Chapter 5 .10--6.1

Chapter 5 .10--6.1

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[Anti - Pirates - Chapter - Day]

See Wu Mei snow suits hurried to leave, completely not graceful charm of the past, because kowtow become messy hair, actually like a madman, a time that vent, but also on Azusa Heart raw fear, the second lady to cross Shuaqi regardless of who may be, there is no guarantee she will not be the next.

Her shy smile upon Azusa heart: "This is the second room had a shabby thing, I do not want to bring your dirty eyes, today really is not a coincidence, actually let you happen to run into, aunt with you in this civil action . "

Azusa heart shook his head said they did not mind, she pointed to the side of the road pavilion: "Since rare run into, if not two aunt niece to accompany chat, and I see where the scenery is very good, I do not know two aunts willing to give this reward face."

Wu knew she had something serious to say that the meaning did not hypocritical, followed her to go with a gazebo.

Azusa heart makes a pot of tea brought a dish of pastries, she personally gave Wu pour a cup of tea, handed her hands, Wu surprise, and quickly mouth praise: "It's unreasonable, I myself will be able to ......"

Azusa heart laughed: "Is there anything unreasonable of you are my aunt, was older, a cup of tea by the niece what?."

She That being said, Wu did not dare to take it seriously, this officer a business, is a vastly different position, where it is as simple as she said, not to mention the Azusa heart has always been arrogant, suddenly so pleasant, there is no guarantee there any trick, she It is subject to approval more cautious.

Wu took the white porcelain cup with a graceful smile face, "In just six months, you are seeing a lot taller, but also more and more like a big girl, it is prudent to act in many, two aunt really is you feel happy. "

Azusa heart noncommittal, she looked down sip tea and other tea gradually dispersed in the mouth, for she was a lengthy Wu said: "This is natural, people always want to grow, especially in the girl's home, there is always married day. "

Wu face a stiff, she remembered when it comes to marry his daughter's marriage, although the government can climb on and Princess relatives, Luoan position in the city has continued to rise, for the good of the future of doing business, but in the end is married a fool out of people inevitably will not say anything harsh words, what "elite cling", "sell daughter" hard to listen can think of.

And she nurtured more than a decade of feminine, so is a fool spoil, she was not happy inevitable. Azusa heart to hear mention this crop, only when she deliberately find yourself not happy, barely smiled and did not answer.

Zi Xin and then said: "That day I'd met future husband at the Princess your home, end the posture of Heaven, though not as ordinary intelligence, but it is not the legendary fuchsia, actually a sort of childlike cute. nothing more than to marry the girl home look different, a look at family background, second look at the appearance, according to Ah humble opinion, these two are the Qigong Zi is excellent, there really is beloved. "

Wu slightly surprised, Azusa heart the meaning of this persuasion has been very clear, and she also could not tell if that is a fool. But, according to temper the little fathers, how will this leisure to bother to open their own solutions, or that she is an ulterior motive.

Her eyes look mixed with a secretly glanced at Azusa heart, not seen anything from her pale face,Dimeishunyan had said: "If even you say so, we can see who Qigong Zi really not bad to go."

Azusa heart: "big sister to find a good fit ought to be a happy thing, but if you two aunts are always unhappy, want big sister is difficult reassuring words have now, two aunt is a wise man, you should know that. How to do it."

Wu slightly Zhengleng, just about to say anything, saw Azusa heart has stood up and said:. "Niece think there is unfinished homework not done, it will leave, two aunts will continue to enjoy the flowers it."

Zi Yan Zi and Avon behind the heart, one out of the garden.

He had not gone far, Zi Yan could not help but angrily said: "Let the girl is clearly well-intentioned reminder, the second wife seemed to let the girl intentionally harm her in general, that in the eyes calculations almost concealing a really Bushihaodai ! "

Avon interrupted: "It's still on the outside, you will be outspoken up, beware of being listened to."

"Hear how, now the entire Romanian government who would chew our tongue girl, not afraid classic sales out."

Avon said: "They dare not face in front, in the back who knows how, Zi Yan sister, you can more careful, be careful I complain to Cui Momo, then ......"

Zi Yan scared legs and soft, "you ...... girl you see, since Avon these days, is not more cunning, almost listless bad bear the bad water."

Azusa heart was pretentiously nodded, see Zi Yan smiled proudly towards Avon, she changed the subject: "The girl I feel it, Avon do well, or how you keep things under control no one on the door Xiao Nizi the door. "

A few people back bent with laughter Court.

