Chapter 5.3

Chapter 5.3

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Fan Rui Yan far again did not limit stunned, embarrassed, then so can say, what at first sight ......... really, really Minato shameless!

He turned away from his peering eyes, looked sternly refused to air and said:. "I'm sorry, I'm not gay, we are not possible"

Fan Rui Yan pretend not to see far redness of ear tips, casually across his eyes curvy neck, Yan Qu flash of Black Mountain, in spite of himself a chuckle: "I am afraid that when doctors know enough about me, my people, most do not like the word is to give, after plenty of opportunity when the doctor slowly realized. "

Fan Far hearing him say it a little anxious, because they are the very heavy scenes, especially in the early and late is almost a key figure, Yan Rui such rash action, will affect the plot.

The story of this small world of the story fresh, Fan far or very satisfied, even standing on the perspective of the original owners to see, nor feel any resentment or unfairly suffered, but never meant nothing.

Far as the perfect man women in the eyes of the whole hospital, when the original owners have many natural advantages, such as serious and responsible work, what dedication, for the patient's own surgeon, of course, is always watching, especially the male so handsome and sun big boy, and anyone can not remain indifferent, no one thought to get along day after day, he gradually take the initiative to male heart.

In a certain sense, the original owner is not gay, because before the male appeared, since he did not mind what other men, but for women are indeed too little interest, so he was very calm and accepted the fact that his own bent.

He is everything requires perfect people, dare to action after learning the source song no girlfriend, and sexual orientation is unknown, first as a close confidant of him, let him open your heart. Chung source for such a great man as his brother does not exclude, the two gradually became good friends.

If the story so go smoothly, it is not a bl bg text but, unfortunately, the original owners of the courtship of the road there was a mountain, yes this person is the source commitment.

Cheng is the main source of man's half brother, this only brother has always fallen in love with, and therefore was the first person to notice when the mind is far away, he did not want his brother is a homosexual struggle, so the source Song from the hospital back home, another invited him to take care of health care.

Although the original owners can not be reconciled, but there is no way, he's a doctor, not in a position to decide their families to find fault, only silently accept this sad news.

Fortunately source Chung had regarded him as a good friend, later moved back home to call me occasionally and chat with him, and the previous weekend visit to his home does not seem abrupt, for when this case is relatively far from satisfied, the pursuit of men man has always been a very difficult thing, after all, not everyone like that Yan Rui shameless.

Although when far has been very satisfied, but Ou Nisang the mountain still survive, of course, will not let him do so. When a particular source Ode to visit, happens to be the source Cheng hit. Cheng source of origin for the ungrateful very unhappy, directly to the cards on the table, let the original owners to stop harassing his brother.Original owners feel embarrassed, but he has always been very sensible, know the source Cheng is a famous writer, but also a wide network of people, and his head - not a good idea, not to mention if it is the source Chung know in advance, will only make one of these days all the hard work paid off, had temporarily died down, think of other way.

He did not expect that, so he once again found an opportunity to be close to the source song when, women appeared, because the story has been officially kicked off.

Yue Feng care of the household was a trainee psychiatrist, but also the main man of the fans, that he had an accident and things to worry about this, then the students orthopedic work in the hospital and she said the net post player source Chung serious leg injury, this life We will not be recovered. Care of the household as the male fans sister, under the heartache, he decided to take care of his life, helping him out of the shadows.

With good care of the household is the ability to stay in the main house men, men normally take care of the Lord's life as well as psychological counseling, it occurred in the middle amused many interesting stories aside, in short, falling into a deep feeling.

So the original owner has not yet begun to attack on falling out of love, it is really a sad story. Who but he is a man with it, Who is this text bg it, he was a gay naturally only playing the soy sauce.

However, the original owner of the scenes did not end there, because he accidentally learned of a secret that the male of the accident was not an accident, but a premeditated. His heart still does not fit the source song, so secretly investigate the matter, to finally find out the truth.

The real killer is the original source of the biological mother Cheng Luk.

She source and the old man after the divorce has been living in a foreign country, then see the source song in a tennis game, she has been a source of resentment Chung's mother, her husband was taken away by the woman, very worried about history repeating itself, all of their own son was also robbed the woman's son, so Shoot created that accident.

When the truth is revealed, the most painful is undoubtedly the source of commitment, his mother took his brother's dream, but also the future of endless possibilities. Ms. Lu married an American, has lived abroad for many years, nature is at peace, and he and his son but the whole rest of his life to atone.

