Chapter 6.9

Chapter 6.9

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[Anti - Pirates - Chapter - Day]

Luo Zi Zi Qing listened to the words of the heart, eyes wide open unbelievers: "? Three sister got to be kidding me, lady love my mother so ...... No, Sun aunt, how would agree."

"Three Sister, what is my nonsense, or true, it may be after sunset, you go ask the old lady in the yard."

Azusa heart too lazy to dwell with her, pointed to two girl kneeling behind Luo Zi Qing, random said: "? You two are now in wait around the three girls."

Luo Zi Qing I do not know what she figured, it was silent. Two girl quickly said: "The slaves are three girls room pink (and leaves)."

Azusa heart nodded, "you look, the idea is also older than the age of purple smoke in my room and Avon something."

TaoGongLiuLu looked at each other, had answered honestly:. "Slaves were more than a little longer than six months old Avon Zi Yan and two sisters."

"This ah," two girl looked at Azusa heart, eyes suddenly became sharp, cold channel: "Thirteen-year-old age, yet my younger three girls aged sensible thing I do not know, both of you. is still small, I need to teach you it sentence by sentence. masters words and deeds not like you as a personal slaves, not everywhere persuasion, and have actually followed the master behind the prank. I was too chaotic three-bedroom enough what?! "

Azusa heart to see the Chung family heard this from two brothers, pointing to the pink: "The Zhonghui Zhong Yao, these two girl sent Hibiscus Court, no matter what the mother for some time now, and now want to restore this yard trivia, then these two played heads well, beating those who were slaves look ridiculous, who is the Lord, who is a slave. "

"Yes, master."

Speaking of "slave" when Azusa heart pale eyes swept Luo Zi Qing, hook the hook mouth, "Zi Yan, optimistic about the three girls, do not let her knees more hour until the sun came up and can Also Avon has told, I wholeheartedly Tun Town Court is not able to enter, so she shut the door on weekdays, it is no stopping, went to the yard outside some of his guard, maimed and killed informal, do not disturb the girl I the quiet is decent. "

Words, he turned approached the house, no matter behind Luo Zi Qing was shaking with anger, the pink scared Mianrutuse.


To sunset, Azusa heart to complete the task today, and handed the job aside shining chess chess Pro chapter.

Zhang took temporary, carefully looked at, simple and sharp pointed out her shortcomings, should be the next eleven Azusa heart, go right again rewrite.

"Master, master need not actually anxious to master the talent, now is the rapid progress, but not good too impatient, not knowing the truth too far."

Azusa heart a little meal, she sighed and said: "Sir said, I do not know why, if it can go do something, they always feel that my heart is not practical, there are like riding in the clouds, the slightest mistake will fall dust, into dust. "

Pro Chapter concerns: "The master is perhaps too reluctant yourself, you are recovering from illness, such as medicated tune with today's household goods, party different from ordinary people, if too tired broken body, would not be worth the candle Moreover, the master identity. precious, even unreasonable Schwimmer did not know poetry and literature,Who has the ability to pick up the current master, your family feeding female ghostwriter is not a surprising thing. "

Azusa heart frown, "Mr. these words really like the Pro would say."

Pro Chapter respectful: "Although a temporary act could not understand this, but if this is another way to make a little breather masters, Pro chapter felt it would not hurt."

"Qian people ghostwriter, after all, not a long time, this world can not take the air wall. I was the best man face value, if the person was exposed, I am afraid that this life will no longer step by step Ruluo An city."

"Master said pole yes, yes a temporary short-sighted, and also hope masters do not blame my transgression is."

"Sir but I worried for nothing, I will pay attention to the body, it will stop. Tonight is unlikely to be quiet, I revitalized Ye Hao deal with."

"Master refers to the three girls to do?"

Azusa heart shook his head, reluctantly said:. "Luo Zi clear lack of infestation, but she was too good at using their own age small advantage, to make someone else her cutting edge in this House, not the most formidable bird treasure Court in that Niangliang, nor is that Fannie and Freddie philistine business, is Songhe Court in those two weekdays that everything just pleasure, but why is very soft ears child, ward to play the poor, two-bedroom to tell tales, Sun and her daughter to show off well-behaved, partial my dad the support you son of the son, the least sense of presence in their eyes, can only swallow, a [filial] word Barbara unhappy people. "

Pro Zhang exclaimed:. "As the saying goes, the world is perfection parents, sons and daughters of the world large Luo Xiao Shang Shuguan field known as reputation, even on holy also quite valued, who would have thought, in their own home was this one [filial] word difficult to live. "

Azusa heart looked out the window Hongxia, Di Tan said:. "Done a lifetime of poor people suddenly become rich and respected, inevitably lost the original mind, confused eyes, this is nothing wrong I had feared that their ignorance harm dad , but also harm Book House. "

Pro Chapter silently weeping eye, and no longer answer.


Evening meal, Azusa heart pointing to the side of the white fungus bird's nest soup and said: "Send to a cup of Hibiscus Court, told my mother, distressed mother vegetarian vegetarian daughter so many years, now is the body discomfort occasionally with some fine food expensive, want to come Buddha will not blame, Wang mother understand her daughter's filial piety. "

Avon should be a cry, with a cup of porridge food containers that will be properly installed, put out.

