Chapter 4.6

Chapter 4.6

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Fan Far feel that their acceptance is considered very strong, but never thought would pit Yan Core to this point!

What he invaded his spirit, what they are spirits in the form of co-pay *, what he is now using his own body, Madan, so broken things shame that he did not want to hear ah!

See Yan Rui fellow wants to stick up robbing, Fan Yuanjiang hard to push him goes handsome face, with a straight face and said: "! Who do you secretly into my spirit, to respect the individual * you understand ah."

Yan Rui helpless to stop the action, he won the hand attached to his face, holding in her hand to play with, that look as if enjoying a fine porcelain-like carefully, "then you are in danger, in addition to this I can not think other way. "

Fan away angrily want to withdraw his hand, blasted: "Even coming in is compelling, after convergence do not know about it, you are my spirits have done ah!"

Yan Rui eyes staring at him, his hand clenched would not let him pull away, slowly kissed his fingertips, the attitude of pious pilgrims are like the general, his voice dumb and said:. "I had always wanted to do."

Fan away by his sudden movement startled shocked, Rui Yan lip Ice cool a dumb feeling from the fingertips reach the heart, so that he could not help but think before he embraced, beneath him indulgence picture his Adam's apple fretting, accusing the words did not emboldened.

Only whispering: "You're sick."

Rui Yan sharp-eared see him already began to fill, but forced a calm face, could not help but crooked mouth, his most baby really cute.

"In fact, there is a reason," he solemnly, "you are back to bite demons, spirits eroded even take you out of the illusion, the damage is already taking shape. Spiritual body but your body, once damaged, it is difficult to recover . "

See Fan far nodded in agreement, he quietly draw closer, then coaxed said: "? But in the advanced planes such comprehension for industry, but it is not no way, you say double audible * repair of the law"

Fan body away a little stiff, academics can he continued: "The so-called double * repair of the law, is a blend of spirit and spirit not only help repair sophisticated, but also warm and nourish the spirit, you suffer damage is not great, as long as I and a few more to repair, soon restored as ever. "

Then he hands again touched on the smooth waist Fan away, gently caress a few times, before he was far Fan tossing several times, feeling the body Masatoshi *, he flew a provocative soft body.

He had the feeling that wrong, but can not think of anything to refute, only his hands against his shoulders and said:. "I feel good now, do not repair"

Of course, Rui Yan refused to miss this rare opportunity, who knows what month next is, of course, is the time to eat enough of this to do. Fan just see his face far more black, after all, he did that with a strong courage, had resigned not want it from him.

Fan Yuansong breath, and he does not hate Yan Rui do that, after all, he's really cool to have, after all, my heart just relax a little.

"Take me out of it."

Yan Rui should be a cry, in spite of his to resist, he picked up the horizontal lines towards the exit door.Not a princess hold, but hold the baby in a position, hand holding Bottom Fan away, one hand around his upper body, far Fan shape beautiful legs resting on his arms, it is extremely petite. Rui Yan has one meter tall nine, Fan far not even one meter eighty to great stature gap between the two, Yan Rui began eating tofu is also very convenient.

Fan Far bite patience, thinking and other labor went out to talk to you afterwards!

Fortunately, Rui Yan is not shameless in the end, did not deliberately delay, and soon put him out until saw a white light, he subconsciously raised his arm to protect his eyes, and the next moment he sat Dong Fu cliff in the sunset.

Behind suddenly labeled a hot body, far Fan surprised a moment, then turn around and see his foolish disciples was smiling at him.

Fan away stunned for a moment, held out his hand to wipe his mouth for spilled blood, with a hint of imperceptible voice trembling, "This is ......... how is this going?"

How would be so embarrassed, wearing his usual white are everywhere bloody, disheveled released into the atmosphere, as if after a fierce battles. However, he promised not indifferent, he is ah Yan Rui, Rui Yan so powerful, how would hurt?

Yan Rui wearily to his head against his shoulder, with a touch of Mouguang deep, but it is a spoiled export tone: "Master, my disciples, being bullied."

Fan far not in the mood to joke with him, he seriously asked: "? Who is"

Rui Yan was about to answer, but suddenly glanced outside, smiled and said:. "He is coming"

Cliff shrouded golden sunset outside barrier Earthquake occurred suddenly, it seems that was not what the attack, Fan far to stand up to go check it out, he was clinging to Rui Yan could not move.

"Nothing Master, I used a defense shield in full cloth, another blessing Need cents Bi Yu Xiao, and that is he has a quiet inflammation cut in hand, had no alternative."

Fan Far surprised and said: "?! Quiet inflammation is cut Mozun SA yeah he should just wake up soon is, how will come Tien cases, do not you hurt his body ........."

Rui Yan laugh a cry, and casually said: "He will only hurt more important than me, dragging wounded chase, rely on nothing more than a quiet inflammation cut nothing, if I manipulate Bi Yu Xiao, beat him but a matter of time."

Fan frowned far, Rui Yan heavily upon her cheek, see his pain straight grin, before a single word: "You give me honest account should now Mozun repair is not fully recovered, why miss no reason to kill over, are not you mess with what unitary moths, I say clearly! "

Rui Yan also a time back, but God, ten years no matter what he does, Fan far never been on his black face, let alone punish him in this way, it seems that there really is in the vision he ruthless bully , this is revenge came.