Behind the corner of a servant girl turned and got into the thick treasure bird Court.


Sun Ocean by sitting on the bed, eyes closed listening to reports of the girl until she was all finished, this slowly opened his eyes, a pair of seductive Shuimou reveals glory, "She really laid-back ah, notice any Fannie and Freddie have to stick your nose tube, could there be an alliance with the Luo Qi. "

Xu Momo said: "This is unlikely, two girls is what kind of people, where will care Luo Qi means that point, not to mention Luo Qi there are half a year to get married, not a cent of the benefits of the alliance is also, I am afraid that just by chance whom. "

Sun shook his head, "Luo Zi heart is not what kind-hearted people, where the force will make unflattering things, Luo Qi is fast married, can still two-bedroom, Luo Rui still, they can not remember? Always useful to their time. "

Xu Momo surprised and said: "If as true, means the two girls would be too much."

Sun said: "She certainly powerful, very young age he climbed the most powerful city Luoan Happy Palace, dignified Book House House is her one-man, Luo Haowen such a person was in front of her in every possible way to please you seen him indulging too Luo Wei Qing children there? if she did not say what effort means playing, I absolutely will not believe. "

Xu Momo said: "If so, explain things can master ......"

Sun gave her a stare, she quickly shut the mouth, waving back in the house and I slaves.

"Mother, you never want to be careful with those,This Book House is easier to get out is not simple, Luo Haowen these days more and more indifferent to me, I do not know is not found any clues, if he knows who we are, with his vicious disposition, I'm afraid you're not alone I, CFI children were not spared. "

"It's three girls of his own flesh and blood, not yet said Hu Du Gallic, he always cares for his daughter does not the slightest affection."

"Oh ......" Sun cold smile, Mouzhong Poison, "flesh and blood? Father and daughter feelings? Mother was too naive, in his eyes, I am afraid only Luo Zi heart qualify this qualification. I only when he had like daughter, contrary to the master's command, for he had cleared children, although he also loved, and not the thousandth Luo Zi heart, now I be seen through, nothing to wish for, just to be able to preserve our mother and daughter life will be good. so, this thing must be obtained foolproof, the last time I was too lenient, just dressing how she can solve such a magic star, this time let her thoroughly disappear. "

Xu Momo said: "You worry, the last time she would wake up no one would have thought that this will not be so lucky."

Sun nodded wearily rubbed his temples, "master limited patience, not to mention the land marshal return soon, we do not solve this girl, I am afraid will have no chance, then you and I have bad luck."

Xu Momo smiling, laughing mixed with fierce, "It is this reason, the date of birth to make her death, she wanted to come to the second lady is a self-satisfied."


Back yard, Rao circle managed to throw off the tangled last night, Zi heart feel very satisfied, fast casual and laid them out into a chessboard, chess with himself up.

Avon for her brew a pot of tea, Yin Dafu is specially formulated for her, she said to be raising Manner, she drank more than half, actually felt physically weak past problems improved a lot.

Azusa your heart Avon hesitant appearance, seems to have something to say, they put down chess and said: "What they say, makes you learn those rules is not to make you feel bound, but to let you know etiquette, understand retreat you so indecisive, it is better Zi Yan outspoken. "

Avon said: "Yes slaves ignorant of the fact that Avon, girl today need not stick your nose in a two-bedroom, two-bedroom may not bear this situation, the girl must not only discuss good half points, but also no reason to distrust people, it is it is not necessary. it's all slaves humble opinion, if the girl you had other plans ...... "

Azusa heart one hand supporting cheek, gently nodded, agreed and said: "You're all right, this is indeed a difficult thing is not good, not a cent for my benefit, I do not like to think about the long term things, so it no other intention. I just do not hate Luo Qi and Luo Rui liked the kid, a little heart to remind the two be done, fails to grasp the whole Wu will not see her, all the feelings in this world, including children, family, We are not withstand profligate, if she was stubborn, which has nothing to do with me, in future must take the consequences of her own. "

Avon clear understanding of nodded, finally smiled and said: "We are girls, this really is the world's most gentle person."

Zi heart and shake her head, "a word in your hearts, others are no better than me, but talk softly, I'd think a man ......"

Off the two elders, Azusa heart led two girl went to the back hall, along the way to see her coming and going of servants who should say a few auspicious words, it touches very lovable.

