Chapter 5.7

Chapter 5.7

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"Bite, the owner has successfully entered the body of origin, data import, the countdown starts: Five, four, three, two, one, complete."

Fifth mechanical voice sounded in my mind, far Fan felt a splitting headache, this task is to play him most do not like a place, when introduced into the original data and the original primary memory, his body will feel some discomfort, of course, points circumstances, such as the last time he enters a child's body, this does not apply on a little weaker, but this time, there is a strong body of adult self-will, and so will some of the more uncomfortable.

Fan Nazhen be far slow the slow tingling in the past, slowly sigh, lying is okay now, but also very soft mattress, otherwise he probably should feel good while.

Was about to open his eyes to see the situation around, heard a hoarse male voice in his ear, slowly: "?? Woke up physical discomfort can also place"


Fan far surprised, subconsciously moved his lower body, and found no abnormalities, and only then almost jumped out of the heart's chest and put it back.

Who in the end? With the kind of voice I said that after the general ambiguous, I do not know what it is easy to arouse misunderstanding!

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Just hold breath away Fan wanted to blow up the play when the cold mechanical voice of the fifth like a pot of cold water poured on his head.

"Bite, the owner, please note that people set, ooc to buckle reward."

...... who set the original owner of a small iceberg Mensao faithful dog was it ......

Fan quietly put away a foul smells and choke back his plate with iceberg face slowly opened his eyes, slightly migraine, to see who in the end is that bastard, but in the next second, icebergs break.

The sun shine through the screen straight into the house, the man standing in his bed against the light, because the light is difficult to see the appearance, dressed in white brocade luxury month heroic stand, like a fairy clinical world, the good meaning of Innocent dancing a good son.

Fan far lying in bed, this angle can only see his mouth slightly brought back a shallow arc, a point not count on a lot of people just exactly like that, with a little evil, but let warm heart health.

With disbelief in his eyes, did not notice reminding the fifth, has been recovered and shouts out loud: "?. What is your Gao Yu"

The man mouth arc instantly disappeared, he took a step backward, Qingcu brow, commanding voice no longer Diya magnetic earlier, he said: "Who guards Gao Yu Fan is sick does the silly, not even the master? longer recognize. "

He took a step toward making the action face completely exposed, Fan away slowly enlarged pupils, and in an instant return to normal.

Yu is not high. Although the same is a handsome face unparalleled, but it is a completely different person.

Fan Far tell their own heart is what it is, might not talk to the man farewell, his heart has always been a thorn in it.Fifth home owners see the male staring at the handsome face of this world trance, turn iron into steel aloud:. "Bites, the owner, Gao Yu is another world, impossible here is that this man the male world, regent Wang Weiming, please enter the state the owner as soon as possible. "

Fan Xiao Wu's words far recovered, years of playing experience made him quickly enter the state, he hastily opened a quilt out of bed, got on one knee tone of fear: "The master indulgences, under overwhelmed poisoning fans of the mind, a time kicking up clouds of nonsense boss unhappy, please masters of punishment. "

The man looks not move, only looked at the eye down on his knees Fan far, I do not know what to think, after a while only low chuckle: "Where, then, Fan guards in order to poison the king, had not only the power , how can blame one said. Arise quickly, the ground is very cool, and then a few days if the disease, delay the king can not give you a job. "

When masters say so, far Fan happy to pick up personal situation, said the sentence: ". Multi Xie Zhuzai Grace" was blankly stood up from the ground.

He found God breathed pair of body a bit empty, with only the memory of the original owners understood, turned out to be for the Savior to the body block arrows, but only to quench the arrow □□ There, in a coma for several days before they wake up. Really lucky, but if he is not life, this story may be how to go?

Even dignified princes in person to visit a subordinate it, so the face is not too much to give? No wonder the guards ordered him to love family love are not the princes.

Royal Highness adults seems to have finally discern wrong, deeply looked at him and whispered:. "This king inconvenience to disturb your rest, hello raw rest day tomorrow to my study when the value"

Fan far respectfully said: "Yes, under obeyed."

[* This is the anti-theft section, in genuine Jin Jiang * * * school * text City]

Royal Highness to be that far away, he collapsed on the bed, his face still goes on without any expression of the iceberg face, my mind has raged.

"Bite, the owner's performance today is b, a record low."

