Chapter 6.7

Chapter 6.7

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Suzhou says little master for that pearl Carp Road, occupied the whole kitchen, get rid of the thousand cooks, single-minded research recipes in the kitchen.

This dish is not difficult, not many steps, but to eat well but it is not so easy. He tried several times, but the bottom in not satisfied, but added cooked cooked, but not always taste, not too salty, is too light, how also mishandled this degree.

And finally had to put a master chef to come, humbly ask.

Fan the other side is far higher Sui and Xiao Ziyun to pulling up, yes, maybe clown slept, began strutting toss things, of course, the reason they give is very good.

"We have a guest house to others, indispensable to the government in the audience about the masters table talk to you about the mind, it can not freeload not here." This is Xiao Ziyun exact words.

Fan far but added it does not matter, anyway, two of them in the story, the king himself is soy sauce, just behind watching, not an accident on the line. His only embarrassed person is located question, yes, the thing I read the text of his main subject was finally explained the original owners who set up the original white far in front of the two brothers is full of clever and considerate, and is installed very simple and naive.

Fan far just silent heaven, innocent? But also more naive than the front of the two goods? Two really innocent and a naive equipment, how to how to them wherever they went?

Three people out of the yard, high Sui readily grab a passing retainers, he asked: "? Hey, Where's your little master"

His face with a silver mask, because damage to the throat, hoarseness Mating just like the underworld, a pair of black eyes with evil spirits, the little servant thought Kuomintang ghost, scared pale complexion, the two share the peace, the name of chatter : "the little master, little master him, he was in the kitchen ......"

Fan away some sympathy for the boy, the male serious look really quite like Dairen, but the little friends, you did not even hesitate hesitation, put your young master confession out, also has no guts!

Just listen to high Sui asked: "how to get the kitchen?"

The child does not know is not far Fan heard the voices, the teeth would not talk, seeing the tears were falling down, high Sui do not know what is wrong, know what to do, Fan distance do not go down, tugged at the sleeves of high Sui, motioned for him to come.

"This little guy, do not be afraid, we are not bad people, but your young master to invite friends," cheeky puzzled to see him, Fan pointed courtyard not far away, "That is the brother of Suzhou we arrange for the courtyard, we set out to buy some presents, so as not to see the owner lost etiquette, please you with a word to him, lest he find us worried in vain. "

Suzhou family servants all know, the little master has invited some guests come back a guest, plus Fan looks far looks good, that is no longer afraid of Jia Ding, red-eye rabbit Leng Leng nodded: "Yes, a small remember , and will then pass the young master. "

Fan Xiao Ziyun there staring at the far side faces delicate trance, and saw his warm voice whispers to teenagers and a younger child to speak, though his face still no clear expression, but could detect his patience and gentleness, with the prior quiet is not the same, but still very charming,Such a thought, her face was red red unconscious.

Xiao Wu's voice suddenly sounded: "Ding, women favorability added five points."

Fan Yuan: "............"

If that [they] word is not the fifth, he almost forgot anthomaniac care of the household of the property!

# Girls must be reserved! #

# Male host, you're green you make it? #

# Labor is now a master of the people, ah! ! #

Fan care of the household preparedness to produce far again, he casually in front of her could shake up the degree of goodwill, if one day Akira seven or eight times, every minute can be favorability brush over! The male pry the corner of what is simply not too easy ah!

His heart is stuffed to be added, but can not set people collapse, can only continue hanging smile, and thank that servant, then turned back and said: "high-brother, little brother who will help us get word to Suzhou brother. "

High Sui nodded, his face is not very good, Fan also know that he is far from his mind some looks, like when he was the son of the chief martial arts, handsome extraordinary, wherever not suffer in every possible way to please, but now come down to such a point, for no one can not accept such a psychological gap.

But this final text, women should help him restore the appearance, as the voice, but it is not a solution.

Thought he should be a compassionate brother, his sincere and said: "Brother do not have to mind the high, skin deep, this is unreal, who are old and useless day, any who peerless she explains, after a hundred years, but also the roots of bones fills high brother so chivalrous temper, it is most rare. "

No one likes someone boast high Sui to hear him say so many really happy, one side of Xiao Ziyun realization that they ignore the high Sui feelings, he hastened to say anything open solution, so a few people rambling, this piece thing to expose the past.

