Chapter 4.11

Chapter 4.11

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People generally longer life comprehension, time of year for them, but it is a retreat, a tour, blink of an eye that is over.

Postponed three will try finally held in Tien cases, hope secluded mountains once again excited.

The Magic were raided after the event a year ago, and the Mission were broken clouds were no longer the face, this Baichibaihe months in advance, but added to Tien were saved a small fortune in expenses.

Regardless of just how busy this time were the door, for Fan far almost no sense, because he did not participate.

The original three will try to plot the male is an important steal the show, but after the last farce, this guy is crossing the robbery mighty things hardly unknown, known to everybody, not to mention all this time to participate in a test of the new force is a list of these is the three add up to the sovereign did not dare fight him.

If you must be in the past, and can only old guys sitting together, spectators in high places.

Fan Far think this is not no not, do not go better than good, whatever the outcome, considered the story to go. But Rui Yan said he just wanted to kiss and own Master to enjoy two of the world, want to be as gods onlookers.

Fan far that makes sense, comprehension for those who looked at the figure who trained, in fact, very dirty inside, expect to deal with those flattering countenance, he felt a headache, so just in their peak recover from falling clouds .

In fact, this task planes, said it is difficult, in fact, not too difficult. Although the line was stretched long, but far Fan as a gay male match, the description of this ink is small, most of the time describe the side.

In addition to the beginning of a story that is focused more experienced to write, and late in his confrontation with Mozun that period is more important, the other story is a soy sauce king, the task is tirelessly teaching the male, to train him to become a virtuous both monks and comprehension for industry bright stars of tomorrow.

In short, he is the man standing behind the male host.

But it is clear now that the task he would not have done, because the male has been self-taught, and excel the predecessors, he dumped the Master is also more than one hundred and eight thousand meters, I felt really sad to think not Breathe.

# Disciple apprenticeship in advance of sadness who know qaq #

# Disciples become stupid overnight large predators _ (: 3 」∠) _ #

# Inculcate the former are fed the dog? ! #

With some regret and anger mood, he went to the front desk case far Fan, picked up a pen dipped pen and ink and began to paint.

In order to prevent people who do not have eyes falling clouds broke into the peak bother Fan away clean, Rui Yan around the cloth under the settled community, blocking crossing the robbery of the monks is not a problem.

Busy these, he would not be back urgently temple without snow, even with Fan far apart half past him feel very tough.

We can see into the inner room full of people concerned about him, was lying on the desk case painting, painting look very carefully I do not know of what. He was quite curious, did not say anything, softly coming up behind him.

To be content to see the paper, Rui Yan face stiff moment, because painting is none other than himself.

If he is normal paintings too happy,Fan painting is just far he looks like a child, but also the q version of the characters, a pair of watery eyes is very exaggerated, pathetic buns face, ragged clothes patched, just looking to make people feel soft-hearted mess, very soft adorable cute.

But I do not think Rui Yan lovely, he just felt extremely embarrassed, he swore he had never been so embarrassed.

First came to this world, especially in those three days Tien were kneeling gate, he was full of thinking about, and so he wanted to see how far Fan to give him a little color to see, let him regret the world is so playing with her. Yet when really see him, he could not bear up, but he obediently go with the story.

As they borrow mentoring, wiped the oil or something, he feels it is already the lowest interest.

But now it seems, the little guy not a cent of repentance ah, he had dared to reproduce embarrassed look on paper, is really less tone * teach it.

Rui Yan cold face grabbed the photograph of unfinished paintings in our hands, carefully looked far Fan Looking back at him, eyes across a sly, very amiable tone: "indifference, Master think of you first view your tender look, very nostalgic, put the painting down, you can still look vivid? "

Yan Rui silent for a moment, suddenly chuckled, "Master paintings naturally expressive, his disciples not think that report, if no Master also send a picture of it."

Fan pick eyebrow far, I do not know what hit him thinking, but also did not refuse, simply to be in the hands of the pen to him.

Rui Yan took the pen looked deeply Fan away, eyes that inclusion of meaning so that he could not help shivering, this very familiar feeling, yes, is a very bad feeling.

I saw Rui Yan took the brush, re-covered with a piece of rice paper, carefully dipped pen and ink, and start painting on paper.

He wanton action smooth, leisurely look indifferent, as if not in the painting, but on the lake boating as leisure.

Fan just far carefully looked a long time, I can not see exactly what he painted, smooth lines, outlines has caused, but why not see shape, only when he is angry at random graffiti, they go from one side to continue his unfinished creation.

He and other unfinished own stupid young Christians like, Yan Rui there has only just received the pen.

He went over to glance at, feel a little weird.

