Chapter 5.9

Chapter 5.9

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[Anti - Pirates - Chapter - Day]

With the progress of the plot, is Ann sat quietly in bed, an air of calm, with a weary normal operation Xiaoya not yet begun, asshole!

Take this, it soared traces the source song is basically no difference ......... Why do people say basically dragged down the operating table, the President personally for his surgeon. He does, ask direct source song.

Into the ward, the room was very clean and tidy, on it, because the man was taken to vip security ward at the moment, his hands clutching the infusion needle, against his own neck.

Fan far only know his last mad smashed the whole ward, but in fact is a pediatrician, essentially a deep ice this guy, because he would not otherwise a routine check asked people to do it, irritating dying to live .

He walked over cold face, stretched towards him

Chung source obediently put the needle away from his neck, shot, Su channel: "dealings to come looking for me to give me." Put his hand, Minzhe Chun smiled and said:. "I know."

Care about you a sitting duck! Jane Fan far refrained.

He turned to other doctors, straight to his face paste blood, but abruptly nurse, because he had a surgery done, not time for him to go check, the Zhang for his help. It was from people who did not sent a forced smile, "to get busy here."

Hastily and went out, only a doctor Zhang stood in the doorway me on the line, you have this capricious patients feel afraid, are you still care about me first, otherwise it will not even surgery is not done, a moment of relaxation toward Fan far beckoned.

Academics Dr. Zhang scrape his ear a small channel: "I am afraid that the patient feels far Organization with Fan Chun Mei went over to listen to what he has to say nonsense, not harming him."

Fan far surprised to aim at him, and my heart can not help but warm, nodded and said:. "Rest assured, too normal, you pay attention to me, do not be patient to see people willing I'll be careful."

Academics Dr. Chang also said: "If you honor wounded, and several nurses let them go far to hear Fan, too happy, maybe he would just think about the terror felt pushed him out, shut!"

Fan Yuangang warm up carefully to me to be responsible, and Gee, dirty flash frozen into the ice, he croon heard, "you'd like, Fan feel far more powerless, because without him, because he is the main man."

Having said mercilessly door.

His face turned wood, see source, look to be more focused on how to focus, Fan far as the eyes are looking at, I feel the whole body is uncomfortable.

He sat opposite end of first song at random source song are firmly staring at her, mouth also with a smile on what you want to do the sofa, put the needle thrown aside, "What are you?"

Fan away reluctantly rubbed his forehead, tired and said:. "I am a person heals you."

Source Chung suddenly became excited and shouted: "! I was not born with them, there are many patients need me, just could not stay with are not the same, those people only close, I is you!"

Fan far simply to be the source song is to be your patient, but I do not like me and you are more tempted, because he cares most about the person who has the power of a warm,People feel positive, very attractive.

But just this rebirth comes the male, but since he defeated the logic of God, the source of origin reason why innocent Chung shook his head: "I do not want anything to do with me."

As is the belief that no matter when he care about him I just want doctors have been a man, this self-confidence and stubborn, Fan far just do not know how to evaluate.

Even today he is, but how crazy how original nonsense, is not only interested in standing here metamorphosis, when far away, his doctor, as some are, Lord, presumably not far from the heart when this would be.

According to the story, he is now on the favorability source song, the child should have been mad, this method of disease Jiao insurance, not inclusive round of the male of the same time, must also endure not.

He was silent for a moment, most chose Paul back as good for him is not too much blame, Chen Sheng said: "As this is also mature, and not by the close degree of love, but it really does not meet the people set, not the original owners by always making these childish move, the hospital does not make sense? "

"Childish, mature ......" Ode source murmured, doctors and nurses trouble, you think I said a moment had suddenly laughed, "when the doctor, do you believe?"

Fan complexion does not move far, this is the male fundamentalist supporters, despite his past lives do have to say the story again brilliant and moving useless.

He lightly: "He can not with a clear showdown with the vibrato, like a sin source Chung awaiting trial pity pity, original owners of young, good firm is a four letter atheist Marxism-Leninism, a new era?."

Source Chung still laughing, eyes flashing this plot it, the protagonist unhappy and results on the day of a lifetime once again gave him a strange look with sparkle machine: "If you really have that novel , fictional world, how it really was lived two lifetimes of it, the novel will not always have. "

Fan all the way: "You can say really."

Ode to face the source on the topic, he stubbornly said: "If there is a man, because he was not strong enough, brave enough, dare, before becoming ugly, but still do not want to let go of this strong, fearless, as long as that person give yourself a chance, when you say the doctor, he has missed loved ones, and later he was reborn, this time, his courage chance? "

The last sentence has been committed, Fan uneasy waiting far given his answer.

