Chapter 5.4

Chapter 5.4

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To the hospital, let the smell of disinfectant Fan away a little bit calm, deft movements he changed into overalls and want to use enrichment work to divert attention.

That was a couple of morning pajamas people do not buy him! He just frightened!

I happened to encounter in the hallway are rounds Su nurse, nurse Sue met him quite surprised, puzzled and asked: "? When the doctor, are not you took a day off to rest it, how they come up."

Fan far paused, and said: "The hospital is the recent lack of people, I slept better and had come to see."

Su Nurse worried and said: "You do not reluctantly, his body is the most important, you fainted yesterday when we can put me ......... frightened."

Fan away at her grateful smile, patted her on the shoulder and said: "Thank you for your concern, but I was really all right."

Su nurse reddish face, nodded and continued to go to work.

Fan little girl was his vision of few words Liaode red in the face, can not help but come up with a mobile phone according to the picture his face, secretly nod, which he currently encountered one of the most satisfying no body.

Refined looks handsome, but also reveals a brow British Gas, which is a pure male face, full of mature man's charm. And the original owner has always insisted their spare time to the gym, so the stripped material is also useful, but the skeleton is too small, not strong enough looking at nothing.

Speaking of strong, far Fan Rui Yan wanted that guy up, bearing the original source setting is a literary and art workers, did not say how tall, height is one meter eighty-something, it should be about is with the original owners, and why he felt I own a lot shorter than he is?

"Xiao Wu, Rui Yan data you record height of it?"

"Bite, according to the detection system, Yan Core Height."

Fan Far mouth slightly drawn, Hell dare to teach him not to ooc, he does! Even unauthorized changes to the original owner of the body data, hash table face!

Fan Far anger on the heart, but could do nothing, people who let it hang open! Destiny's Child are no match, let alone the man himself at the bottom of the struggle. When I think really a lot of psychological balance, forget he was to take liberties with the male as well.

To the vip suite, Fanyuan Li politely knocked on the door, listening to which called into, Then he hands pockets and went inside.

The male cheerful sun, so they are invariably not lack all kinds of friends, this is not, he woke up from the fight, to visit people have packed the whole ward. A group of energetic handsome guy, a very, very good to see the doctor, to thank him again and again, scrambling to his seat.

So many people present, what Fan far is not good move, but routinely asked a few questions, listen to the source Chung answer was clear, he told some careful considerations, a boy and even a pen in earnest convenience in mind affixed, attached to the bed next to the source song, let him remember anytime, anywhere.

As a result, he has no reason to stay here, and had a smile and said: "Then you take a good rest, I'll see you again."

As soon as he went out, and source ode to his little friends were silent.

Closest to a boy looked out the door, toward the inside than an ok gesture, which once raged."Wow, now doctors Intuit high quality, and this face, this temperament, tut, when the stars have become it."

"Before listening source Chung said his doctor is a big guy, I do not believe it, then commander but also good-looking than we source a big guy you really known as to meet ah!"

It was immediately echoed:. "Really, really, he just smiled, I goose bumps, that he will not be breaking bend it."

"Haha, you bend a try ah, go back and tell your girlfriend to call, I heard that she is a female judo athlete, see you tomorrow, there is no life to go back to training."

"Ha ha ha ........."

A group of people laughing and joking all the talk, only the source song against silent in bed, my mind a myriad of thoughts, worries when happy, and finally converging sentence.

"When away, I came back, this time I will not escape."


Finally coming off hours, far Fan intend to go home before the men should walk around there, manifests itself as an actor of love and dedication.

To ward ago, far Fan rightly Lile their clothes and hairstyles, be sure to maintain a perfect image of the man before the Lord. I was about to knock on the door and found the door did not even shut, there came a burst of intense brawl.

This situation really unexpected ah .........

Fan far hesitated for a moment, this opportunity does not seem good, maybe people are dealing with a private matter, hastily went too impolite, but will also cause embarrassing scenes, or still come back tomorrow.

Fifth timely silent reminder: "bite, according to the detection system, the ward only two people, namely men with male owners."

He turned suddenly stiff movements live, and replaced with any other person he can decisively leave, but why Yan Rui is on the inside, this guy's a lesson too much, he really is not assured!

"Xiao Wu, I want to hear what they say in there, help me to improve the exchange of hearing sensitivity of drugs."

"Bite, the owner has unlocked the low-end commodity comprehension planes, there is according to the owner's needs can be exchanged for goods: Qingxin Dan, Dan experience required attentively, paying attention Dan, their role, use and exchange are ...... ... "

Fan far eagerly interrupted it and said: "! Enough is enough not long-winded, what nice change anything"

Any further delay, do not know what will happen there, Yan Rui guy but often not by common sense out the card.

"Bite your breath Dan exchange is completed, play a role within three seconds, after half an hour failure."