Xiao Ziyun but secretly thought in mind, another day to try to develop new plaster, Sui cure for high scar face.

The Suzhou government, Fan seemed far as casually asked: "Do not know Xiao Xiong and high brother may want to buy any good?"

They both lengleleng, Xiao Ziyun said: "never thought of good, but ......... Guangzhao Guangzhao, should know." High Sui nodded.

Fan telecentric under funny, he would guess that they did not plan, I think one was a sure enough he got it right.

He said: "I'd have a suggestion, I heard the old man of the past Suzhou favorite antique name is also fine tea, why do not we split up, the two of you actively look for antiques, I went to the suburbs to buy a new tea tea, so also It saves time. "

High Sui has said: "No, I do not agree."

Fan far eye is drawn, you can not fart ah! But opportunities for labor in manufacturing alone with you, ah, your wife made you do not fancy me make!

Just listen to high Sui went on to explain: "The tea is too far on the way will go through a sparsely populated woods, through occasional strongman, Baixiong a person you really worried me, as I went to the suburbs and Xiao Xiong, two people to have a look you will find antique name in the city. "

Xiao Ziyun aside agreed: "The high-brother is right, nor do I do not know what was antique, but added quite some research on tea, Baixiong you're alone in the city now."

Fan far originally thought,The city interesting things and more, help them cultivate their feelings, than to go to the mountains strong in many, he was racking their brains to pull the red line, the two men did not know a good heart, and he found he did not refute them, so logical argument, does not meet the male owners and female controls who set two goods ah!

He silently swallowed the old blood, a slight chuckle: "Well, then so be it, you Zaoquzaohui ........."

The two sets of three points, a far Fan swinging blind people in the city, in fact, for his part, called the selection of antiques did not matter, not next to the fifth, age and identification of objects is still pretty good value, and if he took fifth gamble stone can certainly get rich took to the pinnacle of life.

But, money for him, but also it useless.

He finally chose a red blood Ruyi, this thing regarded as treasures, but it is not the best, gave the elders a lucky drawing is the best thing. Fan far as it only for the benefits, that is light, he took not tired.

Paid their drafts, he was sitting in the VIP room, the antique trade row tea snack, intend to go back a little later to avoid being entangled Suzhou small son.

He ate positive cheerful, ears suddenly heard a familiar voice.

"When we go back ah, I heard that the boss will refuse to work, and then continue, will hell broke loose."

A cold female voice croon a cry, and slowly said:. "What are you anxious, in this last month, I customized a set of white jade jewelry, you help me find a good look good."

The man repeatedly echoed:. "My wife natural beauty Well, what to wear good-looking."

Fan crashed far looked, I saw a man and a woman leisurely into the room, the woman graceful posture, looks glamorous, Mouzhong mixed with cold, only to see when the men around him, will be slightly ablation.

Fan away abruptly stood up, a pair of eyes locked with the man, not have any idea to him, but this man's looks and voice, he would never admit, the first person he saw after death.

The man was staring him in the eyes of the complex, has long been engraved in his memory, despite the passage of thousands of years, we have never had the slightest forgotten.

The two men perceived side of the movement, saw a Fan far, seems to have surprised some, the woman raised an eyebrow slightly, said: "The old white, you know?"

Called old white man is laughed, "a coincidence, is an old friend."

Fan twisted eyebrow far not words, in his perception, and did not feel this person can be regarded as "friends", most people regarded it took him into the predecessors of this world.

His voice with a hint of hostility, stressing each syllable, said:. "Long time no see, white hit"

White does not mind his attack unreasonable, just chuckle a cry, "You changed so much, ah, I also was not that grateful, mouthful predecessors predecessors told me, now aware of what is right."

Fan fists far too creaky, but it is a surface Lengran, even mouth hanging smile, step by step, approached the White attack, whispered: "I do not know the passage of white seniors, to move my memory What hands? "

Woman frown look to the side of the white hit, "What memories, I do not know how."

White attack at her pleasing smile,Let her and so turned to look far Fan, like some headaches like, "Hey, you can make no mistake, hands and feet are not my people, I favor just by the way, those tedious I did not bother to control things. "

Fan far pressing harder and harder, imposing stern: "Well, that dictates who?"

White hit a silent silent, suddenly grinned smiled and said:. "The man is yourself, ah, not wrong, but you are not you, precisely, is light warm."

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