Chapter 4.7

Chapter 4.7

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Yaqian sunset, the magic number of three and confrontation, the two sides originally considerable strength in the past also have the outcome of the confrontation, who also good to discuss vain, but this time was very different.

Since thousands of years before the fall of Hong Mozun I do not know why the dead, and handheld Need cents quiet inflammation cut, is another Tien real world, I am afraid that is not his opponent, not to mention people like them?

The other two already began to retreat. Since three and a half months after the trial will be held in sight secluded mountain, Tien said the cases where the filling of comprehension but Aura treasure, they will advance to come, wanted to improve the repair, I did not expect such a non-involved , too late now.

Broken clouds were a main peak of the proposal and said:. "Since the Lord wants us to hand over repeatedly falling clouds real person, which must be visible venerable, if not please Linxiong trip out, beating clear reason."

At his outburst, it will have the clouds were breaking and Mission were many people go along, have let Tien hand over falling clouds were real.

They put high-sounding, in fact, the meaning is clear, you want to hand over forest far remain silent.

Tien cases where they could be willing, falling clouds real repair is extremely high, they were the main gate of a large, if the devil were killed, Tien were bound to be badly hurt, the future will be very difficult to stand on three of in an invincible position.

Some people will immediately retorted: "Satan wants to kill where they need what the reason, is nothing more than look reality in the falling clouds high repair is a major threat to the magic number of fills, Liu Feng Lord let us hand over falling clouds real person, who I know the next turn is not you. "

The two sides will argue for a time, a group of several hundred people comprehension had a quarrel, the woman in no way inferior to the marketplace, let the Lord just to get an eye-opener disciples of the disciples, secretly raspberry.

Hung I see them quarreling, mocking smile, and gather the strength to quiet inflammation cut toward the outside barrier golden sunset cliff split.

He indeed is seen brats fled in that direction.

Xu indifferent to the fate of the child, Hsuan Tien real reincarnation, this is the variability of ice qualification spiritual roots, why moves in with a magic repair of breath? Heart surgery method and actually all he had not seen in his own repair and restore a ninety percent holding in the case quiet inflammation cut, but also with their play evenly matched, is too weird!

"Ming, the male actor or was determined not to seize homes?"

"After the system detects, the male spiritual body to match up to the extent of one hundred percent, no matter who plays or had been seized homes are not likely to reach this level."

"So how to explain the anomalies of the male?"

"The system can not answer ......... master's question." Decisive play dead.

I hung Tut a cry, inability of the system is very accurate. He finally found the whereabouts Fan away and fight to the task of this world, had been done to prepare foolproof, going to sacrifice this mission, the man left in this world, so he could not escape.

No one thought, would at this juncture has gone wrong. If other people have to say okay, but why is Destiny's Child mutation occurs, the regular obstacles, he is definitely not to kill him.

But while not killing, there is plenty to keep him rather die than live another way,He better pray not to fall into their own hands, otherwise ......... hung my eyes a cold, be sure to let him repent.


At the moment in the sunset cliff, Fan away slowly recovered spiritual power, Rui Yan's injury has basically healed, but the short term is best not to battle, or otherwise wound will burst.

Just to see him occasionally glanced out the eyes, mostly could not stop.

He tentatively said:. "Why not let me go and talk to him, we are all actor, as the most important task should be, the two of you and no hatred, there is no need each other's throats."

Rui Yan frown, "Who says there is no hatred, do not you forget that he wanted to commit invasion * your thing?"

Fan was not far from embarrassing, the kind of man is forced to black history, just gray often want to completely remove it from memory ah there!

He snappily said: "That you appear very timely, he did not have time for me to do, but then you also have injured him, ah, be even."

Rui Yan eyes obscure, he sadly said: "As time Gu Qi, my strength is completely closed, if not all of a sudden broke through imprisonment, could not catch up to save you, you have not thought about the consequences?"

Fan away slightly surprised, no wonder Gu Qi around him feel very different, like a harmless person suddenly become sharp up, either momentum or temperament, the differences are large.

He just wanted to ask Yan Rui forces closed What does it mean, how was it to break the detention, but suddenly he won the palm cheeks, Rui Yan's hot, let him slightly uncomfortable.

Rui Yan staring into his eyes, slowly:. "Small, remote, you're really too obtuse"

Fan far curled his lip, upset and said:. "I certainly did not mind fast you turn, even the fox must candidly admit defeat in front of you, where I can talk to you more than"

Rui Yan laugh and cry with his forehead with stickers, he said softly:. "I did not mean, you're smart, but emotionally too obtuse to me like you are always kind of wanted to monopolize you, and not anyone like to share, you can understand it? whether Kai Yu, Yu Pei, or whether they are moved to your heart, or simply want to take advantage of you, as long as you dare to fight the idea of ​​people, I can not forgive , absolutely can not forgive. "

Fan away some hot cheeks, his Adam's apple slide slightly, his small channel: "I understand, Yu Pei that is not good for me, he would not then just let others take advantage of the on Yu Kai, this time my story. and he related to when to my assessment, this time being let go of him, okay? "

Yan Rui see him so Guaijue, satisfied at heart, smiled and narrowed his eyes, "small, remote, I want to kiss you, okay?"

He Couguo lips, but suddenly a hand was far Fan blocking, I saw the little cat had just blushed heartbeat, in an instant they became high above his Master, can not help but want to help a frustrated one kind of amount, It seems to temporarily rely on a system of acoustic romance.

