Chapter 5.8

Chapter 5.8

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And behind him is a good suck of breath by the bald Dr. Zhang and several small nurse, Fan far just want to ask a question.

There was no answer, and the ward of the atmosphere of silence and more strange. The male in front of his face innocence, Mrs. source side of the face is extremely ugly,

Fan brains away quickly, he could perfunctory in the past, the way to resolve the embarrassment.

When I think about things is actually very simple ......... ass ah! Only the song as a common source of patient on it, against a yet immature patients naive "Confessions"

But he is very clear, the male eyes only twenty years old ,, good! God knows, he was afraid to face this white sesame buns stuffed up!

"This is what is special Who kidding me?!" (╯ `□ ') ╯(┻━┻

Today, this should be is a beginning, there'll be trouble him. In fact, I've lived for, not long ago had that sunny cheerful big boy, and he is currently living on the role played by their own heart, not

According to the story, and now the original owners should not take the initiative to male heart,

Fan far stiff for a moment, his face hangs a helpless smile, shook his head and said:. "Is not afraid of ridiculous."

He turned to Mrs. source said: "Ode to the source character is very innocent, like a child, I liked him."

It is entirely elders tone, nine years old, so to say very reasonable, it will not make people feel awkward.

But most have some sympathy for nothing, so he does not have too many scruples,

Fan waved away with a smile and said:. "He is still small, it is understood" directly to the source Chung had just misinterpreted the phrase became the admiration of the younger elders, two of them are men, and the age difference of eight # It's time to play out of a dark room ban prisoners * #

But many people scruples, do not be too far Fan provoke resentment, had secretly patience.

The child playing little patience on Frank, who has a good impression of simply hide the wording of some exaggeration,

Fan has been far corner of my attention to the movements of the source of the song, know enough is enough, really scary individual, okay? !

Are twenty years old, and said so naive then, so many people watching, to see the source song he misinterpreted his meaning, though unwilling. Which, like bald Zhang ah, met thing to find a doctor.

Chung and other sources of emotional stability down, Mrs Fan is much talk about the source of any connection with the issue of compensation to talk wards of various facilities, got the over-compensation check and handed it to Dr. Zhang, then walked away, leaving a touch of chic silhouette .

Several nurses behind him whispering: "The doctor is indeed the God of our hospital male, handsome, good character, then downright patient, he did not cost nothing gave resolved."

"Yes ah, tut, really big difference."

He worried about what to say remark, irreparable situation, fortunately the male pretty little EQ,

Slightly ugly blame him? This look at the face of the world also allows people to live ah? !

Mrs. source nodded and said: "yes ah, when the doctor please forgive me."

To hear their words clearly, for a time feel extremely heavy hands of the check,


Fan resentment far do not know their own colleagues has been to break through the sky,He spent physically and mentally to go to their office around in my brain are thinking about the next story of the swollen do.

They call "bald Zhang," Dr. Zhang has not gone away,

Source Chung now see him in a wheelchair pushed the main weak man, but now according to obediently go home to recuperate.

Just to see the meat bun like a german shepherd, who raised a fierce, though he is not worried that they will be

However, it does not, after all, the source of commitment, that is not the original version of the brother control, and if hard to forcibly get him home, Yan Rui must have been extremely willing, as to the views of Chung source of that ......... Is it important?

# Men should blame yourself naughty ah #

This situation, he probably can not follow the story,

# Our slogan is: evil for evil, to violence with violence! #

Like a good solution, a far Fan easily opened the door of his office, Yan Rui guy actually gone, it touches very strange.

He stood silent for a while, suddenly turned to look behind the door, OK - here is not Tibetan.

Walked a few steps, Fan away suddenly squatted down to look under the table, ah, there is no good here, he set our sights on the toilet.

Fan far pursed his lips, looking not worry about leaning on the seat, suddenly found his cup the following put a sticky note, he raised an eyebrow, glanced quickly get in front.

"I went to work late to pick you up from work." He was not within meters.

Fan far snorted, but also know that guy work ah, then I thought, had his book signing this afternoon it seems, can not help but crooked lips, and said:. "The words are written very well" to the working hours, Rui Yan Sure enough time to pick him up, but refuses Fan far on his car.

Fifth finally could not stand, silent reminder; "bite, if the owner is looking for Rui Yan's words,"

When he finished, he goes on note paper folded neatly into her wallet.

As for the reason, just to see the car feel embarrassed, okay!

Yan Rui naturally not on such a trivial tangle with him, apart from anything else locked the car, holding hands Fan away his car. Of course, because they had done in the car in shame shame thing!

And others got on, he only smiled and said: "Otherwise, how to prescribe it."

Fan away a black face: "Who cares wash not wash, anyway, I do not sit."

