Chapter 4.10

Chapter 4.10

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Wang says that day Mozun row secluded mountain, three are badly hurt, many junior repair badly damaged, the next three will try had to be postponed until a year later.

As regards the indifference of things, do not know how to explain winding reality, then a living walking * ug, did not even questioned, but he saw very respected, as if he was a very extraordinary man.

Fan far this very curious, can not help but ask the sovereign adults.

Winding live stroked his beard, showing a touch of sly smile, it seems very, very far in the Fan sinister, just listen to him and said: "This thing is actually too simple to say, eighteen-year-old robbery of transition mighty inevitably raises doubt, Tien founder ......... may not, indifferent to the many talented, if his age into three hundred and eighteen-year-old, who can say what. "

Fan far frown and said: "Xu indifferently past two years a lot of outside appearances, everyone knows he is a disciple of the seat of the new collection, so I'm afraid to say nothing convincing."

Winding reality waved his hand, explains: "Tien were falling clouds no wonder you never live close disciples, suddenly received a beggar as a disciple, has long been speculation that the intention behind you, it is now abundantly clear reason a. "

Fan away slightly pondered a moment and said: "sovereign mean, Hsu Tien indifference is the secret of the cards were cultured, in order to deceive the public, just enter the number of doors as a disciple of the seat, he did not expect Mozun raid comes, this last resort the exposed end ......... "

Winding real God in the old nodded, "It is true."

Fan Far mouth slightly drawn, the old guy really was able to pull, but also breaking in vain so taken for granted, as if proudly without any guilty conscience, he could only admire: "The sovereign is really wise, just three hundred years of crossing the robbery of the young man, I called back the seat ashamed. "

To know the monks practice the speed is very slow, and each time is a breakthrough in advanced, sometimes encounter a problem, stay a few centuries carried on a realm is also not unusual.

This three hundred years old is not too young for some?

Winding old head of a real person Su, immediately retorted sternly: "real worry about falling clouds, then ancestral less than a hundred will fit on advanced, many people lament their surprise only change my life so that, if the fire did not suffer day of the robbery, his amendment was by no means a mere transit robbery! Mahayana is what is difficult, it may not be soaring not! only three hundred is too many not too few! "

Fanyuan Li Ma did not dare to shut questioned.

- Brain wrapped powder really terrible!


Fan falling clouds far back to his peak, was surprised to find the mouth of the sovereign shock only change my life patron deity, is quite shameless bullying animal, one without the slightest fight back in.

He looked up to see Fan flee over, Samsam quickly recover their claws, pounce on his shoulder rub the rub, sticky mouth da da called to "Master."

Fan hand him a far apart, then pick up the action to fill the gap own spirit pet arctic fox.

□□ be very miserable little fox, he opened his black eyes wet, to see is his own master, quickly drill into his arms, trying to move the devil.

Fan pathetic piece of foresight it look like, feel very distressed.

That day artifact fan secular universe,And Bi Yu Xiao, quiet inflammation cut a fierce collision occurred, the kind of power and influence Armageddon Tien almost all cases hundreds of miles of monks injured, although small fox high repair, but ultimately could not withstand, leading to collapse, officials perverted hurt in the short term can not be of the shape.

Looking back he stared Rui Yan look, this guy is not only childish, but very no Day parade! Even a harmless little animals can go under the hands, face it? !

Rui Yan Baba leans next to him, trying to explain, "Master, my disciples, but based on Peter's Road, also of Bishen nothing, do not forget the Master fox earlier this mischief thing? If not timely disciple arrived, Master probably will fall into demons is difficult to extricate themselves, my disciples, and now in retrospect still feel scared. "

Fan mouth of a pumping far, it is clear to say a few words to Bi Yi to hear, because it thought he was just jealous played a monster, but why he can not explain, because there is so original.

Sure enough, the little foxes listen to his arms Wan Yan Rui, then immediately jumped from his arms down, quickly ran out of the house without snow, out of sight.

It seems this was really hurt the heart.

Fan far too crispness feel sad, whether it is the original owner or his own, the mind can perceive it, but can not respond to nothing.

- different species, how to fall in love? Man, beast what tastes a bit too heavy!

Rui Yan secretly Lengheng soon, if not scruple Fan far, the only other non-roasted fox can not, holding the day was far Fan gentle touch, even he never had this treatment!

He is far from behind the Fan embed their own arms gently licked his ear, Fan far himself startled, quickly get away, but that he could not move to suppress.

He passed with a sound system and said: "! What do you do, quickly let go."

Rui Yan arrived in the jaw on his shoulder, sniffing him faint light vegetable flavor, seems to have been bewitched general, suddenly thrust his arms tightened his hold even tighter.

His voice hoarse and said: "You are not forgotten anything, Master."

