Chapter 4.9

Chapter 4.9

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To perform the task in the world play World is divided into three thousand, three thousand in the world and three thousand small world, also known as the Upper Planes, middle planes and lower planes, and no matter what level of the world, all the origin of the world unified management.

For example Fan far, he is a gay man with actor, so men with belonging to the group, but because men have distinguished themselves with class and character roles, so the man with the group divided into a number of sectors, to manage after refinement.

The override on all sectors, is a very mysterious body called the law enforcement group, consisting of ten senior law enforcement advisors. The number of senior law enforcement adviser is fixed, staff is not fixed. The birth of a new law enforcement consultant, must also have an old fall.

Rumors of ten law enforcement consultant, only one person has never been replaced, and that is the Principal Consultant - Li Yanlong Li adults.

Fan far as a diligent work of the little people for thousands of years in the Lower Planes, the figure for this exists only in legend of how much or little curiosity, but never expected, went so far in their overall assessment in to see the deity.

And the adults are not as cool mad tyrant legendary drag, but some slightly ......... Well, to kill Matt.

I saw the chief adviser to kill Matt Li Yanlong adults, calm and recover the artifact universe fan, he was a tattered clothes, dirty hair and face full of dirt, dirty uncle a whole, is even said to be a beggar Some people believe.

Fan micro pumping far forehead, tugged look unhappy Yan Rui, with acoustic system and asked him: "?? You said Li Yanlong, it is the chief adviser Li Yanlong the legendary Lee adults"

Rui Yan hear the disbelief in his voice, slowly withdrew his Bi Yu Xiao, Gouzhuo lip and nodded, "That's him."

Fan far Xinrusihui close your eyes, covered their ears and shouted that he wanted to I do not believe I do not believe I do not believe! How his mother da idol will be played this way? Is not it a little more domineering side leakage? If not foot colorful clouds, Orchid Yushu momentum if not awe-inspiring, if not a play on the flash blind dog eyes of everyone, and never should be like this! It is very destroyed three outlooks ah!

Rui Yan seemed to see him dealt a heavy blow, but sourly exaggeration attached to his ear and said: "He is not only a raunchy undead, but very, very indifferent, very, very unreasonable, is simply a stubborn antique. "

Fan far cry ah ha, Xieni him and said:. "Well you are actually very clear."

Rui Yan immediately silenced, please put his head against his shoulder at the mouth like a baby: "Master, here means nothing, if not I'll take you deep Lan continent on the other side to play it, I heard where the mermaid and shark we can catch a few back support. "

Fan far ignored his insane and crazy language, the more doubts hearts, Rui Yan, chief adviser seems to hide behind? To this he left, he'd like to see him in the end how many secrets.

He waved and said:. "When can play, I am very interested in the old Master Road, a long, if not leave it."

Wife mentoring of them here, have their own plan,Two men on the other side of the tense, potential, such as fire and water.

Retrieve a small life I hung, not only does his rescuers grateful, it seems that in general were greatly humiliated, his teeth bitterly: "There you go again nosy, say good job to make the my own choice, do not detract from the chief adviser, even to Siyanerfei it? "

Li Yanlong calm and glanced at him, look lightly: "I came not here for you, and moreover you do not abide by the agreement, earnestly implement the task."

I hung Tut a cry, looked away not to look at him.

Li Yanlong soft look of the moment, a moment resumed iceberg face, "Now not that time were the bloodbath Tien, you should go back to Wei Min Shan."

I hung natural reluctance, he said:. "I do not go, since you brought the artifact to help me kill that guy."

Rui Yan Liyan Long looked up and looked, brow Weicu, "no."

Hung I knew he would not agree, but explained: "He is not the male, although the system detects no abnormalities, but this guy who has a magic repair of breath, and Heart surgery method and very scary, I suspected that there was fraud. "

To see him silent, he hung urgent: "Do not you believe me?"

Liyan Long tone of some frustration, "No, if possible, I want to destroy him, but yet do nothing."

I hung laugh loudly, sharp tone said: "? This world there are things you can not do is actually very strange."

Liyan Long took a step towards him, or no surface expression, the tone has softened a lot, "I can not do many, such as you ........."

I quickly hung a step back, with his distance in degrees, mouth shouted: "! You dirty dead body, away from me."

Li Yanlong stopped, carefully explains: "This is a temporary looking at the foot of a bladder, the deceased is a qualified no monks, and finally died of typhoid, so inevitably there are some body odor ........."

It hung crash interrupted him, angrily: "!! Who asked you this count your ruthless, I'll look back secluded mountain"

When he finished he was far in that direction towards Fan deeply looked at.

He was wearing a smile and was surprised to find Yan Rui deal, Mouzhong across a touch of cunning brilliance, faint said something, let that terrible moment man surrender.

"This man is my memory care far it ........."

He asked blankly themselves, but not the answer, departed in the direction of some flawless look secluded mountain.