In order to prevent people as voyeur, Fan far little change of a normal posture, arms crossed, seemed leisurely against the wall, et al pretending like.

Gradually ears can hear a lot of noise, while it is fighting bgm transfer your ear blood boiling, which is downstairs fights hospitalized two teenagers, looking at the blood animation, so burning music really curious about is what ah, but now Do not have time.

He continued to search for, suddenly heard a groan * chirping stammered, as well as the impact of * sound crackled, Fan micro embarrassing far, the man's voice, if he heard correctly should be the Deputy Director Wang, weekdays does not show,Old guy is healthy and strong ah.

Fifth to his rapt attention Dan redeem this effect seems better too far, he just wanted to hear clear dialogue separated by a wall, the result of sound throughout the hospital building now he can hear! To him, at the moment the most terrible is not the sound debris room Xixisuosuo a mouse, but the morgue from time to time came the husky voice of dialogue is swollen going ah!

At the far verge of collapse Fan occasion, fifth and finally slowly opened Chrysostom: "Ding, use your breath Dan, the owner will focus on the spiritual power of a position, adjusting the distance, lost in meditation to listen."

Fan did not mind accusing it far more vengeful, and quickly focus on the spiritual power source Ode ward, Jing Xiaxin listen to conversations inside.

"I have twenty years old, what is good for me, bad for me, I have enough common sense, you do not need nosy brother, and you would be too wide tube!"

Fan Yuangang listening to sweat dripping down, which is the male adolescent reverse psychology? Even their most admired Nissan would say such things, the key is ......... now his Nissan is Rui Yan ah, this is terrible do not want it? !

# Alive Why do not you take things too hard! ! #

He was hesitant to go directly rushed to avoid the tragedy, academics Rui Yan deep voice came slowly.

"So, your mind has already decided?"

So calm tone, it is angry it is definitely angry now!

Although you do not know what to say, but the male adults, please be sure you hurry a change of heart! Not a person you are dealing with, but not a festival parade no limit and no unknown species Three Views of ah!


"Yes, no one can stop me!" In two juvenile can not be saved!

Then Fan Yuanqing Xi heard a cry sneer, very light very light, but far enough to make Fan startled mind, his body respond quickly and immediately rang the door.

Inside the stagnant atmosphere of the moment, no one answer, Fan Rui Yan fear far out of hand, raised his voice and said:. "When I was away, I checked after the patient's condition."

Rebellious men should soon be a cry, "when the doctor, come in."

Fan far into the room, ignoring the almost Rui Yan can burn people's attention, went straight to the source song, smiled and asked:. "How to restore the situation, there is no uncomfortable feeling."

Chung source for god mouth, a smile blooming, almost neat white teeth teeth flash blind Fan far, just listen to him cheerful and laughed: "! Without any discomfort, doctor of medicine fantastic"

Fan far surface at ease, but could not help heart Fu Fei, which is the male fine points do? So fast channel switching is not afraid to get stuck! Do not pretend to be so good that I do not know, in fact, you bear a child!

Rui Yan looked at him, Mouzhong dark and difficult to understand, "to working hours also view the patient's condition, when a doctor is really due diligence, my brother met you this doctor, was his good fortune."

Fan far face a stiff, know that he is to blame himself interrupted his actions in arguing with himself, but in front of the man of the Lord he did not say what soft words, only smiled, "Sir source, you flatter me. "

The male will not agree, Yan Rui words seemed poked him a piece of Ni Lin,He glared Yan Rui tiger with a straight face, very irritable tone: "! When the doctor kindly came to see me, if you do not say nice words, you can not talk."

Fan far limp and unconscious look to Rui Yan, mouth fast persuasion: "Shucks, Mr. source which is praising me, how can you say so serious, even brothers also pay attention to the art of speaking job Fortunately, Mr. sources spoil you, just do not care about you, is not it sir source. "

Yan Rui look wistfully to the boy on the bed, attention turned to Fan away slightly to see him pray for the little eyes, silent for a moment and suddenly smiled in spite of himself, he nodded and said: "Of course, I certainly do not care about his younger brother . "

Fan far swallow swallowing, which I meant to throw a bone to pick his head up? Who mother he bother anyone? !

See source Chung snorted seem more points firecracker, far from decisive Fan said:. "Patient just had surgery, need more rest, as Mr. sources and I will leave it."

They both see no opinion, this heavy sigh of relief.

Out of the ward, he revealed toward the male as a touch of sun-like warm smile, told of the sentence a good rest before gently close the door.

Not enough time to turn around, someone behind it labeled a warm chest, Yan Rui calm voice like thunder plains: "? Well, you are trained to be his behalf."

# Male main pot I really do not want to back / (tot) / ~~ #

# Why should I live so tired _ (: 3 」∠) _ #

# Male host your adolescent rebellion to last long ah Hey qaq #

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