Azusa your heart Avon look more and more rules, Cui Momo seen by a lot of teachings in the hearts can not help but sigh, this great Love has lost angry, not later became an old Guzi? Really deplorable.

Avon did not go out Banke, Zhonghui come to consult: "girl, there is a woman claiming to wait around the Jin Momo, he asked to see the girl at the door."

Azusa heart nodded, "Let her come in."

The past will come sooner or later, Luo Zi Qing crying out the door, do not go to the most loved her grandmother complain. She would also like to own this one I will never met my grandmother, to see whether Buddha is magic.

That Jin Momo body fat, but long with a kindly face Maitreya general, just look at the Azusa heart will feel bored, this old woman is simply an upgraded version of Chen Momo, hypocritical people get sick.

Azusa heart even rice also could not eat,For Cui Momo said: "Mother, I'm full, people removed it."

Cui Momo should be a cry, thinking over command of blue withdraw dishes, cleaning the house.

Azusa heart Lohan sitting beside the bed, drink some tea, look the other way did this with a blunt Road to the Jin Momo tone: "? I have something you looking girl"

That lady is Jin Momo room number one decent people, each room in the palace are some power and influence, partial three classic three-bedroom, third wife and two girls discuss here vain half points good.

This is a family of three is not a mess, the three classic means Henla, third wife bowing several years partial or a shrewish temper, this is a Hunshimowang two girls, not to mention the palace, is the entire capital there are few people who dare to provoke Fiends.

Therefore Azusa heart so rude, though she unhappy, shy smile and said: "The old woman came to my face how can the two girls, is the old lady told today in three girls two girls here Shou Lexie wronged, the old lady was a fair temper, do not want to outperform, so it sent the two girls please Laonu over the past trip, Ye Hao clear solution misunderstanding, do not let the sisters gave birth rift is. "

Azusa heart pounded his desk, angrily: "I deliberately let her is wronged, then how as long sister even learned not eligible Shu-mei of etiquette are not what??!"

Jin Momo legs and soft, quickly said: "The two girls appease, appease two girls, is the old lady's instructions, Laonu not refused, this ...... if the two girls do not want to take this trip, it will be back Laonu the old lady, saying only that the girl you are asleep, so that these days? "

Azusa heart Leng Heng soon as she leisurely Lile dress, to Zi Yan said: "Fetch me a cloak, and my grandmother thought of this rare granddaughter, I'm not in the past nor appropriate, they ma with gold ma go visit it. "

Jin Momo hear cold sweat, my heart dark strange woman confused, to offend this woman a concubine Hunshimowang, not to much noise Songhak Court thorn it! This is not a magic star three girls is so obedient and well-behaved young lady temper.


Zi Yan Zi heart with only two brothers and secondary house, with the Jin Momo behind.

Into Songhe Court, Azusa heart almost laughing gas, such a magnificent furnishings, all gold and silver, antique name is filled the whole room. Looked brilliant, but one can only think of two words: "rustic", "nouveau riche", people do not know just when he entered the Zhaizi what wealthy merchant, rather than detract from the Book House in the inner chamber.

So flamboyant style, if Impeachment therefore, I am afraid that her father can only eat Yaba Kui. The two elderly people, is really ridiculous.

Her grandmother was originally a countryside old woman, I wonder if common sense is pretty normal, thanks to her grandfather was a old man read poetry and literature, but just had plenty of its original name, and there is nothing but chaff.

Songhe Court in maid saw Azusa heart impassively as Jin Momo come, and all of a scared not out of the atmosphere, fear salute, two maid opened the curtain and asked her to go, his head bowed hand trembling.

Jin Momo it shall come to see her, quickly boldly said:. "Second, if the girl does not wait here for a moment, beating Laonu go through pass out""Oh, I do not know what time I Luo House rules so much, my past out of the palace, nor did it wait for others to pass through before, grandmother shelf Is Happy bigger than the king?"

Azusa heart does not remember what happened, these are two girl listening to talking, and that Jin Momo listen to her say this, quickly waved, "the girl please, please girl, Laonu ignorant of."

Zhonghui Zhong Yao Zi heart to stay in the outside, with Zi Yan went inside.

Yet into the back room, I heard an aged but lively sound indignant and said: "Two years more and more outrageous girl, when she was young she was when I was just wild temper, who would have thought that she would now become such a cold-blooded brutal Fiends! I do not know Luo made what sin! how this magic star dropped to my house! "

"Grandma ...... two ...... hum her sister, I do not know why she will become so, drowning dad thing I have been punished, and now she was holding tightly to find a way to toss me! Grandma ...... you must save granddaughter ah! "

Azusa heart stood listening for a moment, behind the purple smoke and wrong are these words trembling with anger, she was brought back mouth laughed.

"I do not know granddaughter, grandmother and sister in the eyes of the original, I was such a person."

She opened the final curtain, into sections.

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