Fan vision I had just hung still menacing, and instantly be persuaded to consciously leave, Matt chief adviser for the kill again light.

Rui Yan God to see him go, angrily breaking his face, once again confirmed: "? Master said, but the true disciples will not be mocked for once."

Fan away a little bit guilty, but this kind of thing to lie, it will more and more skilled, he frowned and said:. "Believe it or not"

Sure enough, Rui Yan immediately served soft, he repeatedly said:. "A letter, I certainly believe in the Master"

Fan falls far under imminent conceal the naked eyes of touch, but also missed Yan Rui meaningful eye.

Just set the two agreements, there's Li Yanlong already came towards us.He ignored the existence Fan distant, respectful towards Yan Rui stooped line for a ceremony.

- This is an absolute surrender gesture.

Fan felt a bit far side, which is, what is the situation? ! Principal Consultant asagao Core salute obeisance? He really was not dreaming? !

Rui Yan met with his fellow bent away, far Fan will subconsciously think he is afraid of chief adviser to condemn him. He deliberately left him, but also to take the opportunity to give him a lesson, so that in future after the mess.

But ......... the present situation, who can help him explain? !

"Xiao Wu, how is this going ah? Is not the origin of chief adviser world's tallest man standing?"

Fifth mechanical tone it took a long while before sounded: "Ding, affiliation origin of the world, the system does not have access."

Fan Rui Yan far shackles of want to broke away, get away a little further, because the chief adviser adults still retains just posture, he stood here it is a bit rude.

Rui Yan refused to let go, cold look at Liyan Long does not speak, the two deadlocked for a long time, this strange atmosphere to the extreme, far Fan Rui Yan could not help but poke arm, so he quickly stand.

Yan Chun Mei Rui pick pick, grabbed him as the demon's fingers, lips and kissed conspire.

Fan Yuan: "............" Madan he really did not mean ah!

Yan Rui see him remain calm in the face finally began to loosen, this laughed, towards Li Yanlong say one thing:. "What do you want"

Liyan Long straightened up, faint to see Rui Yan, the tone is still very cold, there is no respectful on the just action.

"Please go back."

Rui Yan smile on his face or look cold beyond chills to Li Yanlong eyes, he slowly said:. "I do, when it's your turn to find fault"

Li Yanlong as if unaware that he was angry, or lightly: "After you leave, leaving all the work, all I'm doing."

He only said such a sentence, Yan Rui decisive silent.

Fan mouth of a pumping far, so that's the reason he wanted to avoid the chief adviser adults? Lazy boss is subordinate capture, which is a kind of style? Ah you dare to be a little irresponsible ah!

He suddenly remembered that he was not dead before, a Divine Comedy in this world to hear.

"Wenzhou Jiangnan tanneries boss Huang, Chihepiaodu, owed 3.5 billion and sister ran with it ......"

Fan Far Behind his want, too did the festival parade.

However, Rui Yan Rui Yan is, Fan Daoxing not far can be compared, he not only does not feel guilty, but confidently for Liyan Long said:. "You can take the work and give them a few"

"Because always can not contact you can not verify your security, Cheng Wei, Hughes and Ming has been out looking for your chess trail, the old white and Miaomiao do not know which world honeymoon, and the remaining few have not break, if the work to them, tomorrow will be able to change the group of law enforcement days. "

His tone is entirely statement said such words, not sense a hint of complaint or resentment, but it is far Fan monstrous anger felt faint blowing, it was only to calm this guy Rui Yan ignored.

Yan Rui do not feel ashamed, even chuckle out loud: "then let them toss,Let me see, they have the ability, for days. But also the way you give yourself a break, this time you've worked hard. "

Li Yanlong board with the tip face with a trace of rupture, he quickly returned to normal, he confirmed and said: "Are you serious?"

To see him nod, Liyan Long then asked: "That accident ........."

Yan Rui interrupted him, his voice low and said:. "I shall liquidate, let them Happy for some time."

- Tian Yuling its destroy, they first make mad.

Liyan Long nodded, lightly:. "I understand."

A few words dismissed the chief adviser, Rui Yan clutching themselves kiss Master, all kinds of coquetry cold to find touch, but failed to stop the heart Fan Far want to make him get out of.

Zhesi mouth no word of truth, no wonder he can calm the collapse of several story of the world, no wonder the value of force to break the horizon, no wonder practice speed Guards.

Just ten years later rose to the robbery of transition from ordinary mortals order, huh! This is not a miracle, called miracles! Why not a miracle, this guy is the legendary Lord God now!

He also wonder how an organization might have ten * oss, it is also not earthshaking, every minute will be able to provoke a war! This turned out to be too deep to hide behind the boss, never even heard of his rumor.

What is the male actor, this guy actually let him misunderstood for so long, never explained, he is now only one problem - that is, the original men should all go?

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