Fan far between whether he was lonely and look outpouring of disappointment, self-care, and he opened some distance, and was almost cajole him to go, and even gave the task to forget.

Let him rely on himself like a large dog is the limit,After all, his former apprentice is so stupid over. Still want more, no more!

He straightened clothes, to see the original Rui Yan still sitting at the mouth a little harsh and said:. "Indifferent, since it is your ancestry scourge, which will immediately solve out as a teacher"

Yan Rui see him already into the role, he had to obey and said:. ", The disciples obeyed."

He read a Bi Yu Xiao law must be recovered, by the way solved matrix method, that support glowing Yingying Bi Guang Yu Xiao Yan into the hands of Rui gradually spill over black golden streamer, it is far not seen the color Fan, To be sure, by no means the repair of the power law decent, very evil.

Rui Yan pushed law formula, slowly converge magic gas, Bi Yu Xiao of gold will gradually cover the Black Mountain, and eventually he will become common that support Bi Yu Xiao bamboo flute, and prior to that support is not exactly right, looked up to please Fan look to far, quite find the meaning of praise.

Fan said something far corners of the mouth, this guy is definitely more than the realm mother after crossing the robbery of the order is estimated to be scruples rule the world, has been suppressed with strength, he finally got it he had said closure force is what it means.

Two men one after flying out from the cliff sunset.

And beyond the sunset cliff, I hung my patience is about to run out, very much like bloodbath Tien were to quell anger.

Tien and the other two were also dispute to the white-hot stage, the war of words the two sides who also refused to who.

At this point Tien were sovereign winding reality finally spoke, he stroked his beard slowly opening:. "We want you to hand over falling clouds nor can not live."

Word around making an uproar, and the clouds were breaking the Mission were finally relieved, while the peak of the main Gezhu Tien were all complaining.

Academics winding reality slowly added the sentence: "falling clouds in the sunset at this time is real cliff retreat, distinguished themselves who broke this golden road barrier, will be invited to live out of falling clouds, Tien were I do not have any objection."

Erupted who do not speak out, even Mozun quiet inflammation chop chop are not open barrier, who has another way?

Quarter of an hour and a half here, yet quiet, shrouded in the fleet outside the golden sunset cliff sudden rush disappeared, so they appear out of thin air, and disappeared out of thin air.

Winding live stared at this scene, mouth pumping the pumping, huh face hurts! Who is playing him?

Sure enough, two other people boil, and immediately it was proposed to go arrest people, a lot of people again and again seconded.

Sudden change in the situation here, but I hung Landelikuai, golden light disappeared, it seems that many are indifferent to keep a good hurt.

That kid's injury than their own good to go, normal is difficult to cure in such a short period of time, he is redeemed by the best panacea to the mall system will recover so quickly, as promised indifference, presumably it was for him to heal a.

He squint at the front, I saw two white figure is getting closer, more and more clear ......... magic suddenly thrust his hands clenched, they turned out to be out together.

When the two men to the near, the clouds were broken and Mission were just people who no longer speak the words.

Although early heard of sunsetting live exquisite beauty, but he is a man, after all, the United States can go, I'm afraid that rumor is also similar. Now we see the real person, we know how they have shallow, there is a beauty, blurs gender.The man just stood where, long black hair in the wind with scattered at random, dressed in snow white wins, glass color Meimou slightly narrowed, they seem unattainable, end the immortal posture. Comprehension sector first beauty Liu Ya asked in front of him, just look tacky.

Rui Yan a cold eye color, stand in front of him a sideways Fan distant body, mouth escape a hint of sarcasm, "We hear that you are discussing how to Satan in the hands of my Master? I do not know can discuss the results?"

Fan also micro evoke far corners of the mouth, shallow enough to see the curvature of his disdain and contempt.

The face of such a beautiful person, an individual will have some of the guilt of the heart. Broken cloud, Mission Hills two people have blushed impatient, just yell out loud people, holds many lessons for only muzzled pretend I do not know.

Then I saw a woman suddenly stand out from the crowd, she come forward, standing in front of the meaning of words far Fan said: "falling clouds real person, but the younger Mission were asked thirteenth disciple Liu Ya, I think you Shishu and uncles did not do anything wrong, Satan is the older you are looking for, to come forward to preserve the older generation of talent is three doors, because if you are a man dragged down hundreds of thousands of monks, seniors will be able to feel at ease is it? "

Fan From a distance, put it out to the woman, the standard of self-sacrifice, his life for justice rhetoric, it was only adults care of the household, who is the female controls the world asked Liu Ya. She is a very kind person, kind to even an ant could not bear to be trampled to death, just do not know how she bear to persuade a person to die of.

In fact, far Fan know if today Mozun wants is her own, and she will certainly come forward, to die for the righteous cause of her heart, because the original Liu Ya ask for Tien very real worship, especially in the year of his life for justice deeds, regarded as a criterion of life. So she is very helpful, and willing to sacrifice themselves.

But she eventually inexperienced, sheltered by her father, too, has been living in an ivory tower, did not know that some sacrifice is not worth it, some sacrifice is not necessary.

And the devil do business, will forever be a money-losing business.

Fan and far too lazy to care about a little girl, going to ignore ignore, Yan Rui but they see not a shred of grievances he suffered, he coldly look to laugh loudly asked Liu Ya.

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