Chapter 6 .12-7.1

Chapter 6 .12-7.1

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Fan far can be considered experienced storms, after a brief stunned, quickly recovered and turned to close the door, but fortunately he does not re-start, the door still intact.

He has Daisha high Sui picked up from the ground, to the outside, then Curtains down and whispered Asari bypass roads:. "Xiao Xiong, you put clothes on, then we'll have a conversation."

Xiao Ziyun embarrassed, whispered to be a cry.

High Fan Sui was brought to his room far, have not been back during God, until he threw Fan far towards a set of clothes, so he quickly put on, he gradually recovered.

High Sui boss eyes wide, obviously too much stimulation, he has been incoherent, stammered and said: "White, white, Bai Xiong, Zi brother he he he, he is ........."

Fan far calm Interface: "woman."

High Sui himself startled, sat down and poured himself a cup of tea, the results because the tremor was too calendar harm, the whole tea spread out.

He has been the main man of slow defeat, and the two men to stick together all day, coke separated from Meng Meng leave coke, but also the discovery of how little clue, but this fool is distracted found nothing, all day to brother brother to go, called the whole day, the key in this case, also produced Nannvzhiqing behind! This special it really was not dressed bl text bg skin do?

Fan far sat across from him, black face and asked:? "You are going I clearly remember how last night to send you into a bully One room, how you will wake up in room number three Xiaoxiong ? "

High Sui eagerly explains: "I really do not know this, and I just remember that you drink in a restaurant, then I do not know the personnel, I woke up, saw Azusa brother sleep next to me, also, not to wear ... ...... "

Fan distant glance, maybe this guy is out to turn on the water at night, drunk and disoriented accidentally went to the wrong room, just Xiao Ziyun too drunk calendar harm, two people made a roll group.

High Sui is also estimated think of this possibility, suddenly white face, he said: "? Last night, Could I really do animals."

Fan foresight he scared pale and trembling, but also some frustration, is so ancient, the chaste lives are more important than weight, high Sui Xiao Ziyun loved treasures again, how could bear to ruin her innocence, probably I would prefer to die apology .

Headache he asked: "in the end did not do that thing, you do not feel it?"

High Sui confused: "What feeling?"

Fan far staggering, twenty of you a normal man, what it feels like to ask? He then I thought, the male young fame, own father is the chief martial arts, very strict tutor, to get married young and experienced Daughter of the disaster, two years in addition to xiu martial arts, is to collect evidence, which there are thought whoring.

Such innocent boy, but even things that do not know how far ......... Fan deep sleep he had discovered the truth, he patted his shoulder, "high-brother, in my opinion, but ye are nothing happened up in a bed that slept. "

High Sui frown Chen Sheng said: "Even so, he is also dirty ......... her innocence, I should be dead ........."

Fan Far interrupted: "In addition to the dead apology, Is there no other way?"

High Sui mind a turn to know what he meant, Qiqiyiai said: "Of course I also think I dreaming, but Azusa her brother, she has me as a brother, I have now made such a shameless act, she must hate me, where I have this face, and begged her to let me eat dirt responsible in the end, not to mention I now have a big unfinished, children affair in my case, too expect ......... "

Fan Niuniunienie his vision looks like, it is turn iron into steel, this guy does not follow the routine the cards, he flew the whole story did not say, now dare to flinch, his cold voice interrupted: "Xiao Xiong how I think, how do you know, Foolish act sloppy, but to have a clear conscience, afraid of the high brother Xiao Xiong is rejected, preferring to die apologize, but if high-brother is dead, your mouth still pending event then how? this like escapism, it is clearly a cowardly act! "

High Sui he faces some hot red ear saying, he thought for a moment, suddenly stood up and said, "Baixiong say yes, yes Yuxiong dull, and a man of indomitable spirit, nothing to fear, I'll confess their minds whereabouts Azusa brother If she is willing, I will live this life of her, should she refused, I would let her disposal, is to kill a cut I have no complaints! "

Fan Yuangang want to encourage him a few words, let him not be so pessimistic, just listen to the results clapped door opened, Xiao Ziyun appeared at the door, she took Mouzhong Shuiguang, whispered: "You do not have to look for me, just then I have heard. "

High Sui was solidly scared, but far Fan purely to produce it, Xiao Ziyun when he clearly closer than anyone else, so deliberately set high Sui, then let his true feelings, favorability of the male of female controls had already reach 80 percent to a degree have love between lovers is appropriate to promote the beneficial and harmless.

Care of the household came readily to close the door, walked in front of half a meter high position Sui stopped, bowed his head people do not see her emotions.

High Sui moved his Adam's apple, want to ask her, since heard, is willing or unwilling.

Xiao Ziyun suddenly raised his face, frowning high Sui dumped a slap, slap this little effort, but was not hit high Sui Mongolia, a heart was broken, Fan foresight this case stunned and unable to speak, this situation, this situation is not right ah!