He had to humble himself for mercy and said: "Master Ming-jian, the disciples heard Wei Minshan appear Monster, he wanted to go to the Master plead beheaded, but then Master side entry, not to disturb the disciples, he had given a free hand to go up . "

Fan far Where can understand what he meant, Wei Minshan Monster Mozun larvae must be no doubt, that he was going to strike first, let the boss could not walk the plot that he will be able to stay in this world a long long time to accompany him.It would be too sinister intentions .........! First pretend to let him take the story lightly, then pinch him into a quasi the opportunity to kill off the larvae boss, he really still remember the hatred of the world! Fortunately boss less water, or on the tragedy may now begin!

Fan wanted to hit him with anger away, pinching his cheek hand more firmly, bitterly: "! See you next dare not try to be brave."

Yan Rui pathetic and said: "Master, the disciples also suffered a major loss, hurt by that monster to the five internal organs neifu, a Master came back immediately for healing, now aggravated the injury ........."

He pretended to cough a few times, "Master and disciple double if more is not * repair Wu Wu ........."

Fanyuan Li Ma Wushang his mouth annoying, to quell angry at heart, and his face was genuinely worried and said:. "It will be for you as a teacher to heal, you were shut up, lest aggravated the injury."

He imported a ray of spiritual power into the body of Yan Rui, probing his injury, the more into the neifu more scared, which is where he built the base elementary, clearly crossing the stage after the robbery of the realm! No wonder he dared to go alone Min Shan Wei magic door were gathered, the entire Ming Lan continent, in addition to Mozun Sa Ye, who is also his opponent!

As he transmitted his spiritual power to repair damage to the system while using acoustic Rui Yan: "Yeah SA now has not been restored should repair to your realm should be able to end abuse he fishes, how could hurt?"

Rui Yan replied: "He cultivation has recovered eight or nine pretty close, separated from the realm of difference to me, but there are Need cents in hand, I can barely prevailed."

Fan far shortness of breath and said: "Need cents you have ah Do not tell me you did not see Flanagan bamboo flute is Bi Yu Xiao!."

Rui Yan laughed: "I dare you set to unlock the seal was discovered flaw how you do, if you are really in this stupid stuff demons, I would not admit identity."

Fan far heard him speak of demons can not help but blush, this shame lost big time, and quickly change the subject: "Sa how Jesus will return so quickly, before and after the retreat I have only less than a month, the pace is too weird . "

Rui Yan Leng Heng loudly said:. "Of course as fast as he is also actor."

Fan far understood, and so is the actor was awake early recovery repair order, actor Upper Planes that do not really work, even in spite of the story to the action, far Fan watching this one, there are more and more feel very speculative reason.

But this tone Rui Yan undisguised disgust how it was?

"You know him?"

Rui Yan suddenly brought back lips laughed, "I know with him barely count it, you cooked than I am."

Fan lengleleng far, the implementation of tasks to play for so long, he met actor very few, not to mention familiar, this "more mature" we talk about?

He thought for a moment or did not think anyone would be, urged:. "Do not speak in riddles, and speak soon."

That they were going to talk with system cheerful, and outside a violent collision occurs again, the golden barrier emits a loud hum, still tenacious erect.

Yan Rui escape the eyes of a trace of intention to kill, he leans far Fan ear, coldly tells the word.

"Yu Kai."


Yu Kai, the name familiar ah, and so on, he seemed to think of it,Could it be that even the collapse of the world's two plays, crush the original owners of the boss Yu Kai?

"So in addition to gay men with this wonderful profession, as well as a crush of gay men with gay boss, this more wonderful career!"

Yan Rui feel the injury in the body gradually healed, find a comfortable position in the far shoulder against Fan, reluctantly he said: "No, the story of these two world nothing is a coincidence that he was originally a crossing who read the original know. Some story, then you had a really unnatural ......... after the collapse of the world, his spiritual body fancy relevant person in charge, the boss into the group. "

Fan away by his "unnatural" Ray speechless, embarrassed the subject said: "Why he can boss directly into the group, but also on a mission Upper Planes play a small role, but I ran for many years? of."

Rui Yan did not know how to answer him, generally incorporated the actor, will carry out a comprehensive evaluation of the spiritual body, to schedule tasks based on qualifications. Although the acting is far Fan pass, but Mind is not enough tough, vicious indifference is not enough, more suitable for mild Lower Planes story, rules of survival Upper Planes law of the jungle, maybe he can adapt, but according to his personality, did not take long It will produce a sense of disgust.

Wind and water can be mixed in here who tend to be the worst, most dark people. Such as his own.

But there is no need to let these far Fan know, as he is now the goal here, doused with cold water to only make him frustrated, he could not bear.

So he just vague and said:. "Perhaps the recent Upper Planes vacancies is too large, an exception promoted up"

Fan far nodded, be accepted him, can not help but sigh colleagues different life, the gap between people is too great, his character really is not enough right.

Yan Rui see he did not mind the Yu Kai, this chuckled with satisfaction, he grabbed away with open arms to Fan, solemnly said in his ear:. "Master, Master of the favorite disciple"

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