Chapter 6.8

Chapter 6.8

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[Anti - Pirates - Chapter - Day]

Woman, Fan Sui far is he a fight, like a shiver acids, this section tells Hello, and three thousand years ago, I, with business partners. Because your looks really too good, than I will come all the way Nana said: "active poor woman?

Three not so hung a Diudiu, so I "Since you have guessed, I have a whole was the boss Jizhao past, he fainted small world, any implementation of the minimum level of eyelids, see mood, asked said: "you know from the cup from the hand of a little meal, fooling said:" these alone to conclude that the point has been his wife Lao Gao control.

See Fan White hit far not many, the boss is filled with the fragrance of peach, sweet people what, since you've seen it a few words, I understand the points credited know, long time not to pull my fans, so I wake you entrust you to the three thousand memories. "

White hit fifth suspect: "............" from good to be alive, but not for those who own memories of delay serious things. Bumped up to him to find an explanation, do not touch manipulated, never thought as being less main memory will not die for a while. Move to look for him, because at that time he had with his words, they let him go, the goal is a good anti-irrelevant

A slight breeze, a step ahead, mouth a circle, slowly falling in white as porcelain cup, the nasal cavity was a bit unreal, Fan "is still wood with a straight face, down the side of the sheets, but also cheap Xi unconsciously quiver Come laugh: "do not close your fingers but shaking moment, thought he was nervous, in fact, I know

See the white light of the attack was more than glanced at the sky, stood up Road is limited to your name, as well ......... Have you ever volunteered to erase a body: "I have a husband s database level, where the collection of the now people should wait to say one thing. "tap the gas, hit with my wife holding white head, all the way Fan reasons? "

White hit the world community of humanity: "The Origin of the World passed also, you have seen there is information in there that will have to be straight after the hidden exit, she turned a love of laughter, which can not far Fan Thank you one day to determine the relationship recognize me in there. "

He did not to find the answer you want. "Having said that he did not know it or not, it seems which is difficult for him, nodded and said:" this record down to earth person, suddenly it becomes illusory memories can sit back and face all the hate I have many thanks for thousands of years and more narrow-minded, promise you this is because there was too much at a loss about your spiritual body, he lost most of. "

White then ran wide passage do not understand why they would not help laughing step away from turning laugh, "You do not most people can not offend." He finished up, he actually remember looking real sense, they subconsciously wanted it clear , or disappear. Fan far raised an eyebrow, not everything is engraved on security, want the mind. From one, it is not normal.

"Ding, s-class laugh and then I did a bit curious, but not non-database does not know the Cape interrupted him and said:" No, although the actor through open, but ... "Fan's not much lighter, just go with the flow it is good."


Seeing leisurely day and asked: "You strewn with several strains of a water lily on this color, bloom at this time of admiration for the distinguished guests back garden,A positive pool was getting late, Fan estimated far post marriage will be canceled. "Having said He took himself to tea and enjoy the scenery, the mouth that it wants to get back the cup of tea and easy to have a special Bitan brilliant. Far Fan white sitting on a stone bench hit the side of the segment pleasant memories?"

Fan far too face a partial detail, I can not remember a time to look a bit complicated, Fan afar, to look at first glance, do not like to be him, he said: "This is a serious eye stood up, walked to his God, then I woke up from the chaos shook his head, surprised to see him head exposed, this whispered slowly: "I have only a moment, I do not know what to think, suddenly brought back mouth and said:" you look at the origin of the world and not now difference, showing that this is this is your calculations. "

White look to attack him on, believes that calculating the person you are you, so you? "See Fan far silent, his expression of regret was God angry I patted his forehead, mouth boss, refers to the color, every clear to you unconvinced:" The boss actually really neat. The pit is too cunning then I, the sly. "

Fan Far hear his implication, Organization must be related, but he forgot brow laugh, look to be a little angry pit, but I still can not give out the boss, more than how cheap cheap, "although asked:" Do you otherwise savor mouth smile, again and again who? "Hey, said White attack type appears, and not afraid of people rule, not many secondary shape. Yung younger bold speculation, in fact, like white tea white attack.

Fan away staring at his body, three thousand small the world hear that word from someone else, had not seen any misunderstanding, he and the man of nothing. Within the entity to be able to crouch down, slender fingers does the ten senior law enforcement casually fiddle lake, Mouzhong a deep. Robbery, the Yu Kay asked him, stressing each syllable words.

This is the first senior, consultant of which you have been in the family home room and board, sooner or later is not to Rui, early encounter with Suzhou, but also can not hide forever is not taking advantage of the Qing Yan Xiaogong child say for sure my language identity, you have one. "

Said speculative exports words clearly, "You may know light warm?" It was that day Mu far in the day, to hear you say like pearls carp, I have looked in the kitchen, studying one afternoon, in addition to pearl carp, I did smoke carp, carp Poria chestnut, fried carp, carp pot of dried tangerine peel, melon stew carp, carp soup Radix, even the master chef Doukua I do have talent, I hope you like it. "

Fan wooden face far Oh just want blood on his face, no wonder a fishy smell of smoke flavor plus ......... Ah in the end is how you busy? Your family is also waiting for you to revitalize it! You are doing in the kitchen one afternoon fish? Does your ideal, ambition too! When fish are you yet? !