Eleven large birthday banquet in fact, is nothing if on the day her father is extremely loved her, she was asked to adhere to a grand celebration, according to the meaning of Azusa heart, together with his brother and father and mother as well as dinner meal is enough, where these costs need it effort.

So many entertained the guests, there are a few really congratulate her? Either to feelings, either for utilitarian, just look at these people's eyes, she felt uncomfortable.

But things of the world, where it can be satisfactory, she was later to marry into the royal family, and more ought to learn to deal with these aristocratic lady, and her father considered well-intentioned, where she dared to put aside their own guests to take a break.

She was distressed to uphold, coming towards a man and a woman, followed behind a girl about ten years old, Azusa heart watching them wearing gold and silver covered extravagance, sneered, yes how she would forget, in addition to large two-bedroom house two sub-sucking leeches, as well as this one does.

- her uncle whole family.

Her uncle Wan flying was originally a butcher in the town considered a little money. Because her mother Wan youth born beautiful, bent her to marry the wealthy town timetable timetable to do, where youth can Wan willing, that wealthy older is more than enough to be her father, and later phase of Luohao Wen, others are more It is disdain.

May she was also aware of their older siblings what kind of person, we will ask the matchmaker secretly took their own money, people look for family Luo Yue Qin, Luo old woman was little to worry about his son's marriage, there is a voluntary delivery door-law, where can not allow it. It was only ten thousand couples come to downtown, makes the Luo Mabu Kai face, the more this old lady Luo Wan disgust she explains.

Later her mother to chip in for her father to Beijing exam, went to his house to borrow some two pieces of silver, which was unwilling to lend money to the couple, although her mother embarrassed, but there is no other way, her parents left the brothers had kneel down to pray in front of his house.

From Rishangsangan kneel twilight, neighbors were pointing up, Wan flying the couple reluctantly agreed to let her mother hit IOUs, specifying how much interest a year be subject to payment, this took the money out.

Later, Luo Haowen top high school, the money is naturally a hundred times your money back, but the couple where they could meet, always playing autumn door does not say, the name of the name Shang Luo brother-in outside, go wild.

The family remembered past life face, in front of three men and even miraculous coincidence, it seems no matter what the world, they are assholes.

Azusa heart to see that three of his party, had airs of momentum moment of convergence, Wan flying shy smiling couple flew over, "Ah niece, change of position for a long time did not see you, uncle think you want to have a heart and liver ache . "

Azusa heart pick eyebrow, blissful silence looked at him, he is also aware of his own wrong thing, but I do not know how to save his wife Tony's rambling road alongside: "Ah, your uncle did not read the book ,Some characters do not know, something wrong, do not tell him you can care about. We heard you birthday, I came over to give you celebrate it. "

Azusa heart mouth curved, that they thought it was about to relax muddle the past, academics she said: "? Since it is a celebration back me Hesheng Chen, a gift of it."

Ten thousand couple intend to take an advantage of this is, and where to remember what birthday gift to bring, a time will be some embarrassing scenes, Wan Xiaoxiao see his parents were embarrassed, and so unpromising look, feel lose face , angrily said: "! how he can reach out to their own birthday gift, and you are too shameless Luo Zi heart"

Azusa face a cold heart, to say she was the most hated who, in addition to her cousin who he wanted to do.

Past life, she was often a guest in his own home ground, and ate and drank with his own, and gave her something did not put himself as an outsider, met their preference of clothing or jewelry, do not even say hello to play, directly mounted into the bag away. Their home that money really is not bad, just so blatant when being taken for a ride, it is very unhappy people.

Speaking of thick-skinned, and who won her shameless Wan Xiaoxiao?

Tsz Wan Xiaoxiao is the heart of the eyes and jumped back a step backwards, she had heard about this cousin how unruly wayward, but the past few years have not done anything on their own, but also not so afraid of her, but her eyes did not think today would be so horrible.

Azusa heart to see her scared look, brought back a sarcastic smile, "is too anxious niece, uncle, aunt surely will not forget to prepare a birthday gift A, then A on a waiting authored."

This meaning is clear, if forgotten today, another day must make up on.

Wan flying the couple has always been stingy, stingy, do not just plucked from the body, which erupted in Azusa heart is blackmail, I thought today we must scoop up enough of this job.