Rui Yan slightly bent towards his lips, slowly rotate the picture will be a hundred and eighty degrees.

Fan snorted far, this guy was actually drawn backwards, show off talent.

He looked intently, to be content to see on that map, he is instantly shame and anger, this painting is the interlacing of the two and he did just this shame not impatient stuff!

Paintings blurred his eyes, sideburns wet hair dripping with sweat, covered in deep and shallow hickey, Zhang Yan Rui sitting cross-legged body, like two hands clutching grasp at straws general his arms, thin lips slightly open as if shouting something that looks very kinky, swing and enchanting .........

Fan far cheeks burst of red, see Yan Rui will be incorporated into the portrait that within his own storage ring, quickly snatch the past, the mouth did not forget rebuke: "! Evil Christians, faster pay out, as a teacher to ruin it."

Yan Rui turned back, his arms cess,Trapped in his arms, thin lips do not light not far from the heavily grazed Fan earlobe and whispered ambiguous and said:. "This is all thanks to you Master, provided such a good idea ah"

Fan far shortness of breath, heels, kick him, snapped: "! She is not said to be given as a teacher of it, not quick to offer"

Yan Rui low chuckle: "Disciples regret it, otherwise another day to give a Master these days?"

Fan far side struggling side protest: "No, I'm going to this one, you are not allowed to draw!!!"

Rui Yan quite a headache look, he sighed and said: "Master is somewhat a difficult one, my disciples, do paint a vivid enough to do this is in, as well as Master posture looks at that time, in order to force the pen disciples shallow, it is difficult? It depicts the millionth. "

Fan also refused to take away the other, the direct use of acoustic system: "!! Rui Yan Who told you that you have to draw shameless ah!"

Rui Yan whispered and laughed, did not mind and said:. "What do you want to face, are you this fine hook to the weary soul, if you want to face, you can only eat a vegetarian for life."

Fan no way to get him away, had repressed anger, Haoshenghaoqi discuss said: "as good as this, I put your young portrait back to you, you also goes to ......... back to me so that can always be right? "

Rui Yan is naturally reluctant, he smiled and said: "In fact, nor is it can not give you, but ......... you always have to spend a little out of sincerity."

Fan far teeth and asked: "You want how?"

Rui Yan on his earlobe does not light not heavy bite a bit, coaxed said:. "We did not useful for this body."

Fan far he was teasing a soft body, he was an angry bite, then shouted: "! Shameless portrait that you keep it, I do not, I Kuaifang Kai."

Where Yan Rui willing to let him go, Ruanmoyingpao said:. "Baby, I became a monk for so long, whatever the outcome, you give me a little Hunxing it."

Fan far silent tacit, suddenly smiled at him, Rui Yan Huang dazzled by his dazzling smile, just listen to him slowly say the words:. "Vegetarian, healthy '

Having said while he did not answered a God and burst his bonds, and received his painting and walked away.

Rui Yan saw that he was really gone, they put a painting taken out, savor about it, he took the pen with slight modifications, change in the end, another shop was actually a piece of paper and began tracing another picture of the action.

I thought, If this is carried out continuously ascetic life, he can draw a full house this spring * Figure can not say.


Three will be tried for a whole month, because of the absence of the male indifference Xu, Jun white male with natural Haotian come out on top, the harvest of women inside a heart.

Tien were originally white Haotian this generation's most prominent disciples, not only by the value of the sovereign, the division between the brothers is also very grateful prestige, just like the kind of perfection is the legendary big brother.

Although he is sought after by many Sisters, but he always tried to stay heart as a rock, because his heart there is only one who is white moon, cinnabar mole, it is the right man to ask Liu Ya care of the household in case of the door.

The two met plot is also very idea that it was the first time down the mountain white Haotian, instruments used to buy instruments used in the store, pick a good thing going payments,I found the thief went Lingshi, a scene is very awkward time, just in time, women occasionally passing by, generous attempts shot for his rescue.

Of course, white Haotian from the beautiful to the good care of the household love deep-rooted species, hard to forget.

Care of the household do good has become a habit, naturally, I will not remember what they have helped white Haotian, but by his outstanding performance in a test of fascinated, secretly decided we must stay in the Tien cases, close to the white Haotian, let him love themselves.

So the main story from flower cultivation sector chase hard to force the male god, became a two-way crush wonderful story.

According to the original story, and asked Liu Ya this is the male companion of the Lord, but now a house on fire with his rival, people can not help but sigh God get people.

Fan Far think that the culprit could not help shaking his head, said Ning temple demolition of ten, do not split a marriage, Yan Rui Zhesi has made how much evil!

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