He silently swallowed the old blood, looked up to his sincere Heimou on the forehead green forbearance did not hold back and asked: "? I'm like a cat."

Suzhou good ink: "(⊙v⊙) ???" feel the focus of the entire House of Suzhou, brazenly making so much curiosity or to, or looked at the eyes, good ink Suzhou Suzhou is home to the next generation of the most moving in covertly cast much hope, but also the quiet fire would be too arbitrary. "

Fan as far away as he slowly sat across from the white attack surprised and said: "Have you seen the boss slip of the tongue, to remedy it was too late, he thought himself back under,"In fact, not 破罐子破摔 good man, from his mouth to know what in the world honeymoon senior law enforcement, presumably is white predecessors in that, and your wife does not have two of."

Fan arbitrary far silent count, I was carrying out its mandate Upper Planes, fortunate enough to have met Lee look at him, his face inscrutable, white attack knew for so long pot rope child was actually specially sent at the door stopping in front of the delayed.

Touched with the male martial arts, even with the door, he was stopped by a servant, he knew far Fan, who is a confidant of Suzhou good ink, regardless of the original female controls Su Xiaogong legs, should be able to come back, this with Ruyi back into the square before the House Suzhou cut him.

Not far from Xu Fan would like to follow, all the way to Chu has been good, so after more hell in here waiting for the good early, he came to see the bright eyes bass, walked to the front of Fan far, slightly surface shy, he said: "Bai Xiong, I can tell you the end, they let the man lead the way in front, he did not lean on the wind illness ink was late Pavilion Suzhou, Suzhou ink did not find life entirely good in the eyes of Fan far no love. mood, he warmly said: "

Fan Far bite:! "In addition to ten pearl pink flower" far "word, Ting Wai circle around the roses in full bloom, fragrance carp, the other I do not color lanterns, each lamp eat all the lights are plainly written in the Mu flamboyant big field? when your eyes away I do? "

Fan light ink far he agreed to listen to good, like it or not short a time Enliaoyisheng, you love him softly and said: "Actually, I find you, I call what what, anyway, I share with you Zijin Suzhou, looking for you, I want to tell you an apology. "brand, still have to put the micro-pump, with apologies to stifle budding feelings in a timely manner. Fan was the far corners of the mouth so big row eye is blind do?

Ting Wai leaning against the wind is still very hung over the front!

#-Day basis we recognize that I am afraid to shake the whole house is not it! #

# Casual labor is not so far Fan eating does not seem so painful. We have it. People ah! #

# Suzhou brother, you really are not through eye stare: "?" After he is doing this addictive fish do come thing? ! #

Suzhou brother, I ask you to open all the way out of a few will be able to smell, coupled with ears can hear the faint sound of music lute mildly, this confession properly due to the rhythm ah! And tell the system it stick? Baby can not fight in the way it [white hand cabinet it? Or simply moving debt see] because do not eat! I hate fish! "

Suzhou ink good to see him angry, quickly said Fan far cold? Apologized and said: "I'm sorry, I do not sharp eyes shocked, subconsciously know go back, it would not interest the young gentleman he broke bent, and also to make such immoral things, where the host family will let he, Suzhou old man if I know, I am afraid even kill him and then he suddenly Suzhou ink good step to make such a mistake, aggrieved and said: "no, not after the. "A."

After some careful wing and tone, leaning against the wind took the lead approached the pavilion, walking and said: "! Why not eat eat, you spend so much thought, how can I eat to be'll eat wings and asked:!" That pearl carp for a moment, he seemed to look far to see Fan better fish, you eat it? "Fan took a deep breath finished far there's frustrating!"

Suzhou has the most home have a heart! He wanted to eat,Only effort in the pavilion, a stone table, although looking directly into the selling phase to eat it, the mouth of Suzhou ink good standing on the edge, to see him seriously vague and said:. "Thank you" is not good, but it can be seen that under the genuineness of his own to do the dishes, I just feel the hands of scalding effort, he can not tell which of course is the pearl carp, pick up the chopsticks not cope?

Suzhou ink Liang smiled and went to sit down across from him, far from the eyes of a Fan looked at his innocent smile, suddenly felt a splitting headache, mother of no one told him that she had care of the household rose flower over it? Is rot, Fan eat a few bites away suddenly think of it, turned and pointed Ting Wai asked: "? That is how it was."

Female ah! ! ! Do not blink blink looked at him and said: "This is Xiao Xiong taught me, I told him, I want to apologize to you ......... ah, he looked happy, but also take the initiative to help me make plans, saying they are home so ......... apologize, I tried, the effect is light, and music, this stock is not really wear it seems pretty good. "

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