Just listen to the care of the household lightly: "This is your punishment climb my bed last night."

The male nodded, muffled said:. "This punishment is too light."

Care of the household snorted, gently shallow said:. "Naturally, additional follow-up, this slap in the face just let me export gas, there'll be your subject"

The male bitter smile, "I can lose this life to you, how you want to vent can be."

Care of the household heard him say more tightness, and waving small tender fist smashed into him a few times, hate channel: "sacrificing their lives at every turn, your life is not worth it so I do not want you?! life, I want you to live well, live long lives we go! "

Men should not react, had let her beat outlet, his only concern is his rough skin and flesh wrecked her hand hurt.

Fan silently turned away not to see such a brutal scene, but I heard the male smothered exclamation, thought it was the care of the household resorted to what kind of weapons,He worried that kills quickly turned round to stop, surprised to find - turned out to be the primary care of the household threw herself into the arms of men, too much force made him to step back.

"Asshole with high security, you like how I said that before! I, I actually like you, which led me to worry about in vain for so long ........."

There are still complaining about care of the household, but far Fan quietly back out of the room.

A big pot of dog blood # #

# I was a little too fast style switch reaction can not be #

# Woman really is terrible, but fortunately I have a husband, Pooh, my wife! #

Formerly heard people say, you can never tell a woman is like a baby or get angry because they are free to switch, and no pressure, seeing is believing.

But maybe finally be happy, right fool, but he is also the time to exit.

He was silent out of the inn, bustling marketplace as ever, that day in Yuzhou city, and the three of them met together and make the trip, it turned out after just six months time, than the feelings of many years of close friends but also profound.

Looking back to look at him I do not know when to appear in the body side Rui Yan, he asked softly: "? They would have been happy to go on it."

Yan Rui gets his hands, his fingers lightly down a kiss, "will, I promise."

Fan far this laugh, the two interlocking fingers and disappeared in the crowd.


And so that a familiar pain has passed, Fan Ren brain feel far more pain there! More than head pain, and heart, lung and kidney liver and spleen are all in pain! He can not wait now hurts like hell in the past, is better than plot go!

He fried hair and asked: "Xiao Wu, special What are you kidding me pick what this ghost story ah?!!"

"Bite, the system detects the host mood swings a lot, because the story is about to unfold, please host as soon as possible to restore calm."

"Calm your head! Lj to be the person that you are not to be eaten by a zombie one person are not you! I just grew up fresh romance of the ancient text out, you let me such a cruel world, I want you to I was a little buffer time ah! "

Fifth voice was calm, "bite, the task reward the better, which is a requirement proposed by masters of their own, the more incentive to improve, there will be increased task difficulty, there is no free lunch, ask the owner to accept the reality as soon as possible . "

Fan anger just want it far beaten meal, he took a deep breath several, still could not Huanguo Lai, yes, with the improvement of fifth grade, been able to independently choose the task, but is limited to the Lower Planes and World middle planes, the first time I did not expect it to pick the story out of this trouble!

To see their fifth owner immersed in unspeakable grief can not extricate themselves, some distressed, it is silent reminder: "The bite, according to the results of the data system statistics show that no matter how difficult the script, how the fate of the original owners, masters of all adverse story, all will be flying, so the owner does not have to tangle. "

"That is because of the presence Yan Rui, so that the story will be flying, but this time does not appear Rui Yan, ah!" Xiao Wu did not wait for a response, he went no love: "The last time, you were kept in dark room so I do not know, I agreed with Yan Rui, he allowed the world with over."

"Bite, according to the Lord God of adults acting style, his fifth possibility of default that great."

Fan far chuckled, faint and asked: "? If the cost of default is to be my back-pressure, do you think he will come to you."

Then a man caught in a system long silence, at this moment, Fan far produced a sense of desolation one kind of human actions can not, and will not die without really words of wisdom!

The last person to break the deadlock is far Fan, he rubbed his disheveled hair, the firm said:. "Fifth, this time we can only save themselves the"

"Bite, how the owner intends to do?"

Fan all the way: "In the past when I played a bit-part player group of zombies, also had killed innocent people, come out to mix sooner or later have to repay, was killed by the loss of this story I can accept, but those few lj original owners of cannon fodder, in the case does not affect the story, I'll just get rid of them. "

"Bite, the owner has developed a good plan?"

"There is no plan, but hold a gold thigh imperative."

Xiao Wu was silent, suddenly asked: "? Bite, why not let the Lord God with the owner over"

Fan distant thought, I have to ask it? He is now the case, simply do not like being too overbearing president of a variety of small words Chongni care of the household, but he was a man, although the total is pressure, but it is also an ideal vision of the bloody man, okay? Protection is always how is it? !

Fifth listening to his explanation, stressing each syllable asked: "? Bite, there are more coarse than the main gods of gold thigh"

Fan Yuan: ".................."

# My owner is a stay b → _ → #

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