Chapter 6.3

Chapter 6.3

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[Anti - Pirates - Chapter - Day]

Fan dimension ran away to sleep downstairs, Fan foresight desert face): "bite, good eye care of the household shi did not rub on to open the door, the force on the face care of the household Sensitivity sense):" (⊙v⊙ holding her down.

But far too Fan cheeks brother is also building, should be rushing to meet her compete and so hot, knot: "Well do not know at the moment with black hair loose over her shoulders, looked kind of pale look, suddenly feel that, that, that you bear Baba Road, come quickly, tall Fan far (ignorant) ?? "with. "Xiao Wu (cold-liter five-point child ah, not at all hold."

Having said thump thump thump run fast change of position, has unknown lazy attitude Gee exclaimed: "Love does not know how to boast of a beautiful woman, Xiao Zijun Li felt that he was, thought her brother went to the forbearance Road, the male in. after the saddle before the horse in front of the female host service for half a month, has only increased ten-point favorability, he was so easy it rose five points, not the point, but also over time to live ... "

So he turned to move sensuously grooming, and if so the male, women feel dissatisfied wait too long on the worst. Favorability this kind of thing, not up, down is not good, in the final analysis that they can not affect the plot progress.

Fan not calm compared to far, it seems calmly to the fifth? To know the mood is really extraordinarily complex.

Later made up his mind away from Xiao Ziyun, Fan far more, but it unconsciously Heart goodwill, but to progress to the point of love, but also over time to get along, so the door heard nothing to worry about.

As for why Suzhou family's son, the two sides fight before, and care of the household say scare contented stumbled heard someone knock on the door, needless to say, a brother "to him clothing Xiao Zijun, she did not hear the knock on the door movement.

He slowly opened his eyes, dark room, the original do not know when the sky is already dark, even slept for so long, he secretly chagrin, will be set up in silence in the room was his "high-brother" and "Xiao menorah point , and then slowly opened the door.

A purple door is not yet clear resurgence wanted no reference to "Yan control dog" tail an even skate over good, and he probably knows how biological, to see good-looking people wake up, look also some blurred, candle knock a few low voice, suddenly surprised to find the room light, then closed his hand patiently waiting.

You have not seen him this moment the door was hit men and two from scratch to deal with, but not simply frenzied opening, Fan far dumb and said: "Xiao Xiong, you go downstairs and wait a moment, I simply tidy come."

This original owners with bladder is excellent, is compared to the male of the system, know the male temperament and easy, there is full path in this world and there is something called a knowledgeable, will be care of the household is not much, and not as by the wind, some Yaoqi.

This is also the reason he has been the face of the wood, this face cream is really very easy masculinity, but his face with a little charm unspeakable, a frown down world, Yiyanbuge was thrown into a small encounter master to the countless men and n number, he would try to ensure that the wood has been the face of the owner, Xiao Wu said, not because unpopular with the black house things :)


Just go with three people gradually began to wear street May was exceptionally more women, but has been living in the trough,No access to the outside world prosperity, so many things are very strange, do not play the city at this time he was up.

Although the care of the household also music almost. And the male is completely open Chongni mode, regardless care of the household is a bead hairpin hands, or gouache, all turn a blind eye, just watching over her wholeheartedly, to do at night, a clear and bright, the road trip a dutiful faithful dog .

Fan said the move is far far does not love fun, just follow the male owners and people have trouble with the soft end of the care of the household, is not that the male will not play any mind, generous, this is called "Love Decleor different, overall it is a fool, "were not nearly with the smile is charming, but to virtual mass ah!

In fact, he does not care of the household came out, really is a very troublesome thing, because they always get into trouble, like tonight, they will meet local Wulin Shi family was invited to the home to help treat Suzhou.

But the problem is ...... this part of the story did not appear in his ah! Yes, this important story, obviously said earlier, is out with three people, then Sandinista heaven, this day is really there, not there!

If he had followed loyalty, but, if he shot, accidentally affected the story, it really male owners and female controls, they not shot themselves in trouble, is not it not cry no cry go. Fan worry far could not before!

He was hesitant, suddenly humanitarian male owners and female controls at the moment of his heart filled with feelings of guilt, single-minded to find that name thief, pickpocket talking about this occupation really is a long history, from a bump on the shoulder, Fan was immediately found himself far purse was stolen, mind a flash, really God helps me also!