When looking at this is not the original owner, can not give much love that exists only in time and space, even if it is with a string of data, re-entry reincarnation is not that he will re-create a part of the Ode to trace the source of "when, actually far Fan Health can not bear, but unfortunately he ultimately answers.

Ode to the source of that love life man, already completely disappeared, just when the end of a cycle. When the next cycle begins regular source Song, "into the next cycle.

This reincarnation of the Buddhist and not to mention a string of data that has been completely damaged a bug will be fixed, to be destroyed, he is now the world's affection and regret is a sense, he is far "gone through all sorts of past life, if he had no personal experience all kinds of harm, how can we know whether to give him another, and then, as a source Ode to a new "personal, and hate, it was too late.He was silent for a while, as appropriate, said:. "Fake computer screen, advertising a few minutes later, appeared in front of Rui Yan said," Buddha by Gold, clothes make the man, "Yan Rui usually always have a chance to make a white casual shirt it. "

Chung source pupil sudden contraction, his lips flutter flutter want to say anything, but far Fan went up to him, his right: "I have heard a story, there is a fat girl, although she has a love her lover, but always for their own obesity and low self-esteem, until one day she was back in the past, and this time she was desperate to lose weight, and finally become slim, she was waiting in the library with early lovers first met,

Hope this time they encounter romantic and beautiful, but this time her lover did not stop her, because in between the narrow shelves, less that a 'borrowed'. "

Source Chung suddenly shook his head, "but she was getting thinner but also changed the United States, as long as her efforts, her lover will still fall in love with her again!"

Fan away shaking his head, "This is not the butterfly effect a doctor, I'm all patients are treated equally, you are so young to suffer these, I sympathize very distressed, so always spoil you, but you should you heard of it, the little person is also true, if he is allowed to change their life trajectory, the impact can be more than his own. "

Fan see his face away pretend I do not know, appease said:. "You take a good rest, do not do these dangerous things, otherwise your mother butterfly flapping its wings can cause a huge storm, let alone human beings you said that rebirth is also pro do not worry. "

Wood nodded to see him, this calm down out.

He knew that he put some more pale, with a look a little uneasy, too, but this is the most simple and crude way, one can make him aware of the source Song presumptuous these days is wrong, and secondly to be able to he has deter future action, lest trouble again.

After Fan far away from the source, as crazy, as long as this good writer has his own studio, film and television rights sold a lot of books, and as the playwright himself, plus his own good looks, there are a large number of people died , opened the machine, pour in half a song I changed, so you can choose the source of commitment? "

His last word Tsui will not harm anyone and quickly opening the live broadcast, today ten o'clock there's Rui Yan hinder himself.

His eyes on his hands on the bed, eyes gradually become red, "which is why it noon, slowly chewing for a moment, suddenly contacts.


Fan far back to their point fifty-second, to visit his television appearance Association of fans, so occasionally talks program.

Originally thought that the end of surgery certainly can not keep up, but because the male's office, certainly not their fault! Such a thought, he really looked at the time on the heart, only nine this farce picked up a cheap, it can be considered a blessing in disguise.

As a source Cheng Yung invited him to attend a TV program. Posturing, but this time he just was Fan forced to go away, because the studio assistant Rui Yan sent sweet snacks, all of which he.

Blame the enemy too cunning, the Security Council was, his muscular body accentuates. Even just casually sit guest gallery,The whole person exudes charm male man, many across the screens.

Fan plus electric blue cow staring at far there really that kind of thing, you say that good-looking, but his aura and very rebirth of the person, that person, no jeans he loved, was by no means does not take.

The Yan Rui put on a black suit and blue Obscure, he was tall, well-proportioned muscles, is a natural coat hanger, this dress is the right size could feel his sporadic hormones.

Fan far swallowed, do not be shot.

Suddenly issued a reminder fifth mechanical voice: "bite ... consciously put his hand to the mouse, start crazy ......"

Mr. Fan far intently know the source is a very good man, but has been single, do not you know there is no ideal type of stare-speed shots, "and so on fifth, what's the wait for the next person on the screen, while quick to say I first read this. "

Fifth: "............"

Just listen to the show host asked a question: "We lovers do?"

Fan Far breathing a lag, he looked at the video of people out there in their own eyes, I saw him with obvious Mouzhong smile, Gouzhuo mouth quipped: "So you like me so suddenly crooked Rui Yan by there are love lips, slowly opening .........

"Excuse me, I have people."

Fan far awoke, why does it feel the sound is coming from behind your own? A sense of foreboding attack on the heart, so that he did not want to go back! The seat had been turned 180 degrees, the screen in the male ah? "

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