Fan far fried hair: "? Can you blame me that people laugh is really too much like Gao Yu, and at first glance I will certainly be scared!"

Fifth sober analysis: "bite, the owner do not make excuses, through face recognition, the similarity of appearance of the two men only 18.76% masters reason why mistakes, all because his mind is not firm.."

"I said that smile! Smiles! Not similar appearance! ...... forget to say you would not understand."

"Bite, fifth praise for the owner to recover the acting of God, until the owner re-worthy return."


"Bite, please do not slack owner, be familiar with the story of this world."

Fan twisted, but far from it, no choice but to put the original in my mind over again, concluding remarks: a draped across and overhead dynasty Mary Sue bg text.

He has done hundreds of missions, made by the ancient world came to the course, just as a man with the capacity to perform the task, but it is the first time.

Think of his former colorful career, what Martial servant of the house, what side of the road selling candied fruit grandfather, what palace eunuch, as well as sweeping Evil Old Woman ...... he acted in them altogether,Task well done, so this is fairly familiar with the background.

This text is considered a very traditional culture through Mary Sue bg, mainly talking about poetry Meng-ling, modern girl through to the ancient times, disguised as a man traveling rivers and lakes, has met the chief martial arts, trough geniuses, when flown towards the prince and princes also It is the male book.

Because the care of the household looks outstanding, ideas different from ordinary people, the first three men captivated fans, but because the three men did not see through the care of the household's daughter. Tangle after a while, but eventually gave up the fear of being ridiculed by the world.

Care of the household naturally disposed towards these great men of heart, but since she did not think these men through her ordeal, we can only sorry to leave them.

But do not want to encounter when North Korea Regent, Regent is an ingenious man, he found that care of the household talented, unique to see, then bent close to her Menke, but accidentally discovered her daughter. Nature is heart, would pay everyone stop, make her own were married, women moved by publicly exposing his daughter. Since then, with the male and lived a happy life ...... strange.

According to consistent routines Mary Sue text, before the happy ending will certainly be a point of trouble, this seemed feelings between how unyielding protagonist, a sense of heaven and earth!

Before tangled care of the household that is not what a few men with good crop, knows his sweetheart turned out to be a woman, naturally repent, he wants to recapture her. Day care of the household and the male host of the wedding, that several people together in an ambush outside the new house, to compete for the care of the household, fierce fighting again, this process Feijian hit straight towards the care of the household, Chi said that when when fast, in the heart of the sword is about to insert the female host when ...... gay men with him there, very heroically for the care of the household Dangxia the sword, then lost his life.

Yes, this is the role of gay men with Fan far this time to play, the male regent his faithful dog guards.

The guards have a crush on their own masters, who accompanies him, in the long as you live happy is my greatest happiness of selfless dedication to the male quiet dedication own youth, until his own life devoted out, then he brought a lunch.

Until the last, the male guards do not know this loyal loved him.

[* This is the anti-theft section, in genuine Jin Jiang * * * school * text City]

On the bad taste that she spent more than three thousand words in a side story, the carefully detailed description of the Forbidden love this period epic ......

Ah, it cups. But Fan said he was far from satisfied with gray often!

This represents what? Just keep our noses start to finish on behalf of his good work, from time to time with the "complex and obscure eyes" Chou Chou male host, occasional "faint jealousy" of women inside the heart, in the silence when no one look over his heart affectionate , when the last block for female controls sword. He then successfully complete the task.

Not for the male confession, not the male tightly entangled, so that the men should not drugging themselves, they do not care of the household framed male with male owners and last child to slag slag. Compared to a few tasks before the world, this world is simply too good not to.

Fan Far heart a little excited,Bend your mouth could hardly hold himself up, puts on a minor, although they knew may be a bit ooc, because the guards he was a boring show small iceberg faithful dog, but he just could not control himself lived boiling mood ah!

"Xiao Wu, this is the easiest task I've seen no one!"

At that time he did not know, flag is how to stand up.

But the fifth really understand, as a due diligence system, he solemnly reminded his master.

"Bite, the owner, be careful getting too much."

Fan Yuan: "............"

This always pour cold water on his teammates he wanted to get thrown out how to break?

"Bite, the owner does not unbind system privileges."

Fan Yuan: ".............................."

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