Yan Rui smirked start the car, such as car out, unhurried said, "go back and rub some medicine, you come, I promise not to look."

After you fall asleep yesterday, I have the car cleaned up, will face toward the window Fan far, some sharp-eared red, his mouth still very stubborn, "I am a man, these injuries wipe any medicine."

Yesterday, it really is a little out of control, otherwise it will not hurt to let Fan far shred.

Pianguo Tou see him, with interest said: "? Bloodthirsty tyranny as if nature is released out, but why the little guy is no conscious, time and time again to lure him, the conditions do"

Now I recall the mood was still fearful, so irrational, immersed in their own beast * For the very strange that he was worried that she would be unable to control day to hurt him.

Rui Yan extremely helpless, but no way to get him: "I want to paint the drug is not impossible."

Just to the red light, stopped Rui Yan, Fan far know what he was thinking, but could feel his mood as good as good as before, he thought Road,

Fan far seriousness breaking a finger count to him:. "Fragrant bundle trotters, ice meat pastry, as well ......... being on the right, I want you to do for me personally eat"

"These are your brother's that I do in the world, buy a first date with you snack, do you remember so clearly."

Yue Feng has become his people, Cong fire, Crab dumpling, chestnut pudding Chongyang, he can never get rid of the responsibility V.

Fan Mouguang shimmering far, "because eating well to remember, no longer stand and how, as long as the rest of his life there to accompany him, he willingly. How about this condition?"

Yan Rui carefully listened, heard wrong, but finally chuckled, not to mention that he is willing to take in exchange for medicine apply, that is to say he whines or two toward you want to eat, he is extremely happy. But he certainly will not admit,

Seeing the red light, his face suddenly Couguo go far in the face Qinliaoyikou Fan, then start the car, pretend not to see Fan away angry eyes, solemnly said:. "Well, I learn tonight."

He is also not quite remember, the fifth is the use of automatic memory function lookup, feel good to see him again, Fan Hongxia far migraine to look out the window, quietly brought back corners of the mouth.


His room on the 13th floor is not high, but can this side of the landscape at a glance. When he was just two years old, carries the dream of self-righteous,

To see the man on the way from work every day. Although not see the face, only vaguely see the outline, he felt satisfied.

Ode to the front of the original wheelchair pushed to the floor to ceiling windows overlooking the landscape beneath the hospital. He did not know what From time to time far had that thought. He was satisfied with this point of the window, very satisfied from past lives, because sitting here,

Mature man, always giving their own care and concern. Such a man, it is hard not to be tempted. My heart has never been a person only concerned about their own general. Not born of a mother, how could one mind, so vain you used to believe in him,

Unfortunately, he could not accept that time, he was a professional tennis player, domestic and foreign media coverage of the talented tennis player, his future has unlimited potential. Once the gay label affixed, he no longer has any future at all, even by pointing people to do a mouse over the street, he could not bear the consequences.

Charming, as long as he is willing, or even able to easily conquer any woman, has chosen for his own good to the extreme, like the eyes,

So naive as to think that they made the right, everything is normal foam Mirage.

Yue Feng told him when the moment of truth, when put to the front of their own far, it is fair is not it? The most sensible decision, but I did not think,

That night, he wanted out of the closet, he has to face up to their own inclinations, when he put away to come here.

In fact, he is not very painful, heart, and even the idea of ​​a very fortunate, because God help him make a choiceGod mercilessly captured his dream,

Yue Feng, he felt very funny, he told her that he was not unhappy, he will soon go to pursue their own happiness, is in need of courage, hope to get her blessing.

He drank a lot of wine, since that accident he has not had a drink for a long time, but he wants to drink that day, because he finally decided to embark on that road of no return,

Later, Yue Feng to accompany him to drink together, in the end they were drunk ......... thought he learned to drink because of his condition, he tried every means open solutions,

After waking up, the source Cheng not been to the hospital to see you. I told you, you put him as a brother, he is not really treat you as a brother, he suddenly opened his dark eyes, brow full of gloomy hostility.

At that time he learned that he considered a good friend, confidante, had always liked myself. He could not blame it,

Mouth ramble said: Ode to a source familiar with the car looking bike slowly left, I thought, God gave him another chance, it must be heard because of his appeal, this time, who do not have to live in pain. Who says a source Cheng did not come to the hospital, he just did not see me nothing

Source Xiaoping Guo wife to help him in the side, "playing from your surgery done, the total now recognize his true face."

Ode to storm out of the blue veins on the back of the source, mouth hanging smile but, sadly said: "Both of them, I do not know anyone else who is more pathetic .."

Close your eyes, source Cheng, past life you get in the way, time and again forced him to leave, the source bearing away on the train when you open the door and the screen will be clearly presented in front. This time you want to put him away?

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