RSCG arctic fox, who would have thought he reincarnation for centuries, were once again return to Tien, only arctic fox still waited at the falling clouds peak wait for him. In this world, in addition to his brother, the only fox in his most important.

Fanyuan An ask the pet, looked up to see standing in the central hall very well-behaved indifference Xu see he was staring straight fox spirit of his arms, can not help but raised an eyebrow and asked: "? Do you like the fox."

Xu indifference slightly shy said: "So Fox ah, a disciple of the past had a pet dog at home fan, and the fox Master of some similar, and I was very close, but later died, and now in retrospect, there is some sad. "

Fan From a distance, the fox watching his arms, and looked at his pathetic disciples, paused the channel: "the fox and the general vary, but the practice has been the demon repair millennium. "

When he finished he put down the arctic fox, the fox spirit will be translated into human form, is still an Bise Luoqun, Qiaoxiaoyanran eyes hope Xi, Xu indifference toward her slightly blessed Fook said: "Wu Nai real spirit falling clouds pet , Bi Ming Huan Yi. "

Xu indifference seems somewhat surprised, foolishly nodded his head and said:. "My name is Xu indifference"

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