Fan the original is still far away quietly struggling to hear him say this, suddenly stiff action, because he suddenly remembered that day at sunset outside the cliff, in order to leave him and Rui Yan Liyan Long confrontation, signed a blank check this guy must have wanted him to honor.

Yan Rui see him remain silent, with his nose Cengceng side of the neck, could not help but tremble slightly Fan far, since that time, Rui Yan of touch he is always particularly sensitive.

Rui Yan with low magnetic voice lingering in his ear, "This is another Master intends to tease the disciples once?"

Fan far made an effort, cheer up, he slowly said: "This is how teasing can be?"

Rui Yan is not prepared to take advantage of, he pinched a wind tactics, teleport to ten meters away.

He turned back toward the shallow smile Rui Yan, instant United States can not square things with acoustic system: "The teacher just said, either you can not necessarily do whatever they want, but it certainly can not say anything."

Carter, a gust of wind he disappeared in the snow-free hall.

Rui Yan still stood after a long while he could not help the amount of help, mouth escape trace of joyful laughter.

Really have Renzai, being mocked, he actually do not feel angry, but more want to spoil him.

**************Wei Minshan top, hung Mozun I sat on a huge rock drinking alone, the magic number here is forbidden, almost no one would dare set foot here, he is also a rare clean place.

Aware of someone behind him appear, he slammed the hands of a jar of wine fell in the past, did not expect to hear the sound of breaking bottles, he angrily turned back, at the man shouted: "Why can not you appear in in front of me! "

Li Yanlong calm and carrying a wine jar went to him, facing the altar with water stains where gently sip, I hung my face immediately became black carbon.

Li Yanlong eyes across hint of a smile, the tone is not the slightest mood swings, "wine."

It hung face more dark. If he can lick this guy has long been cut into Roumo him, take it to feed the monster within the magic number.

He picked up another jar of wine opened letters, plump drank a big mouth, mouth laugh:. "This is going to steal your body comes in looking decent."

Li Yanlong very not take myself as an outsider, sitting directly next to him, solemnly said:. "You like to like."

I hung a wine sprayed out, he wiped his hand, patiently repeated:. "You are to grow into a flower, I do not bother to look at you."

Li Yanlong not care, light opening:. "Duplicity"

I see we must reach out to take his waist hung a quiet inflammation cut, he quickly suppressed his hand, honestly replied: "Last time you let me close to you, to coincide with the prime minister's son died of illness, I will his skins to change over. "

I have hung out his chin stunned disbelief and said: "? ......... So you put that old wandering beggar's body, for the past."

See him nodding seriously, he marveled: "! Really commit a sin ah commit a sin, you are too wicked."

When he finished he could not help but laugh, good handsome son of the brother, was stealthily into a whole body dirty smelly old beggar, the government must now prime minister must be very lively bar, it is very interesting.

Li Yanlong see him finally smiled, he did not say he actually used the cover-up, the old rags that made the appearance of the son of the prime minister, but solemnly nodded and said:. "Ah, yes quite wicked."

I hung curled his lip, and no longer pay him any heed, just keep drank the wine.

Liyan Long stared at him in profile, after a long while before the opening:. "In fact, he is not for you."

Hong Leng Heng soon as I did not answer, as only hear, not suitable he is already not care, nothing can not let go just yet.

Liyan Long then said: "Different time here flow with the outside world, although he had come a few years than you, for this world when in fact nothing but a few years you're still alive, surely heard a name.."

I hung Pianguo Tou see him, apparently aroused curiosity, he asked: "Who?"

Li Yanlong with his eyes on the TV, slowly spit out two words:. "Warm light"

He hung severely startled, suddenly slid down the hands of the wine jar was Liyan Long took advantage of the opportunity, but also handed to his hand.

Hung I took the bottle to hand arrangements and on one side, depressed heart shock, asked:. "Actor pale warm, you ask him what to do, what Fan distant relationship with him."

Li Yanlong light: "light warm, this once secular household name,In fact, it is the stage name fills his real name - is called Fan far. "

He hung sneer, disdain and said: "Because of this absurd, if he is light warm, how likely do a walk-on for thousands of years in the lower planes, people like him, must be to stir a tidal wave of?. "

Wei Minshan day have the seasons, to the time it is winter, fluttering triumphantly snow fall, momentum is quite spectacular.

Liyan Long squint at the falling snow rustled himself around, he was an altar in the few remaining drank wine, "I have heard a strange question, you know why the snow is white it?"

I hung a hook mouth, he had also learned Pa okay, this simple question not even a no-brainer, stiff replied: "This is because ice crystal snowflake structure is complex, with many reflective surfaces, light fully reflections and refractions appear white. "

Li Yanlong see him up quite serious fun, laugh in spite of himself, I hung Review Nudeng see him, he immediately convergence smile revealed the answer.

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