Chapter 5.1

Chapter 5.1

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Time flies so fast, blink of an eye in the past twenty years.

Asked Liu Ya and white Haotian already became companion to the vigorous responsibility, with men in all aspects with the king, although not as good as the male, absolutely any decent, two Red wanton, like flies like a Shenxianjuanlv chic.

The last time was crossing the robbery of a mighty promise I hung Mozun indifference injured, and finally keep a good injury comeback.

However, this did happen to catch many indifferent closed-door practice of the day, no one can resist the Tien were Mozun heyday, already a lamb to be slaughtered.

At this point the main peak falling clouds forest far come forward to deplete itself at the expense of repair, call fire from heaven to be with Mozun die.

Whole body was wrapped in black flames, Fan felt this far with the flesh is gradually disappearing, so that at the moment he was glad to leave Rui Yan, otherwise the guy will not contain himself shot.

If so, his assessment have to go wrong.

I hung with him in close proximity, also in flames suffering, there is no surface expression, as if frozen in general, only a pair of eyes at the moment is firmly fixed on the far Fan's face, as if you want to see through his general.

Fan frown far back to see him, but not more than twenty years, than the previous times, he did not so heavy hostility, brow seemed to mature a lot, it seems that these days should have figured out a lot.

But, for he seemed more unfriendly?

Fan far being cranky, but suddenly I was hung closely link the wrist, just listen to him and asked sternly: "Now you, who is?"

Fan far I do not know why he has this question, forced to throw his hand, while finishing the sleeves, while dedicated replied: "?. Mozun adults This is insane course I got a real forest falling clouds away."

Hung I was shaking his head, he looked straight into the eye far Fan, voice reveals Senleng, "You know light warm?"

Fan away a little meal, warm light?

He slowly chewed the word, Weicu brow, seems caught up in what is a difficult memories.

He hung condensing eyes, shook his fist was creaky, did not he chased the man for so long, really is a devil? He then hundreds of years of dedication they count ......... was too funny!

Actor warm light, in this world, no one who does not love him, because he was created by God the most outstanding works.

Even if he will only slight frown painfully heartbreaking, straight he wanted to offer his heart to him, just to let him no longer sad. He smiled, then you are like in paradise, willing hesitate to go to him allegiance.

Needless to say, this man is God's favorite, the world would be crazy. But no one knows, he has a devil's heart.

When such a perfect truth to be revealed that day, how many people desperate to lose hope for his disappointment, how many people you'd rather die completely collapse, if not he himself admitted the crimes committed by their own, even if it is evidence, no one would like to believe, flawless people, would be a devil.

Costume he set his sights on the man in front, this pair of skins naturally extremely well, but the ratio of the light temperature, after all the difference on a bit, but at the moment he was thinking of hanging eye look, and he had treasured for a long time poster man, strangely coincides with the.Later, those posters are burned his hand when the hearts of the gods falling altar, rage already made him lose his mind, just want to do everything destroyed.

Fan raised his eyes away with him in the eye, he let Hong Mouzhong serious I could not help trembling slightly, do .........

Just listen to the opening FAN away slowly, very serious tone, "which should be any misunderstanding, I recall a named person since the mission had ever encountered, and no one is called the light warm."

When a man came to ask yourself is menacing not know so and so, not with this so-grudges, it is to help the so-revenge. And he has to do is to put aside the relationship, to prove that he is absolutely innocent.

The name of this rare light on, do the task, although occasionally encountered, but does not add up to more than ten, he carefully recall their names, make sure that no light warm this man, this calm down.

I had frayed nerves hung loose down suddenly, he was silent for a long while, before slowly brought back a stiff smile, "it was a misunderstanding, sorry."

His face was still some foresight Fan does not look good, do not know that "warm light" and he got much hatred, even Kudachoushen to even one of his acquaintances are left off, but fortunately their own quick response, otherwise inevitably be implicated.

Fan distant thought, gentle tone and said:. "Before the world, although we get along is not very pleasant, but now has become a peer, maybe someday will meet in the other world, so it is better to shake hands."

When he finished he hung out his right hand to my smiling face with a subtle hint of apprehension.

He glanced at his hand hung, have been slow to action, thinking that if this is the show to come, then this man a bit too frightening.

At the far Fan embarrassed, ready to hand back when I hung out his hand with his handshake.

He chuckled: "I was a dead end, but in fact you are not that person have anything to do, I liked the fact that you are, will never change, as a future matter, who can be sure of it."

He just finished the last sentence, the body would be completely dissipated.