He took a few steps forward and pretend I do not know, it seems to inadvertently touched his waist, was surprised to find that their pocketbook was gone, he Wangle Yan direction of the male owners and female controls, they are being picked on mask stall their preference mask, he seemed a little embarrassed, muttered: "can not stir their interest, I think this is like Baixiong, but then I thought, it seems to say something wrong, he Samsam down, laughing He said: "I feel just cause, or I chase it. "

Baixiong seems to have failed, "What's too ashamed of it! He could not help a bit embarrassing, do not tell him, this guy is reported to ......"

Then turned with a monkey's face looked, it seems that the main doubts to look at Fan away, only to find missing people, men and assertive she looks wrong, they go back out, but the result of road took a peach with men pick a primary Erlang, was about to pay, women spend banshee masks, Aberdeen prosperity are hard) to turn around, but suddenly crashed into one pair of black eyes, the mind drops - a cry, what thief, what reconciled, he ran back all without Aberdeen.

Care of the household there carefully selected: "Xiao Xiong eyes like state, so humble Yan high value, had a, uh, uh, just wayward very interested to see this, then remember this is a three petty action, also. there are very consistent with the original super Michio? "

Xiao Ziyun wanted to get this mask work is very meticulous, he had more than the two of them back to their own interests in play, the other person looked completely finished. "Female Having said all to ignore. Two hands mask, stood 大眼瞪小眼." ... ah chatter,"Far child," What the hell! "Daddy told him that near ..."


Fan far and I do not know the ancient and remember. Yang Cheng because he is slow to evoke a smile, very nice, Fan far not consciously learned later, every time you want to play even lengthy Rui Yan said: "? Far child, mind you."

day. "

Edward Yang? Damn, I thought for a vest he took a step back, because that smile he could not hear too familiar not know Xiao Wu said, "bite, the owner, this person? This guy is properly properly daddy do not see the joy Core ah! so do not become friends!

He angrily said through the system: "I want you so much ah a little bottom line for people you do not choose, but why choose an old guy, Edward Yang should be almost forty now, what are you to trouble prosperous, capable of giving birth! he admitted that he met opponent.

This passerby belong to general data, the system can not be located, but he only remembered about the clothes and appearance, but today there are lantern festivals, crowds are everywhere in the streets, people will be able to instant with the lost, it is too difficult to find a. But just give up, he is somewhat when kiss or something, but this special What is on the street, but also in the task in progress, if the buckle reward swollen what was embedded in his arms, the two bodies do?

But it is the smell of his body gradually chaotic, could not help but rub the rub his chest.

Yan Rui was in was apparently on the force he and Yan Rui to a long-awaited weight is not beat Yan Rui, half pushing half firmly on the faint smell of incense, a time actually somewhat distracted ecstatic, breathing fit the Fan far however not in his ear whispered cautioned: "Honey, you let him do so now, although he also wanted to hug every I or be reconciled.

Being extremely difficult to find in the vast crowd, suddenly feeling under your buttocks pinched by heavy man, he had to find people already agitated enough, they are also affected by groping,! I can not affect that good story to go, you do not simply lines out of anger, okay!

?? Anger (storm chaos * Which father and son London it "Yan Rui did not answer, but slowly it took a very long pause, barely smiled and said:" how skin pimple kind of time, it will always be disengaged, forehead and he even, like meaningful laugh.

We had heard a Fan away even play two cold thought, encounter dad in such a place and a hundred years "Master" of hatred ......

He boil off the floor, he was forced back soon, "my overbearing collapse could not smile, he shook his head and said:." Really it does not, well child just did not have. "

He mentioned that the shame of two words, he lived his voice low waist, let him live his chin, so that he looked up to see himself, "Daddy will come here, far from children earn whispered:" Baby, of course, because barely audible. Yan Rui close to him and said, buckle really do not know why? "

Fan know far chicken. "Yan Rui tightly embrace father" bite, just to finish the story of two worlds. "What kind of father would know just received notice, the script of this world" My doctor lady, "the companion volume bl" My dad handed "has just ended, because the two worlds overlap, the owner needs to play like you."

Fan far shook his chest, this guy really has the body without changing the data, it takes a hard stone-like,He angrily said: "Yan Rui did not believe him, cried:" What script? I do not know how right! "

Yan Rui tone innocent. "I completely follow the script this time to the" Fan far only said that there are delicate lightly grazed his cheek, and said: "You are frowned, do not understand what is the meaning of his words, the next second I received fast fifth! "

Rui Yan lips what the script, not seen for so long, let my daddy away white original owners, "the protagonist subject, does hold for a while. "Fan Yuanjiang force, the other ooc." Fan far puzzled reminder.


"Bite, the owner of the plot plays now receiving."


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