Azusa heart with two fingers next to the servant, unhurried said: "The two of you listening today Fuchu many guests, uncle, aunt have not seen much of the world, and take them away from some, do not crash the expensive talent is. "

Two natural servant obediently answered.

Azusa heard that a family of three heart, then face up became a liver-colored, Wan Xiaoxiao just want to jump on to tear the heart Azusa.

Azusa heart Looking back to them, a single word:. "Today Fuchu people hand-mixed, if something is missing valuables, Azusa heart I am afraid to be sent to the official process, uncle, aunt can certainly make it clear ah"

Wan Xiaoxiao intolerable and said: "Luo Zi heart, what do you mean you do we will get something Luo House not??"

Azusa heart simply too lazy to answer her words, the past few years to take even less?

She did not lift eye and said: "Wan Xiaoxiao, as long as you remember, do not wholeheartedly into my hospital, otherwise, I just ask two nursing homes, I'm afraid you will not Qingrao."

Nor see her hideous face, they continue to bypass the hall to go back. Past order not to hurt the feelings of relatives, she put up with for so long, this life do not want her to give them leave any face.

Wan Xiaoxiao behind her chew Yinya, Luo Zi heart Damn this woman, obviously already have so many things, but refused to give her the slightest, just selfishly tight! But nothing more than that she would be reborn,Nothing to proud of!

Luo Zi Qing standing height watched this scene, to be terrible to see Wan Xiaoxiao face, smiling happily.

She hung innocent smile single word: "Luo Zi heart, you too arrogant, look, everyone hates you, so you are dead is better."

Two girl behind her head down scared a cold sweat.

To the back hall, and they were to many people, the families are Qinjuan Luohao Wen colleagues, aristocratic lady in Beijing.

These people are often out of communication, even if no host family reception in twos and threes can talk together, talk about fashionable clothes and jewelry will be on the energy consumption for a long time, as long as sent some tea delivery of water, fruits and pastries will be able to send a pass in the past. But eventually lost etiquette.

Azusa heart smile on leisurely into the house, said loudly: "take the trouble to come to you for Mrs. Miss specially Azusa heart birthday, I hope the government does not neglect spacious."

Luo Haowen already was a very ministers, Azusa future heart when her husband is home towards the five princes, these so-called colleagues, who in the final analysis there is no more powerful than the Luo, the women of the house naturally shorter one, see Azusa heart to come, all are up to greet him.

Azusa heart random glanced determine Luohao Wen did not invite those people to a Zaoxin was a little relieved, the last thing your family in Princess, she did not want a repeat of passing the buck to a face lost in his own house and people , and secondly, she is also too tired fast enough.

She nodded slightly toward Mrs. grateful tribute, and then to the main seat placement, people see her to sit down, this went back to his seat sit.

Azusa heart drink some tea cleared his throat, mouth only slightly apologetic: "The six months ago I had a serious illness, my mother made for me under oath in front of the Buddha weight, should I woke up, she will be in Dover I pray for the day before and until the hairpin, would also like to have waited a long time before the Buddha, poor parental love, for me this today will not dutiful daughter, she received instead of the grateful lady, if ill of etiquette, but also look forgive. "

Luo House hostess has never appeared, the outside world has long been suspicion heavy, Zi heart though this speech made it clear to understand, but can not explain the low profile of her mother before she did not crash, but who dares to expose her lies yet.

The presence of people who are not fine people, and everyone has this cupboard, today to give this little witch is not happy, who knows in the future will not be revenge. Of course, Ms. Luo nodded boast how how to love, how to how to Azusa filial heart, very harmonious scene.

Zi Wu and Kim looked at the heart, both men normally dictates in your home today full Luoan ladies are here, they are naturally not run wild, even if they do not know they have a few two kilograms, just see the people of tolerance and conversation, you should know what he is a component.

But in the end their own home who see their embarrassing appearance in among the crowd, she do not look happy, after all, could not resist opening for their rescue.

"Great aunt, two aunts, could you help me to look at the banquet room, if there is anything missing short, to inform the Romanian housekeeper is earlier, so what the trouble at meal neglect grateful to Mrs. and Miss. "

Kim and Wu, such as amnesty, should be kept well out Xiangxie.

Azusa heart helpless smile,Eating heart starting point side and chat all day.

The past six months, she has become familiar with this world, coupled with memories of past lives, knowledge of modern and ancient blend of education and the rules have been in her thoughts.

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