Fan Far careful consideration of the meaning of his words, and ultimately thought out of it herself, only to Primary Five: "The right to leave this world."

"Bite, receive."

Fifth voice just fall, he returned to his cabin accomplishment.

As a utility man has been living at the bottom of his accomplishment cabin is the lowest level of the kind, can only see the white light surrounded by walls, the middle is a fairly makeshift bed, the style simple white table, a chair .

In fact, after his promotion and pay rise, this accomplishment cabin space has been expanded more than doubled, previously called the only true accomplishment [cabin].

Fan far lying on the chair rest, I feel a little bit weird, he raised his hand and glanced at random, pupil suddenly amplified, he tossed and turned back to his palm read it several times, determined not to illusion, this surprised and asked : "Xiao Wu, you see my spirit body is not some little condensate real?"

"Bite, may attend planes comprehension exercises related with the owner, some patients will indeed be forging perverted law, strengthening spiritual body."Fan far face a stiff, well he already knew what the exercises. Ma Yan Rui da had said was true, almost ashamed of the charts!

He coughed twice uneasily, eyes a floating, change the subject: "The test results have not come out?"

Xiao Wu was silent for a moment, said: "story of origin for the completion of 90 percent of people set up to maintain the 95 per cent but the main plot collapse sit idly by, deduct ten percent of the value of experience and energy, ten percent of the overall score is good. "

Fan away quietly listen, hear "sit idly by" when the words slightly embarrassing embarrassing, where he is sit idly by, that he has been able to call in cahoots a good cutting? ! But whatever the outcome, Yan Rui guy did not do that too, if his grades changed to "excellent", and that he is really cast aside their own.

Although it is convenient to hold gold thigh, but also lost the challenge of fun, but inexplicably feel stuck. He still wants to rely on their ability to climb step by step, up to par with him.

"Bite, in view of the assessment of the owner honors, grades improved significantly, alternative planes have been from the lower planes, planes and extended to the lower part of the middle planes."

Fan far could not help black line, "part of the middle planes, specifically which part?"

Fifth stiff replied:. "Bites, middle planes is relatively low in that part of the story."

Fan mouth of a pumping away, so his progress in the end is reflected in where? !

He reluctantly amount of help, Yan Yan said: "......... begin a story in the world right down."

"Bite, the owner no longer continue to rest it, ongoing task will cause mental fatigue."

Fan far consciously crooked lips, and shake her head, "No rest, just start."

- Rui Yan and good agreement, to quickly find him the job.


After receiving the original owner of the plot memory and the world, far Fan rubbed his forehead to relieve pain, discomfort in the past to be swift, his grin mouth brought back a touch, do not worry about who set his collapse, this time because he is playing a belly black doctor.

It should be said is indeed the middle planes, though the plot is not difficult, but lower than normal planes to many, at least get rid of the routine care of the household variety of white lotus plus the Virgin Mary Sue aura, and the male, the male with IQ full line, unlike women with no brain as the lower planes cruel and have their own bottom line and principles, the villain is really a bit means, unlike in the past, the male a "cold day break king", every minute spike.

As for the plot cliche idea that such a thing, that innocuous Fan far, at least it's a normal world, even if he just find a world on vacation, do not want to come across to do some deep ice, it is affecting mood good cutting!

"Xiao Wu, suddenly to such a normal world, think there is a little excited about it o (* ¯)¯ *) o"


Suddenly the door was knocked hasty, far from supporting the Rotary Fan frame, very calm and looked up and look to come, revealing a touch of charming smile, "Su nurse, what is it you?"

Young female nurse instantly blushed, when the doctor is really too attractive,There are gentle and mature demeanor, ability but also humble, he Nothing more perfect man.

Well Well her head down softly and said:. "Just sent a patient in the emergency room, past President and Director Wang personally checked, specify that you want your surgeon personally."

Fan personable far stood up, same smile, but mixed with some frustration, "If there is a sudden illnesses, it seems only sacrifice my lunch break time."

Having said put on their robes, took the lead and went to the emergency room.

Su nurse looked at him dashing back lengleleng God, to remember down to business, trotting to catch up with his pace, he explained to the patient the current situation.

Fan far nodded from time to time, seemed very attentively listened to, the brain actually thinking, let the President and Director Wang received while in the past, and should only male Lord.

It seems to own through the timing just right, the male is the day of the accident, this sudden accident, and it has changed his life's destiny.

Because the source of the male song, the talented 20-year-old tennis player, starting today, will never lose the ability to stand up.

Fan Far eyes across a touch of naked, random world is very good thing, this time always turn to their own whatever they want it.

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