While bearing away when the source unpleasant, but also reluctantly agreed to his secrecy about this, after all, a source of deep brother Chung feelings about this, if you know he has been burdened with guilt for the mother of Atonement, will certainly be very upset.

Finally, of course it was found to be care of the household, the man told the Lord, after the two brothers is some dispute, bury the hatchet, to the big happy ending.

All in all, FAN far the major responsibility, not only to do him a doctor, a heart-warming big brother, but also do a good detective, almost no one is busier than him!

Yan Rui dare give him what was wrong, hum, you'll see.

Through his system Su channel: "Yan Rui, we said yes, you have to go with my story."

Rui Yan replied: "This is, of course, I said to do, but that you are not in contradiction with my pursuit."

This clearly is a lame argument, see far wring Fan Mei, Rui Yan and then said: "? I guarantee far the main plot and the plot is not crooked, so can you."

Fan far Mouguang a bright,And some do not believe, asked incredulously: "? Are you serious"

Yan Rui lips a hook, put a pillow to help him if he lay down good, but also attentive to help him tuck a tuck.

"Of course, the story anyway, I would have is to give you more trouble, and will not let you close to the source song, for what reason, what matters, will not affect the plot, but I can help you, you are not You should give me a little sweetness. "

Fan eyes flashed a hint of a smile away, this guy really can not eat a little loss, but if he is willing to listen, not necessarily give a little sweetness, he reluctantly said: "I know, and so finish the story, the rest of the time given to you. "

Rui Yan was shaking his head, very seriously said:. "This is a matter of course, not too sweet."

Fan distant thought he had his promise will be happy, no one thought that this response can not help but raised an eyebrow and said: "? Do you go nuts."

Yan Rui leans his ear, nasal breath of hot air with a hint of color * love the taste, "Baby, let me Kaihun how about?"

Fan opened a quilt far subconsciously wanted to beat him to sit up, he was holding down his arm across the quilt, that guy smile harmless to humans and animals: "Calm down, do not ooc up."

Fan far:% $ & ¥% # $ &

Damn the nerve to mention ooc with him? ! Cheng source who set up a serious cold, but young writers, to a man regarded how it was love at first sight! Also in the homes of the resident cheek to face it? what? !

Rui Yan yo said: "I have sent a text message to an assistant, tomorrow morning he'll put my luggage gets here."

Fan Far bite reminds him: "? I agree with Mr. source is not too casual some, we know less than 24 hours, I am afraid not cooked to the point where it can live together."

Yan Rui shamelessly: "I have had to wash the bath, since looked over your body, of course, responsible for you."

Fan Far anger towards him yelling I want a man not your responsibility, but suddenly he pressed his lips with the index finger, Rui Yan worry: "The good, yesterday you tired, will sleep before dawn. "

Then he put that Fan eaten away empty bowl out of the bedroom, Fan far stared at the ceiling, worn molars ache root.

Nor is he does not like Yan Rui, but each time he was so repressed really very great! Anyhow, the man himself, why every time down to leeward!

He rolled over and covered her face with the quilt, hearts still indignant.

"Kaihun? Fuck you Kaihun!"


The next morning, the assistant Rui Yan really very conscientious, he has helped put the luggage sent over a not fall, but his house is spacious enough, or really fit so many things.

Fan Tray far looked at a room full of boxes, can not help but touched his chin, Yan Rui this guy's stuff too much, something to conceal it will not be hidden?

Yan Rui go on luggage, half past should not come back, he brought back a sly smile, took the side of the knife, crisp cut open a large cardboard box, I saw them the top two identical pajamas, he casual glance, the label found not shears,This is a new buy?

Curiously picked up and looked at and found a set of his own size, another set of slightly larger ......... Fan hand flick away clothes fall to the ground, his back again and again like a guard, it was not Look at the two sets of pajamas, turned directly into the bathroom.

Yan Rui put the last box moved in, see Fan away quietly sitting on the sofa drinking, seemed absent-minded, and glimpse the floor of the two sets of clothes, where do not know why.

He shook his head in amusement, which picked up a pair of pajamas to Fan far, Haoshenghaoqi asked: "?. Try to see over does not fit together."

Fan far blushed, stood up and said: "!! Try, try what clothes I'm going to work until I come back, you put the house all packed."

Having hastily ran out, even the doors are forgot to turn off, Yan Rui watching his back thoughtfully.

# This is shy it still shy of it still shy of it? #

# A couple pajamas will be able to please lovers, is not too good to coax a little? #

# If he Chai Wan all the luggage, will not moved to